J4550 on Windows 7

I've been happily running Windows 7 for a month and a half or two. I just bought an Officejet J4550 AiO. When I plug it to my computer, the drivers are automatically installed and Windows says that my camera is ready for use.

However, it is not actually print! I can scan from the device to the computer and the device can copy very well, but when I print, the respective line in the print queue just says: "Deleted - printed" (there is also a lot of other jobs that appear in the queue, named SerialNumberJob, which disappear quickly).

Here are the contents of the window that appears when I plug:


Installing the software driver

Your device is ready to use

Ready to use Composite device USB

HP Officejet J4500 ready to use

OfficeJet J4500 (DOT4USB) ready to use

USB printing Support ready for use

HP Officejet J4500 series (XPS) ready to use

Compatible printer ready to use IEEE1284.4

HP Officejet J4500 (DOT4PRINT) ready to use



The device appears in the printers and devices window as "HP Officejet J4500 series (XPS)". Its form properties, I can change the usual setting and see the list of installed drivers (there are 32, so I don't knock them all here, but the main is 62.71.1142.0).

This is * not * the beta version of Windows 7 by the way.

Can someone tell me what could be the problem?

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fatcat1111 wrote:

I've been happily running Windows 7 for a month and a half or two. I just bought an Officejet J4550 AiO. When I plug it to my computer, the drivers are automatically installed and Windows says that my camera is ready for use.

However, it is not actually print! I can scan from the device to the computer and the device can copy very well, but when I print, the respective line in the print queue just says: "Deleted - printed" (there is also a lot of other jobs that appear in the queue, named SerialNumberJob, which disappear quickly).


The device appears in the printers and devices window as "HP Officejet J4500 series (XPS)". Its form properties, I can change the usual setting and see the list of installed drivers (there are 32, so I don't knock them all here, but the main is 62.71.1142.0).

I don't know where the J4500 comes from the pilot for the series (XPS), but you can try the following: go to the Printers folder, double-click the J4500, select Advanced, new driver, Next, Customeize your printer and Windows Update, (wait a few minutes for the list to repopulate), HP, HP Officejet 4500 Series, Next, Finish.

Kind regards
Bob Headrick, Microsoft MVP printing and imaging

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    I plan on the transition from Windows 8.1 (64 bit) to Windows 10 (64-bit) and check the download section of printer for a Windows 10 driver for this printer but did not. This printer will be compatiable with 10 Windows and HP will provide a driver Windows 10.

    Thank you


    Hello Jerry125,

    Yes! Officejet J4550 works and is supported on Windows 10.

    I checked and checked it appears the link Win10 of the driver for this device is missing: it is one thing, we are working to resolve.

    In the meantime, let me suggest that you download and install the Windows drivers 8.1: they have been tested and prove with the work on Windows 10.

    To get the Windows 8.1 drivers.

    1. Locate your device on the drivers hp.com/Support/Download.
    2. Take Option2: "go directly to the Software & Driver results."
    3. On the banner on your screen that says "Operating System", click on modify and replace Windows Version "Microsoft Windows 8.1'.»
    4. You should now see a download button, version, date, and name of the printer: click it and download and install the software for your device.
    5. Important: Unplug your appliance 1 before installing the software.
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    I have a new computer that is running Windows 7.  I can't install my Officejet J4550.  The error message indicates that it is not compatible with the operating system.

    What should I do to fix this?

    For win 7 32 bit, download the driver here:


    For win 7 64 bit, download the driver here:


  • Jet J4550 all-in-one printer scanner function does not not during the installation of Windows 7

    I bought a new computer with Windows 7.

    Since then, I've lost the scan function of the printer all-in-one HP Officejet J4550 that worked fine so far in XP.

    I tried ALL the solutions proposed on the HP Web page without success.

    No idea how to solve this problem?

    The print function still works.  Only scans from the glass or the charger no longer works.

    Thanks for your help.

    Hi Norman,

    Have you tried to update the driver for the printer?

    Otherwise, you can download the latest driver for the printer to Windows 7 from HP website and check if it solves the problem:


    For troubleshooting, follow the steps in the link


    Please keep us informed.

  • Software print all-in-one HP Officejet J4550 not taken support in Windows 7

    I get a software error when I or Windows 7, try to install the printer drivers and the control software which says that the software is not supported in this operating system. Went to the HP site and downloaded the 64-bit software (installed 64-bit system) and it came with the same error. Is there a solution to this problem or is it being developed?

    See how this isn't the final version of Windows 7, I'm sure that a lot of material will not work at the moment.
    One thing you can 'try' is the 32-bit version of the drivers instead of the 64-bit... ;)

  • Not finding the computer printer. Windows 7 32 bit Officejut j4550

    New windows 7 installed now the problem.  printer is fine, cannot print email or files on the computer

    I'm sorry that you are experiencing this issue. You can try to download a driver acting (990c) and see if it works for you.

    (Shane_R) has a great post which will guide you on how to download it.


    I would like to know if it works for you.

  • Windows 7 will not print on j4550 all-in-one!

    Have tried - repeatedly - install the complete software Windows 7 updated and drivers but without success. Uninstalled every time - even used Uninstall tool - still no luck. Running a Pavilion dv7 upgraded to Windows 7. It seems to install properly, but when I try to print a Test Page, nothing happens. Sometimes, I get an error on the printer (printing of error) dialog box, sometimes nothing. However, it does not print. There seems to be no tool auto diagnostic for this printer is.

    Here is the link for 64 - bit


    Thank you

    Naveen K

    HP Support Engineering Center

    Click on the yellow button of KUDOS to say thank you

    (Although employed by HP, I'm trying to solve problems with my will and my employer bears no responsibility for my answers)

  • my HP Officejet j4550 all in a series is not compatible with my windows 7 64 bit


    Sunday, March 11, 2012, 10:00:14 + 0000, lori11 wrote:


    Ouch! Please do not yell at us. We can hear you if you type normally,
    in different cases.

    What site web you trying to download? Please tell us what
    "HARD TIME" means. Exactly how do you try? What happens when
    you try? If you get an error message, please quote verbatim.

    Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP

  • printers HP officejet j4550: hp officejet j4550 printer all in one

    I have upgraded to windows 10 on my laptop. I have an hp officejet j4550 all-in-one printer. I used the boot disk and received a message that my system does not meet the requirements. This printer works on windows 10? What should I do?

    You need to upgrade the Windows 10 printer also.  Go here.


  • All-in-one HP Officejet J4550: hp officejet j4550 all-in-one

    My moms computer was installed by my father and already the installation of the printer. She then began having some problems when printing lines by slots empty words in words. I tried cleaning the printer option, but that has not worked, also tried the alignment of cartridges but that also had problems, sometimes it could not detect the scanner test sheet and then we would say a mistake and return to the default settings. I was then going to the computer application, but he missed. I guess that when it was installed, it was not a complete installation.

    I then started to re - install from the cd without uninstalling it first. Thought it would be OK and just replace the existing files. Sometimes, this works for programs and sometimes you will need to uninstall first. When I loaded the cd it says that this version of windows was not compatible. Then, I searched the net and found this thread of Hp.


    I downloaded the new installation for win 64 files and down them, before he installed it there was an error (empty white error with a red x) and it wouldn't install. Then sent information to HP and said it has found a solution and downloaded to the desktop. Basically, he wanted to fix my installation but unplug the printer. So I did this and it worked fine during installation. Then when he got at the end during the setup I got a fatal error. Something about the configuration has expired or has been too long and we also found several files of HP. So he started to uninstall itself. I thought having bad uninstall programs, then put it back. So I did, worked well until the config part and then he did the time out or another error. The mistake of never came however duplicates. So I cancelled as fast as I could. I can print and scan from the program on the pc. But it lacks the features of the printer itself. As if I hit him scan it tells me to consult the manual. I just want to complete installation work. Any thoughts?

    I did all the steps, downloaded the packgage, uninstalled using l3.bat, did drop cleanboot, reboot, update adobe Flash Player as well as cleaning. Download the hp installation wizard. When running the wizard, it says there is a problem with my driver, then it starts to connect to the internet to download the software, but then said the download was cancelled, click Retry to try again but the retry button does not work. I have mcaffee AV, the only way ive seen turn off is to disable on the analysis of access and the firewall.

    Don't you have an another clean boot and no driver error, but the same error message when the installation wizard attempts to download the full software. Simply use the version of the software from the link has me http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/HP-Officejet-J4000-All-in-One-Printer-series/3645081/model/3645096#Z7_3054ICK0KGTE30AQO5O3KA30R1


    Downloaded the basic print and scan driver package, ran the installation and it did not work. I started to think there must be a driver problem. Had similar problems with itunes where it wouldn't read my ipod even after an uninstall and reinstall. And for that I had to remove the driver and reinstall it, for some reason any it was causing problems.

    Make sure the name is exactly the same as the folder. After its extraction do the same for the complete package. After extraction, a HP screen may pop up, just close for now.

    1. If the printer software is installed, uninstall it.

    2. with the connected printer go to devices control panel\ Manager, right click on your printer and click on uninstall. Check the box in the lower right corner that says something like "Do you want to remove the software driver or files" then click on uninstall.

    If box is displayed, and then click cancel, right-click on your printer and select Properties, click on the driver tab at the top, then the Details button pilot. make a new file .txt on your desktop and enter in all of the files and the locations of eveything that appears. After that click OK, then driver tab, click on uninstall.

    Here are some of the files and locations but check they are all listed and not missing anything.




    3. open a new file and copy and paste the address of each file in the search bar. It will look something like this


    before hitting enter each need to be edited windows otherwise think you try to open the file rather than access the folder. So for the modified example will look like this


    the drivers folder is what you want to be in and the usbscan.sys is the file you want to check is removed. Do this for everything in your list. If the files have disappeared that has, if not manually delete them or move them to a new folder on the desktop until installation is complete just in case.

    4. (computer may or may not need to be restarted) and then unplug the printer, open the software package and the base driver and double-click setup.exe. Do the installation and when it asks you to connect the printer.

    5. after its installed according to your needs, you can either test its features to see if it has what you need or you go to install more packages / programs from the full version.  Double-click setup.exe for the full package, then it will ask you that you if you want to uninstall or install more software, select the installation of the software. He can just show 1 or maybe a little. If its does not display those you want to click on the buttons more or less recommended until you find what you are looking for. You can try to install more then one at a time, but for me it did not work, I had to do one at a time.

    As far as the folders on the desktop used for extraction, it is a good idea to keep those with your backup files unless you use a restore image, but it good to keep because the backup even images may have problems. I would recommend save their be on a cd/dvd, USB drive, external hard drive, the cloud storage lol somewhere just in case you need it again as well as installation instructions. If you have moved all the files in the driver instead of delete and your printer now works, you can remove them.

    NOTE: If keeping the package for later use, Exchange compressed files for those who have been extracted because they take less space. Unless you want to just the ones extracted. (Compressed are those you downloaded from HP in the folder downloads, extracts are those in the office used for installation folder.)

    And thank you Gemini02 for helping me with this.

  • HP OfficeJet 4550 problem on WINDOWS 8

    I just upgraded my desktop computer for Windows 8 and boredom become my HP Officejet j4550 to work.  I have gone through all of the uninstall and install troubleshooting instructions so many times that I must meet the definition of crazy at this point.  The printer was working fine before I upgraded so I think that there is something on the installation of new drivers which is problematic.  Some forums are useful in that they push me a different direction that I can try.  Before I waste any more time on this, I want to make sure I have a good plan and a few questions.

    Question 1: I have my CD and it won't work.  It seems that I need to change the setting on my software and I can follow the instructions on this forum for the CD to run automatically but wonder if it's essential to get printing to work.  I fear that using a CD that was produced before the release of Windows 8 would be problematic.

    Question 2: Is it better to download 32-bit or the 64-bit version.   I have a 64-bit computer and have been software download for 64 bit.  However, when I upgraded my Microsoft Office suite, suggested Microsoft get the 32-bit desktop software to avoid conflicts.  32-bit would be a good idea here, too?  If I downloaded 32 bit, the software would not work?

    Question 3: A single posted statement said to run the uninstall utility #4.  The link has only three utilities but the third proposed that runs the utility 4 times to completely remove the software.  Is the suggestion, i.e., run the utility 3 to 4 times, or is there another utility that is the appropriate to run.

    Question 4: The link includes a version for IT professionals only, but also the regular complete element.  The professional version of COMPUTING would not be better to download.

    Question 5: I have another HP printer and it seems to be running slow, but at least it works.  Is there a way to correct the 4500 without messing up the 4200?  I have two printer hooked to the same computer because I had so many problems with them, I twice also good chance of a job.  Maybe this isn't a good strategy and I should plug the 4200 to another computer.

    Thanks for any help you can provide on this.

    Since the installation troubleshooting has been blocked, I restarted the computer and it was restarted with the USB cable connected - just to see what would happen.  I checked the Device Manager to see if the 4550 has been installed and it has been.  I tested it on printing and scanning, and it worked.  So, something on your solution worked.  Thank you very much.

  • Problem with the installation of new software for new HP officejet J4550 and I think it's b/c I upgraded to windows7__

    I recently bought a hp officejet J4550 printer, fax, copy, scan and tried to install the software, but ran into problems: it reads is not compatible and I'm guessing that b/c I've upgraded to windows 7 this is not recognize it.  In the printer box, however he says ready Windows7 so I don't know what's wrong or what I need to do? Any suggestions?

    Contact HP support.

    Windows Update has nothing to with the upgrade of Windows. Please these questions in the support forum: http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7install/threads ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

  • Windows 7 will not work with a hp LaserJet 1300.

    I have a hp LaserJet 1300.  Also, I downloaded and installed Window 7 Home Premium.  They do not work together. Yesterday and today you have listed as available for download a new driver for hp LaserJet 1300.  But it will not download, or at least something is happening which causes the download to say download window failed.  The 1300 is a very popular printer and is still doing a good job now.  When can we expect a reliable driver?

    When you download from? trusted source?

    have you tried to update using Device Manager and update driver?

    Support for HP LaserJet 1300, HP LaserJet 1300n HP LaserJet 1300xi

    http://h10061.www1.hp.com/ccsearch/search?pname=LaserJet+1300&opname=HP+Officejet+J4550+All-in-One+Printer&qry=driver&method=prodFinder&enc=UTF-8&ctry=us&lang=en&dlc=en&sni=3645097&search=0&submit.x=1&submit.y=12 Help others, tell us which solves your problem. Click useful Vote for those who help.

  • Possible to the J4550 network via USB

    I have a HP J4550 all a printer.  I had been using it on my network via an old desk that I used as a print server.  This office has essentially become an anchor and I would like to get rid of the desktop but continue to use the printer on my network.  I know it isn't wireless, but is it possible to connect the printer directly to my Verizon Actiontec router via the USB connection?  I don't know if it can work without a directly connected print server...  Only, I have a laptop and run it completely wireless.

    Is it possible to put something in place or should I buy a new printer specific to my needs...

    I am running windows 7.

    Hello! Welcome to the @Damorr00 forums.

    Officejet J4550 is a printer connected by USB only. You only have the ability to plug a USB from the printer directly to your computer. Unfortunately the router USB connection does not work as it is not the game of good upward. More printers to date are usually wireless and may be an option for you.

    I hope that move upward any concerns, a wonderful day

  • Module C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash\Flash9b.ocx failed to save

    Whenever I restart my computer I am asked to insert the disc from center of solutions.  When I do, I get the following error message:

    Module C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash\Flash9b.ocx failed to save.  HRESULT-2147220473. Please contact the support staff.

    I have a HP Officejet J4550 all-in-one equipped with Windows Vista.  Otherwise, everything works fine. Any ideas?  Thank you.

    I tried your suggestion and got the same error message after the repair.  However, when I rebooted, I have not the prompt to insert the disc of Center of Solution, so maybe it will work.  I'll check in with you later.  Thank you very much!

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