It recharges like 'new iPhone '.

So, I used iOS 9.3 Beta 2 on my 64 GB iPhone 6 yesterday and knew the worst battery life could be a smartphone. I would drain it of 4-5 hours of light use. That's why I decided to come back to more stable iOS 9.2.1 (I had deleted the beta profile settings as well).

I downloaded the OS and put my phone in iTunes recovery mode work it's magic. As with any other restaurant, I expect my apps, songs, contacts, notes, photos, etc. be synchronized into the phone. But to my surprise, I had lost all my apps (133 to be precise), notes and some of my settings too (on how notifications appear for calls and other applications).

For some reason any notes not were not uploaded to iCloud, even if the option to do so has been preserved. Now, I understand that the beta used encryption for notes, so I can't use a backup Viewer to see my last notes, which means I lost all. Regarding the applications, I can deal with it and also deal with the tedious work of reconfiguration of the notifications for all applications. And I don't intend to really only as much as the real problem.

It was just building up to the main problem that every time when I restart my iPhone, it gives me the screen 'Slide to set up' and asks me to connect to a WiFi spot and enter my code from apple. If it happened once, then it would make sense, but not all the time. So I'm looking mainly for a solution to this major problem. Another issue, which has been so before restore, is the fact that iTunes is not synchronized, but I might post another topic on this subject.

So, any help would be appreciated, thanks. Just one thing, I really


Restore backup of iTunes that you created before using the beta version.

Also, live again the questions about it on the appropriate forum.  Discussion of the beta version, including the problems encountered after the restoration, it is forbidden to this forum.  Use the resources that you have been provided earlier to ask for help for any problem with version beta.

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    Hello, Jamesblog!

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    Hello fz62007,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    I see that when you connect your iPad to iTunes, iTunes thinks the iPad is new and gives you the ability to restore from a backup or set up like new. You only want to sync iPad and make a backup. I know how it is important to ensure that your iPad is established and synchronized how you would like it. I have something I want you to try.

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    Well, just tonight, I had plugged into the wall with the new Lightning cord and adapter to the wall outlet and set it to recharge.  I heard it chime repeatedly, as if he were looking for power, and he leaves.  I looked upward with sockets replacing in the apartment, and it will not load up.  Try turning tap of the lightning cable and reinsert it with the phone, no charge.  I went with the old USB adapter from my old iPhone 4s, and it does not always load.  Tried to fix via the USB port on my Windows laptop and got nothing.  He has not even appear on my computer as a data device.

    What's wrong?! I just got!

    Cale, guys.  I just came down for a chat with a technical support session, turned the phone off and reconnected everything.  It now charges.  Austin, the fellow of tech support, said he had a power with an application cycle making Eric up or something.  I always keep my eyes on it in the meantime, however.

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    Hi all

    I get a new iPhone 6 in the bar of genius for various reasons and I'm being advised to do a fresh install of the phone that I understand to be the following:

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    2. set up my multiple (set up gmail accounts must synchronize all synchronized data from google) e-mail accounts

    3. MANUALLY download the apps I need iTunes on the computer I ran my latest backup (mac pro)

    now, the issue seems to be that there is DATA that will not be transferred in this process. and increasingly hate losing data - I run a business so data loss could end up being a major pain.

    as an example there are TEXT messages that are on the phone which are not in iMessage on my laptop as a result of their Exchange with a person on a basis of message text and not on a basis iMessage. I use these texts constantly come into contact with people with whom I work or find an address or remember something that was sent to me in a text message.

    A. anyone know if there are OTHER data elements (other than the apps) that I have to synchronize MANUALLY or to migrate my iPhone newly implemented?

    B. what someone know how I would get to a newly developed iPhone TEXT message data in place?

    (C) what could I be missing here for a smooth transition?

    I'm kind of caught between the proverbial brick and the Anvil because I can not continue to use a phone that is upward at inopportune moments, but as I won't be careless and lose important data that will make problematic things.

    Thank you

    Is your old phone damaged or defective right? Here's what I would do, unless you think that the data on the old phone is actually corrupted.

    Transfer the contents of an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to a new device - Apple Support

    If the above does not work, you always have the possibility to set-up like New but you risk losing data indeed.

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    So what I do now?

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    Thank you.

    What is confusing language. Choose Setup as nine of this option on iTunes. It gives you the choice to make or restore from a backup. Establishment as new must be redrafted. It simply means that he will let your phone as it is.

    From there, you can continue to select what you want to synchronize with your phone.

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  • iPhone IS overheating like the iPhone 5 or 5 s?

    Good day to all!

    I'm just curious about the new iphone's battery SE because most critics highlight battery long life than the 6s.

    The will is a problem of overheating iphone like 5 or 5 s?

    Please advise.

    Thank you.

    My 5s never overheated and I got two years so I would not be concerned if you care to apple you are covered, and if you have not a years warranty in any case. Not looking for problems, just enjoy your phone.

  • How to synchronize the new iphone without backup

    I got a new iphone 5se and want all of my old phone except the password restriction code that I can't understand.  I tried all solutions of discussions on the restriction of reset with nothing doesn't.

    My last option was to start the phone again and synchronize.  I tried to go itunes v.12 to synchronize, but the only choice is to save.

    Help, please

    If your old phone has a restriction code, the restriction password is saved in the backup.

    If you don't know, or want to remove it, you have no choice but to start as a new phone 'break the chain'.

    According to what restrictions are defined, you can restore this backup anyway... to synchronize your data manually or to iCloud and then reset the phone like new.

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    I don't remember this problem before, but it's not good to be cut from my 1, in thousands of dollars of music

    When you use iTunes game, iCloud Match, automatic downloads or redownload past an account purchases you are likely to start an association of 90 days to this account (I think it's an attempt to try to stop people by logging into their account on other computers/devices and their contents of download/share): display and delete associated devices in iTunes - Apple Support

    If you can not wait 90 days ended you can try to contact iTunes Support and see if they can / will remove this association:

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    don't worry abt the IOS version, after having bought the phone, you can update to the latest IOS 9.3 by yourself... See you soon.

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