iTunes will not take my Danish credit card and does not leave my country to change since I live in Spain. So I can't enter my Spanish credit card because it won't let me change the country before giving another card... I don't know what to do?

I recently moved to Spain, but I'm not allowed to type in my Spanish credit card because it won't let me change the country. It keeps telling me that I have to put in a card that works. But as soon as I put in my Danish credit card, it will not accept it? I have to money to iTunes, then, what is the problem?


What happens when you try to change your country on your account, you follow these instructions: change your iTunes Store country or region - Apple Support ? While in Spain, you can only use the Spanish store, and you can use a card issued by a Spanish bank (and who is registered in the same name and address you put on your account)

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    Hi renaeb,

    Would you go to the Windows menu in Photoshop and check the option framework application from the drop-down list.



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    EITHER back up front what!

    Please post a report of EtreCheckof your system. We then look for obvious problems. Please click on the link, download the application and run the report. Once you have the report, please copy and paste into your response to this post.

    If you would like more information on what is EtreCheck, just click on the link and you will find a description of the application.

  • Zip files will not open. Maybe I changed the program open to them. I installed Nero.

    I think I've inadvertently assigned will not open another program to open the files and now zip files/pictures with Nero or Windows photo

       Restore point:

    Do Safe Mode system restore, if it is impossible to do in Normal Mode.

    Try typing F8 at startup and in the list of Boot selections, select Mode safe using ARROW top to go there > and then press ENTER.

    Try a restore of the system once, to choose a Restore Point prior to your problem...

    Click Start > programs > Accessories > system tools > system restore > choose another time > next > etc.


    If the above does not work:

    Restore the .exe Windows Vista file association, after badly with another application


    For Windows Vista file association problems


    How to set file Associations:

    How do I... Change file extension associations in Windows Vista?

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Drop-down menu auto-remplit but will not be updated if you change the selection?

    Hi all

    I'm having a problem with the auto fill to a text field based on the selection in a drop-down list. While the script is running in the first case, if I go back and change my selection as result calculations be updated based on the new selection.

    I used the following script Auto Fill a field of text (called "stndwatt") based on the drop-down menu selection. The drop-down field is called "ProductLineOne":

    var v = this.getField("ProductLineOne").value;

    If (v == "3000K T10 (Tube) '") event.value = "21";

    else if (v == "4000K T10 (Tube) '") event.value = "21";

    else if (v == "5000K T10 (Tube) '") event.value = "21";

    else if (v == "6000K T10 (Tube) '") event.value = "21";

    else if (v == "HBZ (100W Bay)") event.value = "100";

    else if (v == "HBZ (150W Bay)") event.value = '150 ';

    else if (v == "HBZ (200W Bay)") event.value = "200";

    The text field ("stndwatt") is actually hidden and is only required to be part of other subsequent calculations - I don't know if this is a factor?

    If you can please advise what I can do to make the field to update when a new selection is made in the drop-down box, it would be much appreciated!

    I'm just a beginner so please keep this in mind

    Thank you!!!

    You must make sure that the field calculation order is correct. See

    as it is a calculated field that is used in other calculations, you should

    Make sure it is higher on the list compared to the fields that use its value

    for their own calculation, that is to say that its calculated before them.

    You can set this order in form editing mode, via the game of - other - jobs

    Field calculation order.

  • my black screen I have VAC see windows in the back on the ground. its similar light was released. don't know what to do

    my screen is dark I see windows in the back ground is as the light went out, I have a toshiba satellite

    Hi markhelmig,

    -How long have you had this problem?

    -What software changes you did on the computer before the show?

    -Does the problem occur when you browse the web using Internet Explorer?

    Your question does contain all the required information necessary for us to help you. Please include more information to continue troubleshooting as a result.

    Please see How to ask questions and provide the information required to help others.

    In the meantime, see the following articles:

    Ways to improve display quality

    Get the best display on your monitor

    Adjust the brightness and contrast of your monitor

  • Audio missing part of the element in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, don't know what the problem is. Help?

    I use Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 on a MacBook Air. (I use an external hard drive for files and the project, don't worry). I'm editing an average movie film I already filmed and stored on my hard drive, however the audio is missing part of a clip when I open it in the program. When I play the original video in QuickTime format, the sound is fine. In Premiere Pro, the audio works at the beginning of the clip, then it just suddenly stops at a certain point and does not return. It stops at the same place everytime I play it. I tried to open Bars and tones, and I hear the tone very well. I tried to look at the audio mixer Panel, and nothing is cut or a smaller volume. I double checked to see if the clip is on and it is indeed turned on. As far as I know, there is no other clips blocking audio somehow. I tried to cut the video with the razor tool to see if he wanted to kickstart audio feedback, still nothing. I tried to change the name of the video. MTS of. AVI (tip, I found online), no change. I have really no idea what is the problem, or why the audio is missing. And I don't understand why it affects only part of the clip. The clip is around 10 - ish minutes and audio works for about the first ten seconds, then stops. He's a longer video which is about 20 minutes in the length, clip, that I'm getting is the last half of the video.

    If someone could help me with this, I would really appreciate it. It's for my graduation project and it is due in like a month, so I'm a bit required for the moment. If you have any other questions, please send them!

    I can't really give you a reason happens, but I can offer you some options to work around him.

    Open the item in Adobe Media Encoder and export it as a WAV file. See if the Audio is finished. If so, put that in first and make a subelement with the original video file.

    Again, NO idea why this might happen, but rather that why worry... Let's see if we can get your finished project.

    Good luck!

  • I can't see the emoticons like I used to (yellow faces) I can't see the symbols just too :) or: P I don't know what to do! can I have a virus or is this just a temporary problem? Help, please!

    is there a link to msn messenger where I could write them?

    Hello Sorineijia,

    Thank you for your message.  What version of Messenger are you using currently?
    You may be able to activate by following the steps below:
    Open MSN Messenger > click Tools > click Options
    Select the 'Messages' tab > make sure that the option 'Enable emoticons' is checked.
    Please let us know if it did or did not help to solve the problem.
    See you soon

    Engineer Jason Microsoft Support answers visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Cloned VM will not match its files after changing the name, svmotion

    Recently, I've cloned a VM, lets say "server1" "clone server 1.  Once the original virtual machine has been removed, the full name of "server1 clone" has been renamed to "Server1."

    OK, generally, to match the files of the virtual machine to its full name, I have storage vmotion virtual machine data to another store.  (Directions:

    Well, that didn't work.  All the files still say 'server1 clone' hard, .vmx, etc etc.

    Running vSphere Enterprise Plus 5.  Is my only way to 'fix', that is to use the console?  Eeek...

    Furthermore, the virtual machine in question is our vCenter server.

    Thank you.

    Known issue:

    / Rubeck

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    FINALLY it worked.   I tried several times to understand what buttons I have pressed and finally press the right one.

    His ' ALT GR and an arrow key phew so happy I've sorted my neck started to hurt trying to read on the screen

  • I lost the url line in my browser. Don't know what I did. How can I get that back?

    I tried to get rid of the lines at the top of my screen of firefox, and I guess I deleted one I shouldn't. Now, there is no url for me line of type in it; No star of gold at the end of the line and not 'down arrow' to bring up my recent address selections.

    Sounds that you hid the Navigation bar.

    Check the toolbars like the toolbar 'Navigation' and the 'personal bar' are visible:

    • Firefox menu button > Options
    • "View > toolbars" (press F10 to display a hidden menu bar)

    Open the window customize to set the toolbar to display items:

    • Firefox menu button > Options
    • View > toolbars (press F10 to make the menu bar to display)
    • Right click on empty toolbar space
    • Make sure the "bookmarks toolbar items" are on the personal bar
    • If the "Bookmarks Toolbar items" is not on the bookmarks toolbar, then FRY it in the toolbar palette in the window the bookmarks toolbar Customize
    • If the missing elements are in the toolbar palette then drag them from the window, customize the toolbar
    • If you do not see an item on a toolbar in the toolbar palette and then click the button "Restore default" to restore the default toolbar set up
  • I use a laptop so I try to lower the bar of menu etc. I don't know what you call the little orange square marked "firefox", but my question is; which can be customized? Is there a function "Auto hide" similar to the taskbar?

    Maybe it's the information that I have forgotten, or it may be something that should be addressed to the suggestion box.

    F11 to optimize screen realestate, try. It will automatically hide all but the main browser window.

  • When I right-click to save an image it won't let me save the image otherwise that as "all files".

    When I right click on an image to make a backup because it won't let me save the image in jpeg format, what is on the menu drop-down is "all files" that records under a bunch of numbers and letters, etc. It save it as an aspx file.

    Try to add the .jpg file extension yourself if Firefox does not when you save an image file.

    If you have already saved images with an incorrect file extension, then rename them and add a .jpg file extension. Check the properties of the file via the context menu to see if that worked.

  • Hello! I live in Brazil, I try to buy the creative cloud to the picture and it does not work because I changed the country! I don't know what's wrong, they say to call this 1800 426 570 phone number but no work at the Brazil! Does anyone know another fo p

    Hello! I live in Brazil, I try to buy the creative cloud to the picture and it does not work because I changed the country! I don't know what's wrong, they say to call this 1800 426 570 phone number but no work at the Brazil! Does anyone know another phone number to provide payment information?

    Hi Luciano,

    Please click on the following link: Contact Customer Care

    *Remember to stay signed with your Adobe ID ( email id used to purchase the subscription ) before accessing the link above*.

    Select the exact options indicated below in the capture to get support of screen options:

    Let us know if that helps.

    Kind regards

    Sandrine Bani

  • After that the last update itunes will not recognize my devices on windows 10

    After that the last update itunes will not recognize my devices on windows 10

    Have you tried these steps? If iTunes does not your iPad, iPhone or iPod - Apple Support

Maybe you are looking for

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