Just migrated to a new MacBook Pro and Adobe Creative Cloud is not executed.

After a migration to a new MacBook Pro, I get an alert at startup that Adobe Creative Cloud is damaged.

I downloaded the installer of creative cloud as recommended, but it stops right after that I started to run it.

The given alert is the same alert 'creative cloud is damaged"I receive at startup, with the link to download it Creative Cloud installer again.

Uninstaller won't work, as it says I have CC Applications requiring a creative cloud.

So, I'm in a bit of a loop. Given the no to join the Creative Cloud program, I can't disconnect.

Any options? I am running 10.10.4


In fact, I found this answer in another thread.

It worked for me. The key was ditching these two folders in public services:

Good answer Brucgovn June 1, 2015-06:53

Quit creative cloud application.


Navigate to Applications > utilities.

Look for a CC Adobe and Adobe Application Manager folder under utility window and trash both folders.


Click on the link below and download & run the cleaning of Adobe tool:

Select the option "Adobe Application Manager for Mac OS X 10.6" and then click on "Clean up selected."

https://helpx.Adobe.com/content/help/en/Creative-Suite/KB/CS5-cleaner-tool-installation-PR oblems/_jcr_content/hand-Sea/accordion_container_1/accordion-nominal/accordion-point-1/agreement I on-item-par/procedure/proc_par/step_3/step_par/download/file.res/AdobeCreativeCloudCleane r Tool.zip


Click on the link below and download Adobe Application Manager and install the same.


Once the installation is complete, a niche will disappear.

Then open " Applications" folder and locate the launch of Adobe Application Manager icon and double-click it and update.

Then try to install applications CC and check.

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