iTunes does not recognize any of my iPhones (Windows 10)

I've recently updated iTunes 12.4 and now my iPhone 5s, and my iPhone 4 are not recognized by iTunes. They appear as 'Apple iPhone' in my file Explorer, but are not accessible via iTunes or iFunBox. I tried all the options in the management of the link here:

If iTunes does not recognize your iPhone, iPad or iPod - Apple Support

I removed the lockdown folder.

I tried several cables.

When I go into Device Manager, there is no "Apple Mobile Device USB Driver" under "In Bus USB controllers", but there is 'Apple iPhone' under 'portable '. If you're looking for an update to this pilot says 'Windows has determined the driver software for your device is up-to-date' "MTP USB device".

More interesting still, I went down to iTunes 12.1.3, thinking that would take me back to a working version, but in fact it STILL does not recognize my phone(s)!

What the hell is happening?


If your iOS device does not appear in iTunes, try the following:

  1. Open Control Panel > Device Manager
  2. Plug in your device
  3. Locate Bus USB Controllers > Apple Mobile Device USB Driver.
    It is also possible that the device may appear under imaging devices, portable devices or other devices or as a device USB of MTB.
  4. Right-click and select software update of the driver...
  5. Click Browse my computer for driver software
  6. Go to C:\Program Files\Common Apple Mobile Device Support\Drivers or
    C:\Program Files (x 86) \Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers
  7. Click on let me pick from a list of drivers for devices on my computer
  8. Click on Apple Mobile Device USB Driver
  9. Click Next, then close and exit the Device Manager

To step 3 above, open the Device Manager. Expand one of the articles that are listed.

  • USB Bus controllers
  • Imaging devices
  • Portable devices
  • Other devices

Plug in the appliance. You should hear the telltale Windows sound device connection and a Division must acquire a new entry. This should be your device. It cannot be labelled properly at this point. If you do not hear a suspicious noise cable damaged.

Or try If iTunes does not your iPad, iPhone or iPod - Apple Support

If not try a complete tear down and rebuild iTunes in accordance with the resolution of the problems with iTunes for Windows updates.

Or try to go back to the last version of iTunes that has worked for you. See the programs installation of iTunes to download links. If you roll back to to or, for example, then you will also need restore the database of the library in the manner described in the empty/corrupted after upgrade/crash iTunes library. The tip makes suggestions to reintroduce recent purchases, so at worst, you lose a few meters or a newly created playlist.


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