ITunes is separating the artists and albums! ID3 are correct...

I updated my Itunes to this week on my Windows 10. A week before I organized my music library so I know perfectly how to treat the ID3 tags and how to fix it when Itunes is separating an album or artist. But since I updated the version that I have a lot of bugs, Itunes separates almost everything! When I add a new song (not on Itunes store but outside source) of an artist that I have in my library, it is not added to the artist was, but create a new section of aritst, with exactly the same artist name / sometimes it says "unknown aritst" instead, even if the the aritst ID3 tag is correct. I tried to play with the tags, but nothing helped. Another bug is when you edit the tags of some songs by the artist and manually write the tag Album name to get the songs separated by albums - in this case, Itunes is separating each song a new section of the artist, and all have the same aritst name & album!

I'm crazy and I really need help to fix it somehow, I want my library will organize



Tags: iTunes

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