iTunes Store - sign problem

When I try to download the update of applications using my iPhone 5 and the iTunes store an old, obsolete Apple ID is no longer in use is indicated - how can I change my current Apple ID in order to then use my current password and sign correctly


Applications (and anything else downloaded from the store) are linked to the account that has downloaded, so your old account can only download updates of its applications - if you want linked to your new account, you will need to remove these applications from your phone and buy/download on your new account

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  • iTunes store pointer problems

    I use iTunes on a PC x 64 Win10. The iTunes Store is normal except for the movies section. The mouse pointer is not aligned with his actions. The pointer appears several inches upward and to the right of the 'click' action takes place. I've updated to the latest version of iTunes, video drivers, Win10 and Logitech mouse software software. The store displays / reacts normally until I go to the movies section, and then the mouse pointer simply does not work properly. I can move the pointer on the screen and see film selections "light up" out of one side of the pointer and can select a movie to rent or buy, but it's all or nothing and I can't use the slider bars or points click on the right side of the screen to store. The app store on my iPhone 6 works as advertised. Any suggestions?

    Make sure all Windows fonts scaling of the display option are set to 100%.

    In iTunes in Edition > Preferences > advanced press reset the Cache.


  • Cannot open iTunes Store, but can play music in iTunes

    iTunes opens normally. Plays music from my library without any problem. Access radio stations and 'my account' with no problems BUT the iTunes Store will be open.

    This is true for my account and my wife. I can access iTunes and the iTunes Store without problems on other machines.

    I started by reinstalling iTunes without result - and again with "revo uninstaller - clean the registry with CCleaner. No change
    Disabled the firewall, but no difference.
    Windows open in Mode safe mode (with networking) with everything accept turned off Apple programs. No luck.
    Ran sfc/scannow - no problem.
    Trouble Shooting compatibility - fair States "iTunes is incompatible" with no solution.
    I tried iTunes support but is too slow
    Tried to "Just Ask", who tried to solve it, but without success.
    Has anyone out there had this problem.

    Hi David, 65.

    This looks like a problem with iTunes itself. You must follow with the help of iTunes for better assistance.

  • [Bug] Problem with fonts in iTunes Store caused by Helvetica

    More than 5 years the users report problems of police in the iTunes store.

    End of 2015, version, I just see that this bug is not resolved:

    iTunes store shows correctly, but when I activate the police "Helvetica Neue Condensed Bold - OpenType - PS, foundry Linotype AF", here's what it looks like:

    I really hope that developers will find a solution to questions of the police in the future. May use... Google fonts?

    Do you mean allowing police Helvetica Neue Condensed Bold is a problem, or correct a?

    Apple Developer don't read these forums. You can report a problem via the relevant feedback form, for example iTunes Feedback, or sign up for free one has Apple Developer Connection and make use of reporting bugs to Apple.


  • DPS / / finished App - no sign in the itunes store

    Hi all!

    I recently completed an application multifolio for the itunes store. I tested it on my ipad and it worked just great. After that I sent it to apple, and I got my approval. I waited 24 hours and nothing happens.

    Details that might help:

    I launched the first folio as a simple editing application. Which worked out perfectly. He has appeared in the app store, people were able to download - no problem at all. And then, I built a new version of multifolio with the same app information and is sent to apple by replacing the old single edition. Now, I know for a fact that is generally not a problem at all as long as you use the same application for the new information. As I said, I ran a few tests on my ipad. Downloaded magazines. Everything went very well. But after I received the email from apple saying that my application has been approved and is now ready sale app disappeared completely. There is still no sign of simple editing.

    Anyone know what could have gone wrong?

    Thanks in advance!

    Do you mean that the app is not showing in iTunes? Wait a minute, it takes a while after approval of things to rush their system. If she isn't still here after that 24 hour contact support at Apple developers.


  • I have problems with my Apple ID when you download applications, that it is said that your ID Apple has not yet been used in the iTunes Store

    I have problems with my Apple ID when you download applications, that it is said that your ID Apple has not yet been used in the iTunes Store

    What exactly is the problem? You are also being invited to review the account and enter payment details? If you did you are your details accepted - if they are, you should be able to remove them then.

  • I can't connect to the iTunes store. He repeats to me could not connect to the iTunes store. How can I solve this problem?

    I am unable to redeem or to connect to my apple account. I constantly get a message saying "cannot connect to iTunes Store. My internet is not the problem because I'm connected to other things on my phone. How can I solve this problem?

    According to Apple, it seems to be a problem and they are studying. Check this site to see when it gets corrected.

  • I changed my Apple ID online, but it has not changed on my iPad. Now, I can not sign into the iTunes store. How can I change my Apple ID on my iPad?

    I changed my Apple ID online because the email was no longer valid. However, my ID Apple has not changed on my iPad. Now, I can not sign into the iTunes store on my iPad. How can I change the Apple ID on my iPad?

    Tap your id in settings > iTunes and App Store and tap "sign out" on the context menu and connect you then back with the version update of your account. Similarly, if you use the same account, log in and return to iCloud, FaceTime, and Messages: what to do when you have changed your Apple ID email address or password - Apple support

  • I read all the steps to correct the problem that my iPhone cannot connect to the iTunes Store, but still nothing worked if you know one

    my iPhone is running on iOS 9.0.1 5s and I have not upgraded my phone to the latest version because last time when I've upgraded to the latest version of iOS 9. I met a major problem. Was my opinion bar stucked half screen that leaves me unable to do anything on the screen. I tried to turn off but turn off the logo has not changed leaving me very frustrated and finally after waiting for a long time, until my battery, I have finally got rid of this issue. But now a new problem of unable to connect to iTunes Store has highlighted and with to my surprise I'm not new to the problem. Hope you could do something apart from the measures to solve the problem because it did not work. Please do not suggest that you should upgrade to the latest version

    Is there an error or a message when you try to connect to the iTunes Store?

    What have you already tried? Reboot? Reset?

  • problems connecting to iTunes store

    For the last week or two, I was unable to connect to the iTunes store.

    I use a MacBook Pro running OSX El Capitan v 10.11.2 mid-2010

    8GB memory with a 2.66 GHz Intel Core i7

    I am running the latest version of iTunes v

    My wifi works well, I have no problem with browsing the internet, I can connect to the App Store, I can connect my Apple ID.

    I checked the date/time settings, I refreshed cookies, I reset my router, it turned off for 10 minutes, rebooted, rebooted the computer, stop, watched keychains, but apparently not s.o.s. keychain more, so I'm not sure if this may be the question. I disabled the iTunes Store into preferences and stop iTunes, restarted, reactivated, rebooted, without success. I don't get an error message, all I get is "access to iTunes store...". "with the blue loading bar, but it does not seem to connect to the store. I tried another Apple ID with the same result. I also cancelled the computer. So far nothing has had no effect whatsoever. Any ideas/advice/suggestions on other things to try?

    Thank you

    Oh and I also tried to adjust the firewall as well... no luck.

    And I have no problem connecting to the iTunes store on my iPhone which is on the same network. Or logging in to other things apple with my Apple ID related she seems to be a purely iTunes on the Macbook, related question.

  • Anyone having problems with itunes store screen flashing?

    I tried to access itunes store on two different systems, windows 7 and windows 10 and both screens flash repeatedly in the itunes store. The reading list and my music screen does not flash. I talked to support and uninstalled and reinstalled itunes and it always does. Is there a problem with the itunes store?

    I have the same problem with the blinking screen

  • I am unable to connect to itunes store, reset the winsock files, but can't seem to be struck from the register. does anyone know how to solve this problem, so I can run itunes?

    Since I updated my version of itunes that I could not connect to the itunes store and itunes was insensitive. I worked for a month with an Apple Advisor on this problem and put us the winsock files, but they are still some how in the register and refuse to be deleted. does anyone know how to remove these registry files you?

    IM losing my mind unable to update my ipod or iPhone... Help!


    1. don't you make changes on the computer before the show?
    2. What is the accurate and complete error message that appears on the computer?

    You can try to follow the suggestion contained in the link and check.
    Unable to connect to the iTunes Store

    You can also view the application in the community of Apple support for further assistance.
    See the links in the help.
  • iTunes Store stuck download

    I recently bought an iPad mini 4.  In the iTunes Store began downloading the songs and then stopped these songs (an album) are no longer available in the store.  I can't remove the stuck downloads.  IPad power off (by pressing home and the button simultaneously) does not work.  Any ideas?

    Hi eileenfromlansing,

    Thank you for joining the communities Support from Apple! After reading your post, I see that you have some songs that got stuck download inside of the app Store in iTunes for your iPad. I know it's nice to keep this clear list downloads, so I'm happy to offer assistance.

    Take a look at this article to see what to do if a purchase iTunes Store stops unexpectedly download:

    When an iTunes Store purchase ceases unexpectedly download - Apple Support

    The steps described in the article are more orientated the resumption of downloads, rather than delete them, so if you get no took them and completely downloaded on the iPad, you can certainly remove it from the application of music once they are made download. Otherwise, if they are still stuck, you can try to slide your finger to the left on each of them and the 'DELETE' option should appear.

    If you find that the steps outlined in the article do not solve your problem, I recommend that you sign out of your Apple ID in settings > iTunes, App Store, restart your device, then reconnect to check the iTunes Store app to see if they are still there.

    Have a great day!

  • Why the downloaded songs instead of match when I can find them in the itunes store

    Having just signed up iTunes Match half of my songs are displayed as downloaded instead of correspondence? Here are the songs of great artists that I have no problem to find in the iTunes store. I kept my well-organized music with regard to album etc names, so there should be no problem for these songs. Is there a reason for this, or better yet is there a way to re-scan the songs? If you'd be grateful if someone could help.

    Thanks in advance!

    You should get better results than that. From my experience, about 85 percent of current music main gets matched. A much lower percentage could mean that the quality of the originals is not very good, which often happens with material vinyl source. The tracks that don't fit get whatever it is have in common?

  • My iphone says "cannot connect to itunes store.

    I was not able to connect to the itunes store, went to google, found process starting with the signing of iTunes, then re-signing in. Did it, but without a signature success! Password is correct, but get messgae "check failed: there was an error connecting to the Apple Server ID."


    If it's on the phone-

    Sign up for iPhone

    Disconnect from the iCloud

    Do a forced reboot - after all open applications using the app Chooser - invoked by fast double pressing the home button and drag upwards on each app until it disappears from the screen.

    Meet the sleep/wake and home buttons down until you see the logo  - then release and allow normal start upward

    Then reconnect and see if the problem resolves

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