Jealousy 5540: Problem load A4 photo paper in Envy 5540

I don't see how to load A4 photo paper in the printer. There is a photo of the top tray, but it's only for smaller papers. If I put photo paper in the main tray, I get a message out-ot-paper when I try to print.

All advice appreciated.

The problem (I finally realized) was that I had put inot photo paper A4 tray on top of ordinary paper - this seems to stop it printiing - as soon as I removed the regular paper, it worked.

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  • HP C309g: Problems printing with photo paper and not A4 paper

    My HP 309 g perfectly print a picture on A4 paper without flaws. However, whenever it prints the exact image even on HP Premium Plus photo paper, the colors are weird - not black, but the yellow blues and roses. I removed the print head and carefully cleaned and aligned the printer nothing helps. Verification of diagnosis HP shows no failure at all. The obvious flaw must be with the photo paper, but I am not convinced that this is the real problem. Can someone help with this really weird problem please?

    Hi @Quackers,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I'm happy to help with your PS C309g

    I would normally be with you that photo paper would be at fault, but as HP paper, it should be good. I realize, this may be irrelevant, but make sure that you load the face of photo paper (print side) down so that it prints on the right side of the paper.

    If you load it properly however, which I am sure you are, I suggest that you try the steps in this document to solve the problems of quality Print to the HP Photosmart Premium all-in-One Printer Series (C309) .

    Let me know how things are going for you!

    Happy holidays!

  • ... My BRAND NEW HP Officejet Pro 8630 load photo paper...

    I just bought a HP Officejet Pro 8630 and it will NOT print on paper HP Premium Plus Photo or a generic brand of paper photo.  I just unboxed and configure all web settings.  Printing on plain paper works fine; However, when I place a small load of ~ 20 sheets of paper in the UPPER tray, the printer is trying to load then present and error message "Out of Paper".  I can then immediately turn around and put a single or the stack of paper in the upper tray and the printer will print.  I tried a single sheet of photo on a stack of regular paper, remove the stack of photo paper and loosening the battery in order to ensure that they don't are not glued together, as well as turn off the printer and the cleaning of all THE rolls by instructional video of HP and it still DOES NOT... (out of paper message).

    I got exactly the same problem with an Officejet Pro 8600 this printer just replaced.  I had a similar but even more frustrating problem with HP 8500Pro; None of them will properly load the photo paper.  I do not know how to choose the type of appropriate paper via the print from the application menu and I tried to choose the types of paper "regularly."  No solution worked.  I'll take my stack of photo papers to the store chain that I bought the printer since they have the same model of 8630 display.  I will then try to print a test them to see if the same error occurs.  If it works there, I'll take this point to poor quality HP control and quickly return my printer.  If them does not load, I have to draw them on paper photo off their tray, and then try again.

    Please help...


    I went back to the store I bought the printer from.  They had Xerox 80 lb stock in Tray 1 and it printed without problem.  I took a stack of my HP Premium Plus Photo Paper (~ 20 sheets), removed their and mine inserted into Tray 1.  It would not load the paper and gave the same error 'out of paper '.  Commercial agent has experienced the same problem.  She then withdrew the paper except just a sheet of my Photo paper; It is then printed.  It prints all the way up to 4 sheets inserted at the same time in the status bar.  Any more of 3 sheets caused the printer to fail to load the paper.  It sounds like a fault with HP loading mechanism.  I noticed that the Xerox 80 lb pound felt slightly thinner my photo paper I have so bought Advanced Photo Paper from HP (66lb) as opposed to the Premium Plus.   I took a pile of about 15 leaves for the printer and loaded.  It seems to load well and has not failed with an error.

    HP... you've had several lines of OfficeJet Pro to do things and it seems you are always dropping the ball with a defective printer product.  Where is your quality control?

  • HP Envy 5540: Photo paper will not be printed

    Just got this HP Envy 5540, and when I try to print a photo of 6 x 4 from the drawer special 6 x 4 photo, it shows just a printing 6 x 4 on the main under tray A4 size paper.

    What is the point of this special photo print bed if she does not?

    I tried to change the default paper size in the "set preferences" section in the HP Envy 5540 software but it makes no difference, it still shows from the main A4 size paper tray.

    Welcome to the HP community @pboo,

    I noticed your post about the problem you are having with photo printing 4 x 6 inch photo paper, to your craving 5540, and I wanted to stop sharing my own suggestions.

    1. run the print and scan the doctor for Windows in order to solve printer problems

    2. Uninstall and reinstall the printer if the first stage did not help. Run it set printer to install the Printer Wizard.

    3. try to print from different programs.

    Also here is a guide to help the printing: Printing Photos

    If you have trouble, let me know and I'll do my best to help.

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    Best wishes

  • Portable printer OOfficejet 100 - will not be printed on photo paper loaded

    I have a brand new printer Officejet 100 (just out of the box today) and I am trying to print photos from my Canon Rebel T5, which is connected by usb to the printer.

    I loaded the plain printer paper in the tray and the pictures printed without problem. When I try the same steps with the matte photo paper, the printer is flashing with an error of paper, and the camera screen says no paper is located.

    Photo paper I use is the mark Staples, 8-1/2 x 11 inches and 230 g/m (61lb), which weighs less than the recommended 250 g/m2 (66 lb) on the site of hp -

    This printer works only with HP photo paper, or have I missed a step somewhere along the way?

    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

  • Designjet Z3200 Photo: Designjet Z3200 Photo - paper will not load

    I got this plotter for less than a year (although it was purchased through a school and languished in receiving for a while before I was in fact, the guarantee is therefore).

    Today when I tried to load photo paper in it he refused to recognize that I inserted the end of a roll in the plotter. I went through the procedure of typical paper loading, but it seems that the sensor that records the fact that the document has been inserted is borked/don't normally work. He's always telling me to load paper.

    I tried to lift the locking lever to see if I could advance the paper and do recognize it, but had no luck.

    The plotter was sitting idle for several months during the summer.

    I can't find documentation on this problem. Is this typical? It's just a bad sensor? What?

    I used previous generations of this tracer a lot in the past and would call me as at least a moderate user in advanced. I've never had this problem

    Advice? Patches? What is it going to cost me, since I'm now out of warranty? It's a little irritating, as I ran less than 50 feet of paper through this thing - I don't expect that broke quickly.

    Thanks in advance!

    Problem solved thanks to another thread.

    OOP sensor has been disconnected. No doubt some students unplugged knucklehead.

    Thank you! Sorry!

  • HP Envy 5540: HP Envy 5540 will not be printed on A4 photo paper

    As said in the title, the HP envy 5540 which has brought us recently will not print on A4 photo paper. When you try this it will be just the paper jam. It can print on the matte side of the shiny paper but who despises the point to print on glossy paper. Glossy paper in which you provided (10 x 15 cm) works very well so I don't see what the problem is.

    So I thought I'd post a response cela in case someone else wins the same problem. To resolve this problem when you put paper in the tray make sure that it is placed as left as possible. The reason for this is because the paper gets stuck to the right of the printer inside, this is of course because this model isn't try and calibrate the book itself just cause, it assumes that the Board is good enough.
    If this still does not work then I recommend that once in the basic printing options, select photo paper (HP or not depending on what you have). More there are also in Control Panel > display devices and printers and right click on the printer model you are using, and then select Printing Options. Then, check the orientation of the layout and for verification of the quality of the paper / source paper and media for what you feel would be good for you.

    Hope this helps someone else who has this problem because when I looked around I saw never the solution.

  • HP Envy 4500: HP Envy 4500 with photo paper problems

    My desire to 4500 prints perfectly on regular paper, but whenever I try to print on any type of photo paper, 4 x 6, letter or A4 sizes, only down 1/3 of the picture is printed at the top of the page. The image also comes out inclined.

    Hey there! Thanks for responding!

    If you have tried all the troubleshooting steps I proposed and alignment fails systematically, you will need a new unit. Check out my last post for details of HP discuss a replacement or a trade with them. If you have problems communicating with them, let me know and I'll do my best to help out!

    Enjoy your Wednesday

  • HP OfficeJet 8630: Problem printing Kodak 4 x 6 photo paper

    Using Windows 10 Pro, I set the printer to print 4 x 6 Kodak photo paper.  When I told it to print after a while he can't say no paper in the printer tray, after trying a number of time wherever it will be finally find the book.  The printer has a problem because it is still under warranty.


    earib wrote:

    Using Windows 10 Pro, I set the printer to print 4 x 6 Kodak photo paper.  When I told it to print after a while he can't say no paper in the printer tray, after trying a number of time wherever it will be finally find the book.  The printer has a problem because it is still under warranty.

    The printer may be opposed to the paper-Kodak or it can be lost if the media type has been selected for HP Photo paper (and you are not identical).

    Assuming that you have installed the complete functionality for the printer software:

    You can try to select printing options > type of media as "other Photo papers.


    Open the image / photo in pictures

    Click settings «...» ' > select print

    Adjust the paper size and media type parameter >

    Adjust other settings > Print

    General reference:

    Printing options

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  • Printing problems using the new premium photo paper more HP

    Unable to get the recent HP Premium Plus photo paper to print in my Photosmart always reliable 4780... tried to print using today our new of OfficeJet Pro 8600 and it would print in it either. This paper feels very different to me, and it seems that the paper is too smooth to be taken over by the printer. Ideas?

    Followed by all your links-made all tests... printed on several types of different paper... refine results... Put the new HP Premium Plus paper in... same old problem nor my 4780 or the new 8600 will feed this scum thru.

    Thanks anyway...


  • I have just Setup iPhone 3GS from my wife. Through iTunes, I loaded music, Photos, Contacts, and calendar. There is no Photos icon on the screen. They are responsible because appear it as choices in the selection of paper painted. help please. Thank you.

    I have just Setup iPhone 3GS from my wife. I.O.S. 6.1.6. Through iTunes, I loaded music, Photos, Contacts, and calendar. There is no 'Photos' icon on the screen. The photos are loaded because appear it as choices in the selection of wallpaper. I would be grateful for any help with this. Thank you.

    Jimbo1307 wrote:

    I have just Setup iPhone 3GS from my wife. I.O.S. 6.1.6. Through iTunes, I loaded music, Photos, Contacts, and calendar. There is no 'Photos' icon on the screen. The photos are loaded because appear it as choices in the selection of wallpaper. I would be grateful for any help with this. Thank you.

    Double check the app folder or home screen.

    Cannot delete the built-in app, so go to settings - general - reset - Reset available to the home screen.

  • Printing with photo paper problems

    My 5510 prints fine when ordinary A4 paper using as a test. However when I use photo paper, without changing the settings, it only prints part of the image and leaves a wide empty area across the full page. I use Photoshop 6.

    Hi Helen,

    I recommend to download and install an update of the firmware for your printer.  Here is the link for the update.

    Click here  Let me know if it helps.

  • HP8620: Print on 4 x 6 Photo paper with printer HP 8620/8625 HP

    How to print 4 x 6 photo paper HP photo using the HP8620 printer? I can't believe there is no instructions in the manual of 30 language comes it with it. I loaded the document face down, the shiney paper flow, but I get the error "paper type mismatch."

    Right now I am trying to print with Picasa. I have not had any problems on my HP C309g printer.

    Thank you in advance. I'm about to take over this thing!


    Good news, you can 'Add' a form for the 4 X 6 or the format of paper 4X6.5 (tabs).

    The basic instructions are already available for the printer, but not where you expect:

    Create paper formats in Windows 7, Windows 8, and Mac OS X

    I have created a new form of 4X6.5in so I can use my photo paper 4 X 6-inch with tab in my new printer.   The printer was to launch "paper mismatch" errors in the form of 4 X 6.

    The examples to create the form are included in this document:

    Printing options

    See the Section titled:

    • Custom paper sizes

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  • HP envy 5530 photo paper cartridge

    I ve got a 5530 Envy of HP printer all in one and it works fine.  My only problem is I want to print a few photos of 4 X 6 on 4 X 6 photo paper and do not know how the paper.  My previous HP Photosmart Premium all-in-one printer C-309 had a cartridge photo paper separated at the top of the regular paper tray and would automatically feed photo paper when I wanted to print photos.  I found nothing in any of my research which correspond to my question.  Thanks for any advice.

    Hi chazgy,

    Took a little digging, but here are the instructions from and printers support pages:

    Load photo paper
  • HPofficejet5600v all in a single pr: printer on photo paper jams - every time

    on photo paper jams

    Welcome to the HP Forums @calopeanuts

    I came across your post about the question of jam you feel, and I wanted to respond to help with my suggestions. Please see the guides below to resolve this issue. If the problem persists after troubleshooting, please try to call the hotline to discuss replacing the printer or the rating of. I will include HP contact info below to reach them directly.

    One "original jam: clear jam and press OK"message for HP Officejet and Photosmart all-in-One Series Printer.

    A "Paper jam" error on the HP Officejet 5600 all-in-one printer series

    Please click the "accept as Solution" if we reached a solution and the "thumbs up" to say thank you for my help.

    Contact HP:
    Step 1. Open the link:
    Step 2. Enter the product number or select Auto detection
    Step 3. Scroll up to "still need help? Fill out the form to select your contact options.
    Step 4. Scroll down and click on: contact HP options - click Get phone number
    File number and phone number appear

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