It's true that I can't translate PDF files Russian Word when you use Adobe PDF Pack?

It's true that I can't translate PDF files Russian Word when you use Adobe PDF Pack?


With Adobe Acrobat DC you can Russian OCR documents and convert them to the word.

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    How can I prevent the access denied message when you use the shutdown command?


    I suggest you to report this issue in TechNet Forums for Windows 7 networks:

    Thank you.

  • When you use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, how do I convert my PDF to Excel and have it include the header and footer from the original PDF? I can't get it on down to the Excel worksheet.

    When you use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, how do I convert my PDF to Excel and have it include the header and footer from the original PDF? I can convert all information of an organization but the footer and header with no discharge in the excel worksheet.

    Hi trudyb54940538,

    Converting PDF file to sheet Excel spread, header & foot is not included.  I am able to reproduce the problem at my end.

    Thanks for reporting the issue.

    Kind regards

  • I can't get a list of bullited when you use the synchronized text feature.

    I can't get a list of bullited when you use the synchronized text feature. The option is grayed out and no assets. Any tips? I'm doing something wrong?

    It is by default, the synchronized text does not change any style and other visual attributes associated with the instance.

    Thank you


  • Writing of Gmail inbox is tiny on my netbook. How can I enlarge it so that it has dimensions similar to the Gmail inbox when you use Google Chrome?

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    I don't have this problem using Chrome

    You can zoom using Ctrl ++ and zoom using Ctrl + -.

  • Why can't fill in an interactive firm when you use Google Chrome?

    He used to work. But no more. Windows 7.0 Professional, forms work outside Chrome very well. More precise, it's google reader - but it opens documents in Chrome. (Version 49.0.2623.87 m)

    I installed the current extension of Adobe - no difference.

    The fields are blue, but not interactive in Chrome. Drop downs and boxes don't work, either.

    Thank you.

    My version of "DC" is adobe 9.0. But it's the current online extension does not not with interactive forms. I don't have to buy the latest version because of a compatibility problem Adobe can or can't see and doesn't care about my observation.

    The problem is children who need these forms throw a tantrum when they encounter things that worked once, but not anymore. (Children are 43 and 47)

    Adobe will never answer a question, or even give the option on their site and it is a matter of adobe.

    This is because Chrome has made incompatible with Adobe Reader and use their own pdf reader. You are not using Adobe Acrobat Reader and there is no upgrade, you would have to buy to make it work.

    Better with the right button on the link of the document and save it to your desktop and open it in Reader.

  • How can we change the text and fonts when you use the feature "painting".

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    Hi PTWG,.

    If your using Vista or XP while in the painting after that you drag the text window will come the possibility to change the font and size. If you do not see this option click on view and be sure there is a check box in the text toolbar.

    Does this solve your problem?

  • I use Windows Vista and continually get the message that "my connection to the server has been terminated" when you use Windows Mail! __

    When do my mail on Windows mail very often get the message "your connection to the server has been terminated...". ». I called technical support with my ISP but also had a tech from my ISP came home, but no problems have been found with my ADSL service. It seems to me that there must be a problem with the server... suggestions?

    Thank you

    Thanks Cody,

    I downloaded Windows Live Mail successfully, but when I connect to my e-mail I always get Windows Mail screen I always had. Is that all I have to do to "transfer" to Windows Live Mail.  Can I remove the Windows Mail program...


  • How can I hide the answers on word game cards using Adobe Illustrator to a decoded as a red plexiglass lens?

    I want to print the answers trivia hidden on a word game cards.  Players must use a decoded lens (for example red plexiglass) provided on the map to see the answer.

    What we calls this method and how done in Adobe Illustrator?

    In general, the answer will be composed in a light blue color. The Red darkening can be a pattern of lines or forms, but random characters work as well. The text in red mode value multiply and overlay it on top the blue text. That's about all. The last image is a good approximation of what it will look like when seen through a red filter.

  • How can I disable the internal mouse pad when you use a USB external mouse

    I want to disable the internal mousepad on my Dell laptop and use a mouse USB - external connected instead, because tapping the heat of my hands seems to move the cursor, if the letters and words are mixed.

    Hi Martyn,

    Most laptops have a function key (FN) which can be used in combination with other keys for example FN + F2 or FN + F7 to disable or enable the touchpad.

    If you are not able to disable using the function keys, then try the following steps.

    To disable the touchpad in Device Manager, follow these steps:

    1. Click Start.
    2. In the start search box type devmgmt.msc, and then on enter.
    3. In Device Manager, expand mice and other pointing devices and locate the touchpad.
    4. Right click on the touchpad and click on the disable option.

    Following the steps above should help you disable the touchpad.

  • How can I disable the touchpad (mouse pads) when you use an external mouse.

    I've figured this out once, but can't seem to locate the toggle to turn off the mouse pad.  typing is a nightmare, please help!

    Different laptops have different ways...  My Lenovo is the Fn + F6 key combination or I can go to the mouse in Control Panel and disable the Touchpad Synaptics permanentlyfor here my user account...

    Perhaps WebSearch your brand and model number for the user guide?  Or say here and maybe someone has the same model and will tell you.

  • How can I get the grid to appear when you use the cropping tool... mine is grayed out

    My crop tool will not display the grid and he is grey.  What I'm doing.

    Hi ECastrillojr

    If please Set overlay tool forever or press 'H'

    ~ Assani

  • Numbers that come out to "1n7" instead of "1.7" when you use Java APIs

    I have an RTF template, and on the text in Word form field Options dialog box, I Format rule number field on "#, # 0.00000. When this model will be run in a concurrent program, or from the plug-ins office, numbers to format correctly in the form "1.7". But, when I run with a model with the Java API or the viewer of documents common region in the OPS, the numbers are formatted in the form "1n7". I get a "n" instead of a ".".

    Any ideas on what could be the cause?

    My calling code is below.

    Thanks in advance,
    OADBTransactionImpl oadbTrx = ( OADBTransactionImpl ) pageContext.getApplicationModule( webBean ).getOADBTransaction();
    DataTemplate dt = new DataTemplate( oadbTrx.getAppsContext(), "XXCUS", "XX_CNQCBSR" );
    ByteArrayOutputStream bos = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
    Hashtable htp = new Hashtable();
    dt.setParameters( htp );
    dt.setOutput( bos );
              new ByteArrayInputStream( bos.toByteArray() ),

    Maybe check the value of the profile option "ICX: numeric characters?

  • Is it true that I can not run more than 60 Hz on screen?

    Is it true that I can not run more than 60 Hz in 640 x 480 on my laptop with nvidia go 7600? or is there a driver for my lcd screen...?

    Why do you want to change the screen on the TFT screen refresh rate?
    LCD monitors do not suffer the same problems as their predecessors of the TRM and the refresh rate does not simply mean the same thing. LCD or TFT monitors will provide excellent quality and resolution at 60 Hz.
    Its response time, brightness of the Image and the Image contrast ratio the most important question for a TFT or LCD monitor.

    Operating systems set the different default refresh rate. Windows 95 and Windows 98 (se) together the highest refresh rate possible. Running Windows NT operating systems such as Windows 2000 and Windows XP descendants, however, by default the value of the for the 60 Hz refresh rate.

  • Is it true that I can only transfer my license FPP windows 7 10 times?

    Is it true that I can only transfer my license FPP windows 7 10 times?
    What should I do if I reach the limit?

    Is it true that I can only transfer my license FPP windows 7 10 times?
    What should I do if I reach the limit?

    You can reinstall and transfer your Windows FPP retail as many times as you like - there is no limit.

    However, there is a limit to how many times you can use the online activation. After awhile, you will need to use the phone activation when reinstalling.

    Installation and reinstallation of Windows 7:

    Activate Windows 7 on this computer

    Case of failure of the online activation:

    Call Microsoft use the manual phone Activation

    Note: If you always install Windows page enter your product key, do not enter your key and uncheck the "Automatically activate when online" then click OK/next to complete the installation.

    1. open Windows Activation - click on the Start button, right-click computer, click Properties, then click the option to activate Windows now or change your key.

    2. click on show me other ways to activate.

    3 type your Windows 7 product key, and then click Next.

    4. click on use the automated phone system.

    5. click on the location nearest you from the drop-down list, and then click Next.

    6. dial one of the available phone numbers listed.

    7. do not select all options and wait for a person pick up, then explain what happened.

    Can move you to a new Windows 7 computer

    If it's a full license or upgrade retail - Yes. You can move it to another computer as long as it is installed on a single computer at a time (and if it's a Windows 7 Upgrade version the new computer must have its own qualification license XP/Vista/7). The previous installation of Windows 7 on the old computer must be formatted or deleted. You will have to perhaps call Microsoft and explain what happened to complete activation. Turning it on the second computer will automatically be in effect 'disable' the license for the first computer. The key works with 32 and 64 bit, but can only be installed at a time.

    If it's an OEM license - don't. OEM licenses, including Windows preinstalled on a computer before purchase and Windows purchased separately, are related to the first computer, they are installed on and cannot be transferred to another computer. To install Windows on another computer, you will need to buy another copy.

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    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions from Installation Windows 7 & responses

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