iTunes 12, impossible to sort by Album, by artist/year playlist

Recently, after bring my MacBook repair, I realize that in iTunes 12, I am not able to sort my playlist like before.

Before that date, in the playlist section, I could sort my playlist by year, or what I want, as Album of the year/artist. Now there is no option like that. Any help please?

Go to view-> sort by

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  • iTunes - troubled sort (divided into individual artists by track album)

    Hey everybody!

    I noticed on AN album in iTunes, when I am in artists in sight to my library, the band Greene Greene Milo Milo splits, apparently, different artists/albums for each track. I can't seem to find any problem with the way the sorting is put out for this album... anyone can help? I took a page below:

    This advice should help:

    Fix split Album or artist listings in iTunes

  • Sort order for the Album to the artist / year

    How does Itunes sorting Option "Album of the artist / year"work? "

    I expect year wise Albums are sorted. But some of the Albums are not sorted in the year.

    If two or more albums were released in the same year by the same artist, they are sorted in alphabetical order. Note also that iTunes can produce unexpected results if you select a descending sort order.


  • Sort by album iphone playlists

    I have several hundred playlists on my iPhone and iPad (mini). There is a reading list for each artist. A large containing more than one album. The albums are listed by track number. During the evolution of iTunes on the iPhone (5 - OS 9.3.1) of playlists have been reorganized by various updates to sort by title of the song in the playlist. I use playlists during my morning walks and would like to have sorted by number of album and track within the album. It's maddening to hear the same song several times in a row if it appears on several albums. I was able to use the PC iTunes playlists, but I can't get the arranged playlists to sync to my iPhone. Home sharing is on.

    I can drag the 'correctly sorted' playlist PC to the iPhone connected. A playlist in doubles with the same name is created. I can then delete the offending playlist and all is well in the world (until the next update). The problem is that I don't want to have to do this (do drag, open, check, and delete playlists) to several hundred artists, this is a way to sort on the iPhone.

    I read a lot of posts with similar but not identical problems and have tried most of the solutions that have been posted in the past two years. None have worked for me.

    Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

    Playlists in iTunes have a correctly called the order of play. It is normally the order in which items are added to the list, but you can sort a list on a column of your choice and then right click on the name of the playlist in the left column and click on copy to Play Order. The best column to sort on will usually be the Album I would normally set to the Album of the artist. If it is currently drafted Album or an Album of artist by year, click on the column position again.

    Once you have playlists set up the way you want them in iTunes I would recommend that you configure your device to synchronize with selected playlists. This avoids all the problems with drag content manually power the unit on and off.

    The phone already has mechanisms that allow you to read individual albums or songs by an artist through the albums and artists of the menus, so it is not necessary to reproduce these collections with playlists.


  • iTunes is sort songs by an artist as a separate artist?

    iTunes is sorting all songs of an artist as a separate artist of the same name. This has happened any time I try to import new songs. I tried to erase the artist name and type it again, who has worked in the past when iTunes split albums, but cela did not set. In fact, it separates just an artist of 3 groups, to make every song (25 + songs) sort is a separate artist, even though the artist is the same name. Can someone help me solve this problem? I'm on Windows 10, use the latest version of iTunes.

    If iTunes displays multiple instances of an artist or an album then generally what works is to select all the associated tracks and use read the information to add say an end X for each of the areas of the slopes have in common:

    • For an album. Album, Album artist, and artist (if the artist is the same for all tracks) *
    • For an artist; Album artist (and the artist unless there are comments/featured artists listed which should not be changed)

    Apply the change which merges things together, then remove the excess characters. Occasionally, it can help to close and reopen iTunes between two renaming operations.

    * If the titles must be synchronized to a non - iOS device, there should be a common artist or the album must be defined as a Compilation.

    Use the view of songs and display fields, Album, genre, Album, Album artist, genre artist Album, artist and genre artist side by side to see you whether or not it is necessary to change the artist and if sorting values could be the cause of additional problems. See grouping in albums, titles for help if necessary.


  • iTunes messes up Album and artists views

    Since I installed version12.4.2.4, iTunes seems to mess up the metadata of my music files and/or albums not correctly appear in the views of artist and Album. In the last 24 hours I have torn/imported 2 albums.

    The first album I tore guard split into 2 artists, both with exactly the same name than the other artist. Other tracks on the album are about an artist, and the rest of the tracks are on the other artist. To the track, I see that the tracks belong to an album, but for the Album I see 2 albums and to the artist, I see 2 artists.

    The second album I ripped gets combined with another album - already - in the Album an artists views. Still, in the view of the track I can see the newly imported album clearly as a separate album, but two Album reviews and artist, I see it combined with another album as an album.

    I checked so to double all the metadata for these tracks and that everything seems OK. How can I stop this wrong behavior?

    You need to 'force' iTunes to re - write metadata.

    Follow these instructions. Method #2 is probably the one you need.

    Fix split Album or artist listings in iTunes

  • I reinstalled iTunes for windows and downloaded two albums purchased on the iTunes store. Both albums have digital booklet in it but it seems that it has not downloaded. In the store, it seems certain. How should I download them?

    I reinstalled iTunes for windows and downloaded two albums purchased on the iTunes store. Both albums have digital booklet in it but it seems that it has not downloaded. In the store, it seems certain. How should I download them?

    Try iTunes Store > Quick links > purchase > music > not on my computer.

    If they do not show here, then visit


  • iTunes 12 applies to 'manual' random Album Ratings


    iTunes 12.3 (and previous iterations of iTunes 12) have been adding random and unwanted starry black 'manual' (as opposed to "supposed" Star gray) Notes of album for some time now. It is possible to remove the manual side on a per album basis - of-, it is a non-stop clear and lengthy process to keep my carefully organized library as it should. To say that this issue is infuriating is a statement under.

    Has anyone found practical work around this? There may be a third script that can isolate the 'manual' sides to facilitate the management of this issue? (There is no way I can find to create a smart playlist based on the sides of the album that shows only the sides of "manual" Black Star). Someone understands the cause and Apple are working on a solution to this bug?

    I'm under El Capitan 10.11.3 on a MBP of 2015. I am registered for the Apple's music but do not use iCloud music library.

    Thanks for any advice.


    I posted this same question here several weeks ago and received no response.  It is aggravating and disappointing that it was not resolved in the most recent update of iTunes.  It really becomes a problem when you have focused on the coast smart playlists that end up choosing songs that do not have ANY mark, other than a note of automatic calculation which came from a 'manual' (i.e. the Black Star) qualification "Album" that I've not defined.

    I don't have a solution, but I can offer some clues as to when this happens to me.  If I change the rating to a song on my iPhone, and then re - sync to iTunes which is usually when the album solid-star side is applied.  So I set up a smart playlist for recent games, with it, showing the work out of the left side (which shows the Album of note in a place where you can easily change it to null so that it goes back to a "calculated" Grey Album of note).  It is always a concern, however, and I wish that apple could fix.  I submitted your comments before, time to do it again because it does not solve the recent update:

    In my view, there are scripts that can reset Album of note, but I'm not too keen on trying them on my well managed library.

    Oh and since you seem to be meticulous in your library, as I am, check your smart playlists to see if they are updated in iTunes.  Mine suddenly stopped update with 12.3.3, except if I'm going in and edit playlist and change it then went back to what it was.

    Smart playlists are not updated to Live

  • iTunes sets the random track and album artwork when I add files

    Hey! I have iTunes 12.3.2 for Macbook Pro and I have a problem with the work.

    Whenever I have add files to iTunes of new selections, I end up getting automatically added work. Often, iTunes adds the first pages of random PDF as work of tracks which is so weird? Like, I see it in the track list for this playlist, right next to the track title to his left.

    However, when I actually open "Get Info" to this song, there no real work there under the title "work"! It is confusing because I see these pages of the PDF popping work in the actual playlist, but I have no way to remove them (in order to have no work for this track) unless I physically have to add a new photo work for this track under 'Get Info '.

    What should I do?

    (PS - I tried to run an AppleScript script to remove the work for selected files - did not work.) I ran yet another which would have all the track list with no work off those I chose - all these tracks on pdf files as the work "apparent" appeared. It's 04:00 and I am so tired of this *.)

    With iTunes open, click file > library > get Album artwork.

    Doesn't seem like iTunes Gets the correct information, or one at all.

    Control iTunes > Preferences > Store > check "automatically download album artwork.

  • iTunes songs on the iPhone only organized by artist

    My iPhone just 6Plus upgraded to the 10.0.1 iOS.  Now, my iTunes library shows only the songs organized by artist.  There is no way for me to change that.  I tried to connect my phone to my mac and change the 'View' to sort by the name of the song, but it still doesn't work.  No matter if I look at the songs or playlists, everything is sorted by artist name.  How can I change this?

    Settings > music > songs of sorting & Albums > choose "by title".

  • iTunes 12.4 - various misfortunes of Compilation of artist (s)

    Discovered an interesting 'oddity' when you scroll my iTunes music section today. I am an avid collector of now that's what I call music compilations (do it for completeness sake these days...) and I spotted 2 albums weren't in the Compilations section in the 'Album view' (39 and 58, for those who are interested).

    I'm pretty meticulous with my albums, so I checked the following:

    1. is the compilation area checked on all the songs on the album? Yes

    2. is the same for all the songs from the album the artist album? Yes (Various Artists, btw)

    3. is the album stored in the folder of compilations on the hard drive? Yes

    4 are the same for all the songs, i.e. the default values the sorting information? Yes

    5 songs are in the same format (AAC) as the rest of the library? Yes

    6 is equivalent to the cover of the album? Yes (this is where I started to clutch at straws)

    Then, I tried several different things:

    1 remove the songs from iTunes, but not the location of the hard drive. Result - no change

    2 remove the songs from iTunes and the location of the hard drive (the trash reloaded). Result - no change

    3 saved the files to another location, and then deleted from the original location. Result - no change

    4 change "Various Artists" in the box of the Album artist to "various artist". Result - moved to the correct location...

    5. change one song of "Various Artist", back to "Various Artists". Result - start the wrong position...

    Does anyone have an idea why this is happening and how to fix it permanently? My neuroses can not handle to scroll to the song and see this little wobble between "Various Artists" and "Various artist" on 2 places along a section of Compilations otherwise Immaculate

    For info:

    Run OSX El Capitan - Version 10.11.6

    On MacBook Pro retina 15 "mid-2015

    Hi jaj_danbury,

    I understand that two of your albums are not shown as compilations as they should be. I know how it is important to keep things organized, then I would be happy to share information with you that can help.

    Take a look at this article which may shed some light on your problem:

    If you see unexpected songs groups when you browse an album - Apple Support

    Take care!

  • My iTunes library creates multiple listings for the same artist (spelled identically)

    I use iTunes for years and thought I knew how to do everything that I need in there and solve any problem that I've run across.  But in the last 10-14 days, he began to behave strangely, and I'm completely stumped.  I don't know if it's a problem with a new version, if maybe my library file has become corrupted, or if I'm missing something obvious, but as someone who spends hours meticulously entering all the right data to my iTunes library, that drives me crazy.

    For some reason any recently, iTunes has begun to create several artist registrations for a handful of artists in my library (in only general I have a LOT of material for.)  Thus, for example, when I scroll my iTunes under 'Artists' library I noticed that Bruce Springsteen four times:

    Bruce Springsteen (12 albums, songs of 234)

    Bruce Springsteen (16 albums, 201 songs)

    Bruce Springsteen (2 albums, 22 songs)

    Bruce Springsteen (2 albums, 41 song)

    It would be only incredibly annoying, but it actually divides some albums through multiple "artists" so that securities 1,4,6,7 will be an artist under a listing and the rest on another.

    I created a smart playlist with the criteria ' artist contains 'bruce' "selected all titles of springsteen and changed the artist on EACH of them to ensure that there is no variation in spelling or spacing.  It does not exist. (Springsteen is the worst offender, having four entries of artist, but there's another 3-4 artists who do the same thing)

    It drives me crazy because there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it, and it is debilitating to my efforts to clean and organize my library.  I try to avoid manually recharge all my music in iTunes I have dozens of playlists I've spent hours creating and would not have to start over on those.

    Any suggestions?

    You have already tried the first method, so try the other here:

    Fix split Album or artist listings in iTunes

  • Apple music: could not find the Albums by artist

    I have a music subscription.

    El Capitan

    iTunes version

    For example in the search for you, looking for album of Neil Young "On The Beach". In my view, it is for sale in the Apple Store, but not available to subscribers of the music.

    I am trying to build my old collection of music using music, but so many albums of artists are missing or I can't find them.

    Thanks for the help.

    I found the answer and it is not good. Some albums are simply not available. And I doubt that I renew my subscription.

  • Organize albums and artist music with Windows media player 12

    I have a few pieces of music that have the album artist and song metadata added. I move the files in my music folder. In Windows Media Player, the songs are grouped together in an album with titles correctly. I thought that WMP would move the files in the folders (album or artist), but the files are not moved.

    It's been a while since I added my library music (they are files, not CD). Is this a normal behavior does not move the actual files? Or that only happen during extraction of music from a CD?

    Thank you.

    Hi - Yes, you can add the music in any way that the costumes, but if you want organized by folder (and this is not already the case) you must create a folder of artist - and then in this context, a record album... In Windows 7, it's probably a good idea to do before moving to the music folder. I would like to know if you want any clarification of this... Best regards, Ric.

  • iTunes 12.4 missing "Sort by artist."  Only sorts by the artist of the album.

    I spent hours to be arranged by library to be able to change the field name, rather than name, artist name.  (If I want to find Buddy Holly, I look under B, not H).  Then, I could choose to sort by artist.  (And BTW, stop the Match completely, because just renames all of what he wants.)

    Today, I downloaded itunes 12.4 and it immediately destroys all my work.  I'm happy to be proven wrong here, but we have lost the ability to choose how to sort.  ITunes is the culprit to sorting by artist Album when you access a list of artist.  Is no longer, we can deal with the field of the artist.  Why must iTunes make it so difficult?

    Can someone tell me if I'm missing something?  Thank you.

    Since the introduction of the Album artist field (iTunes 7) sort by artist has been controlled by the first non-empty value of: Type Album artist , Album artist, Genre artist, artist.

    In general I expect to see Buddy Holly in the artist and fields artist album and the sort fields empty. It usually takes an extra effort to fill in the fields to sort with a scheme such as < name >, < name > as typical iTunes and Gracenotes deliver information such as < name > < name >.


Maybe you are looking for

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