Issue of Snapshot MD3000i

Hello I have a quest about snapshots


Reference DELL 2950 running ESX 3.5 connected to the MD3000i (all servers are VMS and W2k3)
Lun1 attached to SERVER1 by RDM with two snapshots LUN1-1 and LUN1-2 (snapshots are not available to the server 1) LUN1-1 and 2-LUN1 snapshots attached to a Server2 via microsoft iscsi initiator.

The initial connections to snapshots are fine, but if I create snapshots in MDSM the
changes are not reflected on SERVER2

Must the iscsi connection be registered and on again to recognize the change?
If I just rescan the disk using diskpart in disk management or I get disk ntfs errors / various in eventvwr

Server 2 run backups (backupexec/vcb/vRanger connection according to the logic unit number) through snapshots is expected

Any input would be appreciated



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  • vCenter 5.1 having issues with snapshot size alerts

    Hello world
    I have a problem regarding the sending of alerts by e-mail when vm snapshot size exceeds a certain size. (in fact, any size with problems)

    She doesn't send traps, ignoring what I did come in like it size and spamming my Inbox.

    Go to alerts vcenter - new alarm - monitor: VMS - monitor specific conditions or State...

    Trigger: Condition: above

    Size of Snapshot in VM (GB): WARNING: level 1

    Snapshot in VM (GB) size: alert level: 2

    Send email to: myself

    When I click on ok. I have tons of emails from vcenter which all my virtual machines exceeded the size limit of 1 GB instant! (but he doesn't based on storage views)

    Then I put the level to 10 GB makes no sense. It keeps me spamming all my virtual machines with snapshot size exceeded.

    This setting worked well with vcenter 5.0 because I upgraded to vcenter 5.1, this problem appeared. Note that I have 2 vcenters, two of them having the same problem.

    Please see the attached photos.

    VCenter version: 5.1 build: 880146 running on windows server.

    Would you kindly try to put the same trap and let me know if this is a bug or not?

    Thank you all happy new year

    It is a known issue with vCenter Server 5.1 (VM Snapshot size (GB) alarm incorrectly triggers on VMS with no snapshots (2037464)), which - according to - does not seem to have been resolved with the last 5. 1 b version.


  • Issue of Snapshot Backup Exec


    A few days ago, we are facing problem on our virtual server because of space. It is also happen while making the VM backup. most of the servers is suspended and some of the servers are running on snapshot.

    can you please advise me on how I can remove the snapshot, and use the main VMDK file of the server. When I go to edit-> hard drive 1 setting, disk configuration is disabled.

    the other issue is that it's the server vSphere. I'm afraid that if I rebooted the server I will lost the almost 2 weeks of data.

    Please see the bottom of the vmdk files.


    I thank you and hope to hear from you.

    Assuming that you now have enough disk space (since the screen shot looks as you use thin discs put in service, so please be careful) you can delete all existing snapshots for a virtual computer by creating a new snapshot (if no snapshot is displayed in the Snapshot Manager) and then clicking the clear all"" button. This will merge all deltas in the base disk.


  • Backup - Snapshot issue / question.


    I have a fairly new 5.5 ESXi update 2 installation (Essentials). (September 2014).  Currently, I have only a VM on it. It is a stand-alone Server SBS 2011 standard conversion.  The virtual machine works fine without any problems.

    The only issue I'm having is with my Barracuda backup system.   It fails at the end of the backup while trying to create a snapshot. I know what you think.  "Why I write this here? '...

    I go back with the support of Barracuda.  Everything that they asked me to check, host-wise, wise system and guest-wise I could do and are come empty-handed.  See between the asterisks below for tit last correspondence I had with them (they did the highlighting).

    I'm not very well the workings of VMware, so I don't really know where to go from here. Because I came before empty, I'm not even sure that Barracuda is on the right track here.  But I need to get back to them before they will help me any further.  I just need to some advice and assistance to determine if it actually, the question, and if it is, how to remedy or continue troubleshooting.

    Thanks for any idea and assistance, you may be able to provide me with.


    Start of Barracuda support *.

    "Look in the error, I see that it looks to be another process running at the same time the backup is running or something is not finished before start backups." "That's what I see in the newspaper of bbs:

    26 Dec 11:31: 27 2014 barracuda backupd [14271]: failed to create the snapshot (vim25_TaskInProgress): another task is already underway.
    26 Dec 11:31: 27 2014 barracuda backupd [14271]: fatal: could not create any backup host vmware snapshot: SFD-SRV1. Stratfire.local

    End of support for Barracuda *.

    Hi p...

    The list of files seems ok now?  It's much better from my point of view...

    If so, it looks like success all around. See the attached list after deleting all.  I'll remind the Barracuda.

    I can't thank you enough for all your help and patience.  You really are an asset to the VMware forum community.  Thank you for taking the time to work with me. I learned a bit about yourself.

    Thanks again


  • Issue of multiple Disqualification tasks that use the same snapshot

    Details of the environment


    Disqualification Version:

    A snapshot has been created in which the WHERE clause is outsourced and this snapshot table is used in a data quality process.

    Since there are different values passed to the WHERE clause, different jobs who have their own data quality process, but these process reads from the same snapshot table.

    Disqualification does not allow execution of different tasks that uses the same shot to run at the same time.

    Job1 is in operation, job2 throws an exception that the snapshot is locked.

    Any reason why Disqualification has this restriction? Processes are just doing a read on the snapshot table operation, so I was wondering why it was necessary to lock the object.

    We have more than 60 jobs that use the same snapshot and it would inhibit scalability if we are forced to run 60 jobs in sequence and not allow them to run in parallel.

    Can you advice how to fix this problem?

    The short answer is that each task must be executed with his own label of execution. Otherwise, each work is actually being run in the same context, and you will have problems of blocking.

    Please read on the labels of the execution and run profiles in the online help.

    Note that when running with a label of execution, complete results are not written; you need to decide exactly what to write work featuring the views of results you need. All data staged (including the snapshot itself) will be written with a label execution context and you can view the results in the Console of the server. Director will only show the results of the last run.

  • Issue of instant removal - remove all * but * the most recent snapshot

    I have a question. I have a virtual machine, where my user has made 3 snapshots - #1, then #2, then 3 #, then #4. This user was told that he needs to last snapshot and not instant intermediaries.

    I should be able to just remove them in the reverse order - #3, then #2, #1 - leaving only #4 as the unique snapshot. And that should be all that I need, to have #4 the snapshot only I can come back? And - most importantly - the disk space. I need to remove the #1-#3 to retrieve data store space.

    This should not cause problems, correct? I'm more used to the deletion of snapshots in reverse order - #1, #2, #3, #4...

    No problem at all.

    Snapshot depend on its snapshot / parent disk. So when you delete snapshot #3 its just data merge with snapshot #2. Then snapshot #4 is now dependent on instant #2.

    If you delete Snapshots #1,2,3 now the snapshot #4 changed the disc relative as the source for the blocks in all committed snapshots.

  • How to-disk snapshot RDM in physical mode and RDM issues.

    Hi all

    I want to upgrade a few VMS version 4 to 7 production equipment, so I can save them using vDR.

    One recommendation is to take snapshots of the necessary virtual machines before the hardware upgrade, I'm unable to do so because of the disc RDM in physical mode.

    I'm looking for the answers to the following questions:

    -How do we or can we change disc RDM in physical to virtual (all risks, process involved, etc...)?

    -How a US dismantle and mount RDM disk without losing any data?

    -Can we dismantle and mount RDM disk to a different virtual computer?

    -We convert RDM to a normal virtual disk on vmfs data storage?

    Enjoy your time reading/response.


    Hi dia,.

    Please find the answers online.

    -How do we or can we change disc RDM in physical to virtual (all risks, process involved, etc...)?

    Remove the drive from RDM virtual machine and add the ROW again using virtual mode.

    (Do not select the option Remove evil in the virtual machine and delete the files from disk)

    -How a US dismantle and mount RDM disk without losing any data?

    Same as above. (if I understand your question)

    -Can we dismantle and mount RDM disk to a different virtual computer?

    Remove from VM-1 and add the VM-2 by using the VM settings.

    -We convert RDM to a normal virtual disk on vmfs data storage?

    Yes, we convert RDM on the virtual disk using the Migration (SVMotion). To do this the virtual machine must be powered off the coast of the State.

    Let me know what answers your questions.



  • Error when you try to delete snapshots


    I have problems when you try to manually delete snapshots of our ReadyNAS. The error is displayed when it fails is 28004020002. After a search through your forums it seems most of the time you ask newspapers, and then it seems that the problem is solved. So if need be I have newspapers available on request.

    One of the suggestions also says try a defrag on the device and that pops up and displays a different error message: 14007010000. I don't know if that is related, but I have not dug deep in this one I would like to help with the first issue first please

    All comments are greatly appreciated.

    This is the topic I was looking at early to try to help with my problem.


    Please do not restart the system until the balance is over. The balance will take time to complete.

    You can see the progress made in the web administration interface.

    In addition, you can plan a balance to say run every 2-3 weeks.

  • Restore of VSS snapshot fails due to the incompatibility of serial SCSI


    I have a win2k12R2 with unique VDisk Vm. A triggered a quiesce VSS on this virtual machine operation and taken a snapshot of the VDisk. Clone a virtual machine of the instant Vdisk and the virtual machine is not booting. If I'm not using VSS quiesce virtual machine, repeat the experience, the virtual machine is unable to start. Since the tedious debugging, finally found it's due to the incompatibility of serial SCSI. Looks like VSS is striking SCSI serial number in the BCD. When the virtual machine is restored from this VDisk, at startup, VM makes a SCSI inquiry to get the serial number of the drive. If the n series shadow does not, VM is not start. In this case, as long as the disc is instant, hypervisor return different serial number.

    The question is, where does the VSS stores this information to SCSI serial number? Is there a way to avoid this? I use the hardware vendor. I need uniform application snapshots of this virtual machine. If I am able to take consistent snapshots of application and not be able to start the virtual machine that, it is useless to take snapshots :). I'm stuck here, any suggestions how to avoid this?

    This issue is beyond the scope of this site (for consumers) and to be sure, you get the best (and fastest) reply, we have to ask either on Technet (for IT Pro) or MSDN (for developers)
  • Time to startup of Vista and photo gender issues.

    I run Vista with 2 Tb + 250 GB backup, GForce Nvidia 9600 512 MB of RAM, Dual Athlon clocked at 1 M, Avast anti virus.

    1: my system is very slow to start. I bought the PC FIX 2011 and run it at startup. He always shows up to 100 empty registry key errors - HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-20\Software\policies\microsoft\SystemCertificates -.

    It takes about ten repetitions of the PCFix scan to 'repair' errors, how my system works fine.
    Question: can I easily and safely clean the registry, clean entire empty keys?

    2: I have more than 10 k of the photos on my system all taken with a digital camera Nikon X 40. They are not sorted because I do not send the my PC immediately I took them. Subsequently, I can have two or three weeks of all photos uploaded to the PC without a sorting date. I know that all the digital photos of this camera are date of signature. I want to sort by date taken, not published online.

    Question: Is there software or a lot of pictures out there with which I can sort pictures based on the date and also eliminate the copies?

    Would be very gratefull for a positive answer to these two questions.    GLF


    As you are referring to a third-party program, we are not aware of its characteristics. If you want to continue with the software, it is at your own risk.

    Method 1:

    I suggest you send the link for more details on sorting photos:

    Find your photos faster

    Method 2:

    Check out the links and check if that helps:

    Registry cleaners are needed?

    How to resolve performance issues during startup in Windows Vista

  • ASM and SAN issues HQ


    I have a few problems in ASM 4.6 and SAN HQ 3.0.

    SAN AC 3.0:
    I get alerts email saying that network connectivity is not even if there is no network connectivity issues.  The message is below:

    • [ID: 14.2] A connection could not be made.
    • The HQ SAN server issued the group SNMP requests, some or all failed.  This condition is probably due to the congestion of the network or has no network connectivity.  The server will try again in 60 seconds.  Check your network connectivity and that the storage group is online.  If the problem persists, contact your Dell support provider.

    ASM 4.6:
    For some reason when ASM is refreshing the host, it never ends with one of the hosts (in a cluster).  It sticks to the discovery of Cluster connectivity and I don't understand why.  I also get e-mail alerts saying that Smart snapshots failed.

    Can someone please?

    Thank you.

    There SANHQ available from 3.0.1

    From the release notes:

    Elements fixed in SAN HQ Version 3.0.1

    The following question has been corrected in the version 3.0.1 SAN headquarters maintenance release:

    Previously, after SAN HQ 3.0 upgrade HQ SAN server could not connect to the newsgroups under firmware version 7 or more and SAN HQ has published an alert (HQ SAN event ID: 14.2) indicating that some or all SNMP requests the group failed.

    This condition is resolved.

  • Snapshots created with the EqualLogic VSS provider are not displayed in SAN HQ


    Poster for the first time. We have just implemented an EqualLogic SAN, PS6100X network, and we're having performance issues between our DPM backup server, one of our hosts Hyper-V and VM images stored on the San. I will try to provide as much information as I can


    Dedicated iSCSI using Dell Force10 switches network

    hyper-V (Windows Server 2008 R2) 3 hosts
    -2 hosts has a NETWORK 4 port GB dedicated adapter connected to the iSCSI network; 1 host has connected to the network iSCSI NETWORK 2 GB dedicated ports card
    -Each Hyper-V host computer has a dedicated on the EQ SAN, RAID-50 volume that stores the Hyper-V virtual machines
    -EQ VSS provider installed on all hosts Hyper - V 3 and works correctly

    Using DPM 2010 for backup

    Problem: on Hyper-V hosts 1 and 2, any/all backup activities are very slow. On the Hyper-V host 3rd, however, activities related to backup all are incredibly fast! We compared the NIC configurations, HIT / settings ME and ASM, but we cannot understand why it is so slow on hosts 1 & 2.

    In addition, whenever DPM 2010 tells the EQ VSS provider to create a snapshot, we see the snapshot being created in the EQ Team Manager, but he does not appear in the list of iSCSI connections. According to the documentation SAN HQ, instant and volumes should appear here.

    We also disabled TcpAckFrequency for all 3 hyper-v hosts. It helped a little, but there is still a HUGE difference with regard to backups of the DPM.

    We're pretty sure that there is something misconfigured on the hosts Hyper - V 1 & 2, given that the host Hyper-V 3 has no performance issues.

    How can I get snapshots to appear in the list of iSCSI SAN HQ connections?

    Version information:
    SAN AC =
    Storage Array Firmware = 5.2.4

    There are two different issues in this post for the SANHQ doesn't show only not iSCSI connections.

    Now SANHQ displays the correct total connection number but doesn't provide details of connections individual iSCSI for snapshots, which it should. So in the meantime use Workgroup Manager that shows the details for each snapshot (I know that's not the best answer, it's a short term solution).

    The fact the SANHQ shows details of instant connection does not mean that they aren't here and I can't imagine anything to do with the question of the DPM.

    The real difficulty, look for upcoming beta SANHQ and subscription for this on the EQL support site. You can do it now.

  • Error snapshot VSS «file too small startup...» "during the restore point creating eventlog ID 12289 in Windows 8

    I am unable to do a restore point. There is plenty of space on both partitions.
    Config: A single drive with 2 partitions, one primary and one extended logical partition with Windows 8 on logic in dual boot with Windows 7 on the primary. The restore point creation in Win7 works OK but in Win8 it never worked alhthough all parameters seem to be OK.
    Device configuration:
    DISKPART > select disk 0
    Disk 0 is now the selected disk. NOTE: there is only 1 disc
    DISKPART > list disk
    Disc # status size free Dyn Gpt
    --------  -------------  -------  -------  ---  ---
    * Online drive 0 93 GB 1024 KB
    DISKPART > list volume
    Volume # Ltr Label Fs Type size status Info
    ----------  ---  -----------  -----  ----------  -------  ---------  --------
    Volume 0 DVD - ROM 0 B G no media
    Volume 1 - D drive of W7 NTFS Partition 54 GB healthy system
    Volume 2 C disc W8 NTFS Partition 39 GB Healthy Boot
    DISKPART > list partition
    Partition # type Offset size
    -------------  ----------------  -------  -------
    Partition 1 primary 54 GB 31 KB
    0 39 extended 54 GB GB partition
    Partition 2 logic 39 GB GB 54
    ---> Note: I do not understand partition 0, there are only two partitions!

    Extract from the event log. Error ID 12289 0 x 80042306:
    The volume shadow copy Service error: unexpected error
    DeviceIoControl (\\?\Volume{6fae1bd1-6bbe-11e2-af9b-806e6f6e6963}
    (- 0000011C, 0x0053c008, 007FB8D0, 0, 007FC8D8, 4096, [0]).  HR = 0 x 80820001,
    The startup file is too small to support persistent snapshots
    Treatment EndPrepareSnapshots
    Execution context: System Provider
    ---> NOTE: occurs 4 to 5 times

    Cannot create (process = restore point
    'C:\Windows\system32\systempropertiesprotection.exe ';
    Description is W8 FDC shadow;. Error = 0 x 80042306).
    ---> NOTE: 1 times

    VSS commands: WRITERS, WMI and MSsearch system has failed...
    List writers C:\Windows\System32>vssadmin
    vssadmin 1.1 - Volume Shadow Copy Service administrative command-line too
    (C) copyright 2001-2012 Microsoft Corp.

    Author name: 'Task Scheduler Writer'
    The writer ID: {d61d61c8-d73a-4eee-8cdd-f6f9786b7124}
    Writer Instance Id: {1bddd48e-5052-49db-9b07-b96f96727e6b}
    Status: Stable [1]
    Last error: no error

    Writer name: 'recorder VSS metadata store.
    The writer ID: {75dfb225-e2e4-4d39-9ac9-ffaff65ddf06}
    Writer Instance Id: {088e7a7d-09a8-4cc6-a609-ad90e75ddc93}
    Status: Stable [1]
    Last error: no error

    Writer name: 'Performance Counters writer. "
    The writer ID: {0bada1de-01a9-4625-8278-69e735f39dd2}
    Writer Instance Id: {f0086dda-9efc-47c5-8eb6-a944c3d09381}
    Status: Stable [1]
    Last error: no error

    The writer's name: "System Writer".
    The writer ID: {e8132975-6f93-4464-a53e-1050253ae220}
    Writer Instance Id: {b796dce1-206a-472b-bb86-5417041b341c}
    State: [7] failed
    Last error: Timed out

    Author name: 'ASR Writer.
    The writer ID: {be000cbe-11fe-4426-9c58-531aa6355fc4}
    Writer Instance Id: {eaf13613-1a24-44b5-8622-8e691f1fb074}
    Status: Stable [1]
    Last error: no error

    Writer name: 'writer of Service MSSearch.
    The writer ID: {cd3f2362-8bef-46c7-9181-d62844cdc0b2}
    Writer Instance Id: {43272e0e-d81a-4aa5-abe9-f6bbbfa6f3b0}
    State: [7] failed
    Last error: Timed out

    Author name: 'Shadow Copy optimization Writer. "
    The writer ID: {4dc3bdd4-ab48-4d07-adb0-3bee2926fd7f}
    Writer Instance Id: {20038d53-ecd7-4332-b2f5-ad9a5c465220}
    Status: Stable [1]
    Last error: no error

    Name of the author: "COM + REGDB Writer".
    The writer ID: {542da469-d3e1-473c-9f4f-7847f01fc64f}
    Writer Instance Id: {bf7bd8e4-5aa8-412a-a401-528d6100203a}
    Status: Stable [1]
    Last error: no error

    Author name: 'Registry Writer'
    The writer ID: {afbab4a2-367d-4d15-a586-71dbb18f8485}
    Writer Instance Id: {77018269-1865-4b89-b810-e4a9b6a3b5ab}
    Status: Stable [1]
    Last error: no error

    Author name: 'BIT Writer'
    The writer ID: {4969d978-be47-48b0-b100-f328f07ac1e0}
    Writer Instance Id: {6a7abc2b-e868-45cb-be06-f63e19fb1510}
    Status: Stable [1]
    Last error: no error

    Author name: 'WMI Writer'
    The writer ID: {a6ad56c2-b509-4e6c-bb19-49d8f43532f0}
    Writer Instance Id: {848fabfd-fc83-4c67-ba79-92b274dab8eb}
    State: [7] failed
    Last error: Timed out

    Creates, deletes, or lists a volume mount point.

    The possible values for VolumeName along with current mount points are:



    Lists of C:\Windows\System32>vssadmin providers
    vssadmin 1.1 - Volume Shadow Copy Service administrative command-line tool
    (C) copyright 2001-2012 Microsoft Corp.
    The provider name: 'Microsoft Software Shadow Copy provider 1.0 '
    Provider type: System
    Provider ID: {b5946137-7b9f-4925-af80-51abd60b20d5}

    C:\Windows\System32>vssadmin list shadowstorage
    vssadmin 1.1 - Volume Shadow Copy Service administrative command-line tool
    (C) copyright 2001-2012 Microsoft Corp.

    Shadow copy storage association
    Volume: (D :) \\?\Volume {6fae1bd0-6bbe-11e2-af9b-806e6f6e6963} \)
    Shadow copy storage volume: (D :) \\?\Volume {6fae1bd0-6bbe-11e2-af9b-806e6f6e6963} \)
    Memory copy ghost used space: 0 bytes (0%)
    Storage space copy allocated Shadow: 0 bytes (0%)
    Maximum space memory copy Ghost: 3.78 GB (7%)

    Shadow copy storage association
    Volume: (c) \\?\Volume {6fae1bd1-6bbe-11e2-af9b-806e6f6e6963}.
    Shadow copy storage volume: (c) \\?\Volume {6fae1bd1-6bbe-11e2-af9b-806e6f6e6963}.
    Memory copy ghost used space: 0 bytes (0%)
    Storage space copy allocated Shadow: 0 bytes (0%)
    Maximum space memory copy Ghost: 3.13 GB (8%)

    Computer brand name: Hewlett - Packard HP Pavilion dv6000 (RG892EA #UUG)
    Operating system: Microsoft Windows 8 Professional build 9200
    Processor: AMD Turion64 X 2 TL - 50 (1600,0 MHz)
    Motherboard: Quanta 30B 8 (nVidia GeForce Go 6100 (C51MV) + MCP51)
    Memory: 2 GB (dual channel)
    Hard drive: FUJITSU MHV2100BH (95 396 MB (100 GB))
    Optical drive: HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA - 4084N (DVD + R DL)
    Graphics card: nVidia GeForce Go 7200 [HP]

    Hard drive
    Drive model: FUJITSU MHV2100BH
    Variable speed drive: SATA 1.5 Gb/s
    Drive serial number: NW12T662BYPM
    Firmware revision: 892C
    Disk capacity: 95 396 MB (100 GB)

    Hi Francis,.

    Thanks for posting the query on the Microsoft Community Forum.

    From the description, it seems that the error revceive you associated with VSS snapshot.

    1. What security software is installed on the computer?
    2. Do you have any third-party backup program installed on the computer?

    To begin troubleshooting, I would suggest that you do Check Disk

    • Press Windows key + R
    • Type "cmd" to open the command prompt.
    • Type Chkdsk/r , and press enter.


    If all available hard disk data can be lost when running chkdsk, as the chkdsk attempts to repair the affected area.

    Reply with more information about the issue so that we can help you further.

    I had the same problem with a HP dv5000 has an Intel Dual Core processor, after installed the 10 Pro Update window cleaning, after the update sent by Windows Update Service left me with this problem.

    Thank you post I did check in the menu properties C: Tools.

    After that, I was able to create a Restore Point.

    Thank you very much for your message.

  • Multiple snapshot monitors led Flash memory-based


    I am facing a problem this instant monitor two program have produced snapshots based on memory in a planning MRP process.

    Void queries have been respectively resulted in each instant monitor.

    But the fact is that these two programs of the monitors was stuck between them for a very long time with the plan option Lock Tables snapshot is activated.

    I could see that the MTL_MATERIAL_TRANSACTIONS_TEMP Table snapshot is locked by one of them as well.

    Finally, I had to cancel this process of planning about 8 hours later and re-run the MRP again.

    Anyone seen this before?

    To the EBS Version 12.0.6

    Thank you.



    Ask your DBA to recreate a link to executable files and test it on the issue.

    He could solve.

    Kind regards

    Mohan Balaji

  • Photoshop CS6 will create not instant and other issues

    Recently, I had to update my computer and now works on Win10 (as 7) with the suite CS6. Just put the programs yesterday and noticed a few immediate problems. Two main issues I'm need a fix for and impossible to find on most of the files, I cannot choose to 'Save For Web'... "and now I know why. and when you use the Shift + Alt + Ctrl + E keyboard shortcut to generate a merged snapshot of layer in the layers panel, the shortcut doesn't do anything. I can create snapshots of history in the history panel, but that's all.

    I have checked the forums and help sections, etc.. The option "Merge a copy of all visible layers into target layer" is not available in my program for any reason any. I included a screencap of the relevant section of the default hotkeys for PS (from the photoshop reference guide) compared to what is in my program settings. I also checked to make sure that this control is not just 'hidden' - it is just not there.
    There may be other problems that arise, but for now, that's what I have. Can't find the answers elsewhere... I hope that someone else has had this problem and knows a good solution for it. I hope that this is just a step somewhere it's simple and I've simply forgotten... Thanks in advance.PS keyboard shortcuts from help file vs from CS6.jpg

    Unfortunately, CS6 is no longer supported and is not recommended with Windows 10. There are several posts on things, people have tried with CS6, but most of them seem to be hit or miss at best. Many users have downgraded Win 8 to continue using the CS6.

    These are only a few of them:

    CS6 works with Windows 10?

    Cannot install CS6 on computer with Windows 10

Maybe you are looking for



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