Key to Windows 7 password reset problem

I have created a key to reset Windows 7 password on a USB key according to the instructions. When I tested it, the computer he labeled as being in drive F, but he gave only the insert options in the G or H drive. The only way I could make it work was to use two players to jump. Then he would see the reset key in the drive I have and I would go forward. How can I fix?



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  • Viable way Top 2 to create Windows 7 password reset disk in all conditions

    This article describes how to create and use a disc to reset password of Windows 7 to a computer before and after that you forgot the password. You can use Windows 7 CD to reset password to access your computer.

    Scenario 1: I put t forget the password again.

    Windows 7 has its own backup feature, and you can create proactively a Windows 7 password reset disk before you forget it. With it, you can easily reset your password of Windows 7 and do things in your PC.
    Follow the steps below to create a reset disk of your own Windows 7 account password. Here's how:

    Note that this procedure requires a formatted blank floppy disk.

    1. click on 'Start'-> "control of the accounts of users and family safety"->""-> "user accounts".
    2. in the task pane, click "Create a password reset disk". The wizard 'forgot password' is displayed.
    3. click on 'Next' and choose the portable media player.
    4. click on 'Next', then enter your current password in the following box and click "next".
    5. Windows 7 starts to create the reset disk of password on your chosen media. When the progress bar reaches 100% complete, click 'Next' and then click 'Finish '.
    6. now you can remove your device and store the disk in a safe place. Once you have forgotten the password in the future, you can take it out.

    Follow the steps below to use a password reset disk to recover password of Windows 7. Here's how:

    1. the created disc of password can now be used for log-ins to reset the password. A password reset link appears on the account screen after an unsuccessful attempt to open a session.
    2. click on "password remains", and opens the dialog "password reset Wizard". Here, you will have to insert the disc to reset the PC.
    3. follow the wizard to enter a new password twice to make sure that you type the password. You are proposed to create a new indication of password, so that you remember the password with it if you forget.
    4. Windows switches to Windows Journal in the new screen where you can use the new password to connect.

    Scenario 2: I already forgot the password.

    If you have forgotten your password to Windows 7, but don t have a password reset disk on hand, you can choose another way to reset the password.

    Here's how to create Windows 7 password reset CD/USB:

    1. this procedure requires a USB flash drive or CD. Insert your media device into another computer that has access to the system as administrator.
    2. launch Windows 7 password reset software disc. On the main interface, choose "reset the local Windows account password.
    3. choose your target device, and then click "Burn" start Windows 7 password reset creating the diskette.

    Here's how to reset the password of Windows 7:

    1. with this software Windows 7 password reset USB, start the computer that you want to reset the password.
    2. under Windows PE, can access you the main interface of this software. Choose your Windows system and select the user account you want to reset the password.
    3. click on 'Reset' and then 'Yes' & 'OK' in order to remove the password of Windows 7.

    Pretty easy, isn't it? After that the system control password reset completely, you will never worry your bad memory

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    Very interesting announcement.
    Thank you.

  • Envy of HP Touchsmart m6 Sleekbook Windows 8 password reset

    My friend pulled a joke on me by changing my password on my laptop.  He changed the username to a false address, so the password during extraction is impossible and if you believe that he forgot the password.  How to do a reset? In addition, this laptop has no ability to drive.  Ive been told I'll need to open the back of the computer, remove the battery of 'shows' and the RAM sticks while pressing power, then replace all.  Sounds simple, but I know very little about computers, beyond basic user software.  Thank you!

    Envy of HP Touchsmart m6 Sleekbook Windows 8 password reset


    You can use a password reset application such as the free sample on the following link - this can be created on a bootable flash drive.


    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Password reset problem

    ORIGINAL TITLE: Problem with restore disc

    Win Home Premium 64-bit.

    The restore disc process seems to be asking me to insert my current restore disk, which obviouly I didn't so I need a new drive to restore in the first place.  Can someone help me by the window / this?

    Yes; you don't specify your question.

    It is called password reset; No restoration.

    And do you it before you lose or forget your password; not after the password is lost.

    And Microsoft prohibited any assistance being given in these Forums to bypass or "crack" passwords lost or forgotten.

    See you soon.

  • Windows 8 password reset disk or drive

    How do I create one?   If I use Win + F keys to access the tile of parameters for 'Create password reset disk' when I click on it nothing happens, no pop up window...  How can I get it work?

    How do I create one?   If I use Win + F keys to access the tile of parameters for 'Create password reset disk' when I click on it nothing happens, no pop up window...  How can I get it work?


    Press the Windows key + X to display the System Menu.

    Select the Control Panel.

    Select user accountsin Control Panel.

    Your account will appear.

    On the left side of the window, select the reset disk to create a password.

    Follow the instructions.


  • Windows 7 password reset notification

    I'm running Windows 7 (32-bit) Home Premium SP1 in a Virtual Machine on my Apple iMac using the Parallels software.  When I open Windows 7 recently I was presented with a window saying my password needs to be reset.  When I installed Windows 7 in April, I've never set up a password since I am the only user of this machine.  On my Windows PC under Windows 7, I do not have a password configured and have never seen such notification since installing Windows 7 years.

    On this window reset I have anything that either are not entered and just clicked OK & he disappeared.
    Any idea that what makes it to appear in the first place?  BTW I didn't put a password on the side of Mac of the iMac.
    Thanks, JIm

    Thanks Oberwald.  After pressing Enter, he says "the command completed successfully."

    Not that I want to become a Star of MS community, but what this command say Windows 7 for 'not doing '?  Before that your suggestion of the person I spoke with never heard of a password reset notification for Windows 7.  Thank you.  Jim

    Steps 1 to 4 of the procedure in my previous response got you on the Windows Console. You can now type the command:

    NET user "user %%nom.
    The command will give you a summary of the different settings for your account, for example when you finally connected or when the password was last changed. One of the parameters said how long you are allowed to keep the same password. I think that the default time period is 2 months. The command I gave you removed entirely, the time-out for all accounts. If it worked for you, then you must mark my answer as an "answer" to your question.
    If anyone don't that you talked had already heard about the password timeout mechanism then you probably speak to system administrators.
  • Password reset problems


    I was wondering if someone sees something wrong with this code, because it doesn't seem to work.

    After you have entered the email, a password to be generated and must be sent to the e-mail address of users (if it exists in the database). Or return an error message if there is no record.

    < form method = "POST" name = "loginform" id = "loginform" class = "form_area" >

    < div class = "loginwindow_title" > password forgotten? < / div >

    < div class = "loginwindow_subtitle" > enter your email below and we will send you your password < / div >

    < div class = "loginwindow_form" >

    < div class = "form_field" >

    < span id = "email_validation" >

    < label for = "email" > < / label >

    < input type = "text" name = "email" id = "email" class = "email_field" placeholder = "Email address" >

    < span class = "textfieldRequiredMsg" > please enter your account e-mail </span > < / span >

    < / div >

    < / div >

    < name of the button = 'submit' type = 'submit' class = 'login_button' > button < / send my password >

    < / make >

    <? PHP

    $email = $_POST ['email'];

    $submit = $_POST ['submit'];

    To connect to the DB

    $connect = require_once('Connections/drama_database.php');

    If {($submit)

    Check if the email exists

    $email_check = mysql_query ("SELECT * from users WHERE email ='$email '");

    $count = mysql_num_rows ($email_check);

    If ($count! = 0) {}

    Generate new password

    $random = rand (72891, 92729);

    $new_password = $random;

    Create the copy of the new password

    $email_password = $new_password;

    Encrypt the new password

    $new_password = md5 ($new_password);

    Update the database

    mysql_query ("update users set password = '$newpass' WHERE email ='$email '");

    Send the password of the user

    $email = ($_POST ['username']);






    $msguser = "< html > < body >";

    beginning title.

    $msguser. = ' < h1 align = "center" > < strong password reset > < / strong > < / h1 > ';

    end of title.

    $msguser. = "< br >".

    $msguser. = 'This is a confirmation email regarding your new password for your account on the site WEB LINK GOES HERE.';

    $msguser. = "< br br > > <"

    $msguser. = "< b > This is your new password: < /b >."

    $msguser. = "< br >".

    $msguser. = "< b > echo ("$email_password") < /b >."

    $msguser. = "< b > please log in using the password above.» Once connected, click on the profile tab, and update your password. (Theprofile button can be found under your username in the upper right of the page) < /b > ';

    $msguser. = "< b > please go to: . Site WEB LINK GO HERE to log into < /b > '; '.







    $headers = "from: Egham Drama Database < SUPPORT . "INSERT HERE the EMAIL> \r\n ';

    $headers. = ' reply-To: . "INSERT HERE the EMAIL SUPPORT\r\n";

    $headers. = "MIME-Version: 1.0\r\n";

    $headers. = "content-Type: text/html;" charset = ISO-8859-1\r\n ";

    mail ($email, ' Drama Database |) Password reset ', $msguser, $headers);


    on the other


    echo "this email does not exist ';



    ? >

    Thank you!

    Max Resnikoff says:

    The problem nutrient to connect to the database?

    For you, this is the connection string, which I used at the top of the page. (obviuosly replace the XXXX with your own login details ie username, password and databasename liked if the server is something other than ' localhost; changing also.)

    # Connect

    mysql_connect ('localhost', 'XXXXX', 'XXXXXX') or die ("could not connect: '.") mysql_error());

    # Choose a database

    @mysql_select_db ('XXXXXXXXX') or die (' could not select database ');

  • How can I find the private forum that was set up for me about my hotmail password reset problem?

    You have found the information I sent to reset my password to be insufficient. I need to give you additional information you need, but the link you sent to your email address doesn't seem to take me anywhere where I can do.

    In addition, some of the information requested was for my credit card, but I'm using a free account and I guess I don't need to present this type of information. Is this correct?

    Hi Daniel,.

    I know not who talk you to or by what method (phone, online, email, chat,...), or how it started, but I strongly suspect that is NOT anyone of Hotmail and you should stop communicating with them and providing personal information any more than you already have and immediately delete all emails from them and who come in the future and do not go to all the links in the emails and do not open attachments to emails.  I'm almost certain it's a scam and an attempt to identity theft and possibly worse.

    Now let's awhile back and check something.  Did you password reset instructions below and receive the email them with a link to reset?  If so, this may be valid; However, if the link is not valid (or even if it is still perhaps not trust because he could easiily be redirected) and request information (enamel on their part is not ask for information but just give a link), especially as your credit card, then it is totally wrong and what I said above applies. In this case, I post on the forum and forget that normal reset method and get help directly from them where you KNOW who you're talking about.

    If they want to use the e-mail process (or need to because you have not provided no alternative), then ask you provide the link they will send (I guess they won't) or to include a way to check for certain that the email is from them given the circumstances - perhaps including a few special as coded message "this message is verified to support Hotmail with the code we agreed on Au93kgke9le ' or some thing like this and ask them to send you a private link response so you can send private code and not in the open air in the thread.

    To resolve this issue, go to for support of Hotmail.  For assistance with your password, post your question in the following forum:   Here is specific information on the password reset: but be careful if the messaging process is used and do as shown above, or make them use another method (or offer a safe alternative).

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

  • E-print password reset problems

    I received the email to reset my passwotd.  the address bar looks as if she is looking but never is. It sits right on the page with the new password and not progress further.

    rather sad when I have to solve my problem. thanklyou forum for nothing.  It seems that the problem may b resolved by opening a session with my snapfish user name & password (email and password) so simple!

  • Password reset problem, can anyone help

    I forgot my login password and I was the administrator for the computer so I can't do anything that requires the password for administrator on the other user. I tried to use a usb flash drive, but it comes up with an error message that says that it was unable to reset the password if anyone can help me please.


    Responses cannot help with password lost or forgotten by Microsoft Policy.

    Keep secure passwords - Microsoft strategy on move the passwords

    What to do if you forget your Windows password (Vista and Windows 7)

    I hope this helps.

  • Helps administrator (windows vista) password reset

    Is there a way to reset the administrator password in windows vista without having saved the old password on the 'reset password Assistant"? I got this computer with this software, because it was introduced, and I never had a disk backup password. My administrator password has expired in June, and it's the only restore option I give myself. Help please!


    You need the reset disk which never did you.

    See if that helps you.

    Microsoft prohibits any help given in these Forums for you help bypass or "crack" passwords lost or forgotten.

    Here's information from Microsoft, explaining that the policy:

    See you soon.

  • MySQL root password reset problem


    As the title suggests, I forgot my MySQL root password (and where I wrote it down) and have done endless research (Google, MySQL site and forum, etc), tried the resolutions, but did not have luck by resetting the password.

    I tried the instructions on the MySQL site, but when I did, I got this:


    I tried to remove and restart the bodies, as well as uninstalling MySQL, by restarting and then reinstall; always without success.

    I am running PHP (5.3.0) and MySQL (5.1.37) on Windows Vista.

    I appreciate any help anyone can offer.

    Thank you


    The easiest way I know to deal with this situation on Windows is to uninstall MySQL. Doing so should leave intact in the data folder databases, although you might want to first copy the contents of the data folder to another location.

    Inside the data folder is another folder called mysql. Remove and then reinstall MySQL. Then you should be able to put in place a new root password.

  • iCloud password reset problem.


    Bought iPhone 6 today and updated my previous iPhone 5 backup of the laptop, I got my pictures, contacts, etc., but the problem is the iPhone 5 iCloud id came automatically to restarting phone. the bad news is that the id belongs to the person who forgot the password id and living abroad, in this case, I bought it online and I was new to android to iPhone convert so didn't know not not the severity of the iCloud thing I knew that when I went to sell at the market.

    Please help how can I now delete this account or a profile without having the password.

    You can't do it. The password of this account is required. If you do not know ot or can't get the previous owner to cooperate, then there is nothing you can do.

  • Hotmail password reset problem

    I need help big time! I need to reset my HotMail password. I went by 'ask' for help without solution! the I send all the necessary information to get a link to reset the password of Hotmail and it does not work!  I've been througth this before and thought that I had solved! (of course I didn't write about how I solved!)

    any easy quick suggestions?

    Hotmail & microsoft, sites you will need to install .NET password & together

    to use youre user account in control panel/user accounts. Select the association .NET.

    In addition, microsoft uses a passport account, download the info at this link.

  • Windows vista password reset

    I'm changing my password of windows; I forgot it; and I don't have a backup to enter into the system; I am able to connect using my fingerprint, but sometimes it's problematic way takes too long; is it possible to recover or change my password with to know the old password?


    You can use fingerprint access to another admin will use to modify your original
    account password? Fingerprint access give you admin rights, if so you can change your
    with its access password.

    Another possibility:

    Try this - use the hidden administrator account to lower your account down. APPLY/OK then go back
    and hand it to the administrator. Often, this clears the corruption. To change your password.

    Make another account ADMINISTRATOR FULL with your password and use it to fix the others if necessary. (just for repair
    with, do not use regular account, a safety valve)

    DO NOT LEAVE THE ENABLED LSA OR USE DAILY. If it corrupts you are toast!

    How to enable or disable the real built-in Administrator account in Vista

    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

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