Issue of identity of Blackberry Smartphones blackBerry 8900 Curve

When you try to use the Blackberry app world, I received a message that I need to download a Blackberry ID. I got an option to download on the phone, I started.  Down load began and after about 4 hours has been attached to 17.  I somehow cancel and return to the screen of the App Store, a few days later, I tried to get into the App store again and I got the same message, download the code for Blackberry.  When started downloading it immediately came up with a screen showing the Blackberry identity, 100 installation.  It has been 5 days that this screen displays t it download at 100 and I can't erase or go to app world.  How can I delete?

Hello and welcome to the community!

There are... many potentially relevant KBs public on it rather than trying to post links to them all here, I rather recommend you go here:

and research... maybe on 'identity update failed', or something similar. Some of the results imply a policy that blocks, others speak AFN and other configuration items to address, still others recommend to remove the identity application entirely and let it start over fresh.

The right solution for you depends on many factors... so your review of the relevant KB articles will hopefully result in your conclusion which will work for you.

Good luck!

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  • BlackBerry Smartphones Blackberry 8900 Curve (phone shuts off if a new SMS is checked)


    I bought a new blackberry curve 8900 just 3 months back & problem with her is this request a new SMS arrives & I check it after say (15-20 minutes)... the phone is off - voltage, slot in a few seconds.

    All the world is facing the same issue? Is this a known issue? If so, Blackberry has posted on their official website?

    Please let me know what could be the problem. Thank you & if you have more info... pls, put it.

    Thank you



    I installed the latest version successfully. If I have the same problem (crosses fingers he not not yet happen), I will answer you. Thanks for keeping my BB set to level.

    Software name: BlackBerry Handheld Software v5.0.0.860 (Multilingual)
    Name of the file:

    8900M_PBr5.0.0_rel860_PL5.2.0.47_A5.0.0.509_Wind_H ellas.exe

  • Smartphones blackBerry 8900 curve


    I plan to buy a Smartphone. Still undecided between a Blackberry Curve 8900 and a Nokia E71X. I have a few questions:

    1. Not to mention that voice dialing, can I use my voice to other duties (provide GPS voice instructions to find an address, etc..)?
    2. When you use the desktop application, in addition to using the USB connection, I can connect the 8900 using Bluetooth or WiFi, for synchronization?
    3. The 8900 can be attached (using it as a wireless modem to connect my laptop to the Internet)?
    4. The home screen can be customized (can change icons, shortcuts, the list of applications, etc.)?
    5. The screen can change between Portrait and landscape?
    6. The GPS is a complete recommended standalone GPS, or it relies on wireless service (for example, ATT charges $10/month for the GPS service, called A - GPS)? What I mean is that I have to pay for this service, or can GPS works without him?
    7. What is the warranty for the 8900?
    8. Is the 3 8900?
    1. I'm not aware of the use of the voice to give GPS instructions. You can use voice dialing, which is where you can talk to the someone name in the address book and BlackBerry will call this number
    2. You can connect via Bluetooth and USb cable
    3. Yes. Although with some companies you need monthly extra payan to attach
    4. You can change the theme or download themes of the device to change the appearance of the icon. You can hide the icons that you don't want anymore.
    5. In my view, that this feature is available on the storm.
    6. You do not have to pay for the GPS. If you get a BlackBerry data plan then it comes with data unlimited, so you do not download charged to use the data. There are a few good GPS programs that offer turn-by-turn directions

    7. I believe it is a guarantee of 1 year, with a 30 days money back guarantee if you buy from your carrier

    8. I think that the device only connects to the EDGE network, not 3 G

  • Smartphone WIFI blackBerry 8900 curve

    You can use the Wi - Fi system if you do not have the data plan? I have the curve 8900 for AT & T. I'm new to the Blackberry.


    You are welcome. are ask you if you have disabled your mobile network and you connect to the wifi but the wifi service is unavailable, you will always be able to browser? don't I have that right?

    If that is what you ask, the answer is no. If your disconnected from your operator, but you are connected to your wifi, but wifi is not internet service, then basically you are always disconnected to the internet.

  • Help the Smartphones from blackBerry 8900 Curve calendar

    Hi all

    Does anyone know how to clear all entires of the grille on a BB 8900 Facebook decided to put all birthday into my calendar, and I don't want them there.

    Thanks muchly in advance for your answers.


    Here you go... (ignore the reference to your address book, this process works for the address book or calendar, in your case).

    If you encounter errors in your calendar or address book on your BlackBerry and you want to delete the entire address book (or calendar) base on your BlackBerry, follow the instructions below. Make sure that you have a good copy of your calendar or Contacts, because this procedure will delete all the calendar entries or entries from the address book on your BlackBerry.

    1. open the Desktop Manager on your PC.

    2. open Backup/Restore > advanced.

    3. in Advanced Options, you will see a split pane screen. The left pane, it is what will be saved from your device, and the right is a list of the existing databases.

    3 select right your address book database (or your Calendar database), and then click the arrow in the Middle pointing to the left. This will copy the information on and prepare it for the backup.

    4. once the backup is complete, click the button Clear down to erase, and then clean up the database of book full address (or calendar).

    5. once it is finished, it will ask you if you want to save the backup that you created, say you Yes and check the device to make sure that the address book (or calendar) has been duly cleared out. Now, Resync the necessary contact details and you should be set to go.

  • BlackBerry 8900 Curve Blackberry Smartphones

    Hi all

    I'm new to this site, but he likes blackberry phones. I need help though.

    I'm looking into getting a Blackberry curve 8900 in the United Kingdom. This phone work in the USA?

    Thank you


    Yes, it will be.

    Get it unlocked by your carrier to the United Kingdom, so that you can use on a trip. They should do it for free.

  • Smartphones blackBerry 8900 curve back up

    I'm relatively new to the BB experience. Only problem I found is that when you do a back up, I get an error. Director of office gives me no further information on what is the problem. I tried to restore separate folders, as I if there may be a problem with a specific record, but that didn't work. I'm running more recent edition of softwar desk and telephone. Back ups worked well until about a week ago. DoeSA back up to save any newspaper? How can I get information on what the problem might be?

    Thank you


    Try to do this, first of all.

    1. on your BlackBerry, open the browser > Menu > Options > Cache operations and delete the browser's cache.

    2. with the BlackBerry device powered time, remove battery for a few seconds and then reinsert the battery to restart.

    Then try a backup and let us know.

  • Symbol on my Blackberry 8900 Curve screen blackBerry Smartphones

    I have a symbol that appears on the screen of my phone in the upper left corner, next to the symbol that tells me what tone my phone profile, silent, vibrate, etc.. It looks like this:

    Except the star is white in a red circle on the arrow. He just showed, and I have NO idea what it means. Help, please!

    Hello and welcome to the Forums of Support

    You have a request that you got through AppWorld that has an upgrade. Go to App World > My World for the upgrade.

    To disable notification of the home screen, open your folder messages and find the AppWorld message and read or delete it.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones blackberry 8900 curve: call failure needed help


    I have a curve 8900 that I got off of ebay from a seller who got very good food back. However the when I got on the phone he has an orange logo on the back of the phone. the seller has unlocked the phone. but everytime I make a call from the phone it says "call failed". Please can someone help as I want to get the phone working again, if possible.

    Please help because it's urgent.

  • Smartphones BlackBerry 8900 curve phone shortcut prob!

    When I press the button on the left side of the phone to the voice component a message comes up saying... impossible to allocate memory. close to other applications and try again... but I have, to my knowledge, have nothing open. is it possible to close applications or control that are open.

    I'm new on the phone and still trying to get used to it and use it at its best, but it is difficult!



    In this case try to proceed as follows.

    When the unit is on, remove the battery, wait a minute and rotate the battery on the device.

  • Blackberry Smartphones blackBerry 8900 curve

    Help! '

    Can't make phone calls from my contacts

    Phone adds + 1 on all my numbers and then said 'impossible to obtain call '.

    What should I do to make this setting from?  What is a foreign setting or something? I had Hong Kong on ebay.

    Please reply!

    Check this KB - Impossible to make local outgoing calls while roaming abroad

  • BlackBerry smartphones, how can I make my BlackBerry 8800 looks like BlackBerry 8900 or "BOLD"?

    Hi again,

    UH... How can I make my BlackBerry 8800 looks like BlackBerry 8900 or "BOLD"?

    Thank you...

    Hey janvaughnquero11,

    Welcome to the community of BlackBerry Support Forums.

    Thanks for the question.

    The smartphone BlackBerry 8800 a software v4.2 or 4.5 for later.  BlackBerry 5, 6 or 7 device software is not available for this model.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

    See you soon.

  • BlackBerry smartphones the 8900: my first Blackberry (start-up aid)


    After a long period of research and forum TAPI, bought my first Blackberry.

    A used 8900, but no CD or manual (uh - oh).

    No problem right?  Can download it just.

    Supplied with 5 OS already installed.

    Put my SIM in there, and it seemed good to go.

    On the website, interpreted the security wipe.

    But want a new start with the Blackberry OS and other software.


    Puzzle #1


    -a computer without internet access to be used with the cable USB of Blackberry 8900 ths site, download Blackberry Desktop Software worm 600_b047

    -transferred to a computer with no internet connection via a flash drive

    s ' is stuck on the installation where he tried to download Microsoft Framework 3.5 SP 1


    -downloaded Microsoft Framework 3.5 SP1 on its own from and installed on the computer with no internet connection via a flash drive

    -tried to Blackberry Desktop Software worm 600_b047 of pleasure, but he always tries to find an internet connection for tail Framework 3.5 SP1.

    -is it a work-by-turn for this?


    Puzzle #2:


    -to install the OS fresh and official and legitimate

    -follow the link on website to my carrier and downloaded Blackberry worm

    -Okay, going to have to downgrade to OS 4.x, but it's ok.

    -After you select what Blackberry OS components must be added/deleted/downgraded, the installation is stuck with the error message:

    "Could not complete the load operation.

    A new version of the Application Loader to load the software system on this device [A:0x0000000B]

    Would be happy with OS 5 or OS 4.x as long as this is a new installation.

    -is it a work-by-turn for this?


    Please help with this, if you can.

    Excited about the new toy but want a new start.

    Computer with no internet to be used with Blackberry USB operating system: WinXP



    Now, I don't know any work around the issue of the framework. But what about your operating system. You do not need to downgrade, you can use ANY os 5.0 for your device also suppliers a long time that you remove the SELLER. XML file from your computer.

    If your using a PC, the location of the file of the seller will be there,

    C:\Program Files\Fichiers Research In Motion\Apploader

    If you can go here and download any OS carriers for this device.

    Once you have deleted the file, we the loader.exe to install

  • BlackBerry Smartphones don't Setup BBM 8 on my Blackberry 8900

    I tried to configure 8 BBM on my Blackberry 8900 but it goes on to say 'establishment of bbm surveys' forever.

    Pleaase help

    Thank you!

    Likewise, you should have your internet connection (BIS) or a wifi connection broadband...

    facing the same problem, so tried it with BIS plan. Then, it is resolved.

    Thank you


  • Media loading on BlackBerry 8900 blackBerry Smartphones


    I have a BlackBerry 8900 and struggling to load media on this subject.

    I'm using a netbook with a 1024 x 600 screen and the BB Media Manager won't start - fails with an error message indicating a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 and 16-bit color depth is required.

    I have only a single Windows computer, that is of this netbook. All other computers that I have access to a Linux distribution, primarliy Fedora or openSUSE - even my desktop computer has Fedora charged thereon. I don't like being locked in the software benefits and systems but the BB is the exception to the rule because it provides the services that I need with the life of the battery.

    I tried to copy the files on the SD card but the BB does not pick up there.

    How can I go about loading media on the SD card that the BB can actually use?

    I tried to contact RIM but they referred me to my mobile operator referring me to the RIM.

    Apart from this, a question, I think that the BB is the best mobile I've ever had - just wish I could get the best integration with my IMAP with BIS account. BES is not an option - the company is too small and we do not use one of the supported platforms.


    Allow the storage of mass on your card and simply drag and drop files with the map of media such as a removable drive.

Maybe you are looking for