iTunes 12 applies to 'manual' random Album Ratings


iTunes 12.3 (and previous iterations of iTunes 12) have been adding random and unwanted starry black 'manual' (as opposed to "supposed" Star gray) Notes of album for some time now. It is possible to remove the manual side on a per album basis - of-, it is a non-stop clear and lengthy process to keep my carefully organized library as it should. To say that this issue is infuriating is a statement under.

Has anyone found practical work around this? There may be a third script that can isolate the 'manual' sides to facilitate the management of this issue? (There is no way I can find to create a smart playlist based on the sides of the album that shows only the sides of "manual" Black Star). Someone understands the cause and Apple are working on a solution to this bug?

I'm under El Capitan 10.11.3 on a MBP of 2015. I am registered for the Apple's music but do not use iCloud music library.

Thanks for any advice.


I posted this same question here several weeks ago and received no response.  It is aggravating and disappointing that it was not resolved in the most recent update of iTunes.  It really becomes a problem when you have focused on the coast smart playlists that end up choosing songs that do not have ANY mark, other than a note of automatic calculation which came from a 'manual' (i.e. the Black Star) qualification "Album" that I've not defined.

I don't have a solution, but I can offer some clues as to when this happens to me.  If I change the rating to a song on my iPhone, and then re - sync to iTunes which is usually when the album solid-star side is applied.  So I set up a smart playlist for recent games, with it, showing the work out of the left side (which shows the Album of note in a place where you can easily change it to null so that it goes back to a "calculated" Grey Album of note).  It is always a concern, however, and I wish that apple could fix.  I submitted your comments before, time to do it again because it does not solve the recent update:

In my view, there are scripts that can reset Album of note, but I'm not too keen on trying them on my well managed library.

Oh and since you seem to be meticulous in your library, as I am, check your smart playlists to see if they are updated in iTunes.  Mine suddenly stopped update with 12.3.3, except if I'm going in and edit playlist and change it then went back to what it was.

Smart playlists are not updated to Live

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    With iTunes open, click file > library > get Album artwork.

    Doesn't seem like iTunes Gets the correct information, or one at all.

    Control iTunes > Preferences > Store > check "automatically download album artwork.

  • ITunes is of note to the whole Albums instead of individual songs

    When I evaluate an individual song album is classified.

    This issue seems to occur only when evaluating a song from a playlist.

    I can't repeat this behavior.  It seems to happen randomly.  I can do the same procedure 10 times, and it can occur only 1/10.

    This is not a recent problem.  I was aware for well over a year.  At no time I never rated an album, however I regularly have to wade through my appreciation according to playlists smart weeding nominal albums.

    Black Blue stars are manual sides. You can edit the ratings in most views where they can be seen, with the exception of the column Album of note in the view of songs where they are not active. Activate and expand the column work instead, when it is quite wide there is an active side that you can modify.

    Dark Gray stars are ratings auto generated in response to manual ratings. Manually securities on the side of an album will be automatically rate the album if it is not already evaluated. Notation manually an album will self evaluate any track not classified.

    You can remove the automatic ranking with my scripts ClearAlbumAutoRating or ClearTrackAutoRating , which sets the manual values of 1%. A score of zero allows the behavior of auto side where not classified titles are given a side-car, which corresponds to the side of the album, and an album not class boasts a rating that reflects the rounded average of no assigned manually track. Match scripts to make things if you want to restore the automatic categorization later.

    In recent months, it seems to be another issue where after titles were noted on a device synchronization can result in an album to get a full capacity in iTunes. I hope that Apple are aware of this problem and can be solved in a generation later... maybe.

    Use iTunes your comments if you want to make suggestions to Apple.


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    I understand that, despite trying to mix a playlist, your iPhone is just to play one song of this playlist repeatedly. In such a situation, you may need to disable the screen playing snooze in the music app.

    Control playback. Tap a song to play and show the MiniPlayer. Tap the MiniPlayer to display the now playing screen, where you can do the following:

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    See you soon!

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