iTunes playlists/media, missing since the update of the sierra

It will be difficult to explain, but my Mac threw a fit when I updated for sierra.  Initially, I lost my entire library.  It's on an external drive and sierra seemed to point to the default library.  Called Apple and they said the "file multimedia iTunes was missing.   Sharp itunes for the external drive and he could not see.  Probably because of the missing multimedia iTunes file.  Took an hour of round Mobile files and the technician left me with the items to copy and said "that should do it."  After that a few hours I received a message that the hard drive was full!  Somehow he had copied to files and duplicate the hard disk.  All my playlists were too with the counties of game and bookmarks missing from TV etc.   Some worked me and somehow got all this back and forth, the whole lot, but now I have 2 files on the external HARD drive.  the one with the real files (less the multimedia file mentioned previously).  The other file has files itl etc. and the iTunes media inside as well as the illustrations, BUT in the preferences folder, the library is pointing to the folder which has just the files in it and NOT all the info in there library database.   It works, what's more to say apples, fix, but it's a weird way of working and im about to move my library to a new drive and I see bad to come.  Can I move the two files to new HARD drive? If yes how it will find my playlist information and files when they are distributed in 2 files.  My apologies for what is long. Thanks for the pointers

Preferences do not "point" on location of media except to say iTunes to put whatever it is added from this point, the to this place. The only thing pointing to the location of media is each individual line in the .itl file entries.  It seems to me that you used to have a shared library with multimedia files on a drive along with the rest of the library support on your disk files inside.  You do not specify what has happened when you "lost" your library.  If you say that you lost playlists and counters that it sounds to me like you are creating a new library (.itl) starting with a white and adding media to him to get a stand-alone library the way things normally are.  Personally, I wish that you had come here first because we probably could have cured it all in 5 minutes, being a little more than a power - a by-the-book mindset. There is probably an easy fix, but now everything has been confused by you and Apple apparently trying to get everything back up to the main drive I don't know where we are.

You have a backup from before doing the update?  You still need a backup.  If you do then things likely to find without too much problem.

Are your files on the external hard drive always as they were before?  You have two folders in library in your music folder? You must be old. Try starting iTunes while holding down the option/alt key and when you are prompted to select the .itl file in the old folder.  This is the file 'pointing' for your multimedia files on the external hard drive and containing of playlists, ratings, date added, etc.

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    It works very well in the Sierra.  Simply press the button longer.

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    based on a similar proposal posted to correct the problem by adding these lines in /etc/php.ini solved this problem:



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    Try the Finder preferences > sidebar and uncheck and then recheck "Drives" in the section "devices."

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    But the files have been saved in any normal place and install Firefox 8 caused a lot of problems, lost data and time.

    See you soon,.

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    You need to install the driver Bluetooth and other drivers on your computer. You can find the drivers on the website of the manufacturer of your computer.
    If you want to keep them updated so that your computer works to its full potential, then I suggest that you install RadarSync.
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    I think that I found the solution to my problem.  I made a copy of the Adobe Premiere plug ins folder C:/Program Files/Adobe/Common/Plug-ins/7.0/MediaCore and saved as a backup to my desktop.  I have emptied the original file of all the plugins and reinstalled plugins via the website of red giant and then reactivated their inserting the code.

    Fingers crossed, it seems to work.

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    -R Lee

    There is a difficulty for you. There is a fix from microsoft that you can apply. This produces same FM 8 and 9. Copy and paste this link in your browser of web Once you get there click on the key and screwdriver on the left side of the page. Agree to the terms of the user. Then choose your operating system, then enter your email (it will come by email). Then open the email scroll down and then click on the link to download the Dungeon open cause e-mail, you will need the password when you unpack it. Once you have unpacked it run the .exe file. Once that is complete, try to print your FM book rember to open all the chapters in your book and check these temporary files. I would like to know if it works for you.

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    Best regards


    Maybe after the upgrade, you must re - connect to iCloud.   You could try to go to Apple system/preferences/iCloud and see.

    I don't have not yet upgraded to Sierra pending the resolution of any problem of bug.



  • Unusable since the Sierra mail upgrade

    When first, I upgraded my iMAC to Sierra (10.12), Mail would crash whenever I tried to select the "Sent" folder Most of the other cases could access fine; some would also Mail crashing. Sierra of re-installed, no luck.

    Today, mail started crashing on a few other issues. Then, finally, he crashed altogether and will reopen; whenever I try to open the application, I get a "Mail quit unexpectedly" dialog and dump. I think it's the most relevant information:

    Crashed thread: 6 dispatch queue: - qos

    Exception type: EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT)

    Exception codes: 0 x 0000000000000000, 0 x 0000000000000000

    Note the exception: EXC_CORPSE_NOTIFY

    Request for clarification:

    Reason for termination due to an untrapped exception "NSInvalidArgumentException" app,: '-[NSNull length]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x7fffb4d7cf10'

    Abort() called

    ending with an exception uncaught of print type

    Once more, I reinstalled Sierra, but still cannot open the Mail at all. Any thoughts?

    Hi PTDiMarzio,

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple.

    You can correct Mail Mac OS X 10.12 Sierra does not ("Mail quit unexpectedly") by removing the folder container "" Mac OS X saves the locations of the window and documents open most programs to restore them when the program is started after you quit smoking. Sometimes after upgrading from Mac OS X to the latest version, there may be some problems of manipulation with the prior consent of the State of the mail which could lead to Sierra registered mail is not an answer and crashing.

    How to remove the Mail from the saved state:

    1. Force quit Mail app ('Application is not responding do not"question!).
    2. Go to the Finder.
    3. Hold the Option key and select 'library' in the menu 'go. '
    4. Go to the folder 'containers > > data > library > state saved application' and move the folder called "" to the trash.
    5. Empty the trash.
    6. Restart your Mac.
    7. Mail recovery.

    Hope this will help.

    See you soon!

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