ISA sound card crashes

Use old ISA Sound card, it crashes when a tape backup device is used on the system


1. have you made recent changes to your system?

2. How do you try to connect the tape backup unit to the system?

3. the sound card works well?

4. do you have the sounds on your system?

Also provide more information to solve the problem.

Step 1: run a clean boot

Follow the steps in the link below to perform the clean boot.

Note: once you are done with the boot, follow step 7 in the link to your computer in normal mode.

Then use backup to tape and check if it works very well.

It will be useful.

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  • P series too hot and sound card problem


    in recent weeks, I have a problem with the temperature. The P series of satellites is much too hot, even if only the essential progs are running, the processor runs with 100% very often. Without the Task Manager (to close the CPRS) of "windows" the machine crashes several times down!

    And since I've updated the driver sound in August this year, the sound may not be performed correctly. The sound card is not identified by diff. progs. MP3 direct cut and sound blaster, during the race.
    I can't save anything! So bad!


    Clean the laptop? You can use spry compressed air could blow the dust from the cooling fans. So do not disassemble anything.

    Which audio driver use? Toshiba or manufacturing as Realtek? Maybe there already is a new or try again with the old driver.

    Moreover, what Satellite phone do you have?

    Good bye

  • sound card


    Is anyone know how to make measurements (frequency & amplitude) for the signal coming to the sound card?

    I build the labview & call from but anyway it crash.

    Thank you and best regards,


    I don't think that would cause a problem, because it works very well in LabVIEW, but if you want you cluster error thread right at its entrance before audio output.

    BTW, you should remove sound output also task.

  • Update sound card driver

    Mac 10.10.5 attempt installation of teaching textbooks algebra. Attention box TT tells me that there is no sound card.  No problems with other programs. Customer support TT tells me that I have to update the drivers... where and how can I do this? I thought that I had everything set to update automatically, and all must be current.

    Their support staff obviously have no idea what they are talking about. Is it supposed to be compatible with the version of Mac OS X you are using?

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    How can I get the sound card to play on the speakers of the car?

    Usually connecting the phone to the car system - particularly at the point where you can play the music usually connects the Maps app

    There is a switch at the bottom of the maps app with a speaker symbol that allows you to toggle between having the sound coming through the phone or Bluetooth

  • Pavilion: Sound card for audio capture

    Don't know model #. The control panel in his says my default device's stereo IDT High Def Audio CODEC. Indicates the line to IDT HD Audio CODEC is not plugged in (under the heading says currently unavailable rear mic and mic)

    I have a jack online, but who goes to the speakers who plays what is already on the PC. I tried to put an Audiology Sound Blaster card in the motherboard, but it does not fit. (The motherboard is IMP87-MP)

    What sound card works or not with this PC will be? Hate the idea of the latter. Thank you

    Thank you, @jwhite10110s.  WOW, you did it! It is necessary for me to help you with the best results.

    You want to buy a PCI Express x 1 sound card.  There are three of these locations on the motherboard.  Creative Sound Blaster Audigy RX PCIe card his 7.1 with headphone amplifier High Performance may be what you need.

    Please click on the button + Thumbs up if I helped you and click on accept as Solution If your problem is resolved.

  • Satellite 5000 with Windows XP, Service Pack 1 is installed and now my sound card does not work

    Everyone knows this problem.

    I have a 5000 Satellite with Windows XP. I installed SP1 and now my sound card does not work.

    Any ideas out there?

    Does anyone have this problem?

    I reinstalled the Yamaha drive a couple of times and always the same: no sound?

    I bought this unit in Holland and it was great until the problem of Service Pack. I heard that Comcom was a dealer right here. Maybe I'll have to make to them, if I can't help here?

  • Satellite Pro P300 has NO stereo Mix in Vista with Realtek sound card


    I have a P300 with Realtek internal sound card and drivers updated.
    I NEED a stereo mixer in the recording devices, but I currently get only a MIC input, even after checking "Show offline and disabled devices."

    Yes, I updated the drivers HD Audio of this site Web and Realtek and still nothing.
    The only other thing that could affect this, but I don't see how I use ASIO4ALL drivers audio in conjunction with the Realtek drivers.

    I'm running Vista 32 bit Edition Home Premium


    Hi mate

    I confused m do you know why?
    Because you talk about audio driver Realtek and sound chip and my knowledge, that the Satellite Pro P300 was equipped with the audio chip Conexant!

    It s NOT the Realtek chip! It s Conexant!

    According my Conexant audio chip experience can't stand stereo mixer in the recording devices!

    Good bye



    For what purpose?



    Maybe this will nelp

  • ENVY dv6t-7300 CTO Quad Editio: Envy dv6 IDT sound card does not

    Recently, the sound card for computer laptop has had problems. For a month or two I get appears randomly in my audio using several 1/8 "cables to my speakers and headphones.  Now my problem is that the card is not to give me audio quality and it seems that I need a replacement. Its really quiet compared to normal and audio pieces of low frequencies and sounds just awful.  My laptop is an essential part of my work, so I would like to know what options I have to replace. First of all, I want to make sure that the card is replaceable quality even if not better. Secondly, is it possible for me to get the part sent home to replace me myself or maybe take in my laptop to the building to take only a short amount of time with her. I'm running on an audio interface I already owned for a long time, but it is inconvient for me to use when im to mobile OS. Please indicate all the options that I have new maps that will be filt with my current laptop (HP ENVY CTO 7300 dv6t Quad Edition Notebook PC), and all the options I have for the replacement of the card (remove old and replace it with the new.


    The Riddle_Decipher is at your service!

    I understand that you have been troubled by Audio drivers

    • I recommend you update the BIOS by using the tool HP Support assistant or the HP website.
    • Once you update the bios > uninstall the current sound driver by using Device Manager > then use this LINK (ditto) to download the updated audio driver and that should fix this problem.
    • For a diagnosis more > click here
    • I also suggest a test of material on the sound card to be on a safer side: click here

    Keep me posted!

    Kind regards

  • C55-A-1N1-Sound Card/micro satellite does not work Windows 10


    Since the execution of the upgrade to Windows 10, my sound card or the microphone is recognized, so my system is completely silent. According to the information on this site, this model should benefit from the launch day (today) - where can I get drivers for my laptop? I can't use it without the sound.

    My computer is the Satellite C55-A-1N1

    Thank you

    Maybe this thread could be useful:

  • Need driver sound card for Win 7

    I recently bought a computer with Windows XP and Windows 7 top load, but apparently when I was downloading Windows 7 it erased the sound card and now I have no sound.

    Before I loaded Windows 7 I + made + sound, and I tested the check on preloaded games.

    I tested the sound on several YouTube videos after downloading the program, but there was no sound. The small speaker on the bottom right of the screen has a x on it, which is unusual, I went into the Panel and discovered that I had "no audio output device installed.

    Where can I find a download of virus-free sound card? (Preferably Microsoft and if possible, free)

    Can you please tell us which model of laptop you have exactly?

  • Satellite Pro A120 - how to identify the sound card


    don't know if you can help me on this one, I have more or less the same problem.
    Bit long-winded, but we broken rececently, very clever thieves, stole a number of point with my computer with disks of Toshiba bag. (LOL) the lap top was next to the bag on the desk, they left.

    Since then contracted a virus which means I had to completely format the hard drive and installed XP.

    No problem, but now I can not find the audio drivers right. Q. How can I identify the sound card on the top of the Tower?

    You n t know what sound chip has your laptop?
    On the Europe of Toshiba page you can find the drivers for this model of laptop.
    I can see that the Realtek sound card driver has been released and so I'm 100% sure that the sound chip was made by Realtek.

  • Satellite M40-276: sound card is shown to the registry sometimes not

    I have a sound problem. Sometimes the sound card is shown to the registry sometimes not.
    I fixed my laptop, but there is no sound card.
    Sorry for my bad English


    First of all, I would like to know if you have problems with the sound.
    Second, check device manager if the sound card driver has been properly installed. If not then you should see a yellow exclamation next to the card (Controller)

    What you can do is download the driver of his most recent on the Toshiba site, then install it on the laptop.

  • Need Sound card driver for Satellite L40 - 18 X Win XP

    Dear Team Support/User

    I formatted my laptop 2 days back. I have download all drivers except sound card as the driver download site show the driver me in the list but when I click it it do not open the page. Details on my laptop is less than
    model: Satellite L40 - 18 X (PSL48E)
    OS: Win XP sp2

    Please if anyone has the driver for sound card for this laptop please e-mail on my id: [email protected]

    Thank you
    waiting for your reply as soon as POSSIBLE

    On THIS page you can download the audio driver. For me, it works perfectly.

    Check it out.

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