Just installed Mac OS Sierra on Mac Pro air. What I do need to update to Safari and other applications on the iPhone and I have the carpet?

Just installed Mac OS Sierra on Mac Pro air.

What I do need to update to Safari and other applications on the iPhone and I have the carpet?

Unless otherwise indicated by an application or in the description of an update, no.


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  • Just installed Mac OS 10.11 (El Capitan) and now can't print from Photoshop CS5.  All other software including working Lightroom 4 mode "Impression".

    I just installed Mac OS 10.11 (El Capitan) and now can't print from Photoshop CS5.  All other software installed, including 4 of Lightroom, has not printing problems.  Contacted Apple and they said that it is a problem for Adobe.


    When you reinstall CS5, you start to 12.0 there's a 12.0.4 update that includes bug fixes.

    You need to directly download this update and before you install, go into osx security & privacy > general tab and temporarily allow app installs anywhere.

    Adobe - Photoshop: for Macintosh: Adobe Photoshop 12.0.4 updated for Adobe Photoshop CS5

  • My original XP Pro disc is SP2. I've updated to SP3 and now I have corrupted files and need to repair windows with the disc.

    My original XP Pro disc is SP2. I've updated to SP3 and now I have corrupted files and need to repair windows with the disc. When I put disc SP2 in it tells me that it is a work old version and custom. How to make a disc with SP3 top to repair my OS?

    Hi DFPI.

    I suggest you to uninstall Service Pack 3 temporarily on your computer.

    How to remove Windows XP Service Pack 3 from your computer

    Later, try to repair the computer with the Windows XP disc and check if it works.

    Later, reinstall the Service Pack 3 after the computer repair.

    Reference: Description of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 System File Checker (Sfc.exe)

    Hope the helps of information.

    Please post back and we do know.

  • Mac Pro end of 2013 will not launch apps. most mouse clicks are delayed to the point of making it unusable.

    Hello community,

    I have a problem with my Mac Pro end 2013. I bought it in August of 2014. It has always seemed to be a little weird, but I attributed this to the usual first generation bugs and not-so-stellar OSXs from the end. When it was available, I installed the latest update of El Capitan, 10.11.5,, and it seemed that Apple had finally deceived. Since the update, I enjoyed the use of my MP as much as other Macs I've owned over the years (a Performa, G3, G4, G5, several iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro and Mac Mini - 14 in all).

    Yes, computer on my MP was nearlly nirvana, that is, until a few days ago. It started when my mouse became very unresponsive and I just thought he needed a couple of new batteries. I put fresh packaging as engergizers in, but it did not help. The slider was slow and jerky, and sometimes it is completely frozen. I paired a new mouse, also with new batteries, the Member and experienced the same thing. Basically, the mouse was unusable. The slider control would come and go at random. I do not think that to restart faster, (which surprises me, because, in the past, I had to do quite often to operate properly). But I restart, and it seemed to clear up the problem at the moment. This strange mouse behavior happened at least a dozen times since the beginning, but generally, it did not last long and lightens without rebooting. I noticed that often happens during Time Machine backups are in progress, or when another CPU-intense activity is happening.

    Unfortunately, it seems that this problem of mouse was a harbinger of things to come. Today, I started the MP of his sleep and clicked on Mail. Nothing happened. It confused me and left me puzzled for a while. I clicked on my browser, Google Chrome, and even once, nothing happened. I thought I should go in my applications folder and try to launch Mail from there to see if that would work. All the time that I did, I got a message window that says: "Cannot open the application"Mail.app"because it may be damaged or incomplete." Immediately after you read this, another window message, just like this one open and said the same thing for Google Chrome - "Unable to open," etc. Icons for Mail and Google Chrome in the doc are now passed to the application icon generic Apple, (the white sheet with the 'A' in the lower corner). Each application I click on since waking from sleep today gives me the same result. Nothing opens the application icon in the dock or the original file in the applications folder. Another very strange thing, it's clicking on a file opens the file in the application it is native. Strange, Yes, but I was able to open Google Chrome, clicking on a saved URL, and I open TextEdit by clicking on a saved TextEdit document. But the application does not open by clicking on its icon. I thought it was very unusual.

    With this weird behavior also come a slowdown in response time of the mouse and keyboard. It is so slow that it makes the work on the machine, for all practical purposes, impossible. It takes 20 or 30 seconds to register a click. But, adding to the quirkiness of everything that happens, once an application is open, like TextEdit, the mouse and the app seem to work almost as if nothing was when working within the App on the other hand, the responses to the mouse by trying to use the finder or open a file from the desktop are very slow. A note on this: when I first the computer woke up today and ran into problems, I tried to open the applications folder and when it finally opened, there is no list of applications. In near-panic mode, I immediately tried the folder my documents to see if my personal files were intact, but no they had also disappeared, or so it appeared. I discovered later, having left the files open on my desk for an hour or two, that files showed later upward. It was a great relief. But the icons on several applications from the applications folder had changed to the generic Apple icon, for some reason any. I rebooted into Recovery Mode, but he wasn't able to do anything there except performing first aid on the hard drive, which showed everything be ok. I didn't restore from a backup at this stage. I had another option to try everything first. Re-boot after that nothing changed.

    The option I mentioned was to try Disk Warrior on it. I ran the latest version and rebuilt on the hard drive, checked the material, and all that makes the software, I forgot. It took about 45 minutes to run. The result was that it showed some things which have been corrected, probably 8 or 10 items, any rang critics. I said a short prayer and restarted. Nothing has changed. Everything that I described before was exactly the same.

    Exasperated, I came here to see if it was what I could glean conversations that could help me. I have not found something really substantial to help me solve the problem, unfortunately. What I found was that I'm certainly not the only person who has experienced problems of 2013 end MP of catastrophic proportions. It is obvious that there is a serious problem with this Mac.

    For those who have had smooth sailing with them, be very happy. If I was. The question came out of the blue. Yesterday, I would have been there with you praise. I hope your luck tends and you never have to experience this level of frustration with a product. I mention this because some seem to dismiss the issue as flukey. But I must say, in all honesty, anyone denying the MP has a problem either whistling through the graveyard or they are so pro-Mac that they are not prepared to allow even a small flaw in the Apple armor. They are good people, but they are in denial. I know how easy it is to refuse to acknowledge the existence of even a slight stain on the first brand hand. I have fought wars of Mac - PC at the time where we didn't know what a Mac - but almost every designer in the country. We labeled Mac users quietly the balls also odd, unconventional and offbeat. But we knew we had the best product. We knew that when the rubber meets the road, in particular regarding graphics, we would spank a PC each time. The years 90, and even the first part of the century was a time when serious computer users aligned on one side of the road or the other, Mac or PC. A lot of animosity arose between the two camps, especially on the side of the Mac, because we were the underdogs, rather despised by the majority. We felt the need constantly to get our message to the number overwhelming dominate the PC users. It follows a sort of tacit animosity. And it became a proposal for a war similar to many Mac users, myself included. For people who lived in that time and have subsequently become more and more immersed in all things Mac, the war is raging on. This is the meaning behind my description of those who are "so pro-Mac". Again, it is easy to understand why this mentality still exists. It was not easy for us guys good back in the day. But it is now time for rational people watch mentality 'til-death-us-part and face the facts, which also means recognition of all prejudice deeply seated, illogical. This member is not good. There is a real possibility that it could be much worse than not well. Time will tell.

    On the side of those who are unwilling to admit there are problems, of course, the argument will be, given all the members sold, he's going to be a dud or two, it's just human nature to be less - than perfect. I accept that. For my money, however, after having lived what I have with my Congressman and to hear the facts given on this site by several owners of the MP - and the absurdity of the incredible problems they have known - that any rational thinker must know at least the idea that means that we deal with a lot more here than the occasional, inevitable dud.

    The bottom line is, my problems are not isolated. It is clear that Apple has a product that fails to a very rare rhythm of the brand. Once again, I have owned for a decade of Mac, all shapes and sizes, but I've never had anything that happens to one of them that comes close to this type of failure. How disappointing it is to me, who has worn the coat for Apple products for nearly 30 years.

    I doubt if there is something that everyone in the team of technical advisors here at the Community Board of Apple can do to help me with this problem. I'm not somehow devaluing at your service for Mac users. I certainly welcome any help you can offer. I know you have helped countless others to find solutions to the problems. But it's a little different for you now with this model of MP. Your best efforts seem to be a bit anemic on this topic. And it's not your fault. Apple isn't talking, then you are here on an island of yours, grasp at straws to try to help. I congratulate you on that, but nothing I've read has shed significant light on this which seems to be a mess of real, first Apple class - currently without a viable solution.

    Yet once again, I welcome any suggestions and thank you in advance to address even. I will definitely check here in the coming days to see if he has the answers.

    In my view, the prudent thing for me to do now is to make an appointment at my nearest store from Apple, an hour and a half and let them begin to set. I'm not too optimistic about a full success to resolve the issue during the first visit, based on the experiences of other contributors. And I rejoice in water and the lift back repeatedly to do things, as seems to be the rule rather than the exception. But in this regard, fortunately, I'm retired and now do occasional projects at low pressure. It's great to not have the MP to put food on the table like I did for many years using my trusty ol ' G5. I don't know what I would if I still ran my business full-time and depends on this MP. Small businesses rely on their equipment to work. The major failures, such as this MP seems to display with regularity can quickly put a small company out of business. This failure is not a walk in the park for me, but I really feel for those who invested heavily and who depend on every day, only to have this mucking things up, i.e., when it is not in the repair shop.

    Finally, I write my thoughts here to express my disappointment in commiseration with other owners of MP end 2013. These are users who were as delighted as I when Apple eventually replaced the G5 with this elegant, state-of-the-art piece of equipment. Like many others, I jumped directly into the train without reservation, and I paid their price without any reluctance. Plunking down to $4 k for it, adding on 27 "display Apple and then having to buy an external drive now makes me a feel a bit embarrassed, at best and, at worst, as an easy mark. The result is, I wasn't expecting this new MP to throw myself into a sort of computer euphoria, I expected just to work as it was announced. The only thing I added on and I thank God, I did it, was AppleCare. Before this saga is over, Apple will probably want that I had refused it.

    I have not read all what you posted but I think a clean installation, even to an external and test simply install would probably tell a different story. I think you did an installation "backup" probably from a backup of TC. I also think that Legacy Applications from a backup OS x and third-party would be not beneficial. Try it, see what improves.

  • 2007 Mac Pro screens with pixelated strange habits travel & can't access files or applications.

    Have a 2007 Mac Pro 2.66 GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon (OS 10.7.5). Today both screens started having strange pixelated, modes of travel, and we can not access files or applications.

    Thought that maybe the video card went bad, but would not be prevented from using the apps, or click files would it? Have to keep restarting the box. Working temporarily, then pixilation and locked files races again.

    Ideas or suggestions?  Don't know how to solve problems

    Thank you!


    -What video card is installed?

    I suspect that the pixilation is due to a video card problem.

    Open the cover, with Mac off nd unplugged and clean inside. If the map includes a fan make sure it turns freely.

    -What do mean by "we can't access files or applications? What is going on?

  • I just installed AVG Security, FireFox is now really slow, what to do?

    I don't know if it's problems with Internet or a coincidence that I just installed AVG. But now my FireFox & general link is so slow - FireFox wouldn't start even in a first time.

    First of all, please update to 25 of Firefox, Firefox update to the latest version, then my suggestion is to uninstall AVG and use your Microsoft security Essentials anti-virus.

  • Why is el capitan slowing/freezing applications I try to use on my macbook pro 13 "2010 mid? 16 minutes to open safari and 2 tabs, another 1/2 hour to load. missed reading iTunes, imovie took 12 hours to import a clip, then en

    El capitan sank my already very usable macbook pro 13 "! EACH application is slowed until almost uselessness, takes almost five minutes to wake up to the top/connect to wifi after sleep, a lot of problems with playback of streaming audio and audio itunes, making my virtually inaccessible whole itunes library. Stuck in the date and time, just a general nightmare.

    A took 15 minutes to open safari and two tabs, more than an hour to open chrome, imovie has spent more than 12 hours to load a video from my phone, and then frozen.

    I do not usually post in forums or discussion because I don't usually have something to contribute, but I wish that I had listened to the warnings of this despicable OS. I feel forced into it. I feel so angry that I can't access simple features of my audio and video programs that I have used so much before this debacle.

    So far, it's worse than Windows Vista. Way worse.

    If anyone has any suggestions, I would be grateful, but I just try to find an older OSX will not treat my computer as if it was a cell grocery store to throw.

    I have two macbook pro and two iphones, used for video and audio digital professional. I might as well have a Dell.

    Please post the results of your report to EtreCheck .  It is a diagnostic tool developed by a trusted and respected here, contributor and this will allow us to see what is installed on your hard drive, which gives us a picture of what looks like your system.  I would also add that if you use any anti-virus or the so-called 'maintenance' applications, they must be uninstalled following instructions of the developer.  They include but are not limited to the following:

    • AVG
    • Cleaner AVG
    • Avast
    • Avira
    • CCleaner
    • ClamXav
    • CleanMyMac
    • CleanMyDrive
    • Intego
    • Kaspersky
    • MacCleaner
    • MacKeeper
    • McAfee
    • Memory cleaner
    • Norton
    • Sophos
    • Report of Trusteer
    • TuneMyMac
  • updates available for various cs5 applications, but the updates will not install

    I was warned of the updates are available for photoshop cs5 and other associates cs5 updates, but the updates will not install.

    can manually download and install updates and the following text error occurred for all updates.

    Also acrobat adobe 9 will not be open to all.

    Pls help, thanks

    Adobeupdate error.jpg

    I think you need to update to the latest version adobe application manager and the help > updates

    from photoshop cs5 should then work.

    Adobe - Adobe Application Manager: for Macintosh: Adobe Application Manager

    It is also possible that you may need to change your security settings

    in Apple > system preferences > Security & Privacy > General to allow downloaded applications on > Anywhere

    before the automatic or manual update downloaded the updates to work.








    Thank you


    You can use the upgrade of lr 5.5 30 days in trial mode.

    When your lr 5 Amazon arrives, you should have a serial number in the package.  Open lr 5.5 > click Help > click Activate and enter this serial number lr 5.  It should be accepted and your lr 5.5 trial must be activated for the version complete lr 5.5.

    p.s. do not type in uppercase.  It is considered rude (and I know that you would not appear rude).

    PPS.  Please mark helpful/correct respones.

  • I just installed el capitan on my macbook pro.  The circle of progress is in rotation on and on. Is it supposed to?

    If it's supposed to take a long time is ok; I just want to know.

    Can you elaborate on what looks like the screen?  He said nothing?

  • I can't beyond password entry to update the adobe flash player. I tried my password apple and even used a new adobe password. Nothing works. I have a mac pro. What I do?

    See above question

    What userid & password should I install Flash Player?

  • I'm unable to download files with Firefox 7.0.1 on a Mac Pro w / 10.6.8. With a recent attempt to download, I got the following file name: 1guh7mZa.exe.part

    Please notify.

    Using a configuration with multiple monitors?

    Such a facility has been reported to cause problems and you may need to disable hardware acceleration.

    • Firefox > Preferences > advanced > General > Browsing: "use hardware acceleration when available.
  • I currently use Firefox on my Mac. Can I use mobile Firefox on my I Phone and I have Pad?

    I find confusing information available. The single window it says Anrdoid, but on another, it shows availability through Firefox\home\mobile

    Firefox Home is not a web browser, but an iOS application that allows you to synchronize your bookmarks Firefox desktop, historical, navigation and tablets.

    Currently, Firefox mobile support Android 2.1 + and devices with the ARMv7 (not ARMv6 or ARM11) cpu type.


        We have no plans to release the full Firefox browser for iOS. The iOS SDK agreement requires apps to use Apple's own JavaScript engine (or none at all, like Opera Mini which downloads pre-rendered pages from Opera's servers and cannot run JavaScript code in the client). Because of this, we have no supported way to distribute Firefox's rendering and JavaScript engine to iPhone users.
       However, you can download Firefox Home for iPhone (can work on iPad), an iOS app that uses Firefox Sync to deliver Firefox bookmarks, browsing history, and tabs to your iPhone or iPod Touch.
  • Mac Book Air has been Up dated at 10.8.5 and now Skype Video Chat does not work.

    Hey please help.

    I understand that Skype is trying to solve the problem, but I hope that I can work in the meantime. I have read the recent Post and nothing works. I can't find time machine or the Coremedialo file in my files to work with Skype. So please let me know if Skyp working on something and if I could download something in the meantime.

    Thank you

    Managed to do work! I must have typed in something wrong.

  • just installed cloud print on my mobile. works very well with my 5510 but only print black and white.

    Anyone know why I can only print in black and white on my photosmart 5510 when you use cloudprint of

    My HTC desire hd. ?

    Hi brianmadmidge,

    Here's what you need to do to change the settings for printing for Google Cloud Print:

    1. Go to https://www.google.com/cloudprint/learn/ and click on "Try it now" (you may be prompted to sign in if so, sign, then click the link again.)
    2. A pop-up will appear with your list of printers.
    3. Select a printer.
    4. Click on options.  Grey_K will be black ink only, Grey_CMY will be high quality gray and color will be full color.

Maybe you are looking for