kernel [0]: disk0s2: i/o error and AHT freeze on 27 "iMac

Hi all

According to the title, I have serious problems with my iMac 27 "with El Capitan.

It started all of a sudden with wheel rotation in a way that I am still unable to reproduce.

I have not installed anything again for weeks. Enough I traveled a lot for business, so my iMac has been mostly off.

The logs show a recurring kernel [0]: disk0s2: i/o error.

Initially, I tried a repair disk that consistently failed, so I tried AHT, once to short and long.

They both finished in a gel semi then very close to completion.

I'm talking about gel semi as mouse reacted but with seconds behind and jerks and stop button has not actually no result so he needed a hard stop.

I also tried to leave the long test running overnight to prevent my impatience for her give up too soon.

The next day, I found it hung there, very close to realization.

Not sure if it's relevant information, but the only way to get my iMac on the way of the AHT was pressing command + D and the iMac sarched necessary information on the net.

THE D only has not given any results.

I decided to enter recovery mode, format and reinstall El Capitan.

Everything went well and that the system worked very well.
I opened Safari and scoured Internet. Everything seemed very well answered.

Then I turned off the system as another business trip is expected.

3 days later, I rebooted my machine and still ONCE, spinning drying up and disk0s2: error e/s in the newspapers.

Repair disk fills very well this time (Foundation nothing to fix) but same thing AHT: semi freezes almost to the end.

As a bonus, I now get a system that is very slow to restart: it takes 10 minutes to show me the office and there is in fact the largest part of 10 minutes for the gray Apple with a progress bar that seems to never end.

Then at some point it ends and I can connect, but connection takes at least 2 minutes.

Saw that AHT is a RAM test and a test of logic board before freezing, but I don't know when exactly it freezes because it does not end and I have no error reported trials.

Now, the question is: are these symptoms more of a HARD drive or a logic board failure?

I apologize in advance for my mistakes and spelling errors, it should be obvious English is not my main language.

Thank you very much.


Probably a fault bad cable/connection between the logic and HARD drive, hard drive external pension, pension bad logic in that order.

Make an appointment with a genius at your nearest Apple Store. Diagnosis is free and they'll give you a quote for repair.

If you are on a budget to replace a HARD drive in an iMac is pretty simple DIY job provided you watch YouTube videos and get the right tools.


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    CherylG, you must have been sent from above.

    Re-installation of operating system was going to be my next step, but you have confirmed it.

    According to redo the partitions correctly with Paragon Partition Manager 10.0 free version and re - install XP with the supplied DVD and reinstall drivers provisions DVD provided the issue has been resolved.
    See you soon!

    What I think happened was when I have crashed the Win 7 partition using the XP install process it did not correctly configured it.

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    Advice to others when go back to Win XP:

    When you roll back to XP using a 3rd party Partition Manager (preferably last one coz old onse do not work)

    Erase the entire hard drive including the HP_RECOVERY and HP_TOOLS partitions and create the partitions you need.

    I used the free version of Paragon Partition Manager 10.0.

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    In any case today he will be present when starting to move the party to boot windows he's going to where the login screen would be the screen flashes blue for the blink of an eye and the C000021a error message comes back on unrecoverable system error and computer stops and restarts x 1000

    I have read a bit about this problem and seems to be down to the fact winlogon.exe will be missing or corrupted by the virus. I tried all different modes start safe mode, last config etc. known. My major problem is I have no usb key to load anything on and the laptop doesn't have a CD player, so my options are very limited. Next plan will have to be to take it to the store tomorrow and get them to run a windows recovery program, but the problem is that I end up having to lend him my laptop tonight. Is there something I can do at all? Tried F2 and f12 to get into the bios, nothing that I can change. No joy, tried f8 and all start different modes. Do I have other options at all?

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    Just to add, by pressing and holding 0 and then let go when it switches is supposed to be to get it to reset the good that happens the HDD RECOVERY at the bottom of a blank page for a second about XP tries to start again? Seems a little odd.


    Obviously, you can't do anything else as to reinstall the new OS.
    Maybe HARD drive recovery would still be available on the HARD disk. So try this HARD drive recovery.
    This Toshiba HOWTo might be useful:

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    Here you can find more information how to create a bootable USB key.

    Good luck

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    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I read your post and wanted to help.

    I understand that the printer does not print when the computer shows that it is connected.  Please run the print and scan the doctor.

    I would like to know if it solved the problem or gives you an error message.

    If this helps you to find a solution, please click on the button "Accept as Solution" down below in this message. If you want to say 'Thank you' to my effort to help, click on the "thumbs up" to give me congratulations.

    Kind regards

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    Enter: e9lofqff95 (3rd character is a lowercase L)

    Kind regards

    DP - K

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    Apple ID cannot be merged. We'll see if we can get to the bottom of your connection error...

    Tell us step by step, in detail what your actions.

    Tell us a story

    -with a beginning, middle and end. We need to figure out what you know and that you have lived.

    If this problem is new, tell us what immediately preceded its appearance - add software, upgrade or update? New equipment?

    Quoted by of Apple  'how to write a good question.

    To help other members in answering your question, give as much detail as possible.

    • Include your name (peripheral) product and specifications such as the speed of the processor, memory and storage capacity. Please do not include your serial number, IMEI, MEID or any other personal information.
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    I installed Win XP Pro Sp3 and after 2 days of wondering how to activate DCIS (because in compability mode it was hellish slow), I found out how do and I've done my XP with NLite and drivers from the Intel Matrix Storage Manager - ICH9M and reinstalled windows in AHCI mode with no problems (because I did not know that there is a way to install it without reistaling windows)
    I installed all the drivers on the site and everything was going well until the time we discovered that the system randomly stops responding and freezing... then restarts the only way to switch.

    I found that in the event viewer (in the Control Panel - administrative tools) on the information system pops up an error randomly:
    {color: #ff0000} "the device, \Device\Ide\iaStor, did not in the expiration time". {color}
    And in fact, the Iastor.sys was the system for the Intel AHCI controller driver, is it good?

    So after this error apears - the HDD lights on and the system unresponsive after some time or after trying to restart or shut down Windows menu start.

    I found here
    the error can be can be solved by changing the settings in the LPM from 1 to 0.
    I fixed it but the still apears in the error and the system freezes randomly :(

    Any suggestions?

    Hmm, I read on one of the sites that I've found in google that a HARD disk failure could cause this problem too.
    A guy has reported on the same issue of time out, and after installing Win XP on another HDD error didn t happen.

    You must also make sure that the DMA if available option has been selected in the Device Manager-> primary IDE channel-> avancΘs-> device 0

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    Today, I opened the lid and just fan continues to operate and the CPU light flashing but nothing else. What should I do? I tried the F12 and F2 method, nothing happens the screen does not come on, I will try to use an external monitor later in the day, but I don't think that is the problem.

    Thanks in advance even if I'm not all green if it's a BIOS problem. The laptop is less than 6 months old.


    > I'll try to use an external monitor later today, but I don't think that's the problem.
    I put also don't think the monitor is the problem if it happened since the BIOS update.

    > if this is a BIOS problem
    With other words, turned something went wrong during the update of the BIOS and now it s a BIOS problem. Updating the BIOS is always a little risky If you do the update only if it of really necessary. Don t update the BIOS if you see there is a new version, but everything is ok. Never touch a running system ;)

    In any case, now you need an ASP to get rid of this aid. Guys have to reflash the ROM module professional tools:

    > The laptop is less than 6 months old
    It makes no difference if the noebook is 6 months or 6 years ;)

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