IX2 - usb storage device?

I have a storcenter ix2 and wonder if it can be used as USB storage connected in local device or is it strictly a SIN?

Thank you



The ix2 is strictly a NAS.

However, these things can be circumvented these days.

If you are inclined to do, you can buy a USB adapter to Ethernet and / access handle the actions in this way.

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  • HP Compaq 8100 Elite: Boot interrupted by the USB storage device

    If I have any sort of plugged when starting USB storage device, I just get a blank screen with a blinking cursor.

    I disabled each device start-up apart from the internal SATA hard drive and it still happens.

    Finally I found a BIOS update.

    On the HP consumer Support Site? NO.

    On an alley, ad - ridden, dirty pilots-for-all site.

    Anyway. It worked

  • Impossible to disconnect itself from USB storage devices

    Original title: USB storage devices

    Once more I couldn't properly disconnect a USB storage device because Windows tells me that a program is still using the device. There is no reason for any program to access it then why on earth isn't Windows the task/program name so that I can address the issue instead of having to restart my computer? Of the many irritants "characteristic" of Windows, it is one of the most galling.


    ·        What is present in the USB key?

    ·        Since when are you facing this problem?

    ·        Remember to make changes to the system?

    I suggest you follow the steps mentioned in the article below and check if the problem is resolved.

    Advanced troubleshooting tips for General USB for Windows XP problems


    If there is nothing important in the USB device, I suggest you to format the device and see if the problem still occurs.

    Note: If there is no important data in the USB then, back up data, and then format the USB.

    Thanks and regards.

    Thahaseena M
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer.
    Visit ourMicrosoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • When a pop-up message indicates that a storage device has just been attached and I don't put a USB storage device into the computer at all, what that means?

    From time to time, (isn't that every now and then, not every day or every week) a message appears on the computer screen to notify that "a storage device has been attached... and something or other on a port '-as it would if a new hardware device had just been installed or removed... only, I have not attached at a storage device.

    In fact, apart from the scanner, printer and keyboard connected, which are already inserted until the computer is turned on, no USB storage device or any other thing seized or inserted into the computer when this message is displayed on the lower right screen where the icons on the desktop are,

    Why would this happen unless I had personally inserted/joint a USB stick storage device myself in my computer?

    I'm afraid that maybe someone to access details and store information from a remote location via a storage device? Is this possible?

    And if it's an error of some sort, how to fix this problem?

    Please notify. Thank you.

    This probably means you have a bad USB connection somewhere.  I got this a lot when I used markets good USB hubs.  It also happened a lot on a couple of the USB plugs on my old laptop 4 year, where I had plugged in and out things in them so that the connectors are not as strong as they were when new.  My main office more connected devices above that outputs 4 USB, that I had on the back, so I finally bought a card extension to add 4 more exits USB.  If this is your case, perhaps you could do the same.  Expansion cards are not very expensive, usually in the range of $ 15 to $ 25, and they are fairly simple to install.

    I hope this helps.  Good luck.

  • Deletion of data (step by step) USB storage device

    I need to know how correctly, step by step, remove a usb port connected data storage device. I am currently using, Windows visit Home Premium. Thank you...

    By the clock in the bottom right notification area, you will find an icon. Hovering over it said something like 'remove hardware safely '.

    Double click on this button.

    Find the usb storage device in the hardware list.
    Select this device.
    Click on stop / remove safely

    Wait until you receive a notification that can be removed.
    Remove the USB port.
    If so, you can now safely unplug unit from wall outlet as well.

    I hope this helps.

  • Windows 7 is no longer reads the USB storage devices

    I have a problem similar to some other posts, but different enough so that I write it here.

    When I insert a USB storage device (like a Microcenter * Go Flash) Windows 7 Ultimate just shows a yellow exclamation mark next to the device in Device Manager. OtherDevices, USB Flash drive. Software update driver fails, no update.  Uninstalling and reinstalling has no effect.

    Under properties:

    Type of device: USB FLash Drive

    Maufacturer: unknown

    Location: Port_ #0003.Hub_ #0008

    Pilot wrote:

    Privder: unknown

    DAT: Not available

    Version: Not available

    digital GIS: dig signed ot

    Under Details:

    Hardware ID: USB\VID_1307 & PID_0163 & REV_0100

    USB\VID_1307 & PID_0163

    There is no ping, no popup. Nothing. All this used to work very well, and now, when I need to copy files to work urgrnetly, he's dead.

    Just rub a little salt, I CAN access the device through Linux in VMWare Workstation. But when vmware is not current execution, or when I disconnect and try to attach to host, nothing happens.

    I tried each storage device USB I can find and no luck on any of them.

    Thank you


    After digging through the forums, I tried to copy the usbstor.inf and .pnf to the Windows\inf directory and reinstalled the driver through the Device Manager, and it loaded right up.

    I don't know, but I suspect that the impact of this change, there are other devices that can complain. For now, the process of transfer between W7 and VMWARE/linux seems flawless.

    TMB - back

  • Driver for usb storage device

    Hi, I have a packard bell No. PEW96 pc and I use a windows 7 Home premium. The problem is that the pc is not a driver for the usb storage device. How I can install it and how I can find it? and the name is? I hope you reply and help me to resolv this.thank you

    Moved from feedback

    Original title: usb storage driver

    Look in their Download Center.


    Good luck.

  • I have attached USB storage device, but its showing is not in my computer

    I have attached USB storage device, but its showing not in my computer coution marks appear on the icon of the device and wpd files hv prblem please tell me the soloution

    Try to reinstall the usb drivers and the chipset of your PC manufacturers support site

  • Notification of 'removed USB storage device' persistent.


    My motorcycle G shows after persistent notification.

    'USB storage deleted '.

    Removed USB storage. Insert new media. "

    This notification is displayed after removing the Flash drive by removing it from settings-> storage and pulling the OTG with the drive cable. The notification seems to be stubborn and it can not be erased it unless the device is reset. It isn't harmful, but because of my OCD (mandatory disorder that) for the verification of notifications is causing irritation.

    I notice that only KitKat 4.4.2 and not JellyBean 4.3.

    Any ideas to clear the notification? or is this a bug?

    Thank you



    I uploaded a screenshot and added a correction in question (the correction is in bold).

    Hey all,.

    This bug has been reported and a fix is under way.

    See you soon,.


  • My usb storage device is the aircraft but does'nt open up.to see whats on it, that is a 350 GB id acknowledging the help...

    storage device

    brand elements



    • What version of Windows are you using?
    • What were the changes made before the problem occurred?
    • What happens when you try to open it?

    You receive an error message?

    You can check out methods:

    Method 1:

    I suggest you try to connect the device to the computer and check.

    Method 2:

    You can also try to connect the device with the other port and check.

    Method 3:

    Tips for solving problems of USB devices


    Note: This link implies also on Windows 7.

  • Windows XP Pro not be assigned a number of hard disk to an external USB storage device

    I can see the SanDisk USB mass storage device manager devices under the USB connection or hard drives. But cannot see it in disk management.

    The site better troubleshooting for problems of USB that I found is this:
       <>http://www.Uwe-Sieber.de/usbtrouble_e.html >
    At the very beginning of the page is the problem "No Drive Letter".  Try to go through the suggestions.


  • Drag and drop copy from C: to a USB storage device

    I saved a few songs my cloud storage on my C: drive.  How can I highlight these files and drag / drop in a device of USB storage for future use?

    The flash drive should show in the view of "Computer" (on Windows XP is called 'My Computer') similar to a player.  Just double click on the flash player and then paste the songs.

    DRM - Digital rights management - it prevents moving songs of moved between devices.

  • Repeater wireless WRT1900AC + USB storage device

    For my setup, I had to use this router in wireless Repeater mode and continue to share USB storage. To my surprise, I found that the USB storage function wasn't available anylonger as well as most of the other functions. The problem is that I can not, and surely there is no rational explanation for why the function of USB storage isn't here as

    1 opportunity Samba server has no requirements for a device to be a MAIN router hosting

    2. the router assigned IP address (DHCP server or statically) seeps

    3. the router was also named network assigned

    So my question here is really not WHY, but rather WHEN it will be addressed by Linksys Engineering? Must still hope us to achieve this functionality is enabled in future versions of the firmware.

    I did the below application functionality with Linksys Engineering about this thread:


    Feature Request for the series of EA USB storage routers

    Users request the storage USB not be disabled when the router is in one of its Modes of Repeater\Bridge.


  • Disable "HP Smart Intall" for USB storage devices


    OS: Windows 7 x 64

    Laptop: HP Probook s 4540

    Printer: HP P1600

    After using an HP printer to my work and have installed the drivers "HP Smart Install" has been installed in a form any driver (?) USB.

    The option to double click default to any storage device that is inserted into a USB port is now 'HP Smart Install ". I can't remove this function.

    I deleted all the drivers for the USB via Device Manager - this has not fixed the problem.

    I reformatted the USB (was not empty in the first place - no autoplay files)-no solution.

    I returned all the default media - no fix AutoPlay options.

    I used SIUtility.exe HP printer drivers and used PC > disable HP Smart Install - no solution.

    I completely uninstalled all the computer - no fix HP printer drivers.

    This is a screenshot of the feature that I start to remove - http://i.imgur.com/v1IcdZ0.png

    Can you please advise how do I completely remove this feature as default double click for a storage device is to "explore".


    Sorry that it was not an option to turn off the Smart Install from the integrated Web server.

    I was check this.

    Make sure that you run the CD files or program uninstall.

    In this way, it must delete all the registry files.

    Make sure that the USB cable from the printer is disconnected.

    Here are the steps to run the uninstall of the computer or the CD.

    To uninstall program files:
    Go to start and select a computer.
    Select the C drive.
    Select the program files or program files x 86.
    Open the HP name and printer folder.
    Select uninstall.

    Uninstall from the CD:
    Go start, computer, right click on the CD for the printer, left click Open in a new window, double click on uninstall.

    Remove drivers in server properties, if they are still worn.

    Go to start, devices and printers.
    Highlight any printer.
    Click the print server properties in the upper part.

    Click the tab drivers at the top of the print server properties window.

    Choose the printer that you want to uninstall, and then click on remove.

    The next screen will give a warning, letting you know that the removal of the driver package will remove it from the system. Click Yes to say that you are sure you want to do.

    Then in the window devices and printers, right click on your printer and remove the device if the printer is still listed.

    If the printer doesn't figure yet in the Device Manager or in the registry, we would delete there also.

    Keep me posted.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones USB storage device

    A USB storage can be used on Priv?  USB storage works on my passport, but when it is plugged into my private device does not recognize it at all.  Thank you!

    kcheung wrote:

    A USB storage can be used on Priv?  USB storage works on my passport, but when it is plugged into my private device does not recognize it at all.  Thank you!

    yo mean USB storage?  Ask yourself if the Priv supports USB OTG?

    Yes it does, but compared to the Passport, I think you need to install an application to app/filemanager OTG since the playstore first.

Maybe you are looking for

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