Just upgraded my iMac ' 09 end to 16 GB of memory and downloaded El Capitan. At the start, I can use my password very well. Then before he allows me to do anything, he wants the password in the Keychain for the 'local products' but refuses my login passwo

Being given that I can't access anything ELSE all tips go into Keychain Access etc won't work. I tried to cancel it, but she and the other boxes of menu just POPs back up. It didn't happen when I upgraded my Mac mini to 2012. Please help me solve this problem. I need this computer to work from home, and I've updated because I was told it was compatible and it would read all of my files, Pages, and Numbers to the office where I use the Mac mini. I'm really upset that Apple wants me to pay for answering my questions, when it comes to THEIR PRODUCT! I used Apple machines since nearly 20 years and deserve better treatment!


Connect password is not the same as the password for the keychain. Check your notes, if you have it written down somewhere. In addition, you can use your computer without any keychain. You just enter all other passwords and logins manually.

If your Mac keeps asking for the password to keychain - Apple Support

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