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10.11 - iTunes running OSX.  I have 5 iPod Classics, so I would like to manage my music I thought I, but APPLE guard futzing with iTunes, adding some functions/features of programmers think are cool or improvements and then they take a useful feature that should have been left alone.

In the past, I could rearrange my playlists to change until I hear in the car or the yard, the boombox that I built, etc.  What I did was click on the left column of my music and the songs would be ordered again when I clicked.  When I clicked again songs would return by default of the sequence of the artist and when I clicked again that the songs would be in a different order.

Now the sort order is determined by the kind ∨ right option.  First of all, there is no option in the menu drop-down manually manage downwards and I sort by: order Playlist because it is no good randomization option.  If I click on the left column in the playlist all that this is toggle between frozen and artist Playlist levels.  Thus, the possibility of any type to rearrange the song is lost unless I choose another option from the sort by drop.

This is not satisfactory and has lost another function unless there is a solution!

Just to clarify, a particular playlist (Smart) for illustration is 4405 songs so I do not wish to move songs because it's a lot of work.  The loss of function means that I can no longer reorder my playlists after each sync to get a much different sequence every time.  In addition, with 5 iPods, I don't want the same order on each of them.

Am I stuck with the functions I described here?

Edit - first paragraph "left column of my Playlist.

I believe he has also worked for my music but do not remember.

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    I've updated to iTunes 12.5 and I have two problems, the work which has come mainly from apples when Sync you to my iPhone ios10.01 it synchronizes approximately 10% of the covers...

    the second thing is on the smart playlists, I can't find a way get the list of reading to stay in the newer supplementary order. You add a new song, and he ends by below, rather than above

    I have the same problem on the cover art not sync... I got it in the last 3 betas, I would say. Expected to get fixed for GM, but it didn't. I tried to reset my iTunes (copy my media on the desktop and delete the "iTunes Media" folder, and then add it again any music) with no luck... I pointed out twice in the application of your comments also. I hope that someone will find that a fix/Apple will fix it soon...

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    I am running the latest version of iTunes. Given that this PC was built (running windows 10) iTunes have never saaved my preferences for sorting.

    To clearify: I have a certain playlist I like listening to starting with the songs less played first. But when I run iTunes it has not sorted like that even if it was when I closed the program. It's always open upward like manually sorted, but in reality it is sorted by songs most played first.

    I tried to reinstall and several ways to leave iTunes but it wont.

    Someone else has experienced this problem or I missed something? Can't tell if it was same on old pc, this was built same weekend iTunes got a big update, early November. So my win 7 PC ran only one version and the installation on this new one, it was another.

    Will be grateful for any answer, even if it is: can not be done? At least then I can move...

    / Martin

    Sort the list in the way that you want, then right-click on the name of the playlist in the sidebar and click on copy to Play Order.


  • ITunes has changed its interface.  How does remove a playlists from an iPod? It was so easy.

    iTunes has changed.  How remove in an iPod playlist.  It was so easy.

    Try here > 12 iTunes for Mac: delete the songs, playlists or other elements

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    I'm tired of finding songs that are still in my folder iTunes, but were removed from my playlists.  I do not understand why this is happening, but it's getting very boring.

    Recently, I made a CD for my grandson of soundtracks of her favorite movies, that I have in my iTunes library when I noticed a song is not listed under my songs.  I then checked the playlist it was supposed to be (3 different ones) and it isn't in any of them.  I then searched the folder in my iTunes music folder and it was still there.  Now, it is a song not purchased from iTunes but one that I added a disc.  Why this song would be available and always on my iPad and iPod, but removed from my playlists on iTunes?

    Your slogan, I assume you are using Windows XP and therefor probably an older version of iTunes.  If you are unable to update to the latest version of iTunes, whatever it is, these can be workarounds:

    11 iTunes for Windows: save a copy of your playlists

    12 iTunes for Windows: save a copy of your playlists

    That would allow you to export and import playlists whenever you wish (although you shouldn't).  Also, by chance, you use Apple music or iCloud music library?  Those who might have something to do with your problem.

  • transfer playlist from itunes on iphone?

    I recently updated from the old to the new itunes.  before, to transfer songs/playlist from itunes to my iphone, I would create a playlist in itunes with the songs I wanted on my iphone, and then drag and drop said playlist to the device/iphone section on the left side.  the peripheral section flashing once, and the playlist/songs have been transferred successfully.

    I do something wrong, because when I do drag the selection to the peripheral area, it has a + sign and in my experience, this means a suitable place to fall while "Drag and Drop", but when I release, nothing happens.

    It is also unlikely that it is the wrong way to do it, as it's too simple and logical that this is not an option to transfer a playlist.

    can anyone help?

    Hello chrismcclain077,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community Support from Apple. I know how it is important to be able to manage your music and I want to help you get your playlists sync as expected.

    The way you described adding your playlists by drag-and - drop them uses a parameter called "manually manage music and videos". Because you have updated recently, this setting may have been reset to its default value.

    When you connect your phone to the computer and open iTunes, click on your phone icon to display the summary page. To the bottom of the page (you may need to scroll down), there is a check box for this setting. Make sure the box is checked and try to re-sync. If it isn't already, try activating / deactivating it off and then turn it back on.

    Move content from iTunes on your computer to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

    If you continue to experience problems, please reach out once again, the entire community is here to help.
    -Best regards.

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    Recently installed Sonos and also uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes. I had much rather use iTunes to build playlists, Sonos is cludgy.

    After the restructuring of the location of my music files to just iTunes, Sonos can see all the music and he can see new reading lists in iTunes. However, the list 'imported playlists' Sonos contains about ten playlists old iTunes that were deleted.

    I wish you to know how to remove or hide so that Sonos does not index the... I suspect that iTunes uninstall were incomplete and that there are entries from registry scrub on the works, but if I knew that, I wouldn't post now, I?

    Best regards and good hiking.

    Scott *.

    Boulder, Colorado, USA.

    < personal information under the direction of the host >

    In Edition > Preferences > advanced made sure iTunes is set to share iTunes library XML with other applications. Make sure that Sonos examines the XML right.


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    How to make a playlist of songs and play them on my iPhone?

    To create a playlist: 12 iTunes for Mac: create a playlist

    Or to create a smart playlist (e.g. a playlist that updates automatically on your Mac, so maybe 25 favourite tracks, etc. the most played songs): 12 iTunes for Mac: create a smart playlist

    To then synchronize the playlist on your phone, connect the phone to your Mac, select it in your Mac iTunes and select is music tab: 12 iTunes for Mac: iPod, iPhone, or iPad sync

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    I recently to sync ipod to my children to my itunes library, but there are some playlists that I need to remove their ipod, but NOT my itunes library? Thank you!

    With the connected device, click on the tab for her music and make sure that you use the option synchronize with playlists selected etc. Make sure that the lists that you want to exclude are not selected, then synchronize to update the device.


  • I can't restore my recently added to my iTunes playlist


    Hi Tom,

    Welcome to Apple Support communities.

    From what I understand, you want to know how to restore the smart selection added recently or re - create this playlist smart in iTunes on your Mac.

    If you haven't already done so, you can try to undo the previous command by pressing Command + Z as described here:

    Keyboard shortcuts in Mac - Apple Support

    If this does not resolve the issue, you can follow the user tip turingtest2 instructions to re-create the smart playlists that came with iTunes.

    Restore the Original smart playlists | Apple support communities

    In addition, you can find a lot of additional information on the smart playlists in this article:

    12 iTunes for Mac: create a smart playlist

    So long.

  • Why my side song erased and playlists were emptied on iTunes?

    I'm looking for a possible explanation as to why this particular thing happened if it does not happen in the future. I tried to cover all the details that I thought was appropriate where a person can say exactly what happened.

    First of all, I have a modest library of 3500 songs on my iTunes I keep pretty organized with playlists and rating stars, and I'm trying to store all my data locally (ie. not on the cloud). I synchronize my entire library to my iPhone, so basically I'm trying to keep my iTunes and iPhone music library identical library and have all my music physically downloaded to my phone (music so only available offline). I don't use iCloud music library and hold.

    I use Apple music on my phone, however, to discover new music. I had it on automatic renewal for a couple of months but let my membership lapse one maybe a more than a week ago - ergo, I didn't not Apple music for several days.

    I decided to take out a few days ago and everything was good. I had synced my phone since my subscription expired because I had not added to any music, until yesterday when I bought some singles on iTunes I want to synchronize my phone. However, they would not sync with my phone after 2 or 3 attempts, then I looked around my phone settings and noticed that iCloud music library was running. I'm sure that when I re-subscribed to Apple's music, it turns out iCloud music library somehow.

    Then I disabled iCloud music library, and then I tried to sync again. Only this time, a majority of my music bought were not sync to my phone. Any other synchronized through music. The only way to access my music bought on my phone was to "show all music" and I guess that flows to my phone. Some of them would stream and I had the opportunity to 'download to the phone' but most of them wouldn't even either, they would simply appear in my library of phone but unable to play. Still the same after sync 2 times more.

    I deleted all the music on my phone through my phone settings and then synchronized with the sync option is not all music on iTunes and for some reason that still synchronize a purchased song. I deleted manually, this song changed to 'synchronize all music' on iTunes re - transfer my entire library to my phone, but it still refuses to transfer nearly all of my purchased music. And on top of that, I noticed all but 40 of 3500 ~ songs had their side to star cleared on iTunes, the end of the synchronization.

    One last shot to try to get my music on my phone, I deleted all the music again once, backed up my phone, it completely, restore the backup and finally sync all reset.

    Finally, I clicked on one of my playlists and noticed it was empty. I checked the rest, and all my manual playlists were empty. Only filled have been my smart playlists, relying on the date added and play counts.

    Basically, the entire structure of my entire library is ruined. I have no idea why or how it happened but I am sure iCloud music library was the beginning of it. I tried to restore temporary files without success, nor that any itunes library previous saved files help. I have a full September 2015 iTunes backup that has all until the preserved month, but I tore a lot of albums for Christmas and I don't want to lose the date added / play metadata count. I've temporarily restored the library September 2015 and screenshotted as much as I could, so I just have to manually recreate playlists and enter again in the ratings.

    Take a look at this thread for some thoughts: lose the song playing in iTunes 11

    It would be possible to edit the script I mentioned it to recover a portion of your lost data.


  • iTunes and Playlist

    Why does iTunes, sometimes reproduce some of my playlists. Example: Forecast 25. and iTunes will create the same list of reading and call 25 Pick 1.Happens every once in awhile to several playlists. I remove them and weeks later... It happens again. Not always the same playlists. It will also create playlists... IE music of the 1990s and it will contain songs not in the 1990s. Aggravating circumstances... Thank you

    Could be related to a device synchronization, if you have a device like an iPod or iPhone that is configured for automatic synchronization (not loading manual or access iCloud).  For some reason, think iTunes playlist (on the unit) is different or has been updated and sync to the iTunes library on the computer.  I remember using the On-The-Go playlist feature on my old iPod, and my library iTunes would be left with a bunch of 1 On-The-Go, On-The-Go 2, 3 On-The-Go... playlists over time, until what I deleted them.

  • iTunes is not rearrange playlists alphabetically

    The updated iTunes changed the way are arranged playlists? In the past (i.e. for as long as I can remember), playlists are automatically sorted in alphabetical order. Now who does no more. The playlists of new everything simply appear at the bottom of the sidebar. But I want that they in alphabetical order - but there is no way to move them. Is it possible to fix this?

    I am running the latest version of Mac OS X (10.11.2) with the latest version of iTunes (

    This question, thus experience. Reduced to the next factor.

    When a selection is altered (song added or removed), it is moved down to the bottom of the list.

    Almost as if itunes is sort of backwards reading lists recently updated.  I have a feeling iTunes game may be involved.

    However, return to order correct when itunes playlists is restarted. And then don't move unless they are subsequently updated

    I use iTunes on OSX 10.11.2 with iTunes that match activated

  • Two problems with iTunes!

    1. How can you save playlists in iTunes when you want to synchronize your phone? I am constantly create playlists of favorite songs and then lose them all when I sync my phone. I guess that the error of the user? But it's so boring. I can not really the same.

    2. I don't want to sync my Photos with everything on my iPhone, but it seems impossible to turn off?

    I guess there are 3 questions!

    3. How can you delete pictures of Photos on your iPhone and not remove them on your Mac? What is the point of having a huge on my computer/Mac storage space when I can't delete photos on my phone for free space because they will be also deleted photos on my Mac? Once again. Cannot.

    Maybe there are simple answers to the latter, my frustrations, and I'd love to hear them if they are there! Thank you!

    (1) lose you in iTunes?  When you create a playlist in iTunes on your computer, it says here until you remove them actively.  Please explain

    (2) photos sync only if you select Synchronize.  Simply select the area to not synchronize the photos.

    (3) this is not how it works.  All changes made on your iPhone without influential on your computer.

    Please explain your problems are usually not how the iPhone works.

  • music on iPhone not in the playlist

    There is music on my iPhone and iPad that I did not skillfully play list I have sync with these devices. They are in my iTunes library where are born the playlists. All the songs that I do not have do not have a small icon iPhone next to them. I do not use the cloud.

    The little icon means that the files are indeed on your phone.

    When you start using music app, it adds some playlist on his own, as for the securities purchased. If it is, whence the songs, just delete the unwanted selections.

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