Is time Machine always being backed up to the folder My Documents/Desktop now that they have been sucked into the iCloud?

Is time Machine always being backed up to the folder My Documents/Desktop now that they have been sucked into the iCloud?

Yes. The files are still on the computer so that they will always be saved by Time Machine.

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  • Time machine is really back up everything?

    -What time machine does NOT back up?

    I know that it backs up the files and such, but what about my general settings and preferences? User login and pass? IPhoto library? My iTunes?

    Like... If I throw my macbook a bridge and buy a new one, will a time Machine, complete restoration make it the same as my previous macbook?

    I just want to know if I can count on just time machine to backup everything or if I should be back up certain things elsewhere in addition to using time machine.

    Thank you!

    Time Machine does not back up what this either in the trash or it backs up hide either.

    Having said that validates a Time Machine backup will restore the system as it was at the time it was made.

  • Is it safe to remove files from my macbook air now that I have set up my time capsule and backed up with time machine? My boot drive is full. How can I access files of my time capsule once they are deleted from my computer?

    Is it safe to remove files from my macbook air now that I have set up my time capsule and backed up with time machine? My boot drive is full. How can I access files of my time capsule once they are deleted from my computer?

    1 n ° put them on a regular external drive and the value of Time Machine to back up as well; the files you want to keep should be at least two disks in case one of them goes down.

    2. they will not be usable until the restoration.


  • Time machine won't back up e-mail

    My problem is that the e-mail messages in the e-mail on my iMac iCloud account are not saved to Time Machine. This seems to go back to the upgrade of the El Capitan.

    I have four IMAP accounts in Mail (ICloud, Btinternet, Google and Yahoo), which works very much like email accounts. However, in Time machine only the last three save. Shows mailbox to iCloud in the sidebar on the left, but without display of messages; messages to display to the other three mailboxes and can be recovered.

    I rebuilt, reindexed and removed/re-added, all mailboxes, but nothing changes.

    After reading (and following) advice, I wonder if the problem is in my V2 and V3 files. The three mailboxes that upward are in V3, but on behalf of Apple stubbornly remains in V2 which I thought should now, in El Capitan, be redundant:

    However, it is at the limit of my understanding. I remember I had a struggle during the installation of El Capitan initially regarding the mailboxes in the process of disappearance but eventually got mail works again and thought more about it. I don't check if messages have been backed up.

    I have not all messages stored to preserve or migrate. Let me just messages to be saved on TM from this time, as they used to be. It is not a huge problem for me and I'm not ready to go to the lengths of resettlement El Capitan, but if there is something relatively simple, that I can do to make things work again, I'd be glad of any help.

    Try this. Open mail (application) on your computer and you see all your emails. Then, open the time machine. It will open in the mail. You can scroll to the emails you want. From here you can download or get what you want. Go to the dates etc you want and recover

  • Time Machine won't back up e-mail messages

    Since the installation of El Capitan, Time Machine is not back up e-mail messages. The mailboxes are backed up, but their content is empty. To do this, I copied a mailbox (with .mbox extension) on my desktop, then tried to import it into Mac Mail, but got an error message "no valid mbox not found file." Old messages (before the update of El Capitan) have been backed up, which I confirmed by reviewing the entries in an old Time Machine backup. The exclusion list is empty.

    Possibly related: I switched from POP3 to IMAP with El Capitan.  I'm storing e-mails on the Mac Mail client, in different folders and subfolders. I can access the messages without access to Internet, so thought that once I moved to a folder in Mac Mail that they have resided on my MacBook instead of the Gmail server. My hypothesis is false?

    I'm under El Capitan, OS version 10.11.2 on a MacBook Pro for mid-2010. I use Time Machine to back up to a LaCie drive and start these backups manually several times a week.

    Please bring the Mail browser window to the front, then enter the Time Machine. You will see a series of windows Mail cascading at the time, each representing a snapshot of the database of e-mail.

    Scroll to the most recent snapshot. Don't you see the content of the message?

  • I can't remove the time machine backups, I put it in the trash

    My backup disk is almost full, and I want to take on a value of years of backup files until I can get a new backup drive to perform other files that I want to keep. I tried their erasure of the finder inside the time machine, but nothing happened. I sent them to the trash, and they seem to have disappeared from my external backup drive, but are now stuck in the trash. I left the machine running all night to see that it says it cannot remove these files because they are locked. Can you please tell me what I should do now?

    Thank you

    Hello Suzanne,.

    Go to the trash and use "Put" place files back where they belong. Time Machine is designed to remove automatically the old backup when it is full.

  • Firefox gave me a program that killed the unwanted cookies and showed me a pop up as they have been deleted and it disappeared. How can I get it back? Thank you

    Firefox gave me a program that killed the unwanted cookies and showed me a pop up as they have been deleted and it disappeared. How can I get it back? Thank you

    who could be this extension:

  • I used imesh to download my music, I reinstalled windows and loaded my music back and now that they will not play. He asks me to require a license

    I used imesh to download my music, I reinstalled windows and loaded my music back and now that they will not play. He asks me to require a license


    1. on what application you are unable to read the music file?

    If you use Windows Media Player, I suggest that you follow the steps in this article and the Coachman.

  • my windows photo gallery will play is no longer my videos (they have been there for 2 years and always worked before, now when I try to play them just the photo gallery)

    my windows photo gallery will play is no longer my videos (they have been there for 2 years and always worked before, now when I try to play them just the photo gallery)

    Maybe some type of update caused a compatibility issue.
    Doing a system restore to an hour before the beginning of the question could
    be worth a try:

    Windows Vista - system restore: frequently asked questions

    With the help of the Windows Vista system restore

  • Time machine always fails after a day or two

    It is so incredibly boring, I can't understand what is happening.

    I have an of UDB external HARD drive that I use for time machine. All the time after a day or two of the race, he's going to say "time machine could not backup"Backup"" when I click on the flag for the information, it is said...

    "Unable to complete backup, an error occurred when creating the backup folder.

    Research online, I found to delete the .inprogress folder, but there is nothing here that named (I looked in fFinder and Terminal)

    When I look at the console it gives me this error:

    21/07/16 8:00:49.676 AM [21664]: error: (22) setxattr(2)) for path:/volumes/backup/backups.backupdb/jeff'aos MacBook Air size: 37

    21/07/16 8:00:49.677 AM [21664]: backup failed with error 2:2

    When I try to run disk utility it it fails, but the spectacle of newspapers is because he has failed to dismantle, if I try to unmount manually, it can not because it is currently in use.

    If I run 'sudo lsof - xf + d/Volumes/Backup /' I see this


    SDM 63 root DIR 21r 1.8 2 510 / Volumes / backup

    I've looked everywhere and I can't solve this problem on mine more, I spent hours and hours already

    Please take each of the following steps that you have not already tried until the problem is resolved.

    1. disconnect, then reconnect the drive.

    2. in the menu bar, select

    ▹ System Preferences Energy Saver power adapter ▹ ▹ 

    and uncheck the box marked

    Put the hard drives to sleep when possible

    If it is checked.

    Some external readers ignore setting the energy saver and turn down in any case. In this case, the drive to replace with another type, unless the manufacturer's website has a firmware update to fix the problem.

    3. If the player is connected to a hub, connect it to a port built into the computer. If it is already connected to a built-in port, and there is another such port, use.

    4. If the player has more than one deck (for example, FireWire and USB), try another.

    5. check the Web site of the provider of the car for an update of the firmware.

    6 contact the seller to see if there is a firmware setting, you can change.

    7. If you have installed the provider for the reader software, uninstall it.

    8. triple - click anywhere in the line below on this page to select this option:


    Right-click or Ctrl-click on the highlighted line and select

    Services ▹ reveal in Finder (or just to reveal)

    in the context menu. A Finder window should open with a selected file. Copy the file to the desktop. Then he (the original, not the copy) move to the trash. You will be asked for your administrator password. Restart the computer and re-create your settings in the Time Machine preferences window. It will show you that you have no backups. Don't worry; which is expected. Perform a backup to test. The backup can take much longer than usual. If TM now works as expected, delete the file that you copied to the desktop.

    9. If none of the steps above resolves the problem, the drive may be defective. Try another. You may be able to save an external drive mechanism by installing it in a different pen.

  • The backup failed. Time machine could not back up on external hard drive

    I can't save my disk of time machine. Went to disk utility. 2 TB of capacity. 11.27 GB available. Use the hard drive of my iMac with 1.11 TB

    675.22 F. What should I do?

    Is your "drive external time machine" directly attached to your iMac or an AirPort Extreme / Time Capsule? If the last two, what is the exact model of either?

  • As a Time Machine backup, it keeps adding to the size of the backup?

    TM starts the backup and starts suddenly to add to the size of the backup, it will do. This means that no player will never be large enough to accommodate the backup because it keeps growing in size (as each block of data is added, the size of the backup continues expansion of the same amount). I have attached 2 screenshots showing what has happened in the minute to restart the backup. TM is backup on an external WD hard drive via the USB-3 port on my MacBook Pro (retina, 15 inches, end of 2013). 1.9 TB of data backup - there should not be a problem because the external hard drive has 3 TB of space and has been freshly formatted before being used for the first backup on this drive. As you can see from the screenshots, the backup is much larger than it should be.

    1 minute later screenshot:

    Before this behavior, I have had problems with Time Machine while using another backup drive (a drive LaCie Quadra) with for example, ignored backups, backups landed at calculation time, backups, partially blocked by a backup for more than 36 hours etc., error messages from read-only TM etc... I tried several solutions on this forum and none seem to have corrected these strange behaviors. It felt like I've solved a problem, shortly after another was about to begin.

    I stopped finally try the solutions suggested here in the forums, as well as some external sites such as Pondini and chose to use another drive (HD freshly cleared using disk utility - the WD drive that is currently attached to the MBP). The WD external drive worked well on the Mac Pro in the office, and I have no reason to suspect that this is the problem (I ran some tests after erasing it and there is no error reported).

    Well, the first symptom that something still was wrong was when backing up to disk WD has slowed to a crawl yesterday afternoon, but I left it on overnight. At noon today the backup was still running, but about ⅔ complete (very, very slowly - running data blocks are moving into very small pieces), but I have to bring the MBP to a meeting and everything stop. Then my back and everything by plugging, TM started upward and all seemed well, until I noticed that the backup data was almost 2.5 to. I restarted the MBP. It's once again, I noticed that Time Machine did not work as I expected. The size of the backup continues to expand... I was expecting TM that she had about 250 GB left to save, but as see you from the screenshots it much much smaller than that. I have let it run like that for about 2 hours, hoping that it was just a small mistake, but the HD continues to fill, only 185 GB of space left. Strangely, I can enter TM and see my data.

    Suggestions please? Very much appreciated.


    Nobody answered, so I thought I'd share the temporary solution I came up with.

    I started in safe mode, deleted the backup external TM drive I was using and launched a full backup with TM (always in safe mode). I leave TM turn all night and a full backup has been completed. I rebooted, entered TM and restore some files to confirm that I was actually able to restore the backup pieces. Since that time, I did have problems with TM make scheduled backups, with one reading errors etc.

    I will continue to spend some time to know what triggered these questions... since I was able to make a backup in safe mode, this means that I have other avenues to explore.

    I will report back if I find anything.


  • First Time Machine to NAS backup freezes at the same point, Console polluted by the same mistakes.

    I just configured my LaCie 5big Network2 act as a time Machine, but it is not back up correctly. When I run it always freezes at 14.70GB/237.71GB, even after deleting the backup and starting up again. I don't know if it of related or not, but the Console is littered with the same error messages (even if Time Machine is not running):

    If I stop the backup and restart it, it will get stuck after 7KB. If I delete the backup and starting a new one, it will get stuck at 14,70 Go again. This could be the cause? The NAS is configured correctly and firmware is up to date, disks are operational and functioning perfectly.

    My system is a 2015 retina MBP 15 "16GB / 500GB.

    Time Machine is a LaCie 5big Network2.

    LaCie can support this, but isn't Apple. the NAS can have its own propreitary features or a network can introduce the software is not designed for questions.

    If you want to use a NAS for backup, you can consider Carbon Copy Cloner as alternative

    For more information on the use of a 3rd party with network drive time machine see these article

  • Time Machine (on Mac) does not detect the airport Time Capsule

    Originally posted on the page of the airport, but seems to be the better question for this group. Sorry for the double post

    Looking for advice on how to get the Time Machine utility for access to my Time Capsule. I use an iMac in late 2012 with MAC OS 10.12 TimeCapsule is 2015 7.7.7 running latest firmware. Airport utility is the latest firmware 6.3.7.

    When I run the application Time Machine, Time Capsule is not detected. I tried the two WiFi and with cables connected Ethernet (not tried USB yet) and my Time Capsule doesn't have a lightning bolt or firewire ports.

    Open Airport utility & see the airport time capsule. I can see all connected devices, including the MAC, but no prompt activation Time Machine on the Time Capsule.

    I recently used TM on this iMac with a G-Technology drive. It auto detects the time machine and executes a back up. But airport Time Capsule will not.

    Any suggestions?

    Sierra has been problematic with the TC.

    1. make sure you don't have any charge virus protection software. In fact, I would say that disable all software 3rd part at the moment.

    2. make sure that you can actually write to disk of TC.

    Attach the TC disc in the finder and copy a file on disk, you can delete it later... It's just to ensure that you have full write permission. If it does not for the most part, you won't be able to use Time Machine... If you can then try TM immediately...

    Just to be clear, the TC is a network device. You have tested with ethernet and wireless... Ok.. They are only suitable methods. You cannot use USB. And clearly, TC has never had nor will never be ports Firewire or lightning.

    3. no chance that a reset complete TC. This will not delete the files on the hard drive, but you must make sure that the device is configured on the current computer.

    4. There are many positions in these days... read through them and do some research. Sierra is a bleeding edge new... So wait you to spend a lot of the precious liquid if you choose to be an early adopt.

  • Time Machine - there was an error preparing the Time Machine backup drive (could not mount the drive)

    I have a new HD but cannot set up encryption with system preferences. After ten minutes, I get the following error message:

    "There was an error preparing the Time Machine backup disk (disc name) - could not mount drive"

    Apparently, I need to set up the HD in this way:

    • If you are using an external drive connected to your Mac, use disk utility to make sure that your backup disk is formatted in HFS + extended (journaled) and is the partition type GUID Partition Table (GPT)

    It is not an option for the HFS + and so I used; OS x EXTENDED (journaled). GUID is ok.

    Can someone let me know what I need to do.

    Thank you

    Formatting: GUID Partition Table, OS X Extended (journaled).    (it is HFS +)

    For TimeMachine at best to a partition only.

    Do it again if necessary, then disconnect, reconnect, Start Time Machine preferences and "select disk".

Maybe you are looking for