It is true that Firefox v11 will fully support Adobe Flash and when you go to make a version of Thunderbird mobile.

I'll buy a HTC Merge soon and I would like to know if Firefox v11 will fully support Adobe Flash and if I decide to use v10 now this method would work ' t-support-flash? e're = & as = NAQ if I wanted to watch flash videos on lets say on the Vimeo site also there are plans for a version of mobile of Thunderbird? I am an avid user of Thundrbird and would like to have on my Android phone.


Mobile Firefox should work on this phone given specifications. Although we have not tested specifically on this phone.

Firefox 11 will support Flash player Android. The Flash Android player is somewhat limited. Although going to the bottom of the Vimeo mobile page and clicking the page view desktop version allows me to play the video on their site. Deleted and panoramic frames is not surprising but I'm testing on a phone with similar specs that you look at HTC G2 (Desire Z).

The Thunderbird team is a separate group of the mobile Firefox. I don't know what their plans are (if any) for mobile.

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