Issue of licence/install ARD


I just want to check a second time a few things... about this software

When I buy Apple Remote Desktop, download the app in a few different machines, I have? or just one at a time?

remote control for apple MacBook same ARD is not installed to the machine, I am trying to distance log, right?

and should not question what iOS version am I using? (Yosemite and El Capitan) where was able to connect to a machine that uses the Yosemite El Capitan and El Capitan in Yosemite?

Could someone let me know?

Thank you


1. Yes. You buy the application with your AppleID (and of course the money) and so you can install it on as many computers you own.

2. Yes.

3. that's right. It does not matter what version of the OS (not iOS) you use.

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    Hi, we bought a 5512-X with TAMÁS licenses for a year (September 2015 for September 2016).

    We received ASA on March 2016, this mount I installed the ASA and generate licenses, but when I put them on I m Firesight saw that the expiration date his on September 2016 (just from March to September).

    Fact licenses do not expire after 12 months from the day I start using them? In my case of March 2016 to March 2017

    Kind regards

    They should be valid for 12 months from their date of issue.

    Please open a TAC and request they put you in the queue for the award of licenses or simply email [email protected] / * / for resolution.

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    The temperature seems to be too high and this is the reason why your laptop stops automatically.
    You said that what happens during the game
    During games all appliances are running with maximum performance and create a lot of heat dissipation

    Clock graphics Toshiba down driver the GPU if a threshold has been reached
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    Therefore, you should use the Toshiba graphics card driver!
    Other drivers may be used but only at your own risk!

    In addition, it must ensure that the unique cooling grids are dust-free and fresh air could circulate properly never use the laptop on the lap, couch or bet that it would close the vents and could lead to overheating!

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    1. When you face this error?
    2. are you facing difficulties to install / uninstall a program?
    3. what was the software or the hardware recent change made to the computer before the problem started?

    4. What do you mean when you say "cannot download from Microsoft?

    Please follow the links to help solve the problem.

    How to solve problems when you install or uninstall programs on a Windows computer

    Please refer to the "Windows installation problems" section in the article mentioned above.

    I hope this helps.

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    * I checked with my internet provider to ensure that they don't filter not all my mail (and they aren't)
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    Here is the vista forums

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    they will help you with your questions/problems Messenger when repost you the link below in the Messenger forums

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    7zSO248\Setup\TrayApp\ ".

    The problem is that I don't know what this message means, because I am not trying to install applications from the status bar, can not understand how to solve this problem and get off my desk top of the page, once and for all.  One can help with this problem?  Thanks June


    What I found indicates it is a HP printer problem. If you have the HP printer CD, insert it when the application asks for it (when it says network resource is not available). Click Browse and then double-click your CD-ROM. click drive on the installation folder. Double-click the tray app folder. You should see the trayapp.msi file. One click to open it. And then click OK.

    Once you have installed, if you want more, you can uninstall it.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think

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    I found a solution for me aleast... I installed windows xp drivers and all works like a charm... "computing" my ____.

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    any ideas?

    I appreciate it

    If you go on, driver and software downloads, the site is able to scan your computer and display all drivers available for your machine. What drivers are you looking for?

  • Issue of re - install

    I have Lightroom for Mac installed on my MacBook Air.  I need to reformat this computer.  How can I safely re - install this software?

    Can I copy the application on an external hard drive and just copy it back after reformatting?  I have the serial number info in the 'Help' of the software section.

    Hi, first of all, make sure you write the serial numbers.

    Disable your software before reformatting in_Deactivate_your_software then after reformatting, if you LR4 download the free trial here: TEML and insert the serial number.

    If you have a latest version of LR, you can download it here tml and make sure you follow the 'very important.'

    Thanks and let me know how it goes!

  • Issue of licence regarding our Career Builder Flash

    Our company uses Flash Builder with the following key: 1424-4000-...

    We do not know how many lisences we have and how we could get the version 4.7 of flash builder? Do we have to pay extra for it also when we bought a lisence in 2010?

    KR Markus Stechele

    You must contact Adobe Support by chat or phone to see the limits of your license.

    Here are some links to help get in touch:

  • Tecra A9 - issues with Vista installed wireless

    1. sometimes, I start my machine 3 to 6 times before the wireless to connect to my router.
    2. some time when I connect to the internet via my wireless connection hangs at "opening port".



    Try to update the driver WLAN and the BIOS. The two you can find on the Toshiba site: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    I put t know what OS you use, but make sure that the option for the WLAN to energy saving is disabled. If you are using Vista, see this paper:

    Make sure your laptop and the router using the same WiFi standard.

    Last but not least to an update of the firmware on the router you can find on the site of the factory.

    Good bye

  • Issue of licences FoxPro

    Is there a legal way to obtain/purchase FoxPro 9 licenses?

    It is certainly a question of support of FoxPro. No Microsoft.

  • Issue of licences

    Is there a limitation how CTI ports I can create according to licenses

    I have 10 licenses and 20-port IVR



    There is no limit, but appellant 11 will get fast busy.


  • Issue of re - install blackBerry Smartphones

    I can't create alerts for my curve 8520 especially for emails. So I think of 681 re-installation.

    Is this get rid me of my current phone settings or simply replaces the actual programs. For example my accounts of e-mail, brightness, icons positions etc?

    Thank you


    The Blackberry Desktop Software will automatically back up and restore the handset during the re-installation, worst case scenario emails can stop coming through but in this case you get just your network to resend your service books (settings) and they will be sufficient.

    Hope this helps

  • issue of licences vCOPS

    Hi all

    I vCOPS 5.7 when I add the first vCenter ()other than where the TIME( ) the license, seems you can enter only on the vCenter registered . If I add a second vCenter , however I'll have to Re-enter the license on ce or not?

    Thank you


    No, VCOPS will check the license from a server. You can check for the time that you connect on the admin page. There is a line called: "vCenter Server license: This is probably the first recorded vCenter server.

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