Just downloaded el Capitan and I can not get my mail!

I just downloaded el capitan on my mac book and may no longer have my mail.  Also, I don't understand what happened to my slide bar for internet and mail.  Is it possible to get rid of this?  I can not us my quicken or my word more.  This is why I hate going to the following system.  Always a headache. I don't have days to understand this.


First of all, can you open the Mail application?  What happens when you do?  Did you go to--> Internet accounts system preferences to check that your email addresses are there?  Two, what you're talking about when you say "slider bar for internet and mail"?  Three, what you are wanting to get rid of?  Four, what happens when you try open Quicken or Word?  Update to be compatible with El Capitan before you upgraded?

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