Is zip compression lossless?

I have external hard drives to which all of my video files are saved.  However, they are not always kept off-site.  One of the less expensive online backup services zip files stored with them.  A source at , said that the ZIP is a lossless compression, but wanted confirmation here before making a decision on the use of their services.  Thanks for your help.

Yes, the ZIP is lossless. Now, with the video/still active, i.e. AV files, JPEG, etc., don't expect much compression with closing SLIDE, or any archiving program. Best for data burning DVD, or pick up some external HARD drives


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    Whenever I try to make a new folder it tells me to make a zipped compressed folder and I don't know how to stop it. He began doing this a few days ago and I did not install anything. I would go back to the default value for new records instead of zipped compressed folders.

    You have lost the ability to create a new "folder".  You have installed chrome? It's looking like a recent update of chromium may be the cause. Here are two patches.

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    Tip: When you save the text in Notepad, the default file format is .txt. Replace all files.
  • LR 4.3: How to save * existing * Tiff with Zip Compression

    Dear all,

    -J' using LR 4.3 on a windows 7 x 64 PC.

    -J' use a catalog for each wedding/event/shoot.

    -J' I import all my images as CR2 or DNG and work with those files in LR and Photoshop CS6.

    -Once I finished making changes on a marriage, I find myself with, for example, 300 16-bit uncompressed Tiff images in a dozen different files (I shoot big 600 pax + marriages sometimes).

    -I want: Re-save/overwrite all these images as Tiff 8 bit images with ZIP compression.

    How can I do this?

    -J' tried to select all images and exporting 8 bit Tiffs Zip with the tab replace originals without selected warning. However I get the error that the file already exists and LR can do nothing about it.

    -J' tried to create an Action in Photoshop, but there are two problems: 1) photos are spread over several files and selecting each via file > batch > controller means the process requires manual intervention to reselect TIFF of the next file - I want to hit the action, go to lunch and come back to find ALL registered. (2) the action is outside the LR and I would like rather to avoid mistakes of "metadata has changed outside ' even though this is not really a biggie.

    Why not just save the images as TIFF Zip initially? I use a number of freelance retouchers, many complain that the compression process slows down their workflow initial (slower material).

    I would be very grateful for any ideas.

    (and yes - the space is considerable, there where I live the memory is still not cheap enough!)

    Thanks in advance...

    Have you determined the steps you want for a single photo in Photoshop?

    You have an action of these steps that does what you want in a folder?

    It would be wise to leave things as a 16 - bit where the layer blending options change too, but you can confirm one way or the other by testing with a complicated overlay of the edges carefully to feather situation and make sure that nothing looks bad after you convert to 8-bit.

    It seems it would work to use Bridge to select the whole lot of hair in a marriage to compress and eventually convert to 8-bit.  With the help of your file (s) example:

    Bridge point to the Jack and Jill marriage file, set the view to display items in subfolders, define the filtering in TIF, leave the bridge find all hair and then do a Select All on them and choose tools / Photoshop / lot... then indicate your photo-simple action and make sure that the source is bridge and whatever other parameters are required and let it go.

    You would like to experiment and perfect your batch processing on a copy of the records so it wouldn't destroy the real business until you were sure it was working.  It is possible that some thing would not work because you substitute on top of photos or make several subfolders or something else - I'm not much of an expert of action PS, but it should be relatively easy to check if it would work or not.

  • Internal (zip) compress possible content table?

    I have a database with about 20 tables that contain a large amount of data.
    This database is rarely used (once for a few hours every two weeks).

    When I generate scripts SQL (with INSERTs) to recreate the data on the size of the file will be huge (about 30 GB!)

    When I zip compress these SQL scripts they will be reduced to about 20 MB!

    So the relationship between the size of the data uncompress and compressed is remarkable 1:1500

    In order to avoid a waste of space disk, I think to let Oracle compress the data internally as well.
    The final solution should work something like:

    Start Oracle 1 services.)
    (2.) to connect to the database
    3.) tell Oracle (by SQLplus command): "Hey Oracle, unpack internal all tables".
    tab1, tab2, tab3,..., t20
    4.) certain operations SQL SELECT, UPDATE,...
    5.) tell Oracle (by SQLplus command): 'Hey Oracle, now re - compress all tables internally. "
    tab1, tab2, tab3,..., t20 again
    6.) disconnection from the database
    Services stop Oracle 7).

    OK, I know of compression and decompression will take a few minutes, but it is acceptable to me.

    Is - it somehow possible?


    The syntax is given in the doc:
    Example on 10 gr 2

    SQL> create tablespace mytbs datafile '/data/oracle/mydb/mytbs.dbf' size 10m default compress;
    Tablespace created.

    Take a look here to know what service needs what Edition (basic Table Compression must EA).


  • Return to the default (factory) setting for a zip (compressed) file

    Involuntarily, I changed the setting to opening a compressed folder (zip), and now all of my compressed folders display the logo of the program windows Word. I'm trying to undo that and not any program used to open a compressed file. I want to have all other files compressed in the computer returns to its initial position, too, as they have all changed. Any help, I can't get there. I went in the extensions folder and found the zip extension and it shows that the Word window will open all zip files. The only choices that I seem to have is nothing that I want, I am not having any specific program open a zip file. Thank you


    I would like you to perform a system restore to undo changes made-

    What is system restore?

    System Restore: frequently asked questions

    Note: Perform a system restore will cancel all changes made on your
    computer earlier. You may also lose unsaved information as well. Proceed to your
    own risk.

    Let us know if it works for you.

  • How can zip compressed file - I add a password?

    In Windows XP, it was possible to send a file to the compressed folder, and then in the folder go to file, add password and password protect. In Windows 7, the option to add password is no longer available, how a password can be added in the zip file?

    The ability to natively password - protect a zipped file was removed from Vista and Windows 7. Don't ask me why; I have no idea. If you want to protect a zipped file, you will need to get third-party compression software that supports this. WinZip can do but is commercial. Possibly 7Zip can do and this program is free. MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

  • PSD, zip compressed folder file

    I have a file which is a psd file in a compressed folder. Whenever I try to open it in photoshop cc that it says could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document. I have no idea how to solve this problem. It's all files I try opening in pscc.

    Right click on the compressed folder that contains the zipped Psd and select Extract here

    You should see the file extracted to the same location.

    ~ Assani

  • Cannot open the zip compressed file

    I sent the file we transfer to my emil downloaded the file and received a message below, please help me!

    The downloaded file may be damaged or incomplete. Check if the file size is her even as the size of the source, try to send the file again to your email address.

  • Compressed (zipped) folder program has stopped working. __ __

    My order of compressed (zipped) folders does not work. Can you tell me how to do to uninstall then install this feature in XP Pro

    Here are the steps I used to compress a file.

    ·         Choose a file in a desktop file

    ·         tradecenterposter of file highlight Adobe 34 538 KB

    ·         selected file send to then compressed (zipped folder)

    ·         Open box that says file compressed in a box, it reads

    ·         Compressed (zipped) folders properly manage files Zip, Compressed (zipped) folder must be at the application associated with them. Currently, this is not the case. Do you want to designate Compressed (zipped) folder as the application for the management of ZIP files? Yes or no

    ·         I choose Yes the bar scale shows that it pass like a Flash, I have the look and the file is compressed with a 33 953 k file size the size of the original was 34 538. Why it not zip to a much smaller size?

    ·         I now have to choose a zip Tradecenterposter 2,539 KB Jpeg file. Still, the box opens and I wonder, records for compressed (zipped) to handle Zip files correctly, the application associated with them must be Compressed (zipped) folder. Currently, this is not the case. Do you want to designate Compressed (zipped) folder as the application for the management of ZIP files? Whether I click Yes.

    ·         The Zipes file and the size is now 2 470 the original file was 2 539 again the Zip is not much smaller than the size of the original.

    Please tell me how to get the program working properly.

    Thank you


    Start > run > regsvr32 zipfldr.dll [Enter]

    If this does not help, it will take another command to change the. Association of ZIP.

    Start > run > cmd /c assoc .zip = CompressedFolder [Enter]

    MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

  • Opening mp4 compressed files zip on windows vista

    IAM trying to dload a webinar is 55 MB... This is a ZIP compressed mp4... I get a msg of error saying that the file cannot be opened because the file is not supported by my os...   I'd like a solution...
    Thank you

    Hi, Kamanlic,

    See the suggestion of jeremy K

  • Lost the ability to compress or decompress files with built in Win 7 zip functionality.

    Original title: integrated Zip/Unzip

    I lost the ability to compress or decompress files with built in Win 7 zip functionality.

    Can I get it back and how?

    If a right click | Send to | Zipped (compressed) file is missing, see this.
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  • compress columns of type blob in a directory and retrieve the zip file in the APEX

    Hi all

    I have a requirement which is,

    I have a table that has a blob column I want to save all the records of the BLOB in the table in a ZIP compressed in a directory.

    Then with I have to go get this zipped file in directory and save in my local computer using APEX.

    Waiting for your answers,


    Hi a cold sore.

    In addition to above solution to pass like a Flash of using PL/SQL blob that follows is solutions to compress blobs using Java and PL/SQL:

    NOTE: As these solution based on java solutions you require Java VM support in your database.

    Kind regards


  • Script to save as tif with compression zip, file properties

    I don't know anything about scripting so that I cannot understand the answers to similar questions and merge a response to mine.

    I'm looking for a script to save my images as tiff with zip compression using the title of the Document in the file properties.

    I want to assign it to a button to save me time, images of scanning takes enough time as it is

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    If the file exists, this will add the time so it will be a different file name.


    #target photoshop;


    main() {} function

    var Path = Folder("/D/Scanned");

    If (!.) Path.Exists) {}

    Alert (path + "does not exist!");



    var fileName =;

    if(FileName == '') {}

    Alert ("there is no title in the present document);



    var saveFile = file (path + "/" + name + ".tif");

    If (SaveFile.Exists) saveFile = file (path + "/" + fileName + "-" + time() + ".tif");

    SaveTIFF (saveFile);

    app.activeDocument.close (SaveOptions.DONOTSAVECHANGES);


    function SaveTIFF (saveFile) {}

    tiffSaveOptions = new TiffSaveOptions();

    tiffSaveOptions.embedColorProfile = true;

    tiffSaveOptions.alphaChannels = true;

    tiffSaveOptions.layers = true;

    tiffSaveOptions.imageCompression = TIFFEncoding.TIFFZIP;

    activeDocument.saveAs (saveFile, tiffSaveOptions, true, Extension.LOWERCASE);


    time() {} function

    var date = new Date();

    var d = date.getDate ();

    var day = (d< 10)="" '0'="" +="" d="" :="">

    var m = date.getMonth () + 1;

    var month = (m< 10)="" '0'="" +="" m="" :="">

    yy var = date.getYear ();

    var year = (yy< 1000)="" yy="" +="" 1900="" :="">

    var digital = new Date();

    var h = digital.getHours ();

    var minutes = digital.getMinutes ();

    var seconds = digital.getSeconds ();

    var amOrPm = "AM";

    If (hours > 11) amOrPm = 'H ';

    If (hours > 12 hours) = UH - 12.

    If (hours == 0) hours = 12;

    If (minutes<= 9)="" minutes="0" +="">

    If (seconds<= 9)="" seconds="0" +="">

    todaysDate = hours + "-" + minutes + "-" + seconds + amOrPm;

    Return todaysDate.toString ();


  • Is better zip for compression of the image?

    I asked a question on jpeg file size in the InDesign forum. I have a file of about 40 MB, which records in max quality JPEG in Photoshop at around 12 MB. Once it goes into InDesign and fate of the other end as part of a PDF document, the file size is 3 MB.

    I believe data are disappearing, but one answer seems to indicate that zip compression is now used increasingly as a jpeg.

    I always thought that it was worth zip compression of files such as jpg, mp3, etc. that have already been compressed and that the only way InDesign could hit my JPEG files up to a fraction of their size was recompression them in lower-quality JPEG format?

    Gator, in my opinion, Amy had already done all the required exams:

    Any image of the source, compressed or not, is in InDesign, considered as the

    "best available source. A JPEG file must be decompressed. The story disappeared.

    Quite clear - an image placed in InDesign can be cropped or scaled, which

    destroy all JPEG-history.

    This "best available source" is then used in the export to PDF format with new

    features of compression and downsampling, perhaps with new color settings.

    In simple terms: a Photoshop JPEG can be transferred by InDesign

    into a PDF file directly.

    Cordially - Gernot Hoffmann

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