iTunes Music is stuck on the artist's view

My itunes Music is stuck on the artist's view and I am unable to change it to see by genre, album, song, etc. Even when I click on 'the album of sorting', nothing happens. Suggestions please.


can you attach a screenshot of the questions?

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  • Can I make composer show on iTunes.  It only shows the artist and I want to show composer.

    I wish my iPhone to show the composer on iTunes during the playback of a file.  It shows only the name and the album and artist.  For classical music, it is not enough.  Composer is very important.  Y at - it a display menu for what you want to see everything as there is on the version of iTunes regular pc?

    Do you mean the music app on your phone? It is not referred to as iTunes on the phone.

    The last music player is very minimal.  Artist and title seems to be it.

    Apple let know here > > >

  • ITunes music not playing on the Palm Pre

    Okay, I need to confirm a hunch.  I have a PRE with 1.3.1 software.  Sync my Itunes with it and when I tried to playback, I noticed a few songs not played.  It didn't matter if I bought them in Itunes or not.  Some songs have been purchased and some did not.  After studying, I looked at the details for all the songs that have been downloaded.

    Songs that play: M4A 

    The songs that do not have: m4p

    I did find the information on this subject.  Thanks in advance for the answers pertaining to this.  I have a feeling it has to do with a kind of protection that has since been laid off from Itunes.

    OK, here's the link and answers on Itunes formatted.  Instructions include how to check and convert protected songs on Itunes DRM free (impossible to copy).  Also shows that you can see how your library is protected BEFORE you agree to pay for the upgrade.

    Note:  It is for anyone who has had problems playing some of their songs Itunes on their Palm and I wondered why some work and some aren't.

  • I can get on the page of ITunes music, but none of the other pages.  It shows permanently for the page to load.

    ITunes Store connection issues

    Restart your computer or device, and then try again.

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    I tabbed in the use of the processor and history page of its use in my taskmgr.exe and now I can't return the other views that show services, etc.  have restarted, but that did not help.

    can someone tell me how to get back to the tasks/services page in my task manager.

    The tabs are missing? Double-click on the external border of the Task Manager to retrieve tabs.

  • How can I show only music actually present on the iphone?

    I recently had to reformat completely in iPhone 6s. Now, the 'Music' application shows all the music on my laptop iTunes library: I just want to see music actually physically present on the iPhone. I don't want to see I have to listen to or download music. There is a way to do it, but I forgot where the toggle. Can anyone help?

    Start the music app and click the artists tab (the drop down menu) in the Center and go to only downloaded music > on.

  • iTunes not to display all the photos in the grid view

    Latest version of iTunes, just download A gap and more 1 600 of my albums appear any more in the grid view.  They are still there on the HARD disk, and they appear in the artist's view.  Everyone has noticed this bug.  Perhaps no Apple software engineering testing with as many tracks as I have in my collection?  All displayed correctly in earlier versions of iTunes, so the last update broke something. I reported the bug to Apple, but I guess they get thousands of suggestions every day...

    This happens to me also, and in my case it seems that marked as 'Compilation' albums are not displayed in the grid view. Is this the case for you also? Music is still there and, as you say, can be accessed via the menu "artist". Probably just a bug that I do not see why it would make sense to hide the compilations in the album view.

  • Sort order for the Album to the artist / year

    How does Itunes sorting Option "Album of the artist / year"work? "

    I expect year wise Albums are sorted. But some of the Albums are not sorted in the year.

    If two or more albums were released in the same year by the same artist, they are sorted in alphabetical order. Note also that iTunes can produce unexpected results if you select a descending sort order.


  • move to hd mini itunes music files external usb3 hd

    I recently added a 3 TB WD ext hdd usb 3 for my mini course 2014 / 2.6 gHz core i5 / 8 GB memory / el cap 10.11.3

    When I added ext hd loc of itunes media, I changed again drive seems to work however there are more files to the mini that I would like to ext hdd

    How can I do this without duplication of files on the new disk as how compilations to view on itunes? (version 12.3.2)

    all the files that I can access my list of songs (9 k) display location/Volumes / My Book/ITunes music/media/name of the Song / My Book is the good ext hdd some files fail the expression (/ music /)

    You don't say how you have moved your front support. A lot of people do it the wrong way.

    Looks like you need to consolidate and organize all your content in the media on the external hard drive folder.  It's the location displayed in iTunes > Preferences > advanced.  iTunes will copy files to this place and after you check that everything went very well you can remove the originals from other places.

    12 iTunes for Mac: change where your files stored iTunes - - unfortunately it is misnamed.  It should say "where your media files but not change where your library files are stored"-more information: - and steps 5 to 8 in

    12/2015 - "after you change the location of the iTunes Media folder to a different location, you must use the"consolidate library"command so that iTunes copy media files to the new location.  iTunes has to do, so that iTunes can keep track of where all the media files are stored.  It is a menu bar control->-> library-> organize the file library, and then consolidate the files (checkbox). "

  • How we call the artist names duplicate downloading iTunes music

    I intend to load the next album by the pop group The Dutch Amsterdam based on iTunes via CD Baby. However, when you search for the Dutch on iTunes, you will find several artists who are appointed the Dutch, which my group:

    My only Dutch group has been around since 1983, up to now, Sony has released two albums of the 1980s in iTunes (that well-being is and under the Surface). I think he deserve our own corner on iTunes and Spotify, etc.. And not to be mixed with an American guy who uses our name and free dance stuff.

    So my question is, how can we get Apple differentiate between two or more artists with the same name, which is the Dutch?

    We are only users like you and don't know the inner workings of the iTunes Store.  If it is like iTunes and simply seeks these words in the artist field so there is no way to distinguish the two artists, unless one of them changes. Even in this case it would probably not be retroactive for items already released.

    This might interest you: nd-name-as-a-brand /

  • The artist is missing in iTunes 12.5

    Hey everybody,

    First off I use iTunes 12.5.1 and iOS 10.0.1 on my iPhone and Macbook Air SE respectively.

    In earlier versions of iOS and iTunes, iTunes automatically added the artist to my music collection. No, no cover. Work of the artist.

    Above you can see the travelling artist has an empty work, while Pete Murray has the artist's work

    The two artists have all their albums with the correct names and correct work, but the only difference between the two is that I bought one of the albums of Pete Murray. So why passenger disappeared? How can I add it back?

    Thank you for your help,


    Hello, apparently it has something to do with the songs "purchased." Apple have decided that if you ripped an album, or downloaded from a different location, you get a pink microphone.

  • When I sort by artist in my music, I want to see individual artists for songs, NOT the artist album called various.  Is this possible?

    I have an album called Billboard Hits 1962.  It's a compilation with several artists on the album album.  I notice that I can import music from my iPhone, but when I want to watch my music by artist, he ONLY see me the ARTIST of the ALBUM, not the artist of the song.

    Is it possible to change this so that I see an album or various artists, but when I list by the artist see the list of individual artists not the different which he named everyone.

    I tried every setting in iTunes to set up and that you can find no way to see the artists of the real song.


    GoTo view > Explorer > show Navigator column > audit of the United Nations 'use album artist '.

    Also... Read this... Grouping of tracks in albums

  • I have more than music in itunes my ipod can hold, the last time I synced, there was a box to synchronize playlists only, now it's over so how can I now sync playlists only, you can see?

    I have more than music in itunes my ipod can hold, the last time I synced, there was a box to synchronize playlists only, now it's over so how can I now sync playlists only, you can see?

    Select the iPod in iTunes (click on its button on the device on the horizontal bar) to show its settings screen in the iTunes window.  The side left (in the sidebar), under settings, click music.  To the right, the settings screen of music from iPod, where you tell iTunes how to sync songs to the iPod.

    NOTE: All of the songs on the iPod that are not in your iTunes library (on the computer) will be lost.

    Check the box to Sync music (if it isn't already).  Below, choose the option synchronize playlists, artists, albums, and genres.  Below, under playlists, select (check) the playlists you want on the iPod.  You can also select other articles on other lists, as you wish.  Click Apply to sync your selection to iPod.

    Further, iTunes automatically updated the iPod with the changes made to the selected part of the iTunes music library.  For example, if you update a list of selected reading (add/remove songs), updates iTunes, the iPod with the same changes the next time you connect (or click Sync if already connected).

  • Subscription of Apple's music, but the songs of the artist some are grayed out. Why?

    Hi, I am subscribed recently to Apple music that supposedly gives you access to anything whatsoever in the iTunes music store, but I came across a large number of titles by artists who are grayed out.  Not in my main library, but in iTunes Radio, and if I add tracks from my library, they are still grayed out.

    I active iCloud and I disconnected and returned but that only fixed not.

    Can someone explain this?


    Tracks greyed out are not available for release and cannot be added to my music. I presume that the holders of these titles gave no permission to use Apple.


  • ITunes is separating the artists and albums! ID3 are correct...

    I updated my Itunes to this week on my Windows 10. A week before I organized my music library so I know perfectly how to treat the ID3 tags and how to fix it when Itunes is separating an album or artist. But since I updated the version that I have a lot of bugs, Itunes separates almost everything! When I add a new song (not on Itunes store but outside source) of an artist that I have in my library, it is not added to the artist was, but create a new section of aritst, with exactly the same artist name / sometimes it says "unknown aritst" instead, even if the the aritst ID3 tag is correct. I tried to play with the tags, but nothing helped. Another bug is when you edit the tags of some songs by the artist and manually write the tag Album name to get the songs separated by albums - in this case, Itunes is separating each song a new section of the artist, and all have the same aritst name & album!

    I'm crazy and I really need help to fix it somehow, I want my library will organize



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