Jelly Bean Rollout

How many people already have receieved the update and still how many have yet to receive it?

I was not able to find a time when table they hope to complete the roll, only that it goes in phases.

Information about the new upgrade is this place from Motorola:, 6720,8417

Hope this helps some.

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  • Cannot find Firefox Android menu button in Jelly Bean

    I always keep Firefox for Android today to the latest version, but since I upgraded my Android to Jelly Bean 4.1.2 in a Samsung Galaxy S2, I now can't find the Menu for Firefox button anywhere. I'm trying to bookmark a page and your instructions say to press the Menu button then press the star, but if I have done this in the past to ICS, these buttons apparently do not exist for me now.

    Your photos on the Web show a bar at the bottom of the screen with a Menu icon, and a pop-up menu that shows the Star bookmark as one of the options in the Menu. I don't have a Menu icon or all the other icons at the bottom of my screen. I have some physical of the phone bottom back right button under the screen and the Menu physical button < of the phone > bottom left under the screen, but when I press the < phone > Menu button while I have a page showing in FF, all I get is a long menu of choice starting with share , Find in Page, request the Site Desktop, tools, etc. There are no choices that give me a star to mark a page.

    Please tell us how can I find the star to bookmark or change the settings to make it reappear.

    Thank you.

    Hold the presses!

    Every time I pressed the Menu button of the phone in the bottom left, below the screen, a menu popped up which, as stated in my original post, started by hand. Assuming that held the top of the list, I have marched each time, but found no star for bookmarking, so I finally gave up and posted my question.

    However, this time, when I tried once more to use the Menu button of the phone, there are other items on the menu drop-down including, in the top row, the star for bookmarking! Why the menu popped up differently this time, who knows, but I'm happy to finally have the answer.

    Problem solved.

  • Jelly Bean 4.2 update now Firefox closes constantly

    My Nexus 7 has just made a Jelly Bean 4.2 update now whenever I use Firs Fox randomly, it closes the browser after only a short time, sometimes as short as 5 seconds, after that it closes it comes to the home screen for my device.

    The mobile version of Firefox 17.0 is now out.

    FIXED Android 4.2 instability (811657)
  • AT200-101 and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean


    The AT200-101 will receive Android 4.1 Jelly Bean? And if so, no date for its release?

    The Jelly Bean SDK was released a few weeks ago

    In my experience each tablet/smartphone manufacturer have need of time (several months) to modify and implement this version of Android for own products.

    I got news about the 4.1 Android for AT200... so lets see what happens in the future...

  • Upgrade my NWZ-F805 to Android Jelly Bean?

    Are there plans to put the Android OS on my Walkman Ice Cream Sandwich in Jelly Bean?

    Hi Richmcruz

    Currently there is no plan to update the series of Walkman F of Ice Cream Jelly Bean Sandwich.


  • Update android 4.1.1 to jelly bean

    I have slate HO 7 4601, with android version 4.1.1

    Would like to know is possible to upgrade to Jellybean.

    HP_Slate7 build number


    Kernel version: 3.0.8 +.

    [email protected]#1


    Kind regards


    Hello ajesha007, welcome to the HP support community!

    4.1.1 Android's Jelly Bean.


  • When the Xperia Sony Tablet S become an update of Jelly Bean?

    When the Xperia Sony Tablet S become an update of Jelly Bean?


    I understand that you are looking for the android 4.1 update system for the tablet. Unfortunately, because of all the variables involved with, testing, manufacturing and distribution, we are not able to provide dates of final release the new update of the system.

    Note: If my post answered your question, please mark it as an "accepted Solution".

  • Jelly Bean update Motorola Raxt XT910 IND

    Motorola Raxt XT910 will get an update of Jelly Bean in India?

    Page updated the software of Motorola, Motorazr MAXX is will remain on ICS 4.0.4

    that is, it will be NOT updated to JB

  • Jelly Bean

    Everyone was able to download the update of Jelly Bean yet?

    I always get the message that my device is up-to-date (ICS)

  • Jelly Bean Recovery Mode?


    I would like to ask, anyone know how to get into the recovery mode on the RAZR M with Jelly Bean responsible? I would like to erase from my memory cache.

    I am able to turn the phone off, press and hold both volume buttons, turn on the phone and choose "Recovery" of the black & white (bootloader?) menu. The phone goes to the screen with the Android character lying on his back with the screening of the red triangle. However I can not get the menu options appear as I could with ICS by pressing both volume buttons.

    Someone was able to get the "wipe cache/date" menu options will appear on the screen of the red triangle?

    Thank you


    Update - May 16, 2013

    As a quick note, recovery options may be high now volume for 3 seconds then (while still holding down) press volume up.

    You should always access the screen of recovery in the usual way. I don't know if this method to implement the options came with the 4.1.2 update or is there since 4.1.1. It is much easier to use than to try to hit the two buttons volume exactly at the same time, however.

  • Jelly Bean question

    Two days ago, that I've updated my Droid Razor HD of Ice Cream Jelly Bean sandwich. It worked fine for a day. Then I discovered that I couldn't turn off the phone. She went from the screen/stop button of a screen of "restarting in safe mode. If I said no, it would be unlocked. If I said yes it should restart in safe mode and won't let me close.

    I called Motorola and they advised me to cut the phone now controls the power and the volume at the same time...

    Not to be picky, but I don't think I have to make a hard stop forever is a solution for my problem.

    If someone else has had this problem of update and anyoe has found a real fix for it?

    Another question... anyone know the capabilities of the CAD in this phone. He will play high resolution music files correctly? One of the old droid III did.

  • Jelly Bean and gallery issues

    Just our phones updated to jelly bean and bf and I have the same problem. When we go to the gallery and select the albums of camera images remain for a few and then the Gallery closes without reason. No error message or anything. I have rebooted the phone, did a hard reset, erased the cache of cameras and data always the same question. I also tried to remove my sd British Colombia card, it seemed only affect the camera Gallery, but then I noticed that her time out of the Gallery, even when I select an album.

    Any ideas on how to fix?

  • Jelly Bean compatibility with Toyota Entune


    I am currently using my droid razr running ICS interface with Toyota Sienna Entune (mainly for Bluetooth phone and connection of music, often use the Bing search feature and check the weather). I'm worried if I install the update of Jelly Bean that it might cause some compatibility issues with Bluetooth/Entune my car. Anyone who has tried?

    Thank you very much!

    OK, I took the chance and installed JB on Motorola Razr. It seems to work very well with the Blutooth (music & phone) and on my Sienna Toyota Entune. The only thing is that when I try to read text messages from the phone on the navigation screen, it gives me an error that can be caused problems JB wth a card Bluetooth.

    Overall, I'm happy that I have installed JB because I noticed that my phone is more responsive and JB photo browsing is now more fun. Deleting photos by a swap of a finger is very convenient.

  • Jelly Bean Droid RAZR/RAZR MAXX tips/tricks

    Please report any tips/tricks on this update of the OS. Hope you enjoy this delicious treat. I've update Of RAZR FAQ page soon so please leave comments on this thread if you would like that I add something.

    Allows you to see what your phone has now that you run jelly bean. Post here your landmarks Jelly Bean .

    Tip #1: If you have not received the update of Jelly Bean still attempt to dial #ELIOT # in your Dialer. And then do a hard reboot on your phone by pressing the volume down button, and then start button / stop for 10 seconds. Each reboot your phone, go to settings-a telephone connection-system updates to see if you can manually pull the update

    Tip #2: You must have the Google Search application enabled to use google now. Once you open Google search, it will ask you if you want to check google now. Google instant can be very helpful and useful tool. If you are concerned about the privacy implications, I would say looking at the application of parameters of google. You can clear your search history here. Also check out the widget now google recently added now in your widgets area. This allows to display news, weather maps and more. You can also view a discussion on Google now here.

    See you soon

    Guys, these discussions 'every problem you see' are not effective if you want to get noticed a problem. They get all simply too long and complicated for something new to hold.

    If you have a question, find another thread on the same topic and participate, or start a new and put on "Jelly Bean" part of the topic.

    Thank you.

  • Jelly Bean upgrade for Razr

    I waited several months for the upgrade by ICS Jelly Bean. I wonder if it will ever happen. I wonder how Verizon would like it if I said that I will pay my Bill sometime in Q1. It is a simple question and if I provided an IMEI number must get an answer simple when the upgrade will happen.

    It will probably take place next week some time, but it is the best estimate you'll find. Motorcycle is not giving an exact date so no one probably doesn't know with certainty, but ID say very next week.

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