ITunes game will not download

I'm on an Air of Ipad with 3 GB of free space and itunes game account. I know how to download music as I did it not. I am 100% online that I can browse tweet and send this message... the cloud with the down arrow appears next to my albums. I clicked and nothing happens. Even on home, office and public networks? Setting of cloud music lit. Even with any album that I try in my collection of cloud, none are purchased from Apple, all my downloaded CD.

It's on the iPad, correct?  I ask because this forum category is iTunes for Mac, so I'm confirming that you use music on the iPad...

When I use my iPod touch in the app music , I go to my music.  When I press on the symbol of the cloud with the arrow pointing down , the song (or album) is downloaded.  Nothing really happens on the screen.  When you play a downloaded song, he plays with the copy on the device, do not broadcast from iCloud.  That's the only difference.  You should also notice that the symbol of the cloud with the arrow pointing down is not longer there (for a downloaded item).

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    Hi Peggy Gallihugh.

    (a) what game you're talking about?
    (b) what browser do you use?
    (c) you get an error message during the download of the game?

    The issue could be with the Web site of when you try to download the game.
    Just for test, try to download games from other legitimate Web sites.
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    Post back with your answers.

    Aziz Nadeem - Microsoft Support
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    Greetings Endatronix,

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple!

    I understand that you are unable to download a song purchased on iTunes on your iPhone 6 and receive the error you describe (and show) in your question. We know that situations of this kind can be frustrating, but I don't have several suggestions for you.

    I would first check to see if the download was interrupted. The following article will guide you in this process.

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    If the songs do not download, I suggest to try the download on a different network. For example, if you use the cellular network, you can switch from a Wi - Fi connection, or you can try another Wi - Fi network.

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    If you are still unable to download these songs, you can report the problem with iTunes Support purchases by following the steps in the next section.

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    Have a great day!

  • iTunes game will not play the most recent copy

    I bought a CD of Madonna in China and copied into my iTunes library. But when I listened, it turned a very bad quality of the sound, so I removed it. Now, I bought a new CD and copied to iTunes, but when I want to listen to it, iTunes playing the first version (removed). How can I convince iTunes and iTunes game to play the latest copy?

    You must remove the album from your library fully so that iTunes game no longer has a track in your music library to iCloud. You can then extract a new copy of the CD in the library again and it should download/match correctly.


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    Uninstalled Adobe FlashPlayer and Active X. seems to have solved the problem.

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    1. where exactly you want to download it?

    2. What is the full error message do you get?

    3. what operating system is installed on the computer?

    4. what web browser do you use?

    I suggest refer you to the procedure and check if it helps.

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    You need to contact the developer of the game, because they are the only one who can help you.  We support Microsoft software & hardware here.

  • I tried to buy Let It Be the audiobook version and it will not download. Said that I bought it, but will not download. I made another purchase at the same time and had problem now.

    I just tried to buy the audio book of Let It Be version. ITunes says that I bought, but it will not download. I did purchase just before that Let It Be one and it downloaded without problem.

    Is it is not currently downloaded from iBooks on your iPhone app, then it shows on the purchase tab in the download application?

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    For you help I would be grateful if you could answer the following questions:

    (1) what happens when you try to install Adobe Flash Player?

    (2) what happens when you try to play videos or play games using Facebook?

    (3) you get an error message / code?

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    This could be due to the issue of complicity. I suggest you for the link and check if that helps;

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    Warning: Reset the Internet Explorer settings can reset security settings or privacy settings that you have added to the list of Trusted Sites. Reset the Internet Explorer settings can also reset parental control settings. We recommend that you note these sites before you use the reset Internet Explorer settings.

    Method 2:

    Diagnosing basic problems with DirectX

    If you have problems getting a game or movie to play properly, the DirectX Diagnostic tool can help you locate the source. DirectX is a set of technologies used by many of the multimedia programs in Windows.

    Method 3: I suggest you to install Microsoft Silverlight;

    Check out the link for download;

    Download Silverlight 5

    If you need help with Windows, please do not hesitate to post. We will be happy to help you.

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    You must get in touch with the sales of Microsoft and Windows Store Support for help on this issue.

    To avoid such problems in the future, you can try to reset the Windows Store cache, and then try to buy apps.

    Reset the Windows Store Cache steps.

    a. press Windows + R on your keyboard to open the Run dialog box.

    b. type WSReset.exe, and then click/click on OK.

    c. the information store now open and indicate the following: for the store cache has been cleared.

    Please let us know in case you need assistance on issues related to Windows.

  • Folios of test will not download to Kindle Fire or Nexus tablets


    I have a folio I want to publish in the iTunes Store, GooglePlay and the Amazon app store

    I have built separate viewers for each and am hosting all three slips under separate Adobe ID

    the iOS that works very well and I've submitted to Apple

    However I put the APK for everyone on the Kindle Fire, Nexus 10 and 7 and they install ok, but the simpy folio will not download on any of them, you press the download button but nothing happens.

    clues or suggestions?

    Thank you very much


    My guess is that it is a problem of ID of title. When you build the application, you specify an ID of title, which should have an Application role. What happens if you use the ID of this title to connect to the Adobe Content Viewer on the Android device? Do you see folios?

  • Snapchat will not download again.

    Hi, I deleted snapchat to save storage and then want to re-download it out of my App Store, and it will not download. I typed the cloud button and it instantly goes back to the cloud.

    I'm having this same problem with 4 of my apps.




    -& Pandora.

    I tried redownloading all 4 apps, then they turn to the clouds. Netflix is telling me I have to update it but how am I suppose to do if not download on my phone? I've deleted almost everything on my phone, and yet he always tells me that I can not download applications.

    Can anyone help? I'm so frustrated.

  • I want to save an IMAP via POP3 account in Thunderbird, but it will not download old emails that are still on the server. How can I do this?

    I start using Thunderbird to save and purge old e-mails from an account via POP3. This account is accessible by other users using IMAP on their computers and mobile phones.

    I want to archive and purge old messages from the server using Thunderbird. But it will not download messages that apparently are marked as read on the server via IMAP.

    POP mail accounts must be configured to "leave messages on server".
    Check this box before use.

    • Tools > account settings > server for the e-mail account settings


    • menu icon > Options > account settings > server for the e-mail account settings

    Select: 'leave messages on the server.

    Optional: select: "during the more than xx days" this will remove something more that select the specified number of days "until I have delete" when you delete an email it will be deleted from the server.

    Click Ok to save the settings.

    POP mail accounts are only looking at the Inbox and download everything that has not been previously downloaded regardless of whether it has been read or not. They cannot access or download from any other folder on the server.

    If you want to download the e-mail messages in other directories, you must move the emails in the Inbox to upload and it's may not be practical in your situation.

    What you can do is to synchronize your IMAP folders to a copy downloaded to your IMAP e-mail account.
    Then switch mode 'offline' to stop any additional synchronization synchronized files update.
    MozBackup tool could now be used to save the profile synchronization created mbox files that contain emails.

    You can also do the following to get a copy outside the IMAP e-mail account:
    Create the same folders in the "local folders".
    Then right click on the email and "copy to" and select local folders and the folder you need.
    Put a copy in the local files means these e-mails are also on your computer and they are not influenced by what you do in the IMAP folder.
    You need backup emails in these folders.
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    TBird updated to version 31, it will not download the messages of my pop server. I can send, but not download messages. I restored Win (7) at an earlier date to return to the version 24 of Tbird, and everything worked OK.

    TBird later Auto-setting to update itself (ugh!) back to 31, and we don't go again, no E-mail download. I changed the settings to Win firewall, even tried that turned off completely for testing, without any difference. Retarted Tbird and win several times, no go. It's extremely frustrating. Does anyone actually * test * software updates before releasing these days here?

    TBird works very well for me in Linux Mint 16, but this glitch under Win 7 just jumped to the top with the upgrade to 31.

    Thanks for your suggestions, you can offer!

    the typical suspects are AV and firewall software.

    Start * Windows * safe mode with active network

    Always in Windows safe mode, start thunderbird in safe mode

    Problem disappear?

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