Keep Satellite C55-B901 connected even when the battery is 100%


I just bought a Toshiba Satellite c55-b901, and I was wondering if it's good to keep the laptop plugged even after the battery is fully charged or not. Which would affect the battery life or it does not matter.

I also have a cooling block that keeps the freshness of the laptop.
Would you recommend that I keep it plugged in, keep using it when it is 100% and 10% only when charging and will stop when 100%, or use two meanings I like?

Thanks in advance!


You don't have to worry about battery. You can use your laptop connected to the power adapter. What you can do is to use the battery mode from time to time. Do battery empty and reconnect the AC adapter.
You can do this in a week time.

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    Does the system crash or just this game here?

    You have the same problem as other games and other applications running?

    Are you using the same parameters of the power station with or without battery?

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    Hi mate

    I found a few solutions here on the forum and you have done great, but you forgot to update the WLan driver.

    So please update the WLan driver and disable the Wlan to economy settings too much energy.

    I think this should help you solve this problem!

    Good luck

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    Thanks D.

    Dear IronFly,

    Thanks for all your suggestions. I just found out what caused the problem. A recent update for the onboard sound of Acer apparently gave it priority over Nvidia. To give priority to Nvidia and then by restarting the computer, its a was restored in all its splendour. If all goes well, this solution can help people who have lucky on a similar problem.

  • L50 - B satellite will not start when the battery is completely discharged


    My Toshiba L50 - B won't start when the battery is fully drained but connected to the power outlet.
    I try to work most of the time on the battery to keep the battery in good shape, but when I forgot to turn off the battery drains and the system will not start when I plug in the adapter.

    The battery charge indicator is orange light as it should. Only when the battery is fully charged to 100%, it will run at startup and function normally after that. I tried to turn on the laptop several times during the charge cycle, but only when the charge indicator changes from yellow to white it starts. Tested for 2 bodies.

    My old Toshiba always immediately turned on when I plugged the adapter even when the battery has been completely drained. Am I missing a setting somewhere?

    Thanks for responding... I hope well :-)

    Toshiba L50 - B
    Windows 8.1
    Any standard/original setting since I only acquired this laptop a month ago.

    The laptop should light up if the power adapter is plugged in and power the laptop corectly any if the battery is empty or during charge.

    Please check the version of the BIOS that is available on your mobile phone and compare with the BIOS available on the page of the Toshiba UE driver
    Maybe you need to update the BIOS, but to be honest, the history seems really odd to me and I m afraid that there could be some power supply electronic problem

    So in the worst case, the laptop must be checked by authorized service provider.

  • Fan of the cuts even when the machine is cool - Satellite P10 504


    On my laptop cooling fan seems to cut in every minute or so, even when the machine is cool and not busy. It is not the quietest fan in the world, which is quite annoying!

    Does anyone else have any experience of this?

    Thank you very much


    have you checked the parameters energy saver? Normally, you can change the 'method of cooling' quiet.

    Good bye

  • Re: Satellite Pro L670 - can I turn off the sound when the battery is empty?


    Is it possible to disable the bios beep when the battery is empty or the laptop's Hibernate?

    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro L670.

    Even when the sound in Windows is turned off the laptop do a annoying sound.

    Thank you!

    Maybe it sounds silly, but I put t understand why that should be disabled. When the battery reaches the critical battery level you will be informed about this and portable must be connected to the power running or you have to save your work and turn it off.

    Do you really want to work until the battery is completely discharged?

    Anyway, AFAIK this notification level BIOS cannot be disabled.
    Let's see if someone else is better informed than me.

  • AC/battery lights - should they be lit even when the device is off?

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    Thank you

    Yes. If the laptop is turned off but connected to the power supply the two LEDs will be all the TIME.
    When you disconnect the power supply both will be OFF.

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    Follow the suggestions below for a possible solution:

    Method 1: To keep a log of connection/disconnection to the network/internet, you can download and install the software. Check out the link for more information below:

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    You may want to refer to the suggestions in the thread below link and check.

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  • My Airport Express will randomly start flashing orange and I have to unplug it to make it back to the green.  Wifi continues to operate even when the light is orange flashing.  Anyone know why this is happening?

    My Airport Express will randomly start flashing orange and I have to unplug it to make it back to the green. Wifi continues to operate even when the light is orange flashing. Anyone know why this is happening?

    The next time you see the flashing light amber...

    Open Finder > Applications > utilities > AirPort Utility

    Click on the image of the AirPort Express

    If you see a button update, click on update the firmware on the airport

    Otherwise, find status and click on the little orange dot it. A message will appear to say why the airport complained and suggest a remedy for the issue.

  • Satellite L850-150 will stop even if the battery is charged

    Good evening

    Since I've upgraded to Windows 10, the following occur:

    The laptop battery stops unexpectedly without warning the minimum level, even if the battery is charged
    I bought a new battery and it is exactly the same as the previous battery

    What can happen?

    Best regards and thank you

    More details
    The first OS is Windows 7
    I created two partitions
    In the second partition, I installed Windows 8
    After awhile, I installed Windows 10 on Windows 7 and also installed 10 Windows on the partition of Windows 8
    In the two bulkheads made
    The computer turns off when you do not have the power cord plugged
    Earlier in Windows 7 and Windows 8, it did not
    Help, please

  • Satellite U300 turns off when the battery has been removed


    I'm on the laptop with the battery in place, and the power supply plugged in.
    That's when I take off the battery (always plugged power) who, after 5 seconds the laptop powers off.

    It's not happened before and now it happens ALL the time every time I have to remove the battery.
    I noticed that when the battery is removed, the battery light is always on – if for some reason any cell phone still thinks the battery is connected.

    For me, it looks like an electronic power supply problem.

    But it s just my personal opinion

    I think that the laptop should be checked by an authorized technician.

    Contact the ASP in your country and ask for verification

    If the warranty is valid then an everything should be done for free

    Good bye

  • Re: Satellite U300 hibernates when the battery is very low


    I bought my satellite U300 141 two weeks ago.
    The computer is not put into hibernation when the battery is very low.

    I checked the settings of vista, default 2% of the battery capacity, the laptop must Hibernate. But mine is not.
    But I noticed that the battery level does not fall below 5%. I tried to change the setting of vista from 2% to 5%, but it has no effect.

    Telephone toshiba support told me to update the package of the value 'stretched out' or something like that, but it has no impact too.
    the problem is still there.

    Anyone have an answer?
    I also tried to update the BIOS, but during the upgrade process, the software told me that I can't because I'm not the administrator of the computer, I am sure I am.

    so, if someone can help me please...

    Please check first if hibernation was enabled in Vista power options.
    Then you can assign to hibernation level up to 10%

    Maybe then your laptop will be able to enter hibernation mode

Maybe you are looking for