Is - Windows 7 works with Satellite M70 129

Hi all

How are you guys?
wanted to ask you if Windows 7 works with Satellite M70-129 or not?
Toshiba is going to support or not with drivers and other things?

Thanks in advance


This is a user to use the forum, so if you wait for an official statement from Toshiba then you can wait until you get gray hair
If you want to hear my opinion then this is

Windows 7 is very similar / same as MS Vista OS. It supports only a few additional features and options.

In the European Toshiba page driver I found the Vista drivers for this laptop M70 series and I guess these drivers could be used on Windows 7 too.

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    Thanks in advance

    I guess it works with Linux, but please note that Toshiba doesn't support Linux and you're on your own.

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    See you soon,.



    To my knowledge the laptop supports dual-band built-in antenna and it was a 802.11(b/g) 13ch-minPCI WLan RTL8187B Realtek card.

    The replacement of WLan should be possible, but it s very delicate because whole books must be disassembled to gain access to the WLan module

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    But why you want to replace the WLan?

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    Thank you for the help, I downloaded the 97 Realteck PGM. He cured the issue.

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    Yes, Windows 7 works with this type of memory RAM. Windows 7 requires a minimum of 1 GB of RAM, which is more important.

    System requirements:

    * 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x 86) or 64-bit (x 64) processor
    * 1 gigabyte (GB) of RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit)
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  • This external modem will work with Satellite L500-1XL, running Windows 7


    When in Spain, I need to use the dialing up to the internet through Telefónica.
    I guess that the L500-1XL is not an internal modem?

    This external modem will work with the L500-1XL running Windows 7?

    Thank you very much in advance for your help.



    You re right Satellite L500 doesn t have an internal modem, so you need an external.

    I think you can buy every modem that is compatible with Vista. Alternative ask your favorite computer dealer or authorized service provider

    A friend got good experience with USRobotics 56K modem like this:
    [USRobotics 56K USB Faxmodem USR5637 | = 8-1]

  • Does anyone have experiences with Windows Vista on a Satellite M40-129?

    does anyone have experiences with Windows Vista (Business) on an M40-129? Any suggestions on the proper drivers and advice are welcome.

    Best regards


    I have an owner of the M40 motorway m but I didn t install Vista on my laptop.
    Why? good Vista needs a lot more material resources like the XP.
    In addition many additional applications that are running on my system are not compatible with Vista.
    Last but not lease I didn t find the drivers of Toshiba for the M40 on the Web site.

    I think that the drivers Vista missing on the page is not a problem serious because important factors as driver graph, sound driver, lan and Wlan driver can be downloaded from the website of chip manufacturing.

    Anyway, if you want to install Vista on your M40 I would create an additional partition and install the OS on the second partition.
    In this case, you can use the two BONES; XP and Vista.

    To my knowledge the Vista installs a clean boot manager and it should be very easy to switch between XP and Vista.

    Best regards

    Good bye

  • How can I install windows XP on my Satellite A300-129


    Since a few days, I bought a Toshiba Satellite A300-129. I am very satisfied with the laptop, although I do not work with Vista, so I prefer the laptop reformat and install Windows XP Professional(32 or 64 bits, dunno yet).

    However I do not know if I have to do something special for him, because it's my first laptop I have and I haven't had that one time a laptop with drivers on a CD. Now I'm spending operating system, I think I need some disk driver for my webcam and stuff like that.

    I hope some1 can help me :)

    Thank you very much

    BTW, I'm Dutch, sorry for my English.

    > And I have a legitimate XP Pro license, but I n t understand what you mean with the things of the sata driver. do you mean that I have to ADD the drivers on the disk with windows XP?

    The point is that your Windows XP CD does not contain the SATA drivers that are needed to recognize the HARD drive during XP installation procedure.
    So, you need to include the SATA driver by pressing the F6 key while installing XP is loading. For this procedure, an external floppy drive unit is necessary.

    If you n t have an external USB FDD drive, then you could create a CD of Win XP and could include the SATA drivers using the free software called nLite.

    A single note; Use the search function of the forums for research on other threads on the nLite and how to create CDs. I remember that there are many discussions in the forum on this topic.

    See you soon

  • Compatibility RAM with Satellite M70 354


    I have the laptop model Toshiba Satellite M70-354 with Samsun 2 * 512 MB RAM DDR2 * pre-installed.
    There is the description on RAM - * DDR PC2 4200 *.

    I want to up-grade/replace my RAM to 2 GB.
    I brought again * 2 GB of RAM of the Transcend.
    Disription written the i.e. - * DDR2 667 *.

    I want to know that i * s this RAM is compatible * with my laptop?

    Can someone provide me with support on the same?

    Thank you


    Machine tender specifications for this old compatible RAM modules are:
    DDR2 400/533 256 MB (PA3389U - 1 M 25)
    512 MB DDR2-400/533 (PA3412U - 1 M 51)
    1 GB OF DDR2 400/533 (PA3411U-1M1G)

    If you want to use max supported 2 GB I recommend to use 2 x 1 GB (PA3411U-1M1G).
    These modules are tested and 100% compatible.

  • Need of tools & utilities for Vista put updated by Satellite M70 - 129

    I recently upgraded to Vista, but I noticed all my toshiba programs such as toshiba powersaver disappeared!

    How can we get their...?

    Thanks in advance.

    I found an official document from Toshiba in this forum that says Satellite M70 laptops are supported and the Vista drivers will be published. When? We'll see
    I noticed that Toshiba published new drivers Vista every day now, be patient.

    By the way: as far as I know that Toshiba has not designed Power saver for Vista for any series of laptop.
    Windows Vista uses a clean power options, and these options are very similar to Toshiba power saver.
    So Don t wait release Toshiba power saver because they won't come out this tool for Vista

  • HYB39S256800T-8A module works with Satellite Pro 4300

    I can buy this SODIMM Infineon HYB39S256800T-8A, and I heard that they only work with Toshiba laptops.

    They have been tested with Tecra 9000 and no problem, and with no computers Toshiba there are any errors.

    I have Satellite Pro 4300, they will work with it?

    Maybe someone a piece of support for a Toshiba for this memory.
    I asked Infineon, that they do not have the specifications for answering my question.

    Thanks for any help.

    You will be very happy if someone has the same laptop model and quite the same module of RAM. Buy and test it with your laptop. If it won't work not return. End of the story.

    The person who wants to sell you this RAM should be able to give a list of compatible laptop models. In any case, I recommend you to use compatible Toshiba or RAM Kingston modules. Both are tested and you'll get a high quality product.

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