It is a way to password protect guess access on a router E2000 wireless?

I want to put in place access invited to my router E2000, but only for a few friends, not my entire neighborhood. When I created originally by Cisco Connect, I was able to set up an account with a password, but it shows up in my registration non-secure wireless - you don't need the password to access. Is there a way to password protect the connection without comment thread?

Yes, it does not appear to be unsafe, but in order to be able to surf you need generates the Cisco Connect password.

So no, it is not open, but I think they are always connected to the router, and that's not good either.

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    If you get the α error reading failure then it means that there is a problem with the file to mozilla.cfg or Firefox can't find the file that you may have created mozilla.cfg.txt where you saved the file as a text file (check the type in the properties using the context menu to see if it is a CFG file).

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    Operating systems Windows NT as a Windows XP user "permissions" rather than passwords to control access to the files on your computer.

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    mduffypaec wrote:

    I asked simply is there a way to password protect the appearance (my scanned signature).

    N °

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    You could phone contact Cisco and see if they have any information about the protection as SW. It may be obsolete and therefore no longered developed or updated you may need to stop using it if hiding PW routers are a matter of concern for your use.

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    Thank you and I'm quite surprised that you can not do that!

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    I hope that Microsoft, I am more convinced of the third party software for things like password protection.

    Thank you for your help and answers.

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    Thank you



    Currently, Acrobat Reader mobile applications (for iOS, Android, Windows Phone) do not support the feature. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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    It is a way to password protect an app unique folio on the Apple app store?

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    We do not have a business account. Is this possible?

    It is not possible with a simple editing application and it is only possible in the enterprise edition version if you develop a custom window.


  • Password protect the Structure/form Code


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    Adobe Livecycle designer ES2 9.0

    I don't want the user to see the protection when the form is opened in the reader.  I just want to see the protection or password message box if someone were to open the PDF in Livecycle Designer.

    I tried the password protecting the form with LC and then extend the rights but it always take off password protection when I do that.  So first I add protection in LC, then I save the PDF file and then I open the PDF in Acro Pro X and extend the rights.

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    Yes, you can add a password to a doc that will only be visible when you open it in LiveCycle designer and not when a user opens the file in Reader/Acrobat.

    You also need well Acrobat AND LiveCycle designer.

    You are doing your dev in the designer, then you add security in Acrobat.

    In acrobat

    Advanced > Security > encrypt with password

    Then under authorization, check box restrict editing, provide a password, and check the brand of what you can allow/disallow.

    Click OK.

    A 2nd dialog box will ask you to re-enter your password.

    Subsequently, you must save the file and you will notice that the title bar now (secure)

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    We use RH7 WebHelp. My Department is working on HR projects for a number of different departments within our company. Department (human resources) asked if we can restrict access to their materials from the rest of society once we have published. Their material will obviously have its own URL, but they fear that others may learn this address and access their documents. Is there a way to password protect their project or restrict access otherwise? Thanks in advance.


    Hi TW

    You need to talk to your web development team. Out of WebHelp is like any other site. Just a collection of HTML pages. They must therefore be able to configure space Web only authorized individuals may have access.

    See you soon... Rick

  • Easy password protection?

    Hi friends,

    Using Dreamweaver CS3 to create a site for a client. While we are in beta, he doesn't want anyone to see the site, but he needs to be able to access my work, online courses.

    It is an easy way to password protect the site on a temporary basis. It doesn't have to be very safe, but we'd like to keep prying for several days, until what we are launching.

    Thanks a lot for any assistance.


    If this is not critical, and that these pages have not yet been indexed by google-

    hold a 'coming soon' page index.html

    Name the new indexNEW.html 'homepage' or some other easy file.

    then give the link to the new page to the client.

    When it is approved, remove the 'coming soon' page and rename indexNEW.html

    If you use the Dw files Panel to rename, it will change all of the normal links.
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