iTunes music NOT bought on my QNAP TS-251 +.


I just bought a QNAP TS-251 + to move my music and photos to an external storage and a server to share with all my currency. I moved my "ITunes music" folder to my QNAP and configure the iTunes server. I have most of my music, but not everything I have purchased from Apple. I am at a loss on what I got wrong or how to fix it.

Someone has an answer to this query?


Hello Jumpheron,

Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

In my view, there are problems with some of your music will not be transferred to an external HD. I recommend you review the following article to ensure he didn't no that whatever this is ignored when moving from your library.

How to move your iTunes library to a new computer

Best regards.

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  • ITunes music not playing on the Palm Pre

    Okay, I need to confirm a hunch.  I have a PRE with 1.3.1 software.  Sync my Itunes with it and when I tried to playback, I noticed a few songs not played.  It didn't matter if I bought them in Itunes or not.  Some songs have been purchased and some did not.  After studying, I looked at the details for all the songs that have been downloaded.

    Songs that play: M4A 

    The songs that do not have: m4p

    I did find the information on this subject.  Thanks in advance for the answers pertaining to this.  I have a feeling it has to do with a kind of protection that has since been laid off from Itunes.

    OK, here's the link and answers on Itunes formatted.  Instructions include how to check and convert protected songs on Itunes DRM free (impossible to copy).  Also shows that you can see how your library is protected BEFORE you agree to pay for the upgrade.

    Note:  It is for anyone who has had problems playing some of their songs Itunes on their Palm and I wondered why some work and some aren't.

  • transfer the music library (not bought) one Apple ID to another

    DH has used my iTunes/AppleID account download her CD to the Mac, and then on his iPod.  He recently got an iPhone with its own AppleID.

    We would like to have the iPod and put all his music not purchased on his new iPhone with its new AppleID.  How can I transfer his playlist of music not bought at its new Apple ID?

    Whenever I have to 'create' a new iTunes Library, even when I'm out of iTunes, it automatically opens with all my music and my iPhone connects via WiFi.

    DH has used my iTunes/AppleID account to download her CD on Mac

    In fact, he was using your iTunes library, not your iTunes account or Apple ID.  When you import the songs from the music CD, your Apple ID is not involved.

    Is "DH", the initials of the other user?  If DH does not have its own computer, create a new user account on shared Mac.  You can do this in the Preferences system users & groups window.  If you are the primary user, you can make DH user Standard (not administrator) account.  In this way, the Admin authorization ("your authorization") is necessary to make changes to the system for the Mac.  Log out of your user account and have DH, sign in to his new account user and things together upwards to use his Apple ID.  When it runs iTunes in this new user account, it's HIS iTunes library, not your library.

    Return to your user account, scrunch a new folder (on the desktop) and name it something like the Songs of DH (or whatever you want).  In the window iTunes (with your normal iTunes library), use some view is more convenient to show your library iTunes music.  Dragged the songs of DH of the iTunes window to this new folder on the desktop.  For example, if these songs from music CD, using the view Albums can be more convenient, because you can drag entire albums in the folder.  iTunes copy the song files in the folder of Songs DH .

    Once the file has all his songs, copy it to a shared location.  You can use the folder users / shared , which is accessible from two user accounts.  Have DH to connect to his user account.

    NOTE: You can enable the fast user switch to keep the two users connected at the same time, to save time when switching.  Password is still required to switch between user accounts, but you can ignore the disconnection and crosses the login screen.

    Drag the DH songs folder from the shared location and drop onto the iTunes window, to add songs from the iTunes library.  OR, in the iTunes menu bar, use the command file-> add to library , and select the folder of Songs of DH .  Once the songs in its iTunes library, connect the iPhone and set up the synchronization as you wish.

  • When I changed my Apple ID on my music I bought on iTunes in the cloud has not transferred

    When I changed my Apple ID on my iPad music I bought on iTunes in the cloud has not transferred


    Bought on iTunes on a single Apple account ID may not be transferred to another.

    In order to see your purchases tap Settings > iTunes and App Store > Apple ID > Sign Out

    Then log in with the Apple ID, you bought the contents of iTunes.

  • If I can ask my iTunes Library to remove all music NOT purchased through iTunes?


    I have a lot of music in my library that I listen to is no longer too. Wort that has not been purchased through iTunes.

    I want to know if there is a way of querying my iTunes library and the extraction of all the music that was NOT bought and delete?

    I noticed that when you look at the information in the files, if the property was purchased, and then it has a field 'Date purchased' and ' purchased by. So these could be used to identify the music purchased/non-bought.

    Or is there another way?

    Thank you


    I choose all the songs and delete the batch... (you can always drag the strange folder separated on the desktop if you want to keep an album you have imported etc..) You can add it back later.

    Then, go to Playlists - making sure that you are connected to your iTunes account - and select those purchased you want to return by clicking on them...

  • Netflix bought through iTunes does not give me the option 4K

    Netflix bought through iTunes does not give me the option 4K

    What, instead, have you done so far? Netflix Checked site help or a FAQ section? Contacted Netflix? If none of these give a solution contacted iTunes Support (

  • ITunes sees not music in itunes folder transferred to the new computer

    I copied and transferred my iTunes folder from an old hard drive to new drive but when you open the iTunes application, he does not see the music in the iTunes folder.  I think it may be related to that of the old iTunes folder now in the new computer.  I have more access to the old hard drive, only the copies on external drives, so I cannot consolidate the music in one folder using iTunes.

    The iTunes media folder location has been given as C:\Users\User\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media and I replaced the iTunes on the new C drive folder with my old iTunes folder copied.

    In this folder iTunes are the following:

    -Working album Art folder

    Press Kit - iTunes (6.8 GB)

    -Automatically add to iTunes folder

    -File mobile applications

    -Record music

    (individual files music here)

    music iTunes-(5.6 GB) file

    (other individual files music here)

    -Mobile Applications folder

    -Previous iTunes libraries folder

    2 iTunes library .itl file

    2 options in iTunes, the itl files library

    library engineering 2 iTunes, itl files

    1 iTunes music library xml file

    So I don't see that the music data in the iTunes folder, but I don't know what is wrong.

    Can anyone suggest what I need to do?

    Thank you.

    Restart iTunes while holding the SHIFT key, and then point it to the new location of the library.

  • I backed up my iTunes library and then wiped and restored my computer the moved my library back and reconnected to iTunes. Now iTunes does not show that the music is on my hard drive. He only sees in the clouds. How iTunes to make my paper copies

    I had to restore my computer. I backed up iTunes to an external restore then imported my library back to the original location in my home folder. Then I restarted iTunes with the option key and reopened my library. iTunes is not recognizing that the original music files are on my computer, he thinks that they are alone in the cloud. How iTunes to see the files on my computer?

    You back up and restore this way?

    Moving a library: quick response if you use preferences by default iTunes settings: copy the folder integer iTunes (and to ensure that all of its subfolders and files) intact at the other disk, hold down the option/ALT key to start iTunes and on request to select a library select iTunes Library.itl file in the copied folder.

  • Help! I installed yesterday the music notes with approximately 900 MB of free space on my iPhone 8 gb 5 c. When I tried to record a song of the trial, I got a message saying that I had no space on my phone. ITunes says I have 2.7 GB on the other!

    Help! I installed yesterday the music notes with approximately 900 MB of free space on my iPhone 8 gb 5 c. When I tried to record a song of the trial, I got a message saying that I had no space on my phone. ITunes says I have 2.7 GB on the other! Anyone else had this?

    I did a full restore and got 2.9 GB of free space, but in an hour (without using phone at all) I was at 0 MB of free space. Phone is unusable!

    Anyone who has had this and what I can do about it?

    Since your not sure what the 'others' are I would recommend you to restore your iPhone. I know that you will lose all your data, but not restore from a backup of iCloud so start as a new phone. You can back up your choice and if necessary to write all your contacts on a sheet of paper and then add hide them. Depending on the severity, you want that storage

  • iTunes does not transfer music to iPhone

    Hi all, thanks for your help and input here.

    I am trying to download/rip my collection of music (albums about 550 or 650 ~ disks - CD hardware purchased) from an external drive (3 TB WD My Passport) ALAC encoded on an iPhone 6 128 GB, 256 KB AAC conversion. I have problems, and the transfer is not going through properly.

    First, about 10% of the cover album aren't people in iTunes on the iTunes platform.  And iTunes says it is impossible to find or source of internet etc.  These are generally widely available commercial very common releases, not obscure or esoteric point etc.

    Play the songs (from the My Passport external drive) on my computer in iTunes.

    More seriously, when I try to transfer from iTunes (music/album stored on / from external hard drive) to my iPhone, transfer of metadata, albums & songs etc, but only about 10% of the songs transfer (full 10% of the total transferred number of song, 90% there is nothing there - empty boat).

    I can't understand what is wrong.

    I read these forums extensively to find if the answer is there, and I wasn't able to find an answer or a solution.

    -No confusion with "Various Artists" or the problems of assimilation / dealing with slightly different names to the band or the band members. "

    -I do not think that there are problems of marking, see no indication, but do not know how to check.  I don't know what marking questions are.

    -The music files are not corrupt, they play through the app iTunes on my laptop.

    -There is no shortage of storage space (I use only ~ 220 GB on a 3 TB WD external drive).

    -There is no shortage of storage space available on my iPhone 6 (I have the 128 GB, with about 100 GB free & available model), tearing in 256kbs AAFC of ALAC.

    -I went into Preferences - Advanced and changed the default path to the source of the external drive, also makes this place my library.

    If you can help save the day here, it would be greatly appreciated.  :-)

    Essential data:

    Running latest version of iTunes (12.3.2) and iOS (9.2) on HP laptop running Windows 7.

    External hard drive formatted in NTFS.

    External hard drive connected via a USB cable for the drive in the laptop.

    I copied a large collection of music (about 550 albums ~ 650 discs including the double albums etc.) to another NAS (WD MyCound EX2 to WD My Passport 3 TB).  I did in Windows, via simple copy and paste.  The transfer looks like he knew perfectly.  Structures of files are all there, the songs, work etc, looks that he transferred perfectly.  They play in iTunes on my laptop.

    sometimes iTunes is unable to download illustrations. Don't really know why. Google image search is your friend. If you use Chrome copy and paste directly from a web page, drag the file on your computer, and then to iTunes but you may have a closure of a pixel in the transferred image.

    Incorporate all the illustrations for the best results when moving and media transcoding.

    Changing the location of media file doesn't tell iTunes where to look for the media that has already been added to the library. See make a library of portable split to the bottom and your iTunes for Windows with SyncToy library backup for a proposed backup method.

    iTunes and NAS plays well together, but NAS is appropriate as a destination for a backup.

    You use the built-in iTunes feature that makes sampled versions AAC that you synchronize, or do you do your own parallel collection?


  • iTunes billed me and I have not bought anything, why am I being charged

    iTunes billed me and I have not bought anything, why am I being charged

    How you find that iTunes charged you to? Did you receive some type of email? Maybe it's a phishing attempt. If not that, then check this attachment on the credit card holder. iTunes Store fees on credit and debit card statements - Apple Support

    If it's a load full that you are not aware of what you can see on your credit card statement, then you can go to and inform the staff of iTunes. You also have the option to contact support iTunes here.

  • iTunes will not transfer music to iPhone

    I transferred a few CD on my mac in itunes. They play very well.

    I'm trying to move these songs on my iPhone, but they appear right on my phone as being in the cloud.

    iTunes will not transfer them directly from the computer to the phone.

    It is not giving me the option manually the music either, only videos and custom manager allow drag and drop on the phone.

    Can anyone help?

    Looks like you have iTunes game or iCloud music library enabled, do you think?  If so you are unable to manage the synchronization of the iPhone directly from iTunes.

  • ATV4 is not iTunes Music

    My new ATV4 is not iTunes music, how can I fix?

    If you mean that you can not buy the Apple TV music, then unfortunately it works correctly.

    If you have any suggestions that you think might improve Apple TV you can send your feedback here at Apple

  • I have iTunes for Windows 10.  iTunes will not play the music through my internal speakers when they are defined by default.  iTunes will play through the headset.  My speakers will play with other applications.  Why is this?

    I have iTunes on Windows 10.  iTunes does not recognize my internal speakers when other applications will recognize them.  I can use the helmet without a problem.  Why is this?

    If you go to iTunes/Edit/Preferences/reading and select 'Audio Direct' for 'use of Audio play '.  Then log off iTunes and back log and you should be able to hear through your headphones.  Good luck!

  • Imported CD, music not sync iPad Mini

    I got the music from a CD in my iTunes library. They appear on my phone just fine, but when I try to sync my iPad Mini, all music from the physical CD that I imported from is not displayed. I had this problem before, and I couldn't fix re-importing each CD - something that took forever!

    Is there a solution to this? In addition, files that I downloaded on the internet show no more.

    It seems that only my music who bought on the iTunes Store is. I have 'entire music library' selected when I click 'sync '.

    Solved by talking to a representative in person

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