Keyboard and Touchpad does not work on Satellite L

It's the second time this has happened to me
However the last time a system restore solved the problem, this time restore system did not work.

I can use my keyboard at startup and in safe mode, but that's all.
I am currently using a USB keyboard and a mouse.

I tried almost all the suggestions with no joy. Help, please.



There are not many options that could solve this problem.
It can be a hardware software or related issue.

You can use the internal keyboard in the BIOS?
Select this check box.
If this is not possible, I guess that the hardware is defective.

Also I recommend that you test the keyboard and the touchpad using factory settings.
Grab the laptop and check if the keyboard would serve. Otherwise you will need a help of a technician for laptop to replace the keyboard and the touchpad

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  • Keyboard and touchpad do not work on Satellite C870-13F

    I have a computer satellite C870-13th since August.

    Yesterday for no apparent reason, my touchpad has stopped working. (no, I didn't turn off)
    Not really bothered by it, I continued working on my computer for several hours.
    Find it me so that he might be a little bug, so I decided to restart my computer.

    When we turn back, not only my touchpad does not work, now nothing on my keyboard responded, not a single touch. I've updated the drivers, bios, done a virus scan, restored my computer for a few days before, nothing is.

    The strange thing is that the keyboard is always when I press F1 or F8, 0, enter, and arrow keys to get into the menus before windows starts.

    Help them, I used the toshiba recovery to restore the computer to factory settings.
    Despite all this, keyboard and touchpad are still pending.
    I don't really understand, because it works at startup may not be real materialistic damage!

    Now, I'm getting frustrated cause I have more solutions and tapping the screen with the keyboard is really slow! = p

    Any help?


    I think that it s a bad material work because you have already tried the system recovery and the keyboard does not work even if you use the factory settings.

    But it would be interesting to know if the USB external keyboard would serve. You can test this? In my opinion if the external keyboard would work properly, then it would mean that your keyboard is faulty and must be replaced.
    I m wondering if the fault of the touchpad is related to failure of internal keyboard.

    However, I think that the guarantee must still be valid if you bought this unit in August. Then get in touch with service and guys should fix it for free!

  • keyboard and touchpad does not work once the PC wakes up from sleep/standby

    Please help find the diagnosis and explain in detail what to do with the following problem: keyboard and touchpad for PC with Win 7 Ultimate stop responding when you wake up from sleep/hibernate implementation modes. If you plug the USB mouse, the cursor move again come back to turn off the PC is to reload the OS from scratch. Where to look in the PC software?  Thank you for your competent answer.

    I suggest that you follow the steps below and check out them.
    You must be logged on as administrator to perform these steps.
    1. open Device Manager by clicking the Start button, click on the Control Panel, clicking system and Maintenance, and then clicking Device Manager. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
    2. in Device Manager, look for the keyboard, and then double-click the device name.
    3. click on the tab power management and then check the option "allow this device to wake the computer".
    4. click on Ok.
    5 locate the touchpad and repeat step 2 and 3.

    See also:

    You can also try to update the drivers for the keyboard and the touchpad.
    For more information: ' t-work properly

    Thank you, and in what concerns:
    Swati Keni-Microsoft Support Engineer

  • Keyboard and Touchpad do not work on my Samsung laptop.

    Original title: help

    keyboard and touchpad do not work in my computer samsung laptop... can you help me how to activate it? / Thank you

    Thanks for your reply. I did refresh the system and its working now. TNX again...

  • Switch signals and Wireless does not work on Satellite A660


    AFAIK, the utility Vap and flashcard support are responsible for these functions. You can try to download and install them

    Note, first you must install the utility of vap and restart the support belt utility and Visual support cards, then

  • Touchpad does not work on Satellite C55-A-184

    My touchpad does not work...
    I don't have a mouse to use to get the details of the driver etc.

    Can someone please help
    It is so boring.

    I can't download the update of the driver as I'll have to use the kindle to find help,
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated,

    Thank you.

    What happened exactly, or what exactly makes you in the past, until this problem happens?

    First of all, please post some details on your laptop model and the system you are using.

    Then check if your touchpad isn't disabled.
    To enable or disable the touchpad, you can use the function key. It depends on the laptop model. Either use the FN + F9 (F9) or FN + F5 (F5)

    In case this does not work you need to connect a USB mouse, just to be able to reinstall the driver for the touchpad, but to be honest, I t will think his problem of the touchpad driver.

  • Touchpad does not work on Satellite L30 - X 10

    Hi to you all.
    I have the following problem: scrolling on the touchpad does not work on my laptop. If someone can tell me how to solve this problem I would kindly.


    I don't know if this may be a good solution but perhaps it s worth a try:

    1. download the latest version of the software here touchpad:
    2. remove the old software
    3 reinstall the downloaded software
    4. go to mouse properties and check if everything is set up (especially the scrolling feature)

    Give some feedback in case of additional questions...

    See you soon

  • Re: Satellite C660 - keyboard and touchpad are not working

    Satellite C660 - 28H

    Win7 64 bit

    Kaskpersky antivirus deleted the file 'system32/driver/cekbfilter.sys' for reason of keylogger (Kaspersky Support says error of file anti-virus, Kaspersky is not virus or virused), and after I restarted OS I find keyboard and touchpad not working do not at all.

    Also I already asked to [US Toshiba Forum |] and he has been Advisor to ask here also

    I can't use Windows recovery (have no recovery point) and I don't want full recovery of factory default - there are many flexible and personal data stored.

    So here how to get the drivers? As I have already said to US Toshiba Forum - I already tried to delete the driver of pad touch and installation of synaptic official site and I haven't changed anything.

    I also think that antivirus can remove not only the file, but some patches to remove the pilot "wrone.

    Eh, it's very stupid situation now. I never had such problems, but it will be interesting to find solution to this.

    Have you tried to connect a mouse outside, just to see if this can work? I want to say that it is much easier to use Windows with the mouse and choose different options.

    If it works, try to open the Device Manager and properties for the keyboard. You will find the option to update the driver. Check if you can find some update driver. The keyboard uses the standard Microsoft so f driver, you may be in line that some drivers are.

    Of course the best solution and easiest for you is recovery facility. If you don t want to do this try to find right drivers using this driver update option.

    One last thing: If you have a lot if important saved on the HARD disk you can remove your laptop and plug it into the other PC / laptop as external device and make a backup. After doing this you can install the recovery image and the problem is solved.

  • Satellite A80 - 154 - keyboard and Touchpad are not working


    I bought a Toshiba Satellite A80 154

    The keyboard doesn t work.
    I see the light, but no key worked. The same thing with the touchpad.
    I can t go into Bios.

    When I plug a keyboard and USB mouse in works fine.
    I am looking for a new Ebay. The best offers $ 24 + $ 6!

    I see in the Windows, the keyboard and the touchpad with one!
    I put t know what the problem is, but it's not a prob of Windows.
    It doesn t work either in Bios.

    Thank you for the help


    It looks like a hardware problem.
    If the warranty is valid, you can contact the ASP in your country for a verification of the material.

    If the warranty is not valid, you can first check if the keyboard cable is properly connected to the motherboard.
    If it s properly connected then a keyboard failure is possible and it would be wise to check if a replacement would help solve this problem.

    Compatible parts can be ordered also from the ASP in your country.

  • Key Fn and touchpad does not work

    I have the same problem and the key Fn and touchpad unfortunately does not work.  I'm not really tech savey, and I feel that my hands are links.  I was able to bring the manual using the keyboard, but moving this way is random and frustrating.  Can anyone help?

    I have the same problem and the key Fn and touchpad unfortunately does not work.


    Please contact the Microsoft community

    FN key combination does not... I mean fn + f5 or fn + f6, fn + f7 keys that don't work or not
    What model computer do you use
    For a proper working FN key you required power management driver and also touchpad driver
    Please post all the details so that we can help block

  • FN key on / off TouchPad does not work on Satellite A200


    I have a problem with my touchpad. I am running Vista Business and have my touchpad drivers installed but the Fn key combination to turn power switch does not work. He started working when I install package addes, but then my brightness FN key combination does not work

    What can I do for work?

    You must install all of the things listed in document Instructions of facilities. Please install any substance listed in this document because the order of the facilities is very important.

    You understand that by using FN keys combination you have influence on several different applications. Enabling/disabling the touchpad is application separately. Flash cards is separately applications and a part of the package of added value.

    Just install all the utilities and tools Toshiba and everything will be ok.

  • Satellite A100 - keyboard and Touchpad are not working


    Toshiba Satellite Pro A100 to my daughter has developed a few flaws.

    First of all, the keyboard displays random characters like a stuck key. for example, if Google or Wordpad will be randomly type a single character over and over again even when no key is pressed. Sometimes it will also open windows or programs as sank the "enter" key, or scroll through the icons on the desktop.

    Second, the touchpad is inadmissible and cursor operation is not possible since the touchpad or buttons. I don't know if the two are related.

    She assures me that she has not spilled anything on the laptop, so any help would be appreciated to correct these mistakes.

    Thank you


    Can you notice the same problem with external input devices?

    Otherwise it s time for a service provider allowed. I think the keyboard and the touchpad should be replaced and the technicians can help you.

    On the Toshiba site, you can find a list of authorized service provider.

    Good luck! :)

  • Click left and right touchpad does not work on Satellite L50

    I have a new laptop Satellite L50 CI3. However, it seems there is a problem with the left and right keys on the touchpad.

    Right-click behaves like a left click i.e. it does not open a menu.

    Left click cannot drag and drop, including when you use the scroll bars.

    I reinstalled everything, but nothing has changed. Is this a common problem? Is this likely to a hardware or software problem?


    On this virtual path, it is not easy to say what the problem is here. Have you noticed this problem on there first day of use?
    I mean when you start your laptop for the first time that it has original factory settings and everything should be OK.

    If I just understand that there is some response when you use the touchpad buttons so that you can try is to set all the options of touchpad on default settings.

  • The keyboard and Vista does not work on a Satellite L30


    Sorry, but my English is not too good

    I want to cange the xp, Vista, but the keyboard is stupid.
    The fn with some buttons is not working, the fn with some buttons always on / if, I want to read this key not fn, need to press fn.
    It is very useless.

    I read that line without fn button, you will see how it is working:
    5 read th5s 35ne w5th64t fn b4tt6n, y64 w533 see h6w 5T 5s w6r2

    Please help me.
    Thanks for any help

    It's a Satellite L30, the vista's company.


    Satellite L30 is Vista supported and if there is no hardware problem, Vista should work well on your phone.

    One thing I am interesting for: you have problems of keyboard used with OS Windows XP Home edition original? I hope write you just on the internal keyboard and not external.

  • Win 7 of the touchpad does not work on Satellite C855-21V

    Hello everyone!

    I have a Satellite C855-21V and it came with Windows 8. After a week of disaster I m sure I want never again a Windows 8 on my computer!

    So, I installed Windows 7 and can find all the drivers somewhere in the internet.
    The only thing that does work is the touchpad.

    8 Win driver Don t work and other models the driver win 7 do not work.
    Does anyone know what brand the touchpad or where to find a driver for win 7?

    Thank you all for the help!

    Best regards



    First and foremost the touchpad should work after installing Win 7.
    The Windows contain a standard touchpad driver that needs to control the touchpad.

    Of course the extra Synaptics driver installation would give more willing touchpad (fingers to scroll, etc.), but also without the driver Synaptics touchpad should work.

    In any case, I already mentioned the Synaptics driver that you can download that here:

    PS: is the active touchpad? F5 turns the touchpad on and off

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