It cannot sync photo from iTunes to iPhone?

have a problem as this picture shows


See Sync photos from your computer to your device via iTunes - Apple Support iOS.


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  • cannot sync photos from mac to iPhone

    I can't download my pictures, I regularly did in the past, since my Mac - OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 to my 6 - iOS 9.2.1 iPhone more.

    I used to sync my photos manually from Photos where I stored all my files well organized with video and photos taken with my iPhone, but also with other devices and uploaded pictures.

    I'm very frustrated because today ' today I cancelled by mistake all my previous pictures already on my iPhone (I used the iCloud library) and now I can't go back more...

    How can I solve the problem? I'm certainly not an expert...

    I also improves the iCloud to 200 GB storage available to not lose all my photos.

    Please, help me!

    Thank you

    If you're using iCloud Photo library everything is the same on all devices once everything is completely uploaded and downloaded - what is the status of PHoto library on each device to iCloud?


  • Import all pictures (including photos from iTunes backup) iPhone to mac


    I need support, o rather, I think I'm going crazy and I need help to make sure that I'm not.

    My phones film like 500 pictures. If I connect it to my Mac start pictures / Lightroom / Whatever and do an import. only 150 of them are imported.

    150 photos that appears in the import dialog are pictures that I took with my current phone. The other 350 pictures are pictures that I took with my old phone that I restored to my new phone. It's only a coincidence, right? Because otherwise I'm going crazy. The world is strange and Apple is complete and total crazy devoid of logic and intelligence. I really want this to be the case.

    Because WHAT person would come with the idea that you should not be able to import a photo currently in your camera roll because it was earlier in a backup?

    A photo is a photo and image file is an image file, the data are given. At least he was until now, and that's why I'm going crazy. With this new logic Apple Photo is not data, but some random symbolic link to something that does not exist and the user cannot download on his computer.

    Is this the case? Please, that's not for

    If this is the case, Apple devs are devoid of logical reasoning.

    How 'recover' my real files in iTunes from my old file backup and integrate these image files physical in my iPhone so photos they are treated like actual in my camera photos so that I will be able to import them into any other Photo?

    Thank you

    Connect the iPhone to your Mac.

    Open Picture Capture on your Mac and import photos and remove them from your iPhone.

  • I just got an iphone and am confused with itunes.  I the have not used in years.  I can I sync my music from itunes to iphone.

    I just got an iphone and am confused with itunes.  I the have not used in years.  I can I sync my music from itunes to iPhone.

    You need a computer that is running the latest iTunes version to either a Mac or Windows operating system.


    1. Open iTunes.
    2. In the MenuBar at the top of your computer screen, choose iTunes > check for the updates.
    3. Follow the prompts to install the latest version.


    1. Open iTunes.
    2. In the MenuBar at the top of the iTunes window, choose Help > check for updates. Learn what to do If you see not the menu bar.
    3. Follow the prompts to install the latest version.

    Instructions for syncing your iPhone here > synchronize your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iTunes on your computer via a USB - Apple Support

  • transfer photos from pc to iphone

    trying to transfer photos from pc to iphone 6 s, the device is not responding or has been disconnected

    Sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iTunes via USB - Apple Support


  • cannot sync music from computor to ipod

    Cannot sync music from computor to ipod

    Please provide more details...

    Cannot sync music from computor to ipod

    Does this mean that you can not synchronize the songs because the iPod does not appear in iTunes when connected?  Or it does not appear in iTunes, but it does not synchronize your songs?

    Are you using a Mac or a Windows PC?  If Windows, what version?

  • camera is empty and I'm not syncing photos via iTunes, but it shows still 19 GB of storage taken

    I got a lot of photos on my iPad so I deleted them on the rolls/photos of the camera. I'm not syncing photos via iTunes, but it always shows 19.4 GB of photos when I sync the iPad and also via Configuration-> storage on the iPad.

    Check the recently deleted Album.



    Please provide more details...  When you connect the iPod, the iPod appears in iTunes?

    He said that you are using Windows Vista.  What version of iTunes you have?

    You want iTunes to automatically sync the songs to the iPod when you connect (or click sync , if already connected)?  Or you want to load manuallysongs, drag-and - drop songs on the iPod in iTunes?

  • Cannot transfer photos from the camera...

    Cannot transfer photos from the camera... Just recently, during the month, Windows XP does not recognize both our Sony A100 camera or card reader when you try to copy photos in a computer file - it has always in the past.  Interestinly, there recognzies the photos and can do a slide show of the card reader or camera, but does not recognize them when you try to transfer using Windows scanneer and camera Assistant.

    Hi Byron,

    Thanks for posting in the Microsoft community

    From your problem description, I understand that the digital camera is not getting recognized on Windows XP. Please let me know if you do not experience this problem.

    You did changes to the computer before the show?

    I suggest you try the following steps:

    Method 1: Hardware devices do not work or are not detected in Windows

    Method 2: A digital camera is not recognized in Windows Vista or Windows XP

    Hope this information is helpful and let us know if you need help with Windows in the future. We will be happy to help.

  • Cannot transfer photos from an sd card to computer

    Cannot transfer photos from my SD card Kingmax 1 GB using a HP 6160 top 3gzRAM vwindows Vista Ultimate 32-bit office. Open MY computer

    but no indication of the card,

    Thank you

    Raymond Ricaud

    Insert your memory card into your Media Player...

    Reach... Start / computer...

    What is the memory card show as a drive letter? (if your Media Player)
    has several slots, there will be several "hard drives" listed... the
    SD card will be one of them)

    If_Yes_right click on the drive letter correct and in the menu... Choose...
    Open... now you should see the directory of the memory card or to explore.

    From there you should be able to drag and drop or copy and paste the
    files in a folder on your hard drive.

    Also... the following items may be worth a visit:

    Windows Vista-
    Troubleshoot AutoPlay

    Windows Vista-
    How to change the auto run settings

    Windows Vista-
    AutoPlay: Frequently asked questions

    Windows Vista: How to customize AutoPlay

  • Cannot print photos from my HP all-in-One Photosmart Plus printer C210

    Since I've owned this printer, I was never able to print photos from the main or the photo tray!  Use Windows 7.  No matter what try I said, I get an error message "Re-insert or lower the Photo tray.  When I try to set again, nothing seems to be wrong with the tray (s) and the printer tries to print again and I get the same message.  Have tried everything, including reinstalling the driver of printer without result.  Cannot print photos from any photo software (I have 4) including PhotoShop Elements.  What I am doing wrong?  Thank you!  I wish that I had not thrown my old all-in-in-one!

    Thanks 8lives, I'll check the links you have provided.  I am using HP Premium 4 x 6 paper.  I have not been able to print on plain paper before, but it will try again today.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones need help with Media Sync please - cannot sync photos

    I just installed the latest version of desktop software, version 6.0, and when I click on the buttons to sync photos from my blackberry on my PC, it says there are no pictures... I have dozens of photos on the device and I really want to get down them as soon as POSSIBLE... Please help

    Try disabling Mass Storage. Is encryption always enabled for media files on your device?

    If it is, Roxio should ask the encryption password to allow you to access the media card.

    When this happens, all media must be visible...

  • Suddenly cannot sync albums of additional Photos from Mac to iPhone!

    Hi and thanks for reading!

    I use OS X 10.11.6 El Capitan on Macbook Pro with iTunes version 12.5.1 and just upgraded to iOS on iPhone 10.0.2 SE. There are 40 GB of storage available on the iPhone.

    All my photos are stored on my Mac and I always synchronize the albums selected using iTunes. Until today, I had nine albums (about 2000 pictures) synced to my phone. Just upgraded yesterday to iOS 10 and... cannot sync any additional album for my iPhone!   Do not help disable iTunes, Photos or even the iPhone and sync again. New pics added today to the former synchronized albums synchronizes all right.

    Is there a trick?  Or a problem of incompatibility between iOS 10 and iTunes 12.5.1?

    See you soon!

    LAO Bo

    Why you can not synchronize? What exactly happens? This error message you get?


  • How to sync photos from the iPhone (3GS & 4) to PC via itunes with Itunes (in ituns there no option separated for the download of photo or synchronization for PC)

    Since Iphone upgrade to Ios 6 more update to Itunes for 11.01.12 my iPhone (3GS & 4) he doesn´t synchronize photos taken with the iPhone to my computer laptop microsoft more.

    in iTunes, there is no option to search for a manual download...

    any ideas? Help?

    My suggestion would be to ask here:

  • Cannot transfer photos from iPhone 6s for iMac.


    OS X EL Capitan - 10.11.4

    Photos App - 1.5 (370.42.0)

    iPhone iOS 6s - 9.3.1

    As you can see that I use all the stuff leading up to the most recent software available. I have seen this recently and have tried almost all the possible solutions, provided by apple support as, cable only apple, direct connection to the iMac, iPhone-imac is restarted.

    Basically when I try to copy my photos on iMac iPhone connecting to through apple cable and open the photos app in iMac. just as it was before my iPhone will appear in the import section, and from there it would begin loading photos available for importing photos from my iPhone here. But now it starts to load pictures (empty skeletons), but before he can load images iPhone disappears from the photos app, so I'm not able to transfer my photos. I know there are tons so as to move the photos to iMac, but technically it should work too (my favorite and the easiest of all).

    experience tried

    (1) I also tried with the option/alt and start iMac touch; s app photos to create a new library to see if it works this way, no luck.

    (2) the iPhone at the moment appears click on import button photos all without selecting the photos, it starts to copy some but after awhile, it fails with the iPhone in endangered and above screenshot attached failure msg.

    are there problems at pictures of mac side app or iPhone app. I keep my stuff to date so not sure when you have this problem started. I suspect it all started when I activated video 4K on my iPhone but not sure than just a speculation.

    any kind of suggestion will be useful thanks.

    Hi damdude,

    Thank you for your participation in the communities of Support from Apple.

    I see that your iPhone is not recognized by your iMac or Photos when you try to import images into your photo library. Have you tried several good troubleshooting steps. Because the same thing happens in a new library of Photos, try to import images using Image Capture -Capture of Image: transfer images and other elements of your device.

    If the same thing happens with the Image Capture, I recommend trying to import the photos to another computer, as mentioned If you can not import photos from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your computer:

    If the same problem occurs on a different computer, restore the device and put it up as a new.

    If you need to restore your iPhone, you can save it using iCloud, so you won't lose your latest photos. Another option could backfire on iCloud photo library. For these steps, see How to back up your device using iCloud or iTunes and iCloud FAQ Photo library.


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