JAD params of the reading of the JAD file that is changed after the cod file is built?


We have a requirement in which, you must change the jad file, after the cod file is generated.

But when I try to do is not able to read the newly added params to MIDlet.getAppProperty() . He can read the jad attributes that were there in the jad file before creating the cod file.


existing JAD has "KeyA" whose value is "A." Now package for the project and generate the blah.cod file

Add a parameter more "KeyNew" with the value "ValueNew.

Print the source MIDlet.getAppProperty("KeyA") andMIDlet.getAppProperty("KeyNew")

Step 1. Existing.jad

KeyA: A.

Step 2. Build the cod

Step 3. Add another parameter to Existing.jad

KeyA: A.

KeyNew: ValueNew

Step 4. Existing.jad of charge using javaloader.

load Javaloader u Existing.jad

Step 5. Run the application

Actual output: it prints only a. and not ValueNew

I read that this is possible in JDE 4.3 + and I'm working on JDE 5.0

Help, please.

~ Joey


Apparently it only works if we install the Jad with Javaloader file. Having an installation OTA of the Jad file works.

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  • RIM-COD-SHA1 value to the jad file will not be checked during the on air download

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    I'm trying to see if the 2 following properties espeically the sha1 either activated or not during the over-the-air download of my aplication:

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    So I modified the value of sha1 of my jad file, to my surprise, actually the download will not check it at all and download was successful.  Actually the RIM-COD-size value is not matching the actual size of the cod file so. I suppose it could be due to some extra bytes added by signing. It is perhaps because of the same reason do not check the sha1 as well.

    But with all this, how BONES would be able to check the consistency between the JAD file and cod in case a COD file is corrupted? From my reading on the web, the sha1 is checked which is different from what I've seen during my obvious tests.

    Moreover, for on the airflow, after the signing, in fact we still use a single COD file that is in the results expected/standard eclipse folder (there is also one of expected/web results, but we don't use it) and then we rename the file .zip and extra cod all these cod file the zip and put all these cod and jad file on our server.

    I'm doing sth wrong here?

    Signatures added at the end of a COD file are not included when calculating the value of SHA1.  It is expected that the SHA1 of the JAD file values remain the same after the signing.

  • Cannot add properties of jad for the compatibility mode for the COD file metadata.

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    I need to disable the application that are installed compatibility mode using the ALX file. I read in an another messages it is possible to add custom file JAD directly properties in the COD file. I tried to create test projects using Blackberry JDE, Blackberry Eclipse plugin generation tools and use Eclipse with ant. Then I tried to add a JAD file for projects and by adding the following properties:

    RIM-TouchCompatibilityMode: false
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    Also I tried specifying the properties of this:

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    RIM-TouchCompatibilityMode-UserChangeable: 1

    But it seems that it does not help to automatically avoid compatibility mode for applications that are built using JDE4.2.1 or earlier. I ran the test on Storm 9530 camera with 8 preinstalled JDE. I also wipe my phone several times to avoid the capabilities that the compatibility mode settings is saved.

    In addition, before installing the application I also checked this jar file compatibility mode properties which was built contained in this manifesto.

    Please, anobody can advise which go bad. Or it seems that there is no possibility to implement the solution that are built with the JDE at first then 4.7 and are installed using the ALX file.

    I never could get this job.

    Sorry, don't know what the deal is.

  • Z10 BB do not recognize the jad file

    Why BB Z10 not recognizing the jad file. Is it possible to install the application in it.

    BB10 cannot run Java of BB applications.

  • Analyze the blackberry jad file

    Can someone give me a code example to analyze a blackberry jad file and store it in a hastable

    the format is fixed you can use indexOf.
    I doubt that someone has 'sample code' a task like this, but it shouldn't be too difficult to develop yourself.

  • ProjectName - 1.cod in the JAD file

    Hi all:

    I can install my application using the Desktop Manager, and it works well.

    However, when I try to install the application by using OTA, in the jad file, there is a line like this:

    RIM-COD-URL-1: ProjectName - 1.cod

    It has always failed because my cod file is ProjectName.cod, not ProjectName - 1.cod.

    Can someone help me?

    Thank you!

    I suggest that you remove the file jad the directory where it is created by the JDE, then re build yourapplication.  This will force the JDE to rebuild your jad and you will probably find that he decided that your cod hasn't needed a child file from same parents.  From my experience, the JDE does not rebuild (but a few updates) the jad when you recompile.

    What level of JDE do you use?

  • How do I compile the code and generate the cod and JAD mode command line?

    I'm looking for an option to compile my application using the command line and to build the JAD files & cod.

    I developed the my application in Blackberry JDE and I need to transfer my app on my BB device without construction of JDE. It should be done using the command line only.

    Can you guide me?

    Thanks in advance,


    This can be done via Ant BB tools

    Check the homepage of BB Ant tools for instructions.

    If you are not familiar with Ant, see Apache Ant home page before checking the Tools Ant BB.

  • JAD file display text in the browser.

    I have more than 50 cod files that are part of the JAD file. When I link the BlackBerry browser to the .jad file. The text of the jad file is displayed on the web instead of download and install cod files?

    Does anyone know why this phenomenon occurs?

    This can help:

    You must create the .htaccess file in the same directory as the .jad file and several .cod files:

    content of the .htaccess file:

    AddType text/vnd.sun.j2me.app-descriptor jad
    Jar of AddType application/java-archive

    Then put all the COD files and the file JAD that you find in the directory deliverables/Web/x.x.x on the server to the same location as the .htaccess file.

    I hope this helps.

  • How to make a jad file and cod file to a single file for hosting on the web server


    I want to make the jad file and cod file is a single file, which must be installed in the blackberry.

    When I load the jad without cod file file, it loads the app

    but when I load the jad file cod file, it loads the application on the blackberry device.

    I only want a single file to be uplaoded to the server for the installation of the application.

    Help, please

    I want it to install the web server to the BlackBerry smartphone.

    Thanks and greetings

    Anthony singh

    This is not possible, that both jad and cod is necessary to install an OTA application. the jad file contains a description of the application, the cod is the real application.

  • How to rename the JAD file to eclipse MIDlet name

    Hi, expert,

    at the present time, our product team asks me to change the product name of the name of one to the other, I changed the title in the properties of the eclipse project and thought that's it. Cod file name was still the same as before.

    Then I discovered that I was wrong. The name options-> list of applications is still the old name. Then I change the COD file name (the name of the JAD file is also modified with it) and thought that I would be ok this time.

    I was denied again. The name on the download of air link always displays the old name and found out that the JAD stll MIDlet-name file has the old name and browser would use this name. Options-> application list, it still shows the old name. So I have to change the name of the MIDlet-name for the new name. However, I couldn't find a way. on the descriptor xml project, there is a tag called MainMIDletName, I changed to the new name:

    However it does not seem to help as well. After research, I found this link, but it does not say exactly how do without changing the name of the project that I really don't want to do:

    I have a few choice here? Any help would be appreicated.


    To have the "MIDlet-Name" of the renowned JAD property, you will need to rename the project. Output file names can be changed via the BlackBerry_App_Descriptor.xml > Build (tab) > name of the output file (field).

    Kind regards

  • Download the Jad file and cod

    I discovered that an OTA installation requires a file of cod and jad. Now if I want to download these two files on my website /data/test.jad and/data/test.cod, how can I download the jad on my device so that it installs OTA?


    You can use Web browser - open the JAD file url in the browser and the appliance will provide a view with a button to install it on the device.

    Make sure that you have configured on your server mime types, as described in this article:

    What is - required for a web server MIME types use BlackBerry applications

  • How to explicitly sign .cod file and jad file available in the blackberry phonegap application OTAInstall folder.

    Hi all
    I developed a blackberry software, phonegap will OTAInstall folder that contains unsigned .cod and jad files, I want to give to this folder to the client so that it can make the .cod signature of the OTAInstall folder and install it in their device.

    Note- Customer don't want .cod signature on my side and I can't share my code for the client, I can only share files .cod unsigned file OTAInstall to them.

    Thank you all

    Hi there, when you build with the SDK WebWorks, if you omit the parameter g then the application must be created without his signature.

    Once you share the unsigned cod, the customer must have their own WebWorks SDK installed, as well as of the signature code may operate the SignatureTool.jar in the folder bin to sign actually unsigned cod files and keys.

  • How to force the jad file to be regenerated for each version

    I use Eclipse with the BlackBerry plugin.  Whenever I build the project active BlackBerry (Alt + B), it seems that Eclipse rewrites the file jad (the timestamp on the changes to the file), but the contents of the jad file is not re-written!

    I use the version string in the BlackBerry project properties to contain the version of my program.   But I find that even if I change the version string in the Properties window (and I can verify that the value has changed by looking in the file jdp), when I build the active project of BlackBerry, the MIDlet-Version string in the jad file does not change.  Yet if I delete the jad file and rebuild the project BB, then the jad file is written with the correct version string.

    It would be really nice if the build has successfully written the jad file, but short, how can I automatically have the deleted jad file?  As a matter of procedure, I usually do a project to clean and build together, before you build the active project BB.  Is it possible to change the Eclipse-specific procedure to remove the old jad file?  Is there a solution other/better?

    In addition, RIM - the fact that you do not write correctly the version string for the jad is a BUG!

    Thanks for the reply, but no, this link was not helpful.  There is no what I already know and have already said, with one exception - the problem, they talked was in the JDE and they suggested using the plugin - BAD NEWS - the plugin has the same BUG.

    What I did to make it work, it is write a cmd file that removes the jad and a few other files and set the absolute path to the cmd in the field of pre-build of project properties.   NOTE that the commands of the del in the cmd file must all also the absolute path.  I tried initially have an order of cd's as the first line of the cmd file, but that has not changed the directory - all the following commands continued to be run from the directory where the file of jdw.  I also tried put an led with an absolute path command in the field of pre-build directly (rather than using a cmd file).  Any work the del command.

Maybe you are looking for