iTunes won't let me use the backup

Today, I got the 6 s, and I'm trying to restore from a backup of my 5s I made earlier today. However when he gives me the options for backups I don't see that I'm looking for. When I plug the s 5 it is said that the last backup of it was today and when I go into preferences back to top shows there. Is there anyway that I can use the back up? Thank you.

Chances are your new phone is not being updated, so that it cannot find the backup that you did on your most recently updated device.

Ex: If only your iPhone's iOS 9.1, backups performed in this version is unusable on phones that are not updated to this version.

Solution: Update your phone! You will have to set up as new, update, then go to settings > General > reset > erase content and settings to reset the phone to factory settings, and then restore from backup!

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