Issue using the touchpad while using a wireless mouse.

I have a wireless and touchpad mouse gets in my way.  Can someone tell me how to disable

My touchpad in windows 7?

Go to control panel > mouse > Touchpad tag and look for the box that ensures that the touchpad is disabled when a USB mouse is detected...

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    I've already solved the problem when I use the touchpad when typing, but not the buttons on the touchpad while typing, I really want to play this shooting game where I have to run and I can't shoot while running I have to stay still and push that I will be bitten by zombies does anyone know how to solve this?

    Have you already checked this option?

  • Pro L10: After using a wireless mouse, the touch pad has stopped working

    Pro L10. After using a wireless mouse, the built in touch pad has stopped working properly. At the start of the keypad icon touch shows and the touchpad works intermittently, after a few minuets, the icon disappears and the touch pad stops working. In the control panel / mouse & or device drive I can how the program works, then disappears.

    I deleted the software and reinstalled nothing doesn't. In some cases, I get a message that a pointer is on.

    Can you help me?


    It seems that the wireless mouse or mouse wireless drivers/software has a bad influence on the touchpad.
    I put t have a good solution for this problem. Well, you can consult the page of the Toshiba driver for latest driver updates. If the updates doesn't solve this problem I suggest to use either the mouse wireless and disable the touchpad with FN + F9 key combination or use a regular USB mouse.
    I guess that you are having regular problems with a USB mouse.

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    It's the
    Help, please!
    Caroline Reid

    See (don't forget the warning to connect an external mouse before disabling the touchpad).

    Another version:

  • I have a dell laptop with windows XP I want to use a wireless mouse but cannot figure out how to turn off the pc mouse

    I have a dell laptop with windows xp I want to use a wireless mouse but cannot understand how to turn off the pc mouse

    Thank you for your help, I saved it for future use. My computer it turns out that's very smart after all the fourth test of every thing, I turned it on and the mouse remotely worked, thanks again

  • Where is the battery compatment on MS wireless mouse?

    Where is the battery compatment on MS wireless mouse? I removed the top cover (Nothing) nd low seem to flush of mouse body, perhaps part of the mold?

    Thank you


    What model?

    They differ. On one of mine, a MS mouse, there is a slightly recessed button with Open impressed in it. Press it firmly, a small part of the back ejects. You enter that and outword traction and a sled emerges which contains a single AA battery. On the other, a creation of Logitech, there is a blade spring on the bottom Board, under which you want to slide forward. A piece of the upper shell falls revealing a compartment holding two AA batteries.

    Good hunting.

    Tom Ferguson

  • HP 15 laptop: cannot use the touchpad while now the keys

    Sorry if Im this ad in the wrong forum, but I just got a new HP laptop and I can't use the touchpad in now the keys down. I'm playing a game that requires the touchpad to look around, but I can't. Ive already tried disable palmcheck and only allowed me to look around for a second short before the cursor locked up and I wouldn't be able to look around again until I wasn't pressing the keys. Please help ive been everywhere looking for a solution and this is my last hope.


    Normally, you just have to disable SmartSense or PalmCheck Control Panel of Synaptics - but from what I've seen, it seems no longer works for Windows 10 versions of this driver.

    You may be able to work around this problem as follows.

    First, download the Synaptics driver on the link below and save it in your downloads folder.

    Version of the Synaptics driver

    Disable your wireless card (should be f12 ).

    Open Control Panel, open programs and features, right click on the Synaptics driver and select uninstall.

    When finished, restart the laptop.

    When windows rebooted, open your download folder and re-run the installer of Synaptics - when it is finished, restart the laptop.

    Open the Synaptics settings panel, disable SmartSense or PalmCheck , then check if the touchpad works now with a key on the keyboard is pressed.

    If so, turn on your wireless card and use the utility on the following link to prevent Windows 10 to update automatically the Synaptics driver.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Windows 7 screensaver won't come on the use of wireless mouse

    I have Windows 7 and the screen saver does not illuminate.  I also use a Microsoft wireless mouse.

    Please read this tutorial from Microsoft Support:

    The screen saver does not start after the installation of a wireless pointing device
    You must install the optional Windows called HID Non-User Input data filter update

    If you need additional assistance, please transfer Windows 7, performance and Maintenance to the forum:

  • How can the touchpad disabled when my logitech mouse is plugged in via usb. When I used Control Panel to disable tp, it says that it is disabled.

    touchpad and mouse are active, even if the touchpad is disabled

    In some extreme cases, I helped people a piece of lightweight cardboard of stripes on their touchpad... Unless you have two panels of control parameters of competitors, it should really be disabled systemwide with a notch.

  • HP Pavilion: activate the touchpad while typeing windows 8.

    Hi I have a Hp pavilion and I noticed that when I type my touchpad turns off... I heard one solution is to disable the check of palm, but I can't find this option. What is no idea what to do now please help!


    SmartSense is almost identical to Palm check, so turn off should allow you to use the keyboard and the touchpad at the same time - just click on the "gear" beside SmartSense, adjust the slider to turn it off, click close and then click on apply to save the change.

    Another parameter in Windows 8/8.1 you can also check is as follows.

    In the bar of charms, click setting and select change PC settings.

    PCs and devices, and select mouse and touchpad.

    Under the touchpad, select "no delay (always enabled) in the menu dropdown.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Omen of HP: HP Omen control "Enable the touchpad while typing" resets on reboot

    Hey, I just got a new laptop HP Omen and it works for the large majority. However, I was annoyed buy the touchpad is disabled while typing (because it took a few moments to re-activation, making it difficult to edit documents quickly, jumping from one section to another). I have seen that there is a setting for this in the control of presage software and I enabled it, and it works temporarily. But when I restart the laptop, the setting is enabled is no longer, and you need to re - activate yourself. This doesn't happen to other settings, such a deactivation of the windows key, which remain after the restart, but isn't the touchpad setting. Is it possible to fix this?

    Thank you

    Thank you very much, I didn't know that this setting could also be found under the touchpad settings. I turned to SmartSense (detection of palm + keyboard delay) and it solved half of the problem. However, the touchpad settings don't also save on reboot. There were messages on this before, such as:

    The final solution to this position, changing a value of resistry, worked for me, and now the settings remain saved. So thanks to you and which after.

  • Activate the touchpad while typing


    I am playing games on my new laptop Lenovo G505s. The touchpad is made by MOMENTUM and while I was able to find on my previous laptop palmcheck, Im having trouble trying to find it on my current computer. Thanks in advance for your help.



    I found how to fix this problem. This is just a little registry tweaking:

    Open regedit.exe as administrator, go to:


    Find the key named:


    Double-click and change the value to 0, close and restart. Your touchpad is active while typing!

    Good luck!


  • my keyboard mouse on my Toshiba satellite C660 laptop will not move. Im having to use my wireless mouse.

    would it be a virus, and my internet keeps disconnecting and then reconnecting.

    Hi barbhog,

    When was the last time you ran a virus on the computer scan and what were the results? You see other issues of performing with the hardware on the computer?

    Let us ensure that the touchpad is not disabled. Is there a somwhere or the switch on the front or the side of the laptop that might have been put in power? If not, you can try to go into the BIOS and check if it has been disabled it.

    To do this:

    Start by pressing F2 or F10 when booting. You will see a flash at the bottom of the start screen option in the BIOS.

    Once in the BIOS, go to 'Advanced' highlight the property system > keyboard and mouse features or options of the unit and press ENTER.

    Find the internal pointing device and pass from disabled to enabled.

    I hope this helps. Just reply to the results.

  • How to set the response speed of my wireless mouse?


    I am currently using a microsoft wireless mouse. It works fine except when the games when the pointer is not moving fast enough. I understand that it is possible to change the speed of response in windows, but cannot find the way to do it. I have windows 7 premium 64-bit.  Any notice received with gratitude.


    Hi RodBond,

    Thanks for the post. I'm sorry to hear that you are facing problems with the wireless mouse only while playing games

    I imagine the inconvenience that you are experiencing. I will definitely help you with this.

    1. what game are you talking about?

    2. What is the model of the mouse?

    3. were there any changes made to the computer before the show?

    Please follow the methods.


    Method 1:

    Follow the steps in the link.

    Change the settings of the mouse


    Method 2:

    Since you are facing these issues only in playing games, please check the mouse settings in the game.

    Reference link:

    Troubleshoot a wireless mouse that does not correctly

  • When you use my wireless mouse, the page jumps up and down

    Then comes my mouse wireless, especially the Center wheel button, the page I look at starting to jump upwards and downwards. What can I do to fix this?

    Often scrool wheel controls the location of the page on the screen and can work automatically when you press the wheel of screlll (perhaps by accident).  Try making sure you don't have puch down on the scrool wheel and may stop this beheaviior.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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