Just send a question to the support site that I can NOT connect on my email account after auto update of 38.3.0, cannot connect to my account to check the issue!

I just posted a question on the last update automatic 38.3.0 it is possible to log into different e-mail accounts in a profile, only the first e-mail account. My support mozilla account is linked to one of the email accounts that I can NOT connect to. Can't connect to this email account to check the issue. Your last 38.3.0 Thunderbird is useless because it is no longer possible to log in different e-mail accounts in a profile, and your support solution is useless because you need to connect to the e-mail account to check the issue.
How to proceed?


You can change your email associated with your media profile.
I have 38.3.0 and I can access all my email accounts I suggest you try the initial tests:

Start T-bird with disabled modules.
If it works on your module is to blame and you need to activate one by one.

Start your operating system in safe mode with active network.
If it works probably your antivirus is blocking or delaying. (Or driver).

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    Neal, you need the admin credentials to connect to the server and make the changes.
    Because you can not even connect, it's the only way... If you want to make the changes for you can send me your config.xml file

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    Press home to return to the home screen

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    How to contact a Microsoft Product Activation Center:

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    Have you tried the login with the Microsoft account option.


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    Have you signed up with before Safari?

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    Creative cloud sign me or asking to connect you several times

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    There is problem of Comcast, they don't test it in Firefox before release changes and then take several months to fix. Using the IE switch to Xfinity Connect Lite preference. Then open it in Firefox.

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    My copy of Microsoft security essentials would be not updated and I had restarted and can't get back in it is saying I had a Trojan horse and he removed twice, but he was still there.  If someone else gets this problem to not restart or you cannot recover.

    Reinstalling Windows can sometimes be a difficult process and most of the time that it is not even necessary to solve most of the problems.

    In case it is necessary to reinstall Windows XP Pro, it is imperative that you back up all your data first. did you?

    In addition, if a system is compromised or broken, a clean install should be made. This means that you must configure your motherboard BIOS to boot from the installation CD (instead of the usual default, which is the hard drive). The way to do this varies according to the brand and model of your PC.

    Assuming that you have the correct CD for your PC, these instructions should work for you:



    If you want to help more away from us, please answer the following questions:

    1. What is the make, model and model number of your PC?

    2. assuming you have Windows XP Pro installed on it, what level SP is in?

    3. you have the XP Pro corresponding correct for her installation CD? In other words, if you have an OEM version, you must use a CD of the OEM version. Here again, a commercial version should work as long as it is not already in use elsewhere. What level of SP is the disc in?

    4. you say that you can not connect to Windows, yet you mention that MSE has given you a message. Please specify.

    Finally, once you're convinced that all your important files are backed up and if you want to try the Windows XP system restore (or other methods) before something as drastic as reinstalling Windows, we can give you advice. And then, if damage malware is really bad, it may not be worth it. But if you want to try, let know us.

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    I am trying to connect to my Member ESPN page, I am told that I can not connect because the cookies must be enabled. Then, I went to internet and active options cookies for a higher medium setting and then a framework to accept all cookies. Both still did not connect.

    Have you tried all the other links provided?

    See if another program, maybe Anti Virus or other program of type safety, interfere with your access.

    How to perform a clean boot for a problem in Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8

  • Just a quick question about the appearance of the cluster

    Hello, this is Matthew, just a quick question about the appearance of the cluster

    Is there anyway to rearrange the order of the elements? I know cutting automatic resizing, I could move the items by hand. But if I use the cluster somewhere else, I have to move the items again...

    What I want is of the order of "Mx My Mz Ax Ay Az Temp voltage CS".

    Is there a quicker way to deal with?

    THz so much!

    You can right-click the border of the cluster and choose "arrange control cluster...". "The user interface is not as intuitive as it could be, but it will allow you to reorder items. If you use the cluster in several places, you should make the cluster in a type definition and replace all current uses of the latter with the type definition, so that they all match. They will also update automatically when you make changes to the type definition. Otherwise, you could have a situation where you have multiple groups with the same data types, but with elements in a different order, and your data will be getting a new denominated, when wire you the whole clusters. The data will be in the same order, but given that the item labels are in a different order, you can't get the data you want, when ungroup you by name.

  • Unable to send emails, SMPT can not connect to the server

    I use the latest version of the EL CAPTAIN 10.11.04, just updated software, and I can not send my emails is to show only SMTP error can not connect to the server.

    I can receive emails, but cannot send emails. I deleted the account and reinstalled it once again changed the SMTP Port 25, 465, 993 trying all of them.

    Please advice, or guide me what I am doing wrong, or what I can do to fix this error.

    Please take each of the following steps that you have already tried, tests after each of them. Back up all data before making any changes.

    Step 1

    In the Mail menu bar, select

    ▹ Connection Doctor window

    In the window that opens, double-click on behalf of SMTP (outgoing mail) problem. it. another window opens, displaying the list of all outgoing mail accounts. Choose the one that you clicked.

    Select the Advanced tab in the settings for the account and check the box marked

    Automatically detect and maintain the account settings

    If it is not already done.

    If there is more than one account of the problem, repeat. Close the window and save the changes.

    Step 2

    Open again the list of SMTP servers. Note the problem server settings, then click the sign button less to delete and confirm. Click on the sign more and recreate the account with the same settings.

    If you use Gmail, remove the account completely in the preferences panel accounts Internet and re-create it. The option "detect and maintain" must be selected in advanced settings for the incoming mail account.

    Messages will be again synchronized with the server automatically. Which can last for hours if the mailboxes are very large.

    Step 3

    Quit Mail runs. Launch the Keychain Access app and enter the name of the server of mail out in the search box. For example, if you use Gmail, enter


    Make a note of the password, and then delete the keychain items. The next time Mail connects to the server, it will prompt for the password. Enter and save the password in the keychain.

    Step 4

    If you use Gmail, sign in to your account on the site, and in the account settings, click the "Sign-in and security." There should be an option somewhere on the page to "allow applications that are less safe." Enable this option and save the change. Note: I don't use Gmail and I have not tested this solution myself. If it does not, either make you on Google user forums for help, stop trying to use Gmail with the e-mail, or just stop using Gmail altogether (strongly recommended).

    The mail server can use a form low, obsolete encryption for secure communications with customers. Recent versions of Mac OS X has changed the behavior of Mail and other applications so that they no longer tolerate low security.

    Log on to the e-mail account on the website and see if there is a security setting, you can change. I can't be more specific. Refer to the documentation of the service provider.

    If there is no adjustment, convince the upgrade of server securityserver administrator. He or she must do it anyway. Low security affects all customers, not only Mac users.

    Otherwise, you have all the right options to continue to use Mail with the service. You can disable SSL in the Advanced account settings, but that is very dangerous and may not work at all.

    You might be able to get a more flexible mail client, such as "Thunderbird", to accept the low security, or perhaps you can access the account via webmail.

    Ideally, you should switch to a provider of postal services better. You would not have this problem with a well-run service. The risk of weak SSL are known for a long time, and to competent server administrators have already taken the simple steps are sufficient to avoid these risks.

  • I can not connect with my BC password. I tried to reset and all I get is an error. I can not even find a support option to solve the problem. Anyone know anything I can do?

    I can not connect with my BC password. I tried to reset and all I get is an error. I can not even find a support option to solve the problem. Anyone know anything I can do?


    Just sent you a personal message

    Let me know if you have any question.

  • Password just changed an hour ago. I can not connect. Error: "the user profile Service has no logon. Unable to load the user profile.

    Original title: just changed password an hour ago. I can not connect.

    Password just changed an hour ago. I can not connect. I don't have a password reset disk. When I type the password and press ENTER, the next page says ' THE SERVICE PROFILE has NO logon USER. USER PROFILE CANNOT BE LOADED. »

    This error can occur if the group policy setting "do not connect to users with temporary profiles" is configured.

    Try to connect to your computer from another user account and follow the steps listed in the article below.
    Check out the following link and follow the steps to solve the problem:
    Error message when you log a computer Windows Vista-based or Windows 7 by using a temporary profile: "the user profile Service has no logon. Unable to load the user profile.
    Note: If you do not have any other user account the computer checks to see if you can boot to the desktop insafe mode , and then perform the steps listed.
    I hope this helps.

    Thank you, and in what concerns:
    Shekhar S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.
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    Can I hire the CC Adobe as a person and use it in a business without generating any legal problems for the company? I'm in the Brazil and the Adobe Web site, that I have not found that everything related to the legislation, they apply in this country on this issue.

    single user licenses allow you to use the adobe corporate programs and allow to sell the products that you create using adobe programs.

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