Keep details of the folder is changed in default for any file type.

I would like to have the details for the defined folder to 'Name', 'Update', 'Type' and 'size '.
But every time I save a file in this folder, the details in this case happen to the default value for the type of file, I just saved.
Ex: I save an mp3 in a folder and the details get passed to 'Name', 'Artists', 'Album', ' # ', 'Gender' and 'Notation '.
Or, if I save an image, the details mode 'Name', 'Date', "Tags", "Size" and "rating".

It's really annoying. I want the details of the case to stay on what I put them.

Here's how to change the default template for a folder:  Default behavior is to select the model based on the first type of file placed in the folder (you must choose something).  Vista sets the folder type template according to what are the types of files in the window and the settings display window Explorer. This will show how to reset the display settings for the Windows File Explorer, disable Automatic folder Type Discovery (which is I think what you want)and increase the folder display the cache to make Vista do not forget the display settings, the folder type template, the size or the position of a specific window for when it was still closed to the location of specific path.

It does not work with the Sub record under, Open with, open in a new tab (Internet Explorer), etc... dialog windows of type through the good File menu bar item. These don't seem to be able to have their size or their position to recall. For the latter, you can use the free program AutoSizer to resize them.

Here is another article on how to modify the columns in Windows Explorer and sort in Vista:  This will show you how Add, Remove, move, change the widthand change the sort order of the columns in Windows Explorer in the way that you want.

Here is another article on how to change the display of the default folders in Vista (but she argues, it is not a perfect solution and can revert to the previous behavior is not as good as the two prior links provided:

I hope this helps in your situation.

Good luck!

Lorien - a - MCSE/MCSA/network + / A +.

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    So yesterday, I did something stupid. I managed to change the default program for all my .lnk for Internet Explorer files. I am running Win 7 (64).

    When I double-click on any file on my desktop, it tries to open the file with Internet Explorer. It is the same for most of the program files in my Start menu. I met some difficulties for this problem, but all were for the latest operating systems such as Vista and XP so I didn't run the risk of ruining my registry even more by running an obsolete program. If more information is needed just ask.

    Help ASAP would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance people.


    Reset the lnk - files shortcut link (LNK).

    Restore the Type Associations by default Windows 7 file Extension

    How Unassociate a Type of Extension file in Vista and a utility to help (Windows 7 too)

    How to set default Associations for a program in Windows 7

    How to change the default program opens a file Type in Windows 7

    How to associate a file Type or protocol default program in Windows 7
    How to show or hide the Extensions of types of files in Windows 7

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle="" -="" mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • Why can't I change the action of double-tap by default for a file extension?

    With Windows XP, it was possible to change the default action for a file 'type' (IE file extension, because Windows 7 has no notion of a file "type" Despite other operating systems supporting these things for the last 20 years).

    Why is it not possible under Windows 7?

    Because it was designed by a guy named 'Me', which obviously has not used a computer or visited planet Earth recently, if ever?

    Why are all the MS support dumb people on this issue?

    Because they would have to admit they lied to their customers when they said Windows 7 was better than XP?

    Its opening called with, no?

    No, it isn't. This isn't what he's talking about.

    Freqy: Try this:

    Alternatively, you can try this freeware:


  • How can I change the default icon for a file type

    Hey there,

    I know I did in Windows XP and I am hoping there is a way to do this in Windows 7.

    How can I change the default icon for a file type?

    I want to have all my .sql files appear with a regarless of the specific program's icon is defined as the default program to open with.

    I did some research, but he has only led hacks registry, I tried but not lucky? Does anyone know of a way?

    Here is a free software that will do it without risky registry changes.  Of course I would recommend when even take a few seconds to create a system restore point before using it, just to be sure.

    File of Type utility for Windows 7:
  • Moved the folder "Pictures" of Mac and catalog image files shows no images. Cannot navigate to the appropriate folder in 'Files' Panel and cannot rename the folder "Images". How can I reconnect catalog image files?

    Moved the folder "Pictures" of Mac and catalog image files shows no images. Cannot navigate to the appropriate folder in 'Files' Panel and cannot rename the folder "Images". How can I reconnect catalog image files?

    You opened an empty catalog.

    You can try the following two steps to open the appropriate catalog file.

    1. Use the file-> open recent, open the list of all catalogs
    2. If this does not work, you will need to find the appropriate help for your operating system catalog file and double-click it to open it.
  • How to set the alignment of the grid as "First line only" for any style of paragraph

    Hello.. Please help me.

    I have to set the alignment of the grid as "First line only" for any paragraph style.

    I use the code below to set the alignment of the grid as "all lines".


    TextAttributes InterfacePtr < ITextAttributes > (styleInfo, UseDefaultIID());

    AttrGridAlignment InterfacePtr < ITextAttrGridAlignment > (: CreateObject2 < ITextAttrGridAlignment > (kTextAttrGridAlignmentBoss));

    attrGridAlignment-> SetGridAlignment (Text::kGABaseline);

    textAttributes-> ApplyAttribute (attrGridAlignment);

    Here, I created the text attribute of the alignment of the grid and applied to the styleInfo of the style.

    Now, the problem is that I tried all available of Text::GridAlignmentMetric values, but none of them affect the 'first line only. Please tell me the solution of this problem. I'm short on time.

    Thanks in advance.

    You apply this attribute via kEditTextStyleCmdBoss or equivalent? If this is not the case, consider to do.

    kGABaseline is what you need. In addition (see dialogue change style to a "pipe") you will need kTAGridAlignOnlyFirstLineReportBoss - IID_ITEXTATTRBOOLEAN set to true...


  • I recently bought a new camera from Sony a7 - ii.  the first time I tried to import raw images taken with it (with a. Suffix ARW) the program says "Preview not available for this file" and then "files are not recognized by the raw format support in Lightr

    I recently bought a new camera from Sony a7 - ii.  the first time I tried to import raw images taken with it (with a. Suffix ARW) the program says "Preview not available for this file" and then "files are not recognized by the raw format support in Lightroom" I have the most updated version, I think as 5.7.  What should I do to get these files imported as raw files?

    Hi Bobsirkus,

    The camera you have is compatible with the latest version of Lightroom, which is Lightroom 6/CC.

    Please see the list of the camera supported by Lightroom: supported by Adobe Camera Raw devices

    You can use the DNG Converter, converts images and then import them into DNG in Lightroom.

    Kind regards


  • Cf11 VFS error: The Global memory limit 1000 MB for virtual file system in memory exceeded.


    I have a new standard CF11 installation on Windows 8 server x 64

    16 GB of ram

    Parameters to the JVM:

    -serveur - Xmn1024m-Xss1024k - XX : PermSize = 256 m - XX : MaxPermSize = 2048 m - XX : + UseParallelGC - Xbatch-Dcoldfusion.home={application.home}-Duser.language=en-Dcoldfusion.rootDir={application.home}-Dcoldfusion.libPath={application.home}/lib-Dorg.apache.coyote.USE_CUSTOM_STATUS_MSG_IN_HEADER=true-Dcoldfusion.jsafe.defaultalgo=FIPS186Random

    Min heap: 2048 mb, Max 6144 mb

    Parameters of VFS:

    VFS global memory limit: 1000 MB

    Memory per request of VFS limit: 400 MB

    CF is currently 1.7 GB of ram

    I have a 6 applications on this server. 1 use the VFS.

    The others are applications simple cfm that have NOTHING to do with the VFS system.

    I have a scheduled task that calls simple cfm pages to update the tables in our database. During her run of these tasks, I get an email from the overall error (which I have the installer if there is an error in CF) and most of the error is




    {ts ' 2014-08-16 15:07 '}


    The overall memory limit 1000 MB for virtual file system in memory exceeded. < br > increase memory VFS limit in the ColdFusion administrator. < br / > the error occurred on line 17.


    [empty string]


    [empty string]


    [empty string]


    The overall memory limit 1000 MB for virtual file system in memory exceeded.


    [empty string]


    I have a utility I can run to show all files in the VFS. and there are currently a total of 8 cfm files that comprise 4064 KB of space in the VFS.

    The 1 application that actually uses the VFS has several functions. Which essentially writes the CFM files includes the MTC as a contained variable and returns the variable.

    Under CF9 we also remove disk ram CFM files after their inclusion. But under CF11 it fails with an error indicating that the modification date is not found. I removed from the part of the file delete and the system works but we get this error of memory with the VFS.

    Can someone shed some light on this for me?

    It's not since.

    Thank you

    I'm sorry to tell someone else that my find this question, I could not solve it.

    Thanks for all your great suggestions and help in the BK.

    We are just past the entire system to the hard drive. This will eventually hurt us in the end, but at this point we don't have an option, our system has been down since the day wherever we improved to CF11. We did a lot of testing before the migration of load and our tests, it worked. But there were many problems with the IIS connectors and we also installed new memory. There has been a lot of things and it is difficult to find the exact cause.

    However, the error should always be reported as a bug. It gives a wrong idea, which is actually the issue and this will lead to someone else in the future in a ghost rabbit hole that does not exist.

    Thank you


  • Can I configure Thunderbird to keep in place the folder on the left bar (does not AutoScroll) when I change the tabs to another open folder?

    I have a lot of folders, for the pane of folders on the left rolls. I always open my "Inbox" and "sent" tabs and sometimes one or two other files of the theme. When I move to an open folder / tab to another, the folders pane auto-défile in this folder. I see no reason that would be a good thing, but I find it boring for an operation, I do it every day.

    A thread that I will record belonged to a theme folder. In general, I'd be in the Inbox folder and scroll the pane of the files to the folder of the theme. If I have an Exchange (a received message and my response) to add to this folder, I move messages one (or several) from the Inbox tab to the theme folder, and then click the sent folder tab to move messages from there to the theme folder. OOPS! The folders pane has scroll back up the sent folder. I didn't know that; I wanted to stay put in the theme folder. I have to scroll to the folder of the theme.

    If you select this option to display a folder then it will display in the left pane of the folder that you selected this folder and its contents should appear in the right pane. Even if you have the contents of the folder appears in a different tab, it's always a folder you selected when you select this folder tab and then will appear in the folders pane.
    Folders and the folders pane and 'E-mail Toolbar' are all in one tab.

    However, I understand your situation on the scroll and the folder you need help as a movement to be out of sight.

    There are some suggestions ideas, you could try to see if there is a better way to achieve what you are doing.

    If you have already moved a few emails from for example: Inbox to the folder of theme, then you select the 'Sent' folder or the sent tab. The following method: you don't even need to locate the "subject" folder in the folders pane.

    • Right click on the email and choose "Move to new theme folder"

    Several emails can also be moved in this way.

    • Hold down the 'Ctrl' key and click on emails that you want to move, so they highlighted.
    • Right-click on the highlighted emails and choose 'Move to new theme folder'.

    It is also interesting to note that you can use it "move to" and select the folder option, if the "Move again to the the topic folder" option is not available.

    Open the folder "Sent" in a new tab instead.
    Right click on the "sent" folder and choose "open in a new window.
    then, you can select the e-mail in the newly opened window and use drag and drop to move to the original theme folder window.

    It is a method I use when I move on things and do not need to see all the folders for each account. I have quite a few folders in the "Favorite" view, but he never does nearby who need the scroll bar.

    There is the possibility to create folders 'Favorites '.
    Right-click on the folder and select 'Favorites '.
    (If you deselect a 'Favorites' folder is done the same way)
    Choose the main folders, you are working on that.
    Then select the favorite view.
    'View' > 'Files' > 'Favorites' OR 'Icon of the Menu' > 'Files' > 'Favorites '.

    so much easier to exchange views and see a less cluttered Folders pane.

    To return to normal view:
    'View' > 'Files' > 'All' GOLD 'Icon of the Menu' > 'Files' > 'All '.

  • Keep other than the folder RES - OBIEE 11 g jpeg files

    Hi all

    I'm trying to keep jpeg files in one path other than the default, because we have millions of files to keep. I found a few forums explaining how to proceed. It is said to change the weblogic.xml file that is available in the

    Step 1:   Navigate to the path of C:\OBIEE11G\Oracle_BI1\bifoundation\jee and analytics.ear open.

    Stpe2:  By opening the ear file, we can see the analytics.war file, open the war file.

    Step 3: now click on the WEB - INF folder and open weblogic.xml file.

    But I couldn't find the weblogic.xml in the path below. I opened analytics.ear and analytics.war using winzip. Can someone help me to satisfy this requirement. Thanking in advance, you and any help will be appreciated.

    This is something that is available on the Web site. I was in need to find the forgotten in the drive weblogic.xml file. In any case, I managed to create a new file weblogic.xml and solve this problem. But my current problem is now I am able to access the files on the way. But I'm unable to access the files from the Folder (Default) RES

  • How can I change the icons of file movie back to screenshots instead of the folder view changing vlc cone already tried

    I have two granddaughters, 5 and 4, who can't read yet, and I did something that I can't fix. I run Win7, Google Chrome, and VLC is my default player. In the past, the icons of file movie (cartoon) were screenshots, and girls can choose what they looked at. Help please, because the girls are old enough to believe that I REALLY want to verbally list the entire (hundreds) of their shows list EVERY 30.60, or 90 minutes.

    Hi William,.

    Please see the link to change the display of files in Windows 7.

    Behavior and change folder views (Also applies to Windows 7)

    For all windows questions do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

  • I can not move the files to a folder in windows XP, only to copy them, and I get the windows error. This happens on any file or folder.

    I use XP Pro SP 3 and I'm having a problem with moving the files from one folder to another, no matter where the folder or files. If I try to move a file, it crashes and it cannot be opened or used. If I move a folder, then crashes all the contents of the folder, and I can't even open the folder, it tells me access is denied, this nothing else. If I try to delete the file, then I get a prompt to error telling me that the file or folder is not accessible, and that access is denied and "make sure that the disk is not full or write protected." If I try to move the files corrupt in another folder, this time I get the message "Unable to move or replace" the file in question and "make sure that the disk is not full or write protected." If it is a document as a text file, then I can open the file and there is a prompt indicating that access is denied. I can then use the text document and save something, but if I close the document and then try to reopen it, all the changes are lost.
    It is not this problem if I move the files to an external device or disk drive.
    I am running as an administrator.
    Right now, if I need to move a file, I copy it to its destination, which is possible and then delete the original file. With the help of a release program was the only way I could delete these files, which could no longer be used.

    Hello Closrapexa, welcome.

    1. do you have this problem started recently?

    I recommend trying the system restore to bring the system back to a State before the problem started. Try this:
    1. click on START
    2. click on "all programs".
    3. click on "Accessories".
    4. click on "system tools."
    5. click on "system restore."
    6 follow the prompts shown to restore your system to a date before the problem started. Although the system restore does not target the personal data, it is recommended that you back up all data such as music, photos and documents in case something is not bad.
    Let us know what happens
    Thank you!

    Ryan Thieman
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • How can I delete my folder "recently changed" without deleting all my files?

    Hi I just want to have a clear "recently changed record" so no one can snoop on me? I have curious people around me. Is there a way to clear the record without losing everything? should I highlight all and delete? Thank you.

    I'd say just delete the entire contents of the C:\Users\\searches folder (where the recently modified record is kept). That will NOT delete your files. The above method is better than becaese the list to delete the shortcuts (which has everything in recent xxxxx files) will never updated again.
    Delete the contents of the recently modified files will not remove files that their link.

  • The Associations of all feature works not just for some file types

    I'm having some problems with the functionality of all Associations, located in the section default programs in Control Panel.  There are a number of types/protocols files that are set up to be opened with the wrong default programs.  When I go to change the program, the browse option doesn't let me choose the program I want.  One of the files I'm having this problem with is the .docx file.  I want to put in place to make the default Microsoft Word program, but he keeps recommending Microsoft Word Viewer and will not let me choose Microsoft Word on my computer.  I know this isn't a major problem and that the files can be opened by Word by using other methods.  It's just annoying, and it bothers me when something does not work on my computer.  A lot of files/protocols are also unknown application listed under the column of default program.  I know that is not normal.  Any of you know what is the cause?

    RE docx default program

    You have MS Office Word. How to uninstall Word Viewer?
    Then, check the Aoosociate file type or Protocol of a program. See if MS Office Word is now the default program to open docx.

    If necessary, use the option open with to set MS Office Word as the default program to open docx.

    1. how to install open with from the context menu

    It applies to both Vista and Win 7.

    2. how to use open with...

    Right-click to .docx... click Open with... click on choose default program... click MS Office Word... down, check the box in front of "always use the selected program to open this type of file"... OK when finished.

  • How can I change a Windows Movie Maker file type?

    How can I change the file type to download my movies to eksample, Facebook?

    Hi Edvardflaatten,

    Here is a list of the types of files supported by Facebook:  You will notice that one is. WMV.  It is a common type that works with Windows Media Player.

    Here is the procedure to convert a Windows Movie Maker file to WMV format:

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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