Juice spilled under MacBook pro 13 "early 2011 a1278 and he died. Can I still save it.

at about 19:00 2 days ago, I spilled juice on my MacBook, and I freaked out so I deleted for awhile and then hurried to dry off the coast. I then continued turning power on and off until it dies eventually completely. I know now that all the mistakes I made so what I did after he died was I opened the back and let dry. After more research I found some guides on how to clean the contents of the folder correctly, but all the stores have already closed at that time so I waited until the next day to buy all the tools and denatured alcohol and proceeded to disassemble the product and clean following the guide. I then waited until about 2 hours before now to go up the MacBook and the battery showed 1 green light but nothing else has worked, not even the light on the charger lights up. I opened and found that a partbof map logic heated very quickly when I plug the charger. So my main question is whether or not my MacBook still salgeavable or not. Help, please.


Where I am right now 19:40

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