Just got my Time Capsule password?

My NEW Capsule has the power and ethernet to the modem connection.

Yellow flashing to the edge.

Went to the public services of the airport... but did not see connection.



Utilities airport in what device... a Mac... If yes what OS... in windows. .or iOS.

Each has its own little tricks... iOS is usually the best to use... the most reliable.

But to make it work, you must set the wireless to connect to the new TC...

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  • Time Capsule password

    I want to recover my files from a Time Machine on a Time Capsule backup. My Mac not connect to the Time Capsule said as he tells me that I entered an incorrect password. I've never had a Time Capsule password and it has never changed, nor no one else knows. Whenever I have try and enter my password, it tells me that it is bad when I know that it is not. The files are saved are extremely important and I can not afford these files to be lost.

    How can I solve this problem?

    Sorry, I'm not not clear about the question to know if you say that you used Time Machine on your Mac to back up your files on the time Capsule at the long... or, if you have a new Mac and try to access the files on the Time Capsule.

    In both cases, you "see" the time Capsule if you open AirPort Utility?

    We ask, is that you probably don't remember two passwords different on the Time Capsule originally implemented. One of them was a Base Station, or a password of the device... and the other was a wireless network password.

    Chances are, you know your password wireless, but here you are prompted for the password of the basic Station or "peripheral" to the time Capsule.

  • How to join Time Machine to back up after I change my Time Capsule password?

    I changed my Time Capsule password using Airport utility, and now my Time Machine backup on my Time Capsule. How can I change the password for the Time Capsule disk so that it can continue to back up?

    How to change the word from Time Machine

    You can also try the Capsule in the Finder for editing by selecting the data folder. He will ask the password to connect to the time Capsule.

  • Need help to set up Time Capsule with surfboard SBG6580... wifi or extender?

    I just got my Time Capsule and trying to figure out if I should use as my wifi router, or keep my SBG6580 active and e TC allows to extend my warranty.

    Any recommendations?

    In addition, how? Online instructions do not seem to be very clear.

    Thank you!

    I will always recommend to use your Time Capsule as a router, it will be much easier to access and manipulate, unless really, you need to report more coverage.

  • How to make a Time Capsule external hard drive backup

    Hi I just got a time capsule airport which I backed up on my iMac.  I have an external seagate HD plugged on my mac via USB.  I have a catalog photo large library and adobe lightroom on the external hard drive I use and change almost every day. These files are NOT stored on my computer because they take so much space that I would like to keep the separate external disk.  It was my hope to keep a backup on my time capsule on a regular basis with my backup of the iMac.  I have time machine configured to backup from my mac, and then under options, I have seen the drive seagate showing as excluded.  I removed excluded readers and click Save. However I don't think during backup that he actually saved these files because the capsule still shows as have plenty of available disk space.  When I opened the options again shows seagate always excluded.

    so question is can I save the iMac and the external hard drive at the same time?

    If this is not the case, what is the work around for this thing saved?


    The Seagate disk should be in Mac Mac OS extended (journaled)format, also known as HFS +, if you want that Time Machine to back up your Mac.

    Do you know how the Seagate drive is formatted?  If it isn't... . Right click on on the icon of the Seagate drive which is mounted on the Mac desktop, and then click read the information. In the window that appears, look for the Format.

    What do you see when you check the Format?

  • Password for Time capsule

    My time capsule password was saved by the keychain. I forgot.

    Where can I find it?

    It is easier recover passwords on your Mac AirPort Utility.

    Open Finder > Applications > utilities > AirPort Utility

    Click the Time Capsule

    Click on edit in the window that appears

    Click on the menu of the Base Station at the top of the screen to the location of the File, Edit, help, menus etc.

    Click the passwords see the

  • time capsule airport cannot be opened because the original item cannot be found

    I just purchased a Time capsule airport and can't install. It flashes orange, and although that Time Machine backs up on it, and I can access the internet, I don't remember upward the back-up because I got the following error message:

    "'Airport Time Capsule' could not open the original item cannot be found".

    The printer is connected to the Capsule by USB works.

    I'm installing via an iMac.

    Help, please!

    Thank you

    You first need to determine what is at stake that indicates the LED "blinking orange.

    To make your iMac:

    • Run the AirPort Utility.
    • Select the Time Capsule
    • In the pop-up window, all questions will appear in the status section.

    Please post back your findings.

  • Time Capsule access denied


    After upgrading to os x 10.11, airport utility does not recognize the time capsule password so I can't access it and its hard drive.

    Can you help me?

    Thank you very much

    Reset the TC factory and redo the installation.

    No files are lost on the drive hard when you do this.

    Here is my recommendation for installation in later operating system.

    Start from a factory reset. No files are lost on the drive hard in doing so.

    Universal factory reset

    Turning off the TC... That is, remove the power supply cord or the power at the wall outlet, wait 10 seconds... Hold the reset button... be nice... Turn on always even now in reset... and keep holding in for another 10 seconds. You may need assistance because it is difficult to hold in reset and power on. It will show the success quickly flashing led front. Release reset... and wait a few minutes for the TC to reset and return with the factory settings. If the front LED flashes quickly you missed and simply try again. The reset is quite fragile in these... Press the key while it is just click away and not more... I've seen people bend lever or even break. I use a toothpick as a tool.

    NB. None of your files on the hard drive of the TC are removed... This simply clears the settings of the router of the TC.

    The installer the TC.

    And then redo the configuration of the computer with the Mavericks - Yosemite - ElCapo. (MYELCAP)

    1. the use of very short names... NO APPLE RECOMMENDED names. Without the space and pure alphanumeric characters.

    for example TCgen5 for the base station and the name of the TCwifi wireless.

    If the problem is using wireless TC24ghz and TC5ghz with fixed channels as it also seems to help stop the nonsense. But it can be tried in the second round. IE, plan on a first and second series of changes to fix this... If all goes well... I note other steps can you tour2.

    2. use all passwords also consistent with 1. but maybe a little longer. IE 8 and 20 characters of mixed cases and numbers... no alphanumeric non-caracteres.

    3. If the TC is router, you can ignore this point. It is only a problem when the TC is bridged.

    If ensure that the TC is always the same IP address... you will need to do this on the main router using a dhcp reservation... or a bit more complex setup by using the static IP address in the TC. But it's important for deriving from intellectual property in all directions when MYELCAP do not remember his name for 5 min after a reboot done for poor network management.

    4. check that your share on the computer name does not change... Make sure that it is also in line with the above... short without space and pure alphanumeric... but this change will mess up your TM backup... so be prepared to make a new, full backup. Sorry... keep this one for the second round, if you want to avoid a new backup.

    5 attach the TC disc into the computer manually.

    In Finder, go, connect to the server in the main menu,

    Type in SMB:// (or whatever ip of TC is that you made static. It's a default router and I encourage people to stick with it unless you know what you're doing).

    You can use the name... SMB://TCgen5.local where you replace TCgen5 with your name of TC... local is the default domain of the TC and does not change.

    However the names are not so easy as... the IP address nor reliable. They are not at least not in Yosemite. The field can also be a problem if you are not clogged or wireless directly to the Treasury Board.

    6. ensure that IPv6 is set to link-local only in the computer. For example wireless open network, wireless and Advanced preferences / TCP/IP... and the difficulty of IPv6. link-local only. Do the same for the ethernet if you use it.

    It is a lot more jiggery pokery, you can try, but the above is a good start... If you still find not reliable... don't be surprised.

    You may need to do more work on the computer itself. for example, to reset the NVRAM/PRAM/SMC... helped some people. A clean installation of the operating system is also useful if you update installed.


    Let us know how you go.

  • Change of name affects NetBios of Mac Time Capsule?

    Hi all

    I noticed that my netbios name is the one I always used with '-2' after him, I don't know why and can't remember if I chose that, but I basically changed it back to what it was without the extra part. However I've done backups to my Apple Time Capsule with the "nom_netbios-2". Now that I've renamed "nom_netbios", is that going to affect my Time Capsule? Sorry for the question but I'm quite new with Time Capsule. Thank you!

    Check if you have backups for two Macs with similar names, rather than backups for a Mac as follows:

    Open any window in the Finder on your Mac

    Look for Time Capsule icon under the title shared on the left side of the window

    Click the Time Capsule and a folder called 'Data' (unless you have changed the name of the Time Capsule disk) appears in the box on the right

    Double click on data to open the player. You may be asked the peripheral or the administrator Time Capsule password if you have not done this before

    Now look to see if there is a file "sparsebundle" for your Mac, or there are two

    Ideally, you do not want to only see one file with the normal name of your Mac

    Report on the results

  • Time Capsule 2 TB

    Hi all

    First of all, please forgive me... I'm not at all very irritable!

    I just bought a Time Capsule for my new iMac, I plugged in my sky router and my iMac Time Capsule and a house card plugged into my router from Sky - first question, can I transfer my iMac ethernet cables and home-plug from my router to the time Capsule?

    Secondly, the time Capsule gives me high speed on my iPhone in my study, where it was found, however, when I turn the iPhone to my living room he keeps abandon connection and returning to 3G / 4G... I never had this when my phone is connected to my Sky router and I thought that the time Capsule was supposed to be the best.  I have the latest firmware update, is there something else you good people can recommend... is this a setting?

    Any help is welcome.

    Thanks in advance,


    I just bought a Time Capsule for my new iMac, I plugged in my sky router and my iMac Time Capsule and a house card plugged into my router from Sky - first question, can I transfer my iMac ethernet cables and home-plug from my router to the time Capsule?

    Firstly by 'Home-card' are you referring to the powerline HomePlug adapters? Second, what is the exact make & model of your router from Sky? Finally, if I understand you correctly, you have both the new Time Capsule (TC) and HomePlug adapter connected directly to the router sky... correct?

  • Time Capsule do not pick up address DHCP and cable modem...

    You just bought a Time Capsule and a couple of Airport Express. If none of these devices are connected together via Ethernet, they seem to have set themselves up, and all is well.

    That being said, I tried to create a mobile network instead of pure wi - fi and am studying various behaviors that are not as expected when I rear hub to the Internet Time Capsule, but need to isolate and go 1 bit at a time... (it works not as well as suggest Apple instructions on homelessness of installation)...


    1. configuration of the modem cable shows that DHCP is 'ON' and supplied address range 192.168.0.x by 192.168.0.y,.

    2 Cable modem wireless is disabled,

    3 Time Capsule Wan is connected to the cable modem, Ethernet

    4 Time Capsule is configured to request its address IP, DHCP

    5. Airport Express is in Bridge mode and have addresses such as 10.x.y.z (appears to be from a Time capsule).

    6. safe as Time Capsule is set to be as DHCP and NAT

    7. There is NO other device in this configuration connected by Ethernet except the cable Modem and the Time Capsule.

    So, why is the IP address of the time Capsule 76.181.45.xyz? (The address is NOT in the range of the DHCP as described in the #1; it is not supposed to be?) ....

    Whence this address?

    A friend says this address puts the "other side" Time Capsule of the cable Modem, directly on the Net?... (Shouldn't worry?) ....

    If none of these devices are connected together via Ethernet, they seem to have set themselves up, and all is well.

    It's because you didn't have the devices connected via Ethernet before you set up the. Given that the installation utility saw a wireless connection, it is assumed that this was the way that you want to connect devices on your network at all times... so he put it this way.

    If you had an established connection Ethernet before you ran the installer, then the utility would have detected this connection and set up the airport to "expand using Ethernet", does not extend to assistance of wireless.

    (it works not as well as suggest Apple instructions on homelessness of installation)...

    If all goes well, you don't talk about this document... Wi - Fi base stations: extend the reach of your network wireless by adding additional base stations Wi - Fi - Apple Suppo... .. Since the 'how' information in this article is at least 4 years late, bear little resemblance to the latest version of AirPort Utility and some of the information are simply not true.  This document if trash is what you... He'll probably do more harm than good with regard to the details of setting.  The article is OK for basic general information, however.

    6. safe as Time Capsule is set to be as DHCP and NAT

    It should not be if your modem is a modem/router "" or type 'bridge' of the device which is also DHCP and NAT services. The fact that you have disabled the wireless on the device confirms that it is both a modem AND a router. That being the case, then you have two devices that both struggling among themselves to try to control the same network... AND do you also have a network error called Double NAT... something you don't want.

    Probably the best at everything again and provide us with the number of brand and model of your "modem", that we can confirm what it is that you have, then the correctly configured time Capsule to work with this device. Once the time Capsule is set up correctly, it will be easy to put in place the other airports.

  • Time Capsule of wireless extension

    I just moved my Time Capsule in a House that had already set up a network of airports, so I need is no longer the network wireless set up on the TC. I don't have, however, still access the hard drive and I also need an ethernet port for a wired elsewhere in the House, so I spent in Extender mode and connected to the other airport network. I get no network via the ethernet port connectivity, and the TC light is orange and blinking slowly. Since he is no longer broadcast a wifi network, I can not access it via Airport utility to make changes. Any suggestions?

    so, I spent it mode extension

    The TC may 'extend' either by connecting to an existing wireless network signal, created by another Apple router... or... it can "extend" connecting using Ethernet to another router from Apple.

    I'm guessing that you meant that you tried to configure the TC to extend the signal from the 'main' Apple router wireless, but it would be useful that you could confirm that.

    No matter if you have configured the TC to extend wireless using or extend via an Ethernet connection, it would be a signal with the same name as the 'main' Apple router wireless, so I don't understand why that you cannot connect to the TC and check certain settings.

    Unfortunately, as the Ethernet on the TC ports do not work, the option of trying to connect a Mac directly on the TC in this way in order to verify certain parameters will not be available.

    My advice would be to start over on the TC and reset it to default and then put settings in place again.  Will not remove or modify any data on the hard drive TC... it will only reset network settings so that the TC can be reconfigured again to expand the network.

    Here, I assume that the wireless network is provided by another router from Apple. It would be useful to know what model of the airport router, you will need to confirm that everything will work when you reconfigure the TC.

    "Assistant" Installation Apple will implement the TC for you quickly easily, then that would be the way forward in this regard. Let us know if you need some tips on using the "Wizard".

  • How to see files saved on my Time Capsule airport? All I see is the name of my hardrive.

    I have recently started using Apple's Time Capsule airport and use it for my Time Machine backups. When I used Time machine in the post with an external hard drive, I can go and see all the backups and individual files, if I needed to. However, with my new Time Capsule airport, I don't see the name of my hard drive. Is there a setting someone to reveal all the files and individual backups?

    If you want to see the files Time Machine has saved on your Mac...

    Click the 'clock' Time machine at the top of the screen of the Mac

    Click on enter Time Machine

    For more information about Time Machine, see this Apple support document: use Time Machine to back up or restore your Mac - Apple supported

    However, if you are asking how to see the files that Time Machine has saved time using the Finder Capsule...

    Click on the Time Capsule icon under the heading Shared in a Finder window

    A disc hard... named 'Data' unless you have changed the name... is displayed on the right

    Double click 'Data' (may asked you the peripheral Time Capsule password when you do this)

    Double-click the sparsebundle bearing the name of your Mac

    A reader named Time Machine backups will appear on the desktop

    Open the drive and go through the levels to find the files you want

  • My AirPort Utility is not configure my Time Capsule


    I just bought a Time Capsule and trying to set up, but it seems that my AirPort Utility is not set up. He continues to display an error message.

    Anyone have a similar experience and know the solution to this?

    What is the error?

    It can sometimes be a bit difficult.

    If you have an ipad or iphone... iPad is bigger is easier to work on...

    Download and use the version of iOS utility, because it is much more reliable than the Mac one.

    If you still have questions... Tell us available to the entire network.

  • You can access time capsule iTunes library using the Airport express


    I I have an Apple Airport express and listen to music from my iTunes library on my MacBook Pro. I have just bought a Time Capsule from Apple and saved my MacBook to this. I would like to listen to the music of my Time Capsule, as is always on.

    Anyone know if this is possible?

    Thank you

    Unfortunately, your new Time Capsule is not an iTunes server. This is, in itself, it can not stream audio files stored on the internal hard drive to an AirPort Express or Apple TV point. You will still need to use iTunes on your MBP to do. You would just point to the media library on your Time Capsule in the case of iTunes. (Note: However, if your iTunes library is stored on the Time Capsule as a Time Machine backup, this no longer works.) "It will take a stand-alone copy of the one that was on your MacBook.)

Maybe you are looking for