iTunes 12.4 how to "start Genius" of evolving song?

Updated to iTunes 12.4 yesterday. I like the look of a large number of changes and, as with every change, getting used me to the new location of some of the existing features/functions. A point I've used frequently enough that I can't find in the new user/Contextual interface Menus is the ability to 'Start Genius' of the currently playing song. I know how to create a Genius playlist and it seems that "Engineering Shuffle" is in the commands Menu, but it seems that I completely lost the ability to simply start Genius based on the currently playing song.

Cela has anyone yet figured out?


This latest update, they killed just iTunes on many aspects. Genius doesn't work anymore, they want to push users to use Apple music | Create Stations (I do not use and do not plan to use the Apple music). So you don't try to understand, they simply removed. The shuffle of genius on this new version will just mix whatever he wants, not to take into account what you are listening. I was listening to Metallica and requested a Genius Shuffle then it starts playing Carly Simon.

Now you have to hold the active sidebar (they removed the upper right to change display options) for you to change the album, artist or Genre. And when you create a smart playlist, County music always gives the wrong count.

In short, this last update, is clearly the worst update ever created for an apple product.

I want to use the previous version... I will remove the auto-update on my MAC, so these new CRAP they deliver does not affect my apple experience at all.

See you soon,.

Leandro Meinhardt

São Paulo - Brazil

Tags: iTunes

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