JavaScript on FF 35.0.1 on Windows Update 8.1

On nearly every page, FF freezes for 10 to 20 seconds and when I can get an error message, it is a script Javascript running slowly and there are the usual choices: continue, debug, Stop. This does not happen with Chrome 39.0.2171.95 dev - m or IE 11.0.15.

I have a dual-boot machine and when I use Ubuntu LTS 14.04, this version of FF has no problem.


Piniella said

On nearly every page, FF freezes for 10 to 20 seconds and when I can get an error message, it is a script Javascript running slowly and there are the usual choices: continue, debug, Stop. This does not happen with Chrome 39.0.2171.95 dev - m or IE 11.0.15.

I have a dual-boot machine and when I use Ubuntu LTS 14.04, this version of FF has no problem.

The problem went away after I ran AVG, Malwarebtes & CCleaner

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  • Windows 7 Home Premium x 64: activation of the service Windows Update crashes my computer after upgrade RAM

    A few days ago I had two sticks of 2 GB GSkill RAM by mail. Here's the same brand, model and size as the pair currently installed (obviously). (Sticks alternate according to the specifications of the card from my mother)

    After you have installed the new RAM and the computer starts up, it freezes within about 30 seconds of connection. Before installing the new sticks, I had no problem whatsoever.

    My first thought is that I sit the RAM properly, then I go and reinstall it. I start, and the same thing happens.

    So obviously this RAM must be bad, right? When I take out news, not gel. Ah, but when I remove the OLD stuff and use new instead, I ALSO no gel. So maybe it is not the RAM.

    Then I reboot in safe mode. No gel. Interesting. I opened the window 'System' and it says "memory (RAM) installed: 4.00 GB ', which is correct." I opened CPU - Z, and it reports also 4 GB of memory. I run a few hours and have no problems whatsoever. So I say to myself, there must be either a Windows service or a 3rd party service is causing the issue and not the new RAM.

    I disable all services of 3rd parties and restart in normal mode. It freezes. OK, so maybe (though unlikely) I have a virus any (I say probably not because I have to) run the module additional firefox NoScript, and set to block all flash, javascript, xss, iframes, etc. - in other words, only allow to my whitelist and B) I have Windows Firewall and running McAffee and updated.). But I decided to first try Windows services for the hell of it.

    So I enable only the services that start in safe mode as my reference, disabling the rest via services.msc. I start normally and not gel. Great, then maybe it is a Windows service. I start which allows one service after another without any problem. I get to the bottom of the list and select the Windows Update service. Within literally 10 seconds my computer crashes. Large.

    As a validation test, I put all services back to the base line of safe mode and only allow Windows Update. I start normally, and again once it freezes.

    Another test of validation, I start with all normal, but disable Windows Update. Do not freeze. I'm going to start Windows Update. Yet once, it freezes for about 10 seconds. So clearly something is in place.

    As a third and final sanity check, I remove the new RAM and run a Windows Update. He finds a few optional updates, but not critical. My system is up2date.

    My only attempt to solve this problem so far was to backup all Windows Update DLLs (C:\windows\system32\wu*.dll, although I don't know if these are good) and do a scan sfc to replace them with copies of 'good '. It did not work.

    So my question is:

    Why cares Windows Update that I have 4 GB of memory installed?

    Thank you


    1. I 'upgraded' from the RC of Windows 7 x 64 for Win 7 x 64 Home Premium.

    2. I use McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.7.0i, DAT version 6060, Scan Engine 5400.1158

    3 No.

    4. No, I put together this computer myself.


    To answer my previous posts:

    I think the USB storage is a separate issue. And.

    I think I * may * have solved the problem of origin with one or more of the following (don't know who):

    • Updated the software of the chipset of the card from my mother.
    • Updated HD Windows audio drivers to the recommended ASUS (Realtek) HD audio drivers
    • Updated since Windows installed NVIDIA display drivers for version NVIDIA WHQL.
    • Increased my tRFC (refresh time of line) to 70 52 clocks clocks. Set my GSKILL DRAM voltage recommended by 2.1V. Off the SPD DRAM configuration (I read that ASUS is not entirely based on the SPD and can affect things on its own).

    I had WU for 20 minutes from writing this post without a freeze, so we'll see. (Previously, it would freeze within 10 seconds of turning on WU)

  • [Solved] Research of firewall rule allowing Windows Update

    The problem has been resolved here:

    Everything down here is obsolete. (But you can read the true story about the virus of Bagel).

    Someone at - it an outbound Windows Firewall rule allowing Windows Update?


    Yesterday, I tried to run Windows Update. The rule of outbound firewall to allow Windows Update to get through, I added was:

    Name: Allow Windows Update
    Profile: Public
    Activated: Yes
    Action: allow
    Program: %SystemRoot%\System32\wuapp.exe
    Local address: no
    Remote address: all
    Protocol: all
    The local railway: no
    Remote port: any
    Computers permit: all

    I got 10 updates to install and all 10 failed. The only way that they have all been able to fail is: '% SystemRoot%\System32\wuapp.exe' is the wrong program, OR "wuapp.exe" passes control to another program, I don't know.

    Can anyone help me with this? I'll be forever grateful if you can.

    Note that I had to fall back to the default settings (see 'Background', below) in order to succeed and who has not made me happy.


    Despite what you think it means, "outbound connections (green check mark) that do not match a rule are allowed" (which is the default) means only, unless you went to the extreme penalty to create the blocking rules, the firewall is wide open for outbound - connections, essentially, you have no firewall for outbound connections. " That means, 1, if you have a Trojan horse on your computer that is looking to download his main-payload of viruses in your computer (see "A history of real virus", below), or 2, if you have a virus keylogger in your computer who wants to 'phone home' him make his Masters criminal of your online banking user name & password There is absolutely nothing to stop.

    That's why I put my firewall: "(entry not red) outbound connections that do not match a rule are blocked".

    A story real virus.

    A couple of years ago, I visited a well known web site that had been hijacked - was - it cnet? I think so. The site seemed basically OK, but something made me shy away. I've left without clicking anything whatsoever. But the visitor of this site (with active javascript) transferred a Trojan horse in my computer (i.e. "Trojan", below).

    Once it was in my computer, the Trojan horse, then went through my firewall, out - was my firewall zonealarm at this time? I think so - and downloaded Bagel, a key logger to rootkit.

    I had no warning of the firewall as the Trojan horse used a well-known port that was wide open, and I had no antivirus warning because Bagel does not change any existing program. It uses the unallocated file space, patched itself in the initialization string, charged before the mode protected of windows at the next startup and reprogrammed the hardware memory to hide its presence in memory. It took me 2 months to discover Bagel and another 4 months to get rid of him. It was hell. My keyboard and mouse acted constantly upward. I didn't a bank online at this time. If I had, I'm sure that my account would have been cleaned up because that's what Bagel. It's a keylogger monitoring keyboard and browser waits to catch a connection to the Bank.

    Details of Trojan.

    The Trojan horse was a javascript function which ran automatically when the page is loaded. He created a table (similar to a mathematical object matrix) made up of identical over 1 million members of the group. Each Member of the Group was a short string of numbers. As it looped to add table-members, the Trojan horse later (in fractions of a second) overflowed the heap memory management hardware had allocated to my browser. That overflow has partially replaced the next higher segment in memory - which is called a "violation of the limits", and Yes, it is possible, if you position the base register just below the upper part of your segment and then use a large lag. There was a flaw in Windows that could not detect this type of violation of the limits and Bagel is designed to exploit this vulnerability. But the story does not stop there. To take control, the short string of numbers in a table-member of the "wrong"side of this segment limit had to be performed. Now, it of the roll of the dice that viruses are facing, but if the program that was partly crushed is always loaded in memory and running and if it executes the code at the bottom of its segment, then - Voila! -the virus takes control of the timeslice allocated to the program that was partly crushed. In other words, the program that was partly crushed no longer control, the virus is in control. So, what did the do Trojan horse? Completely in the background and without any idea for me, he went to a web site in Ukraine and downloaded the main payload of Bagel. How do I know all this? I looked at the javascript trojan and I disassembled - disassembly is as kind of decoding - the payload of Bagel (the rootkit) that I saved after I found some 6 months later. I still have the payload of Bagel sequestered in a zip in quarantine - in fact, I have a menagerie of dozens of viruses that I use to test antivirus programs.

    Hi Mark,

    Please keep us updated on the issue.

    I ask that you continue to try the suggestions in this article because the information in the article is good for Windows 7 as well.

    Please let us know the result.

  • Where on the home page click the Windows updates?

    On Internet Explorer, you have a Security menu to scroll and click on windows updates.
    Where is it on Firefox?


    Windows Update is a updatesystem only for Microsoft products.

    If you want to update Firefox to the latest version, you can do so by following these instructions.
    Note that Firefox normally will be updated, so you should not need to do this manually.

    Only if you want to update Microsoft products, if you use Windows Update.

  • Because Windows update (13/08/15) I can not install a toolbar on Firefox Robo

    I have been using RoboForm for years without problem. However, last night, I ran the last Windows Update and this morning I had no Robo toolbar on my Firefox. I tried to uninstall and reinstall Robo and still no toolbar. I ran the restore windows at 08/08/15 and there was the fully functional toolbar. I went back to windows update and had the same problem again.

    The toolbar may be hidden or the add-on is no longer compatible with Firefox. You right-click at the top near the address bar and to activate a specific toolbar. You can also check your list of Add-ons to see if it is listed as incompatible. Please note that you do not use beta, not everything may work correctly.

  • On anniversary of Windows Update (August 2, 2016)


    Today 10 Windows update itself with a new major update. Is that all that we need to update in Mac before you start?

    Thank you

    No, the 2 separated from the BONE

  • Small fonts for Firefox 35.0.1 display wrong after Windows Update 10/02/15

    After that Microsoft has made an update (attached picture) many small fonts display is bad (attached image). I see it in any other program, including IE. Not all fonts are bad, just a few small. Everything on your page here seems fine.

    Thank you


    HitokiriBattousai said

    I uninstalled 3013455 and the problem disappeared, so if you want to get rid of it you can uninstall it or wait for microsoft to get out a fix for it

    Me too! I didn't know that Vista would let me do that!

    Thank you all.

    (1) run Windows Update in Control Panel
    (2) at the bottom left, click on to change the installed updates
    (3) find 3013455 and uninstall

  • Why text is distorted after windows update and how can I solve this problem?


    This morning my windows vista made some updates. Subsequently the Firefix text is exampe is bad, sometimes unreadable, attached. The text is not bad in IE, but change the return isn't desireble. Text was OK before the reboot of Windows Update. Disable ClearType exacerbates the problem. I tried to reset as described on, no help.

    Acer laptop Travelmate (6 years), running fully updated Windows Vista, Danish language. Firefix 35.0.1.

    What to do next?

    Regards Lars Jensen

    an option may be to tackle this particular update for now until there is a fix from microsoft or you could also look at if there is a graphics driver update available on the Web site of the seller (intel/amd/nvidia) which could also be solved this problem in some cases.

  • Hi, sorry for my English, my full authorized computers it s, number they say, I have to wait until Dec 12, everything you know about windows update and windows 10, it's a mess, I, lost master of my equipment, I wonder if anyone can helpme how to recover

    Hi, sorry for my English, my number of computers it s, they say full, I have to wait until December 12, everything you know about windows update and windows 10, it's a mess, I, lost my equipment be, I wonder if anyone can help me how to recover my subscription tanks

    also my purchases does not appear in the cloud, I have ' VM a very old usser

  • How to run Windows update for Win XP SP3 using Firefox

    My desktop PC computer running windows XP with SP3. My spouse uses IE 8 for its browser. I use Firefox Version 24. for my browser. Previously, whenever we ran MS or Windows update it starts IE and works very well. IE 8 blew up and does more (execution errors). I tried to go to the site to update Windows using Firefox and he came back and told me that I had to use IE to launch Win update on an XP system. Is this true? I don't want to use IE at all. Is it possible to use Firefox to run Windows or MS update on my Win XP system? Thank you.

    You cannot run windows update using Firefox because it uses controls ActiveX Firefox is not (and will never). Yes, then unfortunately use IE for Windows update.

  • I just downloaded the latest Windows updates, now online videos don't work on Firefox but on other browsers, does anyone else have this problem?

    After that download the latest version of Windows Update, I found that I could not play videos on YouTube or other sites. Switching to other browsers I found that I could play these same videos now without any problems. So I did a system restore to determine if updates of Windows had hit video play using Firefox. The restore point has been updated with the day before the download of Windows has occurred. After System Restore has been completed I could now play videos using the Firefox browser.

    To ensure that Windows Update has been the problem, I downloaded again the most recent Windows updates and once more could not play videos on any site using Firefox. System Restore has been used to put my computer on the eve again and once more the OE videos would play in the Firefox browser.

    In fact, your answer took me in a different direction and I found this on the Adobe site:

    The extension of RealPlayer for Firefox, the download and registration, has problems of compatibility with Flash Player 11.3. If RealPlayer is installed Flash Player content does not appear. YouTube provides an error message when you try to view a video.

    To work around the problem, do the following:

       Start RealPlayer.
       Click the RealPlayer icon in the upper-left corner and select Preferences.
       Select Download & Recording in the left menu and deselect Enable Web Download & Recording for These Installed Browsers option.
       Click OK and restart Mozilla Firefox.

    Once I did this I could replay now videos in Firefox.

  • Birthday nightmares of Windows Update on Satellite Pro C50 - has


    a computer user blind, using the JAWS for windows screen reader.
    I decided to download the updating anniversaries windows update, but when I tried to install and use the windows Narrator, use windows to enter and saw help, no driver audio.

    so to my parent led assistance, communicate with people with disabilities answerdesk bring remotely in my machine and then return to windows 7, then she rolled back to 10 1511, updated windows.

    running a toshiba satellite c-50 = an OCAP machine to 00:00:4, that came with windows 7 64 bit. now, I wondered, to update via windows update just checked, and my device is up to date. so is it one at microsoft, windows 10 head,
    I can communicate with.

    wish that they tell us what devices, when and what models, almost three weeks waiting and still no update. It's frustrating. had a driver idt audio and don't want to lose my audio again. We are with the internode, but thinking of switching and expects the nbn out and a cable that is broken or defective, our box of fritz, slow Internet, phone phone home dying, stall, people can't hear. TPG care and they have diluted the brand iinet and internode, then, only get about 5 or 6 MB / sec, should get 11 or 12. not good enough.

    has it amounts, but not in networking, web design, accessibility, and programming. Thus, one in Australia, still waiting for the update windows to appear in windows update. t

    Siena is a disaster, unless they have pulled the update.
    I'm on a group of blind windows 10 called win 10, and he had problems with windows 10 gel, marked, accessibility screen reader drivers in the Wizard update and also freezing webcams.

    all thoughts.

    Marvin of Adelaide,

    I had exactly the same thing happens my laptop Satellite L70-C-12R and said I need to buy a factory reset USB from TOshiba (£42). This seemed to do the trick, but I see once more that are problems before the accident. laptop not to close (continuous reboot itself), extended screens goes black and now the anniversary 10 Windows Update will not install with error 80070008 0 x.

    I have run exactly the same OS and software on my Asus and have no problem at all.

    I suspect it's a clash of 10 Toshiba/Windows somewhere.


  • Windows Update

    Windows 7 update updates will not download the shield remains red the parameter show ever and I can't change them


    I continue to support a bunch of PC Win7, which some have been restored from Win10 because the owners didn't like Win10.

    But, I have noticed that recently, Windows Update has been performing really slowly on ALL these machines.

    The symptoms are that she seeks the HOURS - and does not seem to progress!

    OR... he find stuff, but then gets to download for HOURS... and does not seem to make any progress.

    In any case, look for a folder Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Downloads\.  This is where the updates Windows stores the updates, it downloads and its working files.  If there is, Windows Update works - even if you see no progress.  Over time, the file will grow until all updates have been downloaded.  Then, it will shrink as the updates are applied.  Once completed, Windows should remove it. If it is not the case, you can delete the contents of this folder, but do not delete the folder itself.

    And Yes... updates take hours (or days!) when they used to take a few minutes.

    So basically, there is nothing wrong with your PC.

    And - if RESET you it, you're only going to worsen because who will begin the process of updating from scratch, and the last time I did it, it took three days complete (!) to find, download and apply all updates.

    NOTE: If the wait does not work, then try to run this repair utility:

    Good luck

  • Portege A200 - Windows Update

    Just got the unit and before going any further after the basic installation, wanted to updated windows updates.

    But it simply crashes.

    Nortan uninstalled, just in case but not luck. Can browse the web ok with no problems.

    Even activated the automatic updates hoping it would work, but NO!

    The recovery disc reinstalled the operating system, but it's the same thing.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you.


    First of all, you must restore the system with the recovery and after this installation CD, you can make updates. Automatic updates must be checked and as far as I know all Windows updates works automatically in the background.
    If the system is clean and that the firewall is disabled, I can t believe that it of impossible to make updates.

    Good bye

  • X 500 - 10W QOSMIO webcam stop working after Windows updates


    I have a Toshiba QOSMIO X 500 - 10W PQX33E-00R00CIT.

    When I format my laptop and you reinstall the operating system Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, the webcam works perfectly.
    After I updated windows via windows update webcam stops working. Also with Windows 10 company LTSB. What should I do? Thank you.

    P. S.
    According to me, is just a problem of software, not hardware. The webcam works perfectly until I do the windows updates! ' * ' Microsoft!

    I find the problem. Do not install the latest version of Microsoft Silverlight. I hope that I formatted my computer for the last time!

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    my laptop audio (or audio) has suddenly stopped working even though I got my laptop, which is a Toshiba, in September. its doing this for awhile to calm now. I turned on my laptop so when I go on YouTube don't play sound. I noticed that there is a wh