JSR 172 - newbie help


I've been playing with trying to get my application to connect to a Web using JSR 172 service. I'm currently testing the application using free web services of "h t t p ://www.webserviceshare.com/". "»

After generating the heel and adding the files into a new project in jde (which is defined as a library) and the main project to use as a project dependency, whenever I try to connect via the heel using the syntax as

AirportSoap_Stub = new AirportSoap_Stub();
String temp = as.getAirportInformationByAirportCode ("JFK");

I get the following error: "new exception java.rmi.RemoteException; must be captured or declared adjourned. "
String temp = as.getAirportInformationByAirportCode ("JFK");

I know that its a bad thing I do as I had the same error with other free webservices, I tried, does anyone have an idea how to solve this problem?

Thank you


Your code must be inside a try/catch block, or the enclosing method must declare that it throws this exception.

try {}

as.getAirportInformationByAirportCode ("JFK");


{} catch (RemoteException e)


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    Hi all

    I want to up load data from the device to the application server. (via BES)

    I use JSR-172 or kSOAP2 high-load it.

    Is there a limitation in the size of the data that can be loaded at the top?


    as far as I know, they're just the protocols/utils. They help you define the message format, the specification on how you are going to write/read data and tastes. so I think that all this goes down to the http.

  • Web service using the JSR-172


    I use JSR - 172 to develop my Web Service application.

    I heard that I need to use BES for Web Service.

    Is average only BES for Web application service or y at - it another way?

    Thank you.

    Hi duksunkim,

    you don't need a BES use JSR - 172 to connect to a Web service. as long as your Web service is accessible to the public, then you can establish a connection with her.

  • What is the model of support for the JSR - 172 (Device Software 4.3.0 and later versions)

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    8700 c:


    Thank you

    As Simon says, you can insist on the 4.3 OS (which is really the version of the software of the device) and request that people upgrade their phone if they do not have 4.3.  It is possible to use the Agent user on a download link to check that the phone is at a high level of enough.

    You can use the device, in which case support you later model pearls, "BOLD", Curve 8900, Bold, and Storm and so you should not miss for users who have upgraded their devices.

    Or, if the JSR 172 is the only thing of a BONE later you want, you could do what Simon suggests and use kSoap.  According to my experience, this is not a simple thing to get there, but once going, it works fine.  However we do not use it in production applications.

  • Newbie Help Needed: Cisco 1941 router site to site VPN traffic routing issue


    Please I need help with a VPN site-to site, I installed a router Cisco 1941 and a VPN concentrator based on Linux (Sophos UTM).

    The VPN is established between them, but I can't say the cisco router to send and receive traffic through the tunnel.

    Please, what missing am me?

    A few exits:

    ISAKMP crypto to show her:

    isakmp crypto #show her

    IPv4 Crypto ISAKMP Security Association

    DST CBC conn-State id QM_IDLE 1045 ACTIVE

    IPv6 Crypto ISAKMP Security Association

    Crypto ipsec to show her:

    Interface: GigabitEthernet0/0

    Tag crypto map: QRIOSMAP, local addr

    protégé of the vrf: (none)

    local ident (addr, mask, prot, port): (

    Remote ident (addr, mask, prot, port): (

    current_peer port 500

    LICENCE, flags is {origin_is_acl},

    #pkts program: encrypt 0, #pkts: 0, #pkts digest: 0

    #pkts decaps: 52, #pkts decrypt: 52, #pkts check: 52

    compressed #pkts: 0, unzipped #pkts: 0

    #pkts uncompressed: 0, #pkts compr. has failed: 0

    #pkts not unpacked: 0, #pkts decompress failed: 0

    Errors #send 0, #recv 0 errors

    local crypto endpt. :, remote Start crypto. :

    Path mtu 1500, mtu 1500 ip, ip mtu IDB GigabitEthernet0/0

    current outbound SPI: 0x4D7E4817 (1300121623)

    PFS (Y/N): Y, Diffie-Hellman group: group2

    SAS of the esp on arrival:

    SPI: 0xEACF9A (15388570)

    transform: esp-3des esp-md5-hmac.

    running parameters = {Tunnel}

    Conn ID: 2277, flow_id: VPN:277 on board, sibling_flags 80000046, crypto card: QRIOSMAP

    calendar of his: service life remaining (k/s) key: (4491222/1015)

    Size IV: 8 bytes

    support for replay detection: Y

    Status: ACTIVE

    Please see my config:

    crypto ISAKMP policy 1

    BA 3des

    md5 hash

    preshared authentication

    Group 2

    encryption... isakmp key address 62.X.X... 50

    ISAKMP crypto keepalive 10 periodicals



    Crypto ipsec transform-set esp-3des esp-md5-hmac TS-QRIOS


    QRIOSMAP 10 ipsec-isakmp crypto map

    peer 62.X.X set... 50

    transformation-TS-QRIOS game

    PFS group2 Set

    match address 100






    interface GigabitEthernet0/0

    Description WAN CONNECTION

    62.X.X IP... 124 secondary

    62.X.X IP... 123 secondary

    62.X.X IP... 122

    NAT outside IP

    IP virtual-reassembly in

    automatic duplex

    automatic speed

    card crypto QRIOSMAP


    interface GigabitEthernet0/0.2


    interface GigabitEthernet0/1

    LAN CONNECTION description $ES_LAN$


    IP nat inside

    IP virtual-reassembly in

    automatic duplex

    automatic speed


    IP nat pool mypool 62.X.X... ... Of 122 62.X.X 122 30 prefix length

    IP nat inside source list 1 pool mypool overload

    overload of IP nat inside source list 100 interface GigabitEthernet0/0


    access-list 1 permit

    access-list 2 allow

    Note access-list 100 category QRIOSVPNTRAFFIC = 4

    Note access-list 100 IPSec rule

    access-list 100 permit ip

    access-list 101 permit esp 62.X.X host... 50 62.X.X host... 122

    access list 101 permit udp host 62.X.X... 50 62.X.X... host isakmp EQ. 122

    access-list 101 permit ahp host 62.X.X... 50 62.X.X host... 122

    access-list 101 deny ip any any newspaper

    access-list 110 deny ip

    access-list 110 permit ip any





    sheep allowed 10 route map

    corresponds to the IP 110

    The parts of the configuration you posted seem better than earlier versions of the config. The initial problem was that traffic was not in the VPN tunnel. That works now?

    Here are the things I see in your config

    I don't understand the relationship of these 2 static routes by default. It identifies completely the next hop and a mask the bytes of Middleweight of the next hop. Sort of, it seems that they might be the same. But if they were the same, I don't understand why they both make their appearance in the config. Can provide you details?

    IP route 62.X.X... 121

    IP route

    This static route implies that there is another network (10.2.0/24) connected through the LAN. But there is no other reference to it and especially not for this translation. So I wonder how it works?

    IP route

    In this pair of static routes, the second route is a specific subnet more and would be included in the first and routes for the next of the same break. So I wonder why they are there are. There is not necessarily a problem, but is perhaps something that could be cleaned up.

    IP route Tunnel20

    IP route Tunnel20

    And these 2 static routes are similar. The second is a more precise indication and would be included in the first. And it is referred to the same next hop. So why have the other?

    IP route Tunnel20

    IP route Tunnel20



  • Newbie Help X 61 with own HD... .suggestions for operating system installation

    Hi Experts

    I searched Forum, database and made my research on Google... nothing helps... always confused :-/

    The X 61 Tablet opportunity is completely clean and I need to install an OS on it, preferably Windows 7.

    Can someone give me a clue as to how to install Windows 7 more easily...

    I have to go pick up some DVD USB drive?

    (remember Newbie ;-): "Lenovo Support - Lenovo ThinkVantage Toolbox for Windows 7 (64-bit) and Vista (64-bit) - portable desktop computers WorkStations_files" help me with drivers... or I have to download them 1 by 1 to the supportpage.)

    SRY if the foregoing proves to be too simple for you, dear friends... but I always wanted a Tablet and a thinkpad... hope my dream starts work soon - Thank YOU!


    Hello mate,

    You can install Windows 7 from a USB key. Take a look here: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/dd535816.aspx

    After installing windows install update system: http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/document.do?lndocid=MIGR-73695

    It will automatically download all the drivers you need.

  • BlackBerry Curve 8520 smartphone newbie help setting up please - have wifi but no browser, no internet, no email

    I just bought this opportunity curve near new.  He seems to have been correctly data erased by the former owner.  I ran the Setup Wizard and everything worked fine.  It is connected to my wifi with a signal strong. But

    1. the browser says "unable to connect to the Internet - contact your service provider', and

    2. the email setup screen does not offer of "I want to create or add an email address" as in the Guide of the user - only 'I want to use a work email account' that I don't have and don't want!  The screen message indicates if the "add an email address' ' option does not, provider of wireless.

    I don't understand!  If my TalkTalk broadband (wifi) to connect to my laptop to the internet without problem, what to do more I have too much to do to get on the internet (connected to the same wifi) Blackberry?

    3 and how do I connect to the internet via the phone (Vodafone PAYG) when I'm not at the wifi range?


    4. why my phone says 'unknown number' when he is screaming? The User Guide says it should show my own number.  Surely, he knows that the Sim card number?

    Completely out of my depth here, as you can see...

    Many thanks in advance for any help


    Hiya, according to messages that your phone gives you... You will need to contact Vodafone.

    In order to use most of the features of your phone as email or BBM data, you need a data plan blackberry rather than the generic of your provider.

    Then call us Vodafone - I think that the BlackBerry Bolt On on the distribution is £ 5 per month with data inclusive.

  • Not enough space on the data store.  Newb help please.

    I have a running ESXi 4.1.0 2 Windows VMs server.  Everything worked very well, but I had to turn off all of the server and physically move.  When I powered it back, only on virtual machines with the power on at the same time.  The other dies with the error above.  I have very little experience with VMware and I'd appreciate any help.  Thank you.

    Welcome to the community - the reason why you can't turn on your VM is because a vmkernel swap file is created when you turn on the virtual machine, and if there is not enough space, then, you will receive this error - you'll need clean the directories where are installed the virtual machines - you'll need to remove all of the log files If there are snapshots commit those and then you should be able to powere on virtual machines

  • SQL Newbie help

    The following query works fine but I need to do the same thing but this time by using a join explicitly.

    Select Departments.Deptnumber, Departments.name,
    sum (quantity)
    from SalesOrderItems, departments
    where Departments.Deptnumber = SalesOrderItems.DeptNumber
    Departments.Deptnumber group, Departments.name;

    I tried

    Select Departments.Deptnumber, Departments.name,
    sum (quantity)
    INNER JOIN SalesOrderItems ministries
    ON Departments.Deptnumber = SalesOrderItems.DeptNumber
    order of Departments.Deptnumber, Departments.name;

    but get the error
    ERROR at line 3:
    ORA-00933: SQL not correctly completed command.

    any help will be great thank you.

    What version of Oracle are you using?

    SELECT * FROM v$version

    ANSI style joins are available with version 9. ? and at the top


  • Newbie Help


    I am designing a logo for a site I'm building, but this logo will also be used on a business card and also a billboard A1. I started by making a picture of 5000 * 5000 at 300 dpi with reduction for the site plan, but it was huge and I must have the wrong idea.

    What I am struggling with is what width and height Dimensions and this dpi do the image so that it does not any detail when upscaling on A1 and the reduction of scale for business cards, but also that it's not too big a size for the site.

    Also I have read that it is best to create the logo and save it as a .eps you can reduce/high-end and doesn't lose any detail.

    Any help would be massively appreciated.

    Thank you


    I would recommend a vector software such as Illustrator or Corel Draw.

    You can to scale without loss of quality.

    You can move and transform objects as you want.

    You download smaller files.

    EPS, HAVE or save PDF ready to print.

    In Photoshop, you can not enlarge / reduce an image from business card size to A1 size without loss of quality. By the way: think of the format, portrait or landscape! And the web version is probably still different proportions. It would be more trouble in Photoshop than in Illustrator to customize the logo for different purposes.


  • Flash Builder 4.5 newbie help

    Hey guys,.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my post and help out me.  I am currently just learning actionscript 3 and I have been using flash professional in order to program most of my first flash programs, I want to take one of my ideas and create to run on blackberry playbook, then I downloaded flash builder 4.5 and have set up my whole environment.

    Im running into that problem is with flash professional imaging and video clips was as simple as adding objects to the library and then set up the link, so it could be used by your AS3 code, frames and layers were added through the... well with flash builder user interface, I have no idea of how to do because there is no GUI I wonder if someone could explain how to create and link to video clips and work with managers using the flash builder 4.5... I know this is probably a stupid question, but I'm not just

    Thanks in advanced for any help

    Hi nateatkins, Flash Builder is a software to develop flex and as3 applications. Do things with Flash Builder, you must code in .as and .mxml files. Flash you gives the opportunity to the graphic element, add them to a library, animate using the software interface and controls and publish them right out of the box, but this isn't the purpose of Flash Builder. You can use Flash to make a library of graphic elements, configure these elements to be available as classes in Actionscript, then export your library as a CFC to use them in a draft code of Flash Builder. Or you can choose to encode your actionscript code using external .as files in Flash and flash builder allows you to write them. Flash Builder is intended to make life easier when you are working on the code project using as3 object oriented and let encode you faster. Flash has its limits to help you when it's time to code, Flash Builder is there to improve your workflow development if necessary.

  • Newbie help - Auto population

    Hello, I have a subform of coordinates (General information) and subform billing information. Is it possible to add an option button that says "even as general information. It would help so that our customers do not have to retype the name, address, email, etc.


    Do not appoint subforms and objects is really wrong with you here. It is much more difficult to script.

    Here is the form to you:


    You will see that I named the subform billing information. If you look at the script in the click event of the checkbox, you can see the objects on the left are so easy to make reference to now. However because the objects on the right are still in a subform without name, each reference should be resolved. It works, but it is a pain.

    So I recommend that you name the subforms, pages and objects that you can, as this will make a breeze of script.

    Have also a look at the script in the event exit General information fields, as the reference to the box is now correct.

    See an example on the references of the objects here: http://www.assuredynamics.com/index.php/category/portfolio/referencing-objects/

    Good luck


    Ensure the dynamics

  • Newbie Help centering header image


    I am a complete newbie to the DW design and website in general - I never used CSS and a bit of HTML. I'm sorry if it's a very simple question...

    I worked on a Web site for a magazine, I work with, and they wanted the place as soon as possible. If I had no time to browse tutorials or anything like that, just learned as I went.

    My problem is that I can't get my header image to Center. I am using one of the prefabricated models.

    Here is the site you can see how it works: www.inkandfairydust.com

    And a snapshot - it's only when the site is full screen I have this problem.


    My code:

    (argh, I can't paste! lol, just a simple little thing... :/))


    1 (argh, I can't paste! lol, just a simple little thing... :/): )

    Yes it is (you have probably forgotten): source code > Strg or Ctrl A (if you want to send all of the code) > Strg or Ctrl C (copy) > Strg or Ctrl V

    2 garywpaul is certainly right, BUT only to show you a way how you pourriez to Center your image (from my German DW):

    Header 1


    I&F Header



    I&F Header


    Hans G.

    P. S.

    You must remove the spaces in the names of your images,

  • Newbie Help please!

    Ive just made my first flash intro file that I want to open a web page after it has run at the end.

    In Action script 2, it would be as simple as placing this order at the end of the chronology of my intro in flash (so I thought)

    Can someone please help with what I have to change to work in Action script 3.

    //Goto Web page behavior

    getURL ("Halloween_09/use", "_self");

    //End behavior

    Thank you.

    import flash.net.navigateToURL;

    import flash.net.URLRequest;

    navigateToURL (new URLRequest("Halloween_09/Welcome.html"), "_self");

  • Newbie HELP-Rectangle box

    I'm new to InDesign.  The guy who used to take care of our company directory in InDesign on the left.  I know very little about this software.  It has been days of trial and error, but am making progress.  I have the phone book for almost where I want to (I think), but can't figure out how to get rid of the outline of the rectangle box around the text.  I created the box by selecting the rectangle icon off the coast of the toolbar on the left, but I don't want the outline around the text that I put in.  Any help would be highly appreciated.  I'm an admin of systems AS400, not a graphic designer, so learn this stuff is like learning another language

    Select the area with the selection tool (arrow), make a right click, accident stroke weight: 0 if you view > show the contours of the block is turned on, you should be able to see the edge of the frame, even without a line on your monitor only, probably a blue line.


Maybe you are looking for