iTunes 12.4 missing "Sort by artist."  Only sorts by the artist of the album.

I spent hours to be arranged by library to be able to change the field name, rather than name, artist name.  (If I want to find Buddy Holly, I look under B, not H).  Then, I could choose to sort by artist.  (And BTW, stop the Match completely, because just renames all of what he wants.)

Today, I downloaded itunes 12.4 and it immediately destroys all my work.  I'm happy to be proven wrong here, but we have lost the ability to choose how to sort.  ITunes is the culprit to sorting by artist Album when you access a list of artist.  Is no longer, we can deal with the field of the artist.  Why must iTunes make it so difficult?

Can someone tell me if I'm missing something?  Thank you.


Since the introduction of the Album artist field (iTunes 7) sort by artist has been controlled by the first non-empty value of: Type Album artist , Album artist, Genre artist, artist.

In general I expect to see Buddy Holly in the artist and fields artist album and the sort fields empty. It usually takes an extra effort to fill in the fields to sort with a scheme such as < name >, < name > as typical iTunes and Gracenotes deliver information such as < name > < name >.


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    1. open iTunes on your HP laptop.

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    The albums predefined in the Photos on a Mac are sorted differently, in order to have different ways to access your photos.

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    • The album 'All the Photos' is sorted by the date that you imported photos, not dates, that the photos were taken.

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  • iTunes sorts only the new songs from the album artist; Cannot select multiple artists

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    Help with fixing a problem (preferably both, although) it would be appreciated.

    I am currently using iTunes 12.3.2.

    It's a response of turingtest2 to a very similar to your question.  Maybe this will help.

    12 iTunes keeps having the same artist twice in the artist column

    Using the view songs grab all the tracks by an artist of the album given that you are having problems with and then read the information. Tab sort add set Album artist & artist album, X, click OK, and then return to . If you synchronize your content on a non - iOS such as classical iPod device, then you must also make sure artist is constant in the whole album. I propose generally invited and artists featured in the names of individual songs.

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    Then it started happening very recently in iTunes, all my Deadmau5 songs are all sorted by the same name of the artist and the album artist name yet it still happens and nothing that I didn't seem to change anything. This is a problem with other artists also, but this one is the most frustrating. This problem does not occur on my iPhone, only on iTunes. It's on iTunes on Windows 7 Professional.

    Hello Professor Meowingtons,.

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support. I see a few problems to sort music in iTunes on Windows 7. I can certainly understand how this could be relative. I'm happy to help you.

    Please follow the steps described in the section "tips for the use of the song: ' and CD information to organize your music

    iTunes 12 for window: change the song and CD information

    Have a wonderful day!

  • iTunes - troubled sort (divided into individual artists by track album)

    Hey everybody!

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  • iTunes does not sort in the playlist

    I am running the latest version of iTunes. Given that this PC was built (running windows 10) iTunes have never saaved my preferences for sorting.

    To clearify: I have a certain playlist I like listening to starting with the songs less played first. But when I run iTunes it has not sorted like that even if it was when I closed the program. It's always open upward like manually sorted, but in reality it is sorted by songs most played first.

    I tried to reinstall and several ways to leave iTunes but it wont.

    Someone else has experienced this problem or I missed something? Can't tell if it was same on old pc, this was built same weekend iTunes got a big update, early November. So my win 7 PC ran only one version and the installation on this new one, it was another.

    Will be grateful for any answer, even if it is: can not be done? At least then I can move...

    / Martin

    Sort the list in the way that you want, then right-click on the name of the playlist in the sidebar and click on copy to Play Order.


  • iTunes playlists/media, missing since the update of the sierra

    It will be difficult to explain, but my Mac threw a fit when I updated for sierra.  Initially, I lost my entire library.  It's on an external drive and sierra seemed to point to the default library.  Called Apple and they said the "file multimedia iTunes was missing.   Sharp itunes for the external drive and he could not see.  Probably because of the missing multimedia iTunes file.  Took an hour of round Mobile files and the technician left me with the items to copy and said "that should do it."  After that a few hours I received a message that the hard drive was full!  Somehow he had copied to files and duplicate the hard disk.  All my playlists were too with the counties of game and bookmarks missing from TV etc.   Some worked me and somehow got all this back and forth, the whole lot, but now I have 2 files on the external HARD drive.  the one with the real files (less the multimedia file mentioned previously).  The other file has files itl etc. and the iTunes media inside as well as the illustrations, BUT in the preferences folder, the library is pointing to the folder which has just the files in it and NOT all the info in there library database.   It works, what's more to say apples, fix, but it's a weird way of working and im about to move my library to a new drive and I see bad to come.  Can I move the two files to new HARD drive? If yes how it will find my playlist information and files when they are distributed in 2 files.  My apologies for what is long. Thanks for the pointers

    Preferences do not "point" on location of media except to say iTunes to put whatever it is added from this point, the to this place. The only thing pointing to the location of media is each individual line in the .itl file entries.  It seems to me that you used to have a shared library with multimedia files on a drive along with the rest of the library support on your disk files inside.  You do not specify what has happened when you "lost" your library.  If you say that you lost playlists and counters that it sounds to me like you are creating a new library (.itl) starting with a white and adding media to him to get a stand-alone library the way things normally are.  Personally, I wish that you had come here first because we probably could have cured it all in 5 minutes, being a little more than a power - a by-the-book mindset. There is probably an easy fix, but now everything has been confused by you and Apple apparently trying to get everything back up to the main drive I don't know where we are.

    You have a backup from before doing the update?  You still need a backup.  If you do then things likely to find without too much problem.

    Are your files on the external hard drive always as they were before?  You have two folders in library in your music folder? You must be old. Try starting iTunes while holding down the option/alt key and when you are prompted to select the .itl file in the old folder.  This is the file 'pointing' for your multimedia files on the external hard drive and containing of playlists, ratings, date added, etc.

  • Sort order for the Album to the artist / year

    How does Itunes sorting Option "Album of the artist / year"work? "

    I expect year wise Albums are sorted. But some of the Albums are not sorted in the year.

    If two or more albums were released in the same year by the same artist, they are sorted in alphabetical order. Note also that iTunes can produce unexpected results if you select a descending sort order.


  • I tried to close my bank account this morning. I learned that itunes Bill AED1 twice but was not deducted from my card again. They said that they can only close down the account, once itunes deducted from my card. Please notify

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    I count on the part of the main screen, which is not. Its strange. PLEASE HELP ME! In addition to the main page of the Itunes Store, everything else works fine as before. Music from my library work screens, etc.

    I also have exactly the same problem since the last update. Tried to find a way to solve the problem but no luck. Someone please help!

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    Thank you


    Only the sight of songs using the drop-down list located at the top right of the playlist. CTRL + click all empty the box to check, or ctrl-click on a square filled twice. This will ensure that all tracks are checked and enabled for synchronization or shuffle playback.


  • Get error message iTunes had some missing files and must be reinstalled after Windows updates

    Original title: Windows Update 10/02/11; iPhone 4; iTunes no longer works

    I have connected my iPhone 4 on the USB port, it synced and then left the phone connected and current run iTunes when I went to bed.  When I woke up, the Welcome screen was carried out and, after login, I got the message that Windows updater had made some updates.  When I clicked on iTunes, I got an error message that iTunes had some missing files and must be reinstalled.  I tried to do a system restore to recover my iTunes library before the update.  System restore would not have worked either.

    Hi SethAaaron,

    It seems that the reboot might have corrupted the itunes.

    You can try to uninstall itunes completely and reinstall and check:

    Check out the link:

    You can view the following link to uninstall a program:

    Also check out the link:

    No content appears in iTunes after to

    "Some required files are missing" error when opening iTunes 7.5 or error-2093 when you open QuickTime Player 7.3

    Hope this information is useful.

    Jeremy K
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • iTunes gives error "the program can't start because CoreFoundation.dll is missing on your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

    I downloaded iTunes and when I restart my computer I got a message-

    "The program can't start because CoreFoundation.dll is missing on your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

    everything seems to work even the iTunes page but whenever I turn on my computer I get this message. I am running windows 7, 32 bit. I bought an Apple iPhone 3G and that is why I decided to download iTunes to create an account to get apps and music to my phone. I reinstalled iTunes and still get the message, any ideas on what I do not or should it please?

    Ignore the mention in the article following the Apple MobileMe support and uninstall iTunes (by following the instructions on the link where it tells you to uninstall 6 applications that iTunes installs) and restart then download and install iTunes again:

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