KB2446708 - appears in the taskbar even when it has been installed

original title: KB2446708

The download icon keep appearing on my task bar, even if the download has been downloaded and installed, and every time I stopped it keeps the installation and is always present on the taskbar, how can I fix it


Please follow the steps outlined in this blog post - Update: what to do if the other .NET Framework installation troubleshooting do not help

Start with an attempt repair of Microsoft .NET Framework 4.
If no joy, then follow the other steps in the order that they are listed.

If you have installed software that requires installation of .NET Framework 4 in order to make it work, then download and save for .NET Framework 4 stand-alone Installer .
Install it without other open programs. Required if/when to reboot.

If you have not installed software .NET Framework 4 must be installed, then * you * have no need for it or the endless questions that constantly occur during the installation of updates of security for him.

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    Hello marky1234,

    This thread has been created in the forum of programs ; the Microsoft moderation team has moved this thread to the Performance Forum.

    Thank you

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    Hello Cudaboy,
    Welcome to Microsoft Vista Forum.

    Please, try the following steps:
    Click Start > Control Panel > programs and features

    In the left pane, click View Installed Updates

    Scroll through the list to check the update of in question (KB954430)

    Right-click on it and select uninstall

    After you uninstall the update, please download the stand-alone pack from the Microsoft Download Center, and then save it.
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    I hope this helps. Please let me know about the results so that I can help you.
    Kind regards
    Shaolin Roger Thapa
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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    Thank you


    I suggest you follow the link below for windows update repeatedly offered.


  • FW update when HF has been installed

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    Go to - 27 would be a downgrade from what anyone on the branch of 6.2. I would advise against that.

    We manage a few thousand firewalls and have had success pretty well on the firmware - 23. You may want to see if your fix is included in the present and upgrade.

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    Browser didn't matter. I had to say that I was with a non-profit to go to a cat. They transferred me to support that solved the problem.


    Sent from my iPhone

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    I received an email from a friend that I opened, it has since informed me that his computer has been hacked and thought that a virus has been incorporated into the e-mail. I have a limited knowledge of computers and would like to know if a logging program button has been installed it reads the keys historically or only from when it has been installed? Also, I found that a user account and password that I had not placed on the computer had been set and the user account setting that governs the installation of new programs was at a minimum level.

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    If I do all the work financial online from the computer in safe mode, this will get me in until I can get the problem sorted.

    Scan your PC with these two free tools



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    Locate the app in iTunes > window Apps, select it, and press Cmd + I to get info. The file tab should show which account it was acquired on and when. Another I don't think that there is no history, that you can get. All you can see is a current list of those you follow and you allowed to follow you.


  • iTunes appears in the taskbar for 5 seconds when starting upwards

    iTunes makes its appearance in the taskbar when starting this past 2 weeks now, also the image of the desktop appears and then disappears leaving a blue screen with icons showing only. Running Windows XP

    Best regards, Michael

    Good day to you Jacques, thank you very much for your help.

    I deleted the old account (corrupt) via the new account, control panel > user accounts is the normal way to delete an account, but maybe not with an account that is damaged? This account has not entirely removed, I guess there's about 34 GB hard disk!

    I was then looking for another way to remove the remains via my computer > properties > Advanced tab > user profiles click settings, this also not failed to remove the remaining files.

    I had a look at your mode of deleting an account; In my version of Windows XP after system tools > there is no local users and groups to see what has been so far I could go. What makes an operating system recovery (reinstall the Windows XP operating system) is called for as the only way forward, this issue goes into a new question/answer see http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_xp-system/error-signature-bccode-1000008e-bcp-c0000005-bcp2/2ce5c688-927f-4c00-be83-562ad75e6b82

    The answer

    I was slow to identify this problem; the installation was corrupted. The iTunes updated in November and it was when he started and created a big problem. I realize now more important to uninstall iTunes and QuickTime as soon as it is noticed.

    iTunes gives assistance with uninstalling, they fail will add or remove to remove, this is the link of web http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1925#1 you will probably need help deleting the non movable files use the following links.

    The first http://www.ehow.com/how_8526319_delete-locked-dll.html site that led you to the second site http://www.gibinsoft.net/gipoutils/fileutil/index.htm that you need to leave this window open until the installation is complete, then it works fine.

    Use [email protected] to plan a DLL file for the next time that you start your computer to ensure that the software deletes the file before deleting. The [email protected] utility is included in the defined [email protected] that allows you advanced operations of the system, such as installation disc and read the error checking.

    Set a system restore point and use the registry cleaner to remove iTunes and quick time etc. Leverage research as well find and remove these obsolete entries, make sure you delete the entries for other programs and My Documents or Favorites can use the tools new in C Cleaner registry cleaner will allow you to remove the entry from QuickTime remaining via Add / Remove.

    When you are done I suggest run Disk Cleanup, and then Disk Defragmenter open via accessories command prompt and enter sfc /scanonce press the Enter key, it should say that after the next startup it will start checking files.
    It scans all protected system files and replaces incorrect versions with versions appropriate Microsoft see the following link;


    You may need to verify these points by searching on the web to confirm these actions. I'm still not aware how know when reinstall iTunes installation is good, so for now I have not reinstalled it.

  • When I click on Windows Live Mail to open it, all that happens is that the tag appears on the taskbar.

    When I click on windows live to open it, all that happens is that the tag appears on the taskbar.

    Hello RaySZ,

    The best place to ask your question of Windows Live is inside Windows Live help forums. Experts specialize in all things, Windows Live, and would be delighted to help you with your questions. Please choose a product below to be redirected to the appropriate community:

    Windows Live Mail

    Windows Live Hotmail

    Windows Live Messenger

    Looking for a different product to Windows Live? Visit the home page Windows Live Help for the complete list of Windows Live forums to www.windowslivehelp.com.

  • When I open a program, another icon appears in the taskbar. How can I change to make the correct icon?

    I tried to change the default program that appears when I open the .gif or .jpg files, so I made successfully by using the control panel.

    Then when I opened a PDF file (with Adobe Reader X), the icon that appears in the taskbar is my default program for .gif and .jpg files (in this case, paint).  I checked the options of the program by default under the control panel and it does not say that .pdf files will be opened by Adobe Reader if it is not the problem.

    When I check the properties of Adobe Reader X, the icon used is the appropriate icon.

    I uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe Reader software, but it still happens.  I restarted the computer.

    So why Windows 7 displays the icon of the paint when a .pdf file is opened?

    I ask here because the control panel and change the default programs is a Windows 7 problem.

    Thank you

    Oh believe me, it would drive me crazy too.

    It's probably a long shot, because as far as I know, the taskbar should not use the shortcut icon to the start menu to choose which shows... but we will try.  Just kill this reader shortcut in the start menu and make your own (just open Adobe C:\Program 9.0\Reader and do a right click AcroRd32.exe choose "send to: desktop (create shortcut)" and then falling in your Start menu.)  Try it pin to the taskbar too and then open a PDF file maybe.
    I think I know the registry keys control this icon, but I really hesitate to recommend snooping around in it.
  • When I open the direct mail, an icon appears in the taskbar, but I can't full screen to do anything. Someone at - it of another experinced it and what can I do to access my mail.

    When I open the direct mail, an icon appears in the taskbar, but I can't full screen to do anything. Someone at - it of another experinced it and what can I do to access my mail.

    Thank you

    If you get the button on the taskbar, but don't see not any window, the window open off-screen.
    How can I move a window off the screen in Windows 7?
  • Unable to see the volume icon in the taskbar even if sound card drivers are perfectly installed

    I installed my card drivers his three times, but the volume icon does not appear in the taskbar. I even tried to use sounds and Audio devices appear in the Panel, but it shows an error as follows, "Windows cannot display the control volume on the taskbar because the volume control program has not been installed. To install it, use Add/Remove programs in Control Panel. I don't understand what program he's talking about. Help, please. Thank you

    Please click on the link below and follow the steps on the page to fix the problem:



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