iTunes does not support Windows 10 modern watches over tablets and newer laptops


Since Windows 8, there is a new mode called available standby connected standby (Windows 8), InstantGo (Windows 8.1) or modern (Windows 10) from the previous day.

Tablets with Windows and newer laptops use modern sleep every time instead of old standby mode when firstly, it turns off the screen and after a while CPU turnes off (S3 mode AFAIK).

Computer works now similar to a phone in a Pocket, you can listen to music or get a call (Skype).

Here is the description for developers on Miscrosoft MSDN:

Developers need to make their applications compatible with a modern Eve, otherwise application does not work while the unit is in standby modern.

There is a Microsoft Groove app installed music on my book of Surface with 10 Windows, he can play DRM iTunes media, and continues to play when the screen turns off. iTunes seems to be incompatible legacy applications because it stops to play my music if I let laptop intact for 5 minutes.

I tried to explain this to a phone Apple support, but they told me that this isn't a problem with iTunes but Windows and I need to get in touch with Microsoft instead of Apple.

I can't use my subscription Apple same music in music Groove as a solution because it is unable to read the DRM from iTunes m4p files, of course it can not directly access cloud Apple music too.

Is it possible to transmit this information to Apple?

I don't understand why Apple let iTunes must be installed on Windows 8 + because actually it works terrible.

For example, it can not switch audio speakers headphones and vice versa (while other applications that correctly), there are also some problems of video output, sometimes also the iTunes window receive a second bar tiny minimize / closing maximise controls, also the search field sometimes loose the keyboard input.


Developers need to make their applications compatible with a modern Eve, otherwise application does not work while the unit is in standby modern...

I tried to explain this to a phone Apple support, but they told me that this isn't a problem with iTunes but Windows and I need to get in touch with Microsoft instead of Apple...

Is it possible to transmit this information to Apple?


Support staff does not normally deal in development issues, so it is quite likely that simply, they did not understand the question.  To report it directly to Apple, use the comments link:

When you send feedback, try to be as clear and objective as possible.

iTunes has a huge population of Windows users, so I don't know that apple is interested.

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    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

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    So I ask: is this a real problem? Can I ignore it and run Aero or it will cause physical problems in the future? Can it be a hardware failure or something similar?

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    The card should manage easily Aero and its effects. Go to this site where you can download and run the latest drivers...

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    Kind regards


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