Just bought Wndows Vista and having problems with the port for Palm 125

I just bought a Windows Vista-based computer and have problems with getting my 125 Palm to synchronize with the desktop computer.  I get an error message saying: "No available Com1" what should I do?

Thank you



Don't ask me the procedures step by step that I did, but I finally success!  I uninstalled Palm Desktop and started from scratch.  I unplugged the Hot Sync cradle by the USB port, then I installed Palm Desktop from my drive and then update Palm Desktop on the Palm for Palm M125 site.  It still does not, I manually added a port and manually changed to COM1.  I then pressed the Hot Sync button and in the Device Manager, a folder has become available "device named" with Palm Desktop as a subfolder.  It is always active, I updated my computer for Palm USB driver.  Miraculously it worked.  Thanks for your help, but as usual everything it needed, it was patience and trial and error to solve the problem, since it does not seem to be a quick fix related this topic.

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