JDBC installation directory?

Hi all.

I need to execute some PL/SQL from an application Java, but found I have installed JDBC.

I'm still under 11 GR 2 on Windows 7.

This is where I download the JDBC: Oracle Database 11 g Release 2 JDBC Driver Downloads

Oracle Database 11g Release 2 ( drivers JDBC

Downloadsimplefan.jar (20 365 bytes) - (SHA1 checksum: 307a7e203d7e141964158d181ca849d512d7e710)
Classes of CARS via ONS event subscription; political simplefan and the javadoc

Question1) is there a default directory for the JDBC on Windows7?

Question2) is there a JDBC to mySQL and SQL Server 2008? If Yes, in the same library to download?

I created a variable system CLASSPATH such as cmd, c:\%CLASSPATH% returns, c:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_40\lib.

You are free to do what you want. But if you want to solve your problem I suggest you follow the advice I've already given you.

#1-non - simply place the ojdbc7.jar file in any folder on your classpath.

The ONLY place a JVM will look for classes or jars in the classpath.

 I think eclipse is looking for the ojdbc.jar in Oracle rather than the one in Java.

Non - eclipse seeks the jar on the CLASS path and you have NOT followed my advice to put the pot on the classpath. Eclipse and most of the other tools (e.g. the sql developer), have a configuration file where you can specify additional classes/jars.

I'll put that to the test by modifying the Oracle system PATH, see what happens

I'll try to explain it again. the ONLY place a JVM will look for classes or jars in the classpath.

Re-read the last sentence. He said NO WAY; It says CLASSPATH.

Everything that you do NOT change, rename or delete files that are part of the database. Rename this file jar that are there and you DIVISEREZ Oracle. Remove this file jar that are there and you DIVIDE Oracle.

You can use this jar file if you want, but guess what: you have TO put it on the CLASSPATH.

Go on the trail of the Java tutorials on the PATH and CLASSPATH


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    Thanks in advance.

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    I started to deploy in the victory of the client PC with command line like below,

    msiexec /i exsample.msi TARGETDIR = D:\test


    msiexec /i INSTALLDIR = D:\test exsample.msi

    Installation was completed though, apps had been installed in the defalt directory "C:\Program files".

    In CC helps Packer said as the folliwings on the location of the Installation,

    "The Application Manager offers you the following options for the deployment location:

    Deploy in the default directory of the application: the player is by default the system unit; the default path is \Program Files in Windows/applications under Mac OS.

    Specify the directory for the deployment: allows users to end to specify the installation path when the package is deployed. On Mac OS, users are invited on the user interface, while on Windows, it's a command-line only option.

    ' Specify the directory: enter the path to the location to a specific installation location.

    Is - this explanation is wrong?

    How can I change the installation directory in windows PC where to deploy the package to the series of licenses?

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    Thanks in advance.


    My friend told me that the correct command is as below,

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    It worked well!

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    Any help is very appreciated.


    I use Windows 7 Professional 64-bit operating system (Service Pack 1) and will execute the following jar file odi_121200.jar.

    Thanks and greetings



    The problem is solved, just use the latest version of the jdk.

    Thanks and greetings


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    I just had this problem.

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    The error provided by netbeans is enough wave and confussing - as usual. just a "chown-r user: *" in your weblogic installation directory should do the trick (under linux).

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    Why COMPUTER SERVICES lock who?

    I mean, clearly programs can install, if a virus or malicious code could still hurt, but why they lock me up, the local administrator, outside? All thoughts.

    In addition, we will pass to Adobe to move all these ini elsewhere.

    See you soon,.


    Sean, you should be able to copy these settings into your personal maker.ini and they will prevail there.


Maybe you are looking for